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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: mdlondon.txt

Interesting numbers in London (UK)

         '  LONDON `iNTESTING' nOS 

The following list contains 0181 & 0171 numbers that I have found and
compiled over the past months.. most of these come from a larger file that
i`ve written, containing a full London exchange scan (all 0171 xxx &0181
xxx) in which I have explored various exchanges that are unlisted in the
phone book.. if anyone wants to find anything else further than this thenI
suggest that you do simular yourself because the amount of infomation you
may find is enormous (and i`m not releasing my scan in a hurry!).

0171 xxx xxxx 

362 9999 - No response.. most 362 nos are simular to this.
200 9998 - `Sorry, there is no reply.'.. after ONE ring.
206 3000 - Some sort of PaBX.. the 206 xxxx range is owned by Energis.
(perhaps this can be used as a back-door into their
500 9998 - `Sorry, this service requested is not available from this
500 9999 - `You have reached London Toydon ASU' .. A.S.U is termoligy
for advanced services network.
707 3000 - `Hello, this is 0171 707 3000, NOT a listed number, please
make sure you have dialled the right number, 0171 707 3000
if you have, leave a message after the tone'.. strange?
808 9999 - `You have reached London Saturn ASU'

0181 xxx xxxx

284 87xx - Intresting, 0181 274 87 seems to divert to some sort of 
external switch.. if dial an incorrect number (even 87**)
then it will hang you up, NOT give you the number 
unobtainable tone. Seems to be related to policing services.
(i recall one on the numbers - `Police operator..'? 
707 9999 - 3-Level tone (not VRS).. there are other xxx 9999 numbers
932 9999 - `Hello, you have reached the VIDEOTRON test number'


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