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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: morescns.txt

0800 Scans, by Force

-->]OO[:[ o8oo scans ]::::::::[OO--[ by force ]---[ ]:::

                             ' the human toneloc '

 ans...answerphone answer
 mm....meridian mail
 vmb...voice mail box

o8oo 393ooo-3932oo

 oo2  ans yorkshire electricity leaflet line
 oo3  na
 oo4  na
 oo6  rec the vodaphone you have called may be switched off
 oo7  vmb one attempt
 o1o  gay rec 'cablecom...number 0ne on the phone'
 o11  same as above
 o12  ans
 o13  some call answering service
 o14  na
 o16  ans
 o17  na
 o18  na
 o19  carrier - +++
 o2o  vmb mm nortel networks euro resoursing
 o21  na
 o25  na
 o26  ans
 o28  ans
 o29  na
 o3o  ans
 o33  vmb mm
 o34  vmb mm
 o35  na
 o36  ans
 o38  ans challenge hotline
 o42  pbx vmb mm meridian switch instalation centre
 o43  na
 o44  vmb mm resource control for city of london
 o45  na
 o46  vmb mm resource control for westminster
 o5o  v [at 3am!]
 o53  na
 o55  na
 o56  na
 o57  ans
 o59  na
 o6o  na
 o62  ans
 o63  na
 o65  v
 o67  na
 o69  na
 o7o  ans noise hotline
 o72  ans
 o74  na
 o75  m - no response
 o76  ring then bubbly ring then fax
 o77  gay ans/vmb
 o78  fax
 o79  na
 o8o  rings picks up hangs up
 o81  na
 o82  ans
 o84  water leakage line press *# enter id
 o87  m - no response
 o89  v
 o92  na
 o93  v transfered to security dept
 o94  na
 o95  ans
 o96  fax
 o97  ans
 o98  ans
 o99  v
 1oo  m - user access verification username:
 1o4  ans
 1o5  na
 1o6  bt sorry the number is not available
 1o7  na
 1o8  v
 1o9  na
 11o  v eclipse screen line
 111  ans
 112  ans
 113  ans
 114  bt sorry the number is not available
 115  fax
 116  fax
 118  na
 123  v
 125  v
 126  na
 127  na
 128  ans
 129  m - 
 13o  v something international
 132  na
 134  v hello?
 135  na
 136  na
 137  v something cars [vodaphone]
 14o  rec 
 141  pabx copytakers mm switch [interesting]
 142  short beep then nothing
 143  v
 146  v microspeakers
 147  rec telecom eire # not in service
 148  bt call minder
 151  rings twice then hangs up
 152  vmb mm bt phonecard sales
 153  na
 156  v
 157  v
 158  bt call minder
 159  ans
 16o  ans
 161  na
 163  na
 164  changed to o1454 618422
 166  bt pabx [info on directory inquires and phone book sales]
 168  bt sorry # not available
 169  ans
 17o  vodaphone recall service for o7887 565862
 172  bt sorry # not available
 174  na
 176  bt pabx [info on directory inquires and phone book sales]
 177  na
 178  forwarded to vms * security code
 179  ans
 18o  fax
 184  na
 186  v bt faults
 19o  ans
 192  na
 197  vms english mm
 198  pbx vms press * for user id
 199  v super-rod
 2oo  rec compaq

o8oo 132ooo-1322oo

 oo1  company recording
 oo3  'this is the bt freephone portability test announcement'
 oo4  vmb
 oo5  ans
 oo6  crap ans sounded like he was underwater
 oo9  na
 o1o  'this service is currently unavailable'
 o12  b
 o15  'sorry this info line has closed'
 o16  na
 o18  company recording
 o22  v
 o23  na
 o25  v
 o26  na
 o27  na
 o29  na
 o3o  weird beeps
 o31  fax
 o32  v
 o34  'the vodaphone you have called may be switched off'
 o35  fax
 o36  beeps on pickup then nothing
 o37  v someone *shouts* 'HELLO!'
 o38  ans beeps at keypresses
 o39  na
 o4O  v 'dms message paging, only for emergancy pages, did you wish
      to page anybody?'
 o41  weird bubbly noise
 o42  na
 o45  vms audix
 o47  crap vmb/ans
 o48  fax
 o49  v
 o5O  v
 o51  na
 o52  na
 o53  na
 o54  v midlands electricity
 o57  na
 o59  ans p=15 jrm painters and decorators
 o61  na
 o62  'this number is temp out of order'
 o63  ans brockland services
 o66  na
 o67  v greenflag glassline
 o68  na
 o69  fax
 o7o  vms atlas copco press XXXX then # during the message
 o71  long beep then nothing press anything it beeps then hangs up
 o72  m/f won't connect
 o74  na
 o75  ans body and action press * for security code 2 digit
 o77  na
 o78  your session cannot be continued at this time please try later
 o79  fax
 o8o  na
 o81  ans city of swansea public lighting section
 o82  ans owen mitchell press office
 o83  m - no response
 o84  v hellooooo...?
 o86  ans teleservices
 o87  fax
 o88  ans press # for security code
 o89  v blockbuster plumbing
 o9O  ans virgin balloon flights
 o91  v rac fleet services
 o92  na
 o96  ans p=1234 youngs catering hotline
 o98  ans a woman called john!$#%
 o99  na
 1oo  na
 1o1  na
 1o3  v sibs cars
 1o4  ans actionline
 1o6  ans thompson and brian
 1o7  ans kuwait helpline!
 1o8  ans west midlands cleaning services
 1o9  m - annex command line interpreter annex username:
 111  v atm
 112  na
 115  v scotlands yule services
 117  na
 12o  na
 121  na
 124  tone
 125  ans
 128  na
 129  v monitoring centre
 13o  orange answering service for amatuer stock taking organisation
 132  busy
 136  changed to o1285 72o164
 137  ans apex construction p=1
 138  the number you have called is not currently in service call our
      helpline on o117 9767872
 14o  na
 142  ans nick page insurance
 143  na
 144  m - sun mac glasgow - press ctrl-e
 145  na
 146  orange answering service for ferric removals
 147  na
 149  basic vms
 151  na
 153  vms welcome to batten press #* for user id
 154  fax
 155  v martian helpline sounded american or some strong accent
 156  ans thanks for calling the network press # enter id
 157  v eyetex
 158  forwarded to fax
 16o  vms english mm
 163  na
 165  recording ppp healthcare press o to make it ring somewhere
 166  na
 167  v gp emergency centre
 168  na
 169  beeps on pickup then nothing hangs up after a few keypresses
 17o  na
 175  na
 176  na
 177  vms audix bank of scotland
 179  fax
 18o  vodaphone answering service for o385 3244o7
 181  ans greenline driving school
 183  v sarasons storm force
 185  na
 187  na
 189  ans fisher and pike?
 19o  ans some college
 191  vms message centre
 192  recording ppp healthcare
 194  ans
 195  vms
 196  na
 198  na
 199  ans
 2oo  na

 uk vmb o8oo 919355
 us vmb 18oo 331o17, 6, 4328

 i'm clear in my mind but my soul is mad

 <force-> would you think it was funny if i stuck my dick in your ear?
 <call> depends which ear

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