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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: phoneblk.txt

Operation Phoneblock {Quebec City FTAA security numbers, now obsolete sorry}

                                :: Operation PHONEBLOCK ::

                                   Author: Tezcatlipoca

So you're at home, all lonely and stuff, nobody to talk to, nothing to
do. All you want is a friend to call up and have a little chit chat
with. Who better to call than your local Quebecois police sqaud! You
could talk about the weather, doughnuts, sex... ANYTHING! It seems
recently, with all this FTAA mess on the go, some local french
vigilantes came up with a plan to mess up the riot police by phoning the
dispatcher and their cells incesantly, in hopes this would delay
reaction time, opening the window of opportunity. There was a piece of
paper discovered containing ALL the important cell numbers and the
strategies of Operation PHONEBLOCK, which was scanned later. Since some
of our friends at HC use Lynx *glares at theclone*, I've deciced to
release these numbers in an organized and prettified version, ommiting
the strategy diagrams of course. You're probably sitting there thinking
to yourself 'I wish this moron would shutup and give us the damn numbers
already!' well, have patience, I'm getting to it. This is my first file
you know, give a guy some slack. Anyway, here they are.

P.S. You'll have to pardon my French translations. Also, the numbers are
hard to read, some may be wrong and I apoligize in advance.

::                                            ::                                          ::

Summit Operational Committe:
Inspector-Cheif Yves LeBlanc                                                      5145984811

Summit Coordinator:
Insp. Richard Deschesnes	                                       5145984811/4186236482

Crowd Control (CC) Communications:
Sgt. Richard Bourdon                                                              5145984848

CC Special Services:
Cpt. Patricie Demontigny                                                          5145984811
**NOTE** This person seems to be in charge of a bunch of stuff incl. Explosives Technicians,
	 Helicopters, Divers, Master Dogs and Mobile Units

CC Maintaining and Re-establishing order:
Insp. Jean-Yves Polrier                                                           4186236257

Pelegate Security (PS) Logistics:
Cpt. Pierre Deslauriers                                                           5145984660
Cpt. Pierre Toulouse                                                              4186236395
**NOTE** These guys seem to be in charge of: Grand Quarter General, Distric of Quebec,
          Information, Transportation, Telecommunications ... etc

PS Information Security:
Insp. Alfred Tremblay                                                             5145984722

PS Personal Security:
VC Robert Lafreniere                                                              5145984794
**NOTE** In charge of: Road Security, Escort, V.I.P. Protection ... etc

Mme. Lucie Madore:                                                                5245984068

??? (Unreadable)
Cpt. Pierre Toulouse                                                              4186236395

International Relations:
Cpt. Claude Lavac (?)                                                             5145983535

Travel Relations:
Insp. Gervals Garneau                                                             5145983574

**NOTE** 6's are very hard to distinguish from 8's, so, the suffix 598 in most of these
              numbers could very well be a 596. Again, sorry. 

Next on the scanned document is a list of what seems to be the different numbers of
different organizations involved in the summit. They are mostly acronyms, unable to
translate. Here they are:

CCU FAXMACHINE: Regular 6496915, Secretary 6496758

Group:                              Org.:            Phone:                  Fax:
CCU - Operations Commitee           GRC              6487505                 6496915
"        "         "                SQ               6487992                    "
"        "         "                SPPSF            6486914                    "
"        "         "                SPVQ             6487473                    "
CCU - ORO                           GRC              6484090                    "
"      "                            SPPSF            6484073                    "
"      "                            SPVQ             6484086                    "
"      "                            SQ               6484253                    "
CCU - Accreditation (?)             GRC              6484224                    "
CCU - Motorists                     GRC              6485306                    "
CCU - Dignitary                     GRC              6485107                    "
CCU - Inquiries                     SQ               6484213                    "
CCU - Order maintaining             SQ		     6484136                    "
CCU - Media                         GRC              6487913                    "
"       "                           SQ               6487912                    "
CCU - Perimeter                     SPVQ             6485228                    "
CCU - Info. Security                SQ               6484703                    "
CCU - Sites                         GRC              6484230                    "
CCU - Operational Help              GRC              6484203                    "
"       "                           SQ               6484195                    "
CCU - Land                          SQ               6484996                    "
CCU - Access Ways                   SQ               6485255                    "
CCU - Customs Canada                n/a              6484244                    "
CCU - Canadian Forces               n/a              6484226                    "
CCU - Immigration Canada            n/a              6484243                    "
CCU - MAECI                         n/a              6484231                    "
CCU - US American Department        n/a              6487882                    "
CCU - US SECRET SERVICE (!!)        n/a              6487875                    "

Well, there you go. That's all of it. Sorry if there's any errors, the scan is bad.
Thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it. Have fun, and please, don't chat the cops
ear off. 


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