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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: dam01win.txt

Damage, Inc. Phreaky Phield Phreaking List Winter 2001

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======================== "The name speaks for itself!" ========================

                         Phreaky Field Phreaking List.
                            ~ Winter 2001 Edition ~
                             (Released:  02/05/01)



Hey phreaks, this is the long awaited 7th edition of the Damage, INC. Phreaky
Field Phreaking List.  We recommend that you print it out and take it with you
on all of your boxing expeditions or for use as a reference while at payphones.
Hell, just take it with you wherever you travel.  You never know when you're
going to need it.  :)  This comprehensive list includes many toll free numbers
for telcos, test numbers, conferences, computer companies, carriers, cellular,
and other services, etc.  It's not just damn phreaky, it's the phreakiest!


The Damage, INC. Phreaky Field Phreaking List is for informational purposes
only.  We are not responsible for how it is used, including but not restricted
to any fraudulent, illegal acts that may be committed, unauthorized access of
systems, loss/theft of services or any damages that may be caused as a result
of someone else's activities.  If/how you use these numbers is entirely your
choice.  In summary, you're legally responsible for your own deeds and actions.
Now that the legal shit has been thoroughly covered, here's what you have all
been waiting for...  :)

                           ANACs/ANIs and Ringbacks:

Local ANACs:

(204) 644-4444     Manitoba.
(215) 311          New York.  (Verizon)
(215) 958          New York.  (Verizon)
(215) 958-XXXX     New York.  (Try 958-0000 if 958 alone doesn't work)
(306) 115          Saskatchewan.
(403) 311          Alberta, Yukon and N.W. Territory.
(403) 908-222-2222 Alberta, Yukon and N.W. Territory.
(403) 999          Alberta, Yukon and N.W. Territory.
(416) 958-2622     Toronto, Ontario
(416) 997-1699     Toronto, Ontario.
(416) 997-5802     Toronto, Ontario (593 CO)
(416) 997-7777     Toronto, Ontario (593 and other? CO)
(416) 997-8123     Toronto, Ontario.
(416) 997-XXXX     Toronto, Ontario.
(506) 1-555-1313   New Brunswick.
(514) 320-0047     Slow ANAC for Montreal, Quebec.
(514) 320-1147     Fast ANAC for Montreal, Quebec.
(514) 320-1148     Dorval, Quebec.
(514) 320-1223     Montreal, Quebec.
(514) 320-1232     Montreal, Quebec.
(514) 320-1233     Montreal, Quebec.
(514) 320-XXXX     Montreal, Quebec.
(519) 320-XXXX     London, Ontario.
(519) 748-3220     Kitchener, Ontario.  (press "1" for ANI)
(604) 958-6111     British Columbia.
(613) 320-2232     Ottawa, Ontario.
(613) 320-5123     Kingston/Belleville/Southeastern Ontario.
(613) 320-5124     Kingston/Belleville/Southeastern Ontario.
(613) 320-9123     Kingston/Belleville/Southeastern Ontario.
(615) 557-2311     Nashville, Tennessee.
(705) 320-4567     North Bay, Ontario.
(819) 320-1112     Sherbrooke, Quebec.
(905) 958-2622     Mississauga, Ontario.
(954) 780-2411     Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
970                All of Connecticut.

Notes:  There are also common 3 digit ANACs such as 958 in many U.S. NPAs.
ANACs (Automatic Number Announcement Circuits) are numbers that when dialed will
read back the telephone number of the calling party in an automated voice.  It
should be obvious how useful they can be in certain situations.  Please don't
overuse or abuse the toll free ANACs that've been provided.  Use local ANACs
whenever possible to ensure that the 800s listed below remain active.

Toll Free ANACs:

1-800-222-6000 eVoice by Nokia.  Press "88,06" for ANI.  ("88,05" for date/time)
1-800-314-4258 MCI WorldCom Credit Verification Hotline. (reads back ANI)
1-800-346-0152 ANAC.
1-800-4-BLOCKME VRS Billing Systems/IntegriTel has free 1-800 blocking & ANAC.
1-800-444-3333 MCI WorldCom. (reads back ANI)
1-800-444-4444 MCI WorldCom. (reads back ANI)
1-800-487-9240 ANAC (doesn't work from 519)
1-800-514-9939 ANAC (doesn't work from 416/519)
1-800-532-7486 AT&T Credit and Accounts Center.  (Press "1,1" for ANI)
1-800-555-1160 ANAC (always busy now...)
1-800-555-1170 ANAC (always busy now...)
1-800-569-5699 ANAC (press "7*#")
1-800-638-2392 Press "2" for ANAC.
1-800-666-1379 Press "1,3,1" for ANAC.
1-800-692-6447 (1-800-MY-ANI-IS) Requires a passcode.
1-800-727-5207 MCI WorldCom. (reads back ANI)
1-800-877-CAPT ANAC (after a short "not active" message)
1-877-269-8825 URL Marketing. (Press "4" after the recording starts)
1-888-837-8274 ANAC and Ringback.


215-811+XXXX New York (dial 811 plus last 4 digits of Verizon payphone)
305-780-6095 Miami, Florida (305)
311-XXX-XXXX British Columbia (604)
320-XXX-XXXX Montreal, Quebec (514)
320-XXX-XXXX Quebec (819)
507-XXX-XXXX Alberta.
572+XXX-XXXX New Brunswick (506)
575-XXX-XXXX Halifax, Nova Scotia (902)
57X-XXXX     Toronto, Ontario (416)
590-XXX-XXXX Manitoba (204)
777-XXX-XXXX Indiana.
871-XXX-XXXX British Columbia (604)
954-780-6321 Ringback for 954 NPA.
954-999-XXXX Ringback for 954 NPA.
999-XXX-XXXX Alberta (403), Yukon, and N.W. Territories (867)
999-XXX-XXXX Hamilton/Mississauga/Niagara Falls, Ontario (905)
999-XXX-XXXX North Bay, Ontario (705)
999-XXX-XXXX Ottawa, Ontario (613)
999-XXX-XXXX Ringback for 519 NPA.
999-XXX-XXXX Ringback for portions of Toronto, Ontario (416)
99X-XXXX     Toronto, Ontario (416)

Note:  Most Ringbacks require you to dial 3 digits plus your 7 digit telephone
number, flash the hook quickly (or press the flash button if you have one), wait
for a tone and then hangup.  Seconds later your phone should begin ringing.  To
interrupt and cancel the ringing, answer and press a button or hangup again.

For more ANACs and Ringbacks, download Voyager's alt.2600/#Hack FAQ from


1-800-221-0000 AT&T Interactive Advantage Customer Support Line.
1-800-221-7680 AT&T Digital Video Center.
1-800-222-0300 AT&T Main Number.
1-800-222-0400 AT&T Custom Care Centre (for long distance service)
1-800-222-0900 AT&T Customer Care Center.
1-800-222-1000 AT&T Customer Care Center.
1-800-222-3000 AT&T Customer Service.
1-800-222-5111 Lucent/Phillips Communications/AT&T Telephones.
1-800-222-7747 AT&T Gift Certificates.
1-800-222-7956 AT&T Global ISDN Customer Care Center.
1-800-222-8555 AT&T Long Distance Certificates.
1-800-223-4507 AT&T.
1-800-223-9000 AT&T WorldNet/Long Distance.
1-800-225-1718 AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards Customer Service.
1-800-225-5288 (1-800-CALL-ATT) AT&T Collect Calls.
1-800-225-5856 AT&T's Vendor Agent Program.
1-800-232-8200 AT&T Personal Rewards.
1-800-233-1222 AT&T National Special Needs Center (NSNC) Voice.
1-800-235-4288 AT&T America.
1-800-241-LOST AT&T Lost/Stolen Calling Cards.
1-800-242-2422 Loral Skynet Satellite Services (formerly AT&T Skynet)
1-800-242-6005 AT&T Internet Services.
1-800-243-0506 AT&T Find America Directory Service.
1-800-247-1212 AT&T.
1-800-247-6636 AT&T Wireless Services In-Flight Customer Care.
1-800-248-3632 AT&T Data Network Business Information Solutions.
1-800-252-7266 AT&T Alascom.  (Anchorage, Alaska)
1-800-253-3846 AT&T Customer Care Center for the Federal Government.
1-800-254-8442 AT&T Repairs and Billing.
1-800-255-1242 AT&T Customer Information Center (Canada)
1-800-258-0123 AT&T Customer Care Center.
1-800-266-4014 AT&T Payroll and Employee Verification.
1-800-268-5931 AT&T Wireless Service VMB.
1-800-268-5939 AT&T (Operator)
1-800-305-9494 AT&T Wireless (MetroCall) Messaging.
1-800-322-MWBE AT&T Supplier Diversity Program Information Line.
1-800-325-0138 AT&T Small Business Customer Care.
1-800-325-1230 AT&T Calling Card Inquiries.
1-800-331-3449 AT&T Employee Line (Lists AT&T Job openings)
1-800-338-8095 AT&T (Mandarin)
1-800-338-8097 AT&T (Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin)
1-800-338-8106 AT&T (Cantonese)
1-800-338-8120 AT&T (Japanese)
1-800-342-5288 AT&T Customer Care Center.
1-800-344-5100 AT&T Voice/ISDN Services.
1-800-344-9248 AT&T.
1-800-345-4746 AT&T (Tagalog)
1-800-348-8288 AT&T Shareholder Services.
1-800-351-5855 AT&T Helpdesk.
1-800-361-2218 AT&T Canada.
1-800-362-9689 AT&T Customer Network Service Center.
1-800-367-7956 AT&T Switched Repair Service Center.
1-800-387-1026 AT&T Canada Business Sales.
1-800-387-1926 AT&T Canada Customer Care Centre.
1-800-4-ONE-RATE AT&T One Rate plan subscriptions.
1-800-400-1447 AT&T WorldNet Service Billing.
1-800-418-8999 AT&T Customer Care Center.  (long distance service)
1-800-422-6622 AT&T Call Acquisition/Fault Management Helpline.
1-800-423-4343 AT&T Universal Card.
1-800-424-6030 AT&T's Matching Gift Processing Center.
1-800-425-5288 AT&T Products and Services.
1-800-426-8686 AT&T Printed Directories.  (U.S. only)
1-800-428-8468 AT&T Global Services Center.
1-800-428-8669 (1-800-4ATT-NOW) AT&T Personal Network Sales Center.
1-800-435-7375 AT&T EasyLink Technical Support.  (U.S. only)
1-800-438-3151 AT&T Wireless, Job Line.
1-800-443-8288 (1-800-GIFT-ATT) AT&T Gift Certificates.
1-800-446-7466 (1-800-4GOPHONE) AT&T Wireless GoPhone Services.
1-800-448-1008 AT&T Carrier Choice Protection.
1-800-448-8600 AT&T Global Customer Service Center.
1-800-462-4463 Rogers AT&T Wireless.
1-800-483-9288 AT&T and Texaco's Information Line.
1-800-503-6961 AT&T New York Local One Rate Sales.
1-800-503-6962 AT&T Texas Local One Rate Sales.
1-800-505-2162 AT&T Management Employment.
1-800-522-2157 AT&T Investigations Department.
1-800-524-2455 AT&T Customer Care.
1-800-525-7955 AT&T Direct Call Cards.
1-800-526-0253 AT&T Business Continuity Recovery Center.
1-800-528-0465 AT&T CampusWide Access Solutions.
1-800-532-2021 AT&T Carrier Line Charge Information.
1-800-538-5345 AT&T Slamming Resolution Center.
1-800-542-2025 AT&T (Russian)
1-800-552-3373 AT&T Wireless Advanced Network Services Support.
1-800-555-8111 AT&T Consumer Lease Services.
1-800-562-2255 AT&T 1-800 Directory Advertising.
1-800-562-6275 AT&T Message Sender (Send automated messages to any number)
1-800-562-7288 (1-800-JOBS-ATT) AT&T Employee Line.  (U.S. only.)
1-800-562-7288 AT&T Occupational Employment.
1-800-565-4708 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-567-3692 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.  (French)
1-800-567-4672 AT&T Canada Electronic Commerce Services.
1-800-575-5511 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-575-5533 AT&T Canada Residential Sales.  (French)
1-800-575-9999 AT&T Canada.
1-800-628-8486 AT&T Language Line Services.
1-800-634-8078 AT&T Billing Office/Accounts info.
1-800-637-0007 AT&T Network Management Support (NMSC), Lucent.  (options)
1-800-643-2255 AT&T Translation Service.  (Foreign languages only)
1-800-647-9808 AT&T (Hindi)
1-800-661-2268 Rogers AT&T Wireless Automated Self-Service System.
1-800-662-3036 AT&T Texas Local One Rate Service.
1-800-662-6214 AT&T Calling Card Protection line.
1-800-662-7759 (1-800-66-APPLY) AT&T Universal Card.
1-800-662-8439 AT&T Employee Benefits.
1-800-670-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-670-6000 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-673-7286 AT&T 1-800-OPERATOR.  Specializes in collect calls.  Automated.
1-800-678-7918 AT&T Business Customer Care Center.
1-800-682-8706 AT&T Telecommunications Relay Customer Service.  (Voice)
1-800-682-8786 AT&T Telecommunications Relay (TTY)
1-800-7-HOSTIN AT&T Internet Services.
1-800-732-2255 AT&T High Seas Radio Telephone and Mobile Satellite Services.
1-800-746-7846 AT&T Internet Services.
1-800-752-0093 AT&T Language Line Services.
1-800-752-6096 AT&T Language Line Customer Service Center.
1-800-790-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-790-6000 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-807-2466 AT&T Learning Points Program.
1-800-820-6464 AT&T Digital Long Distance/ISDN Services.
1-800-822-9009 AT&T Corporate Security, internal investigations.
1-800-826-2600 AT&T (Polish)
1-800-827-1226 AT&T Global Network Systems.
1-800-830-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-831-5259 AT&T WorldNet Business/Data Services.
1-800-833-0520 AT&T (Vietnamese)
1-800-833-3232 AT&T ACS Long Distance Bill Inquiries.
1-800-833-8134 Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Voice Callers (non-TDD/TT)
1-800-842-9710 AT&T Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) for TDD/TT users.
1-800-850-TIES AT&T Easy Reach 800.  (Call to setup Easy Reach 800s)
1-800-852-8935 AT&T Amcom Software Helpline.
1-800-855-1155 AT&T LDRS Directory Assistance.  (TTY Carrier for the deaf)
1-800-855-2880 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (TTY)
1-800-855-2881 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (automated/voice)
1-800-855-2882 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (TTY)
1-800-855-2883 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (TTY)
1-800-858-9857 AT&T True Rewards (option 1)
1-800-872-3883 AT&T Operator.
1-800-878-3123 (1-800-TRUE-123) AT&T True Messages Service.
1-800-878-3500 AT&T True Connections Personal 500 Number Service.
1-800-888-7600 AT&T Wireless Customer Service.
1-800-889-4408 AT&T NCC (Network Control Center) and TCC.
1-800-892-3850 AT&T Wireless Long-Distance Service.
1-800-942-6726 AT&T Usage Minimum.
1-800-957-9000 AT&T Canada.
1-800-958-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-958-6000 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-959-1090 AT&T New York Local Service.
1-800-967-5363 AT&T WorldNet Service.
1-800-970-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.
1-800-998-3947 AT&T Authorized Stocking Distributor/Zack Electronics.
1-800-ATT-4ALL AT&T New York Local Service.
1-800-FIND-ATT AT&T FIND Center.  (resource to find out AT&T numbers and info)
1-800-GIFT-ATT AT&T Gift Certificates (extension 410) (Mon-Fri, 9-5)
1-800-IMAGINE  Rogers AT&T Wireless.
1-800-TRAINER  AT&T 800 Trainer (Corporate) Education Center.
1-800-WORLDNET (1-800-96753638) AT&T Canada Internet Service.
1-877-379-4199 AT&T Canada ADSL Internet Service.
1-877-397-3636 AT&T Canada ADSL Internet Service.
1-877-472-6793 AT&T HR Answers.
1-877-ATT-2345 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.  (Main Switchboard)
1-888-387-8852 AT&T Order Center.  (order AT&T d0x!)
1-888-8-METNET MetroNet AT&T Canada.
1-888-863-8638 AT&T Canada Customer Service.
1-888-888-5413 AT&T WorldNet Service.
1-888-928-8932 (1-888-9ATT-WEB) AT&T Online Customer Service.
1-888-933-1212 AT&T Cellular phone accessories.  (U.S. only)
1-888-ATT-1233 AT&T Canada Internet Service.
1-888-ATT-ALL1 AT&T Customer Care Center.
1-888-ATT-INTL AT&T International Helpline in Basking Ridge, NJ.
1-888-ATT-TRW3 AT&T True Rewards Account questions.
1-888-OUR-FAMILY AT&T.  (Join the AT&T family)


(314) 444-4444 Ameritech (St. Louis Office)
1-800-207-2228 Ameritech.
1-800-221-0994 Ameritech Cellular and Paging.
1-800-242-3225 Ameritech Messaging/Monitoring.
1-800-244-4444 Ameritech Customer Billing Office (works outside of Illinois)
1-800-249-4449 Ameritech Yellow Pages Advertising Sales.
1-800-257-0902 Ameritech Main Office.
1-800-292-9340 Ameritech Pressure Cleaning Systems.
1-800-323-7311 Ameritech Capital Services.
1-800-327-3470 Ameritech Advertising Services.
1-800-331-5454 Ameritech.
1-800-346-4377 Ameritech Directory Order Center.
1-800-433-8505 Ameritech Special Needs Center.
1-800-446-PAGE Ameritech Cellular and Paging.
1-800-451-2761 Ameritech.
1-800-468-3949 Ameritech Automated Services.
1-800-475-7449 Ameritech Payphone Repair.
1-800-480-8088 Ameritech Business Solutions Center.
1-800-493-7243 Ameritech Quick Reach Pager Services.
1-800-523-7076 Ameritech Security Systems.
1-800-553-9591 Ameritech Pages Plus Advertising.
1-800-572-4545 Ameritech's Automated Trouble Report/Repair System.
1-800-621-4533 Ameritech Bilingual Customer Service.
1-800-621-8650 Ameritech's Lifeline program.
1-800-624-8291 Ameritech Employment Office.  (Illinois)
1-800-642-4289 Ameritech Advertising.
1-800-647-9000 Ameritech Pages Plus Advertising.
1-800-649-3777 Ameritech. (TTY/TDD)
1-800-660-1000 Ameritech Customer Service.
1-800-660-3000 Ameritech Small Business Services.
1-800-662-4531 Ameritech Cellular and Paging.
1-800-680-6808 Ameritech Business Solutions Center.
1-800-707-9999 Ameritech.
1-800-719-5822 Ameritech Dedicated Internet Access.
1-800-762-4210 SBC Ameritech Information Industry Services.
1-800-769-4099 Ameritech Annoyance Call Bureau.
1-800-809-0878 Ameritech Payphones.
1-800-821-0173 Ameritech Cellular and Paging Services.
1-800-824-9410 SBC Ameritech Listing Service Group.
1-800-848-CAST Ameritech (Americast) Cable Services.
1-800-873-5501 Ameritech's automated billing.
1-800-924-1000 Ameritech Customer Service.
1-800-942-9240 Ameritech Employment Office.  (Chicago area)
1-800-AMERITECH Ameritech.  Calling card, collect calls, operator assisted.
1-800-EASY-FIND Ameritech Employee Finder.
1-800-MOBILE-1 Ameritech Cellular and Paging.
1-800-NET-8775 Ameritech Interactive Media Services.  (Internet)
1-800-WORKLIFE Ameritech Home Office Telecom Center.
1-877-235-2994 Ameritech Cellular.
1-877-432-3279 Ameritech.
1-888-282-9566 Ameritech Security Systems.
1-888-635-5050 Ameritech Products and Services.
1-888-AMERITECH Ameritech.


1-800-447-2688 BCTel Mobility's EasyTouch Service.
1-800-472-9773 TELUS (Payphone Dept.)
1-800-563-0624 TELUS Fax.
1-800-567-0000 TELUS Customer Relations Department.
1-800-575-2355 BCTELUS Help Center.
1-800-661-2355 BCTel Mobility Customer Service.
1-800-661-4260 TELUS Advertising.
1-800-661-6074 TELUS Mobility Paging Customer Service.
1-800-663-1011 BCTel's Billing Inquiry System.
1-800-663-1440 BCTel Call Center/Accounts.
1-800-663-2234 BCTel Network Sales.
1-800-663-2455 BCTel Mobility Customer Service Department.
1-800-973-2223 TELUS Directory Delivery Service.  (order phone books!)
1-877-310-6110 TELUS Today Customer Service.
1-877-344-3330 BCTel Mobility.
1-888-685-2355 BCTel Multiple Option Messaging.
1-888-811-2323 BCTel Customer Service.
1-888-823-6873 TELUS Call Center Solutions.
1-888-867-7587 (1-888-TMS-PLUS) TELUS.
1-888-905-2284 BCTel Interactive Business Solutions.
1-888-TELUS-11 TELUS Services.
1-888-TELUS-22 TELUS Business Sales and Service.

                                Bell Atlantic:

1-800-2-JOININ Verizon Wireless.
1-800-221-4393 Bell Atlantic VMS.
1-800-222-7900 Bell Atlantic.
1-800-225-5400 Bell Atlantic.
1-800-244-2355 Bell Atlantic's Interactive Demo Center.
1-800-255-2255 Bell Atlantic 1-800-255-CALL.
1-800-255-BELL Bell Atlantic Mobile.
1-800-257-5554 Bell Atlantic Services/Computer Repair.
1-800-273-0053 Bell Atlantic 24 Hour Account Info (English & Spanish)
1-800-275-2355 (1-800-275-BELL) Bell Atlantic Repair.
1-800-281-8584 Bell Atlantic 24 Hour Account Info (English & Spanish)
1-800-297-2355 Bell Atlantic's Major Customer Center.
1-800-327-8412 Bell Atlantic Professional Services.
1-800-338-9144 Bell Atlantic Federal.
1-800-365-5810 Bell Atlantic Customer Information Line.  (good telco info)
1-800-416-9639 Bell Atlantic Help Desk.
1-800-446-9639 Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages Customer Relations.
1-800-510-2595 Bell Atlantic Massachusetts Recruitment Center.
1-800-526-4611 Bell Atlantic Telecom Vendor's Service Leasing Dept.
1-800-538-4747 Bell Atlantic Mobile.
1-800-550-9840 Bell Atlantic Long Distance.
1-800-556-2355 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-800-621-8900 Bell Atlantic Corporate Headquarters.
1-800-621-9900 Bell Atlantic Corporate Switchboard.
1-800-631-2355 Bell Atlantic Shareowner Services.
1-800-636-2355 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-800-646-3337 Bell Atlantic Federal Integrated Solutions Maintenance Center.
1-800-647-NEWS Bell Atlantic Employee News line.  (Daily recorded messages)
1-800-651-2020 Bell Atlantic Credit Card from Chase.
1-800-652-2355 Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages.
1-800-660-2355 Bell Atlantic Mobile's Loyalty Management Services Department.
1-800-678-4796 Bell Atlantic New Jersey Recruitment Center.
1-800-678-4802 Bell Atlantic Upstate New York Recruitment Center.
1-800-678-4809 Bell Atlantic Maryland/Washington DC/Virginia Recruitment Center.
1-800-678-4816 Bell Atlantic Delaware/West Virginia Recruitment Center.
1-800-678-4869 Bell Atlantic Pennsylvania Recruitment Center.
1-800-727-2231 Bell Atlantic.
1-800-755-1068 Bell Atlantic Customer Service.  (New Jersey)
1-800-822-0409 Bell Atlantic Teleproducts/Telephone Equipment.
1-800-830-2355 Bell Atlantic Mobile.
1-800-843-2255 Bell Atlantic Small Business Direct Response Center.
1-800-846-1200 Bell Atlantic Large Business Solution Center.
1-800-922-0204 Bell Atlantic Mobile.
1-800-934-2255 Bell Atlantic.
1-800-993-BANI Bell Atlantic Network Integration Technical Assistance Center.
1-800-994-BANI Bell Atlantic Network Integration Human Resources.
1-800-PIC-BANI Bell Atlantic Network Integration Inside Sales Department.
1-800-WORK-4BA Bell Atlantic Automated Job Line.
1-877-263-0049 Bell Atlantic Video and DirecTV Service.
1-877-588-BELL Bell Atlantic Video Sales Department.
1-877-WITH-YOU Bell Atlantic Mobile Tele-Sales Department.
1-888-206-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-208-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-219-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-221-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-223-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-264-2355 (1-888-ANI-BELL) Bell Atlantic Caller ID.
1-888-281-6279 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-888-289-7309 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-888-387-3800 Bell Atlantic Customer Service.
1-888-466-4646 Verizon Wireless.  (Bell Atlantic, AirTouch and PrimeCo)
1-888-550-7095 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-888-550-8178 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-888-634-8910 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-888-677-2355 Bell Atlantic View at One Support.
1-888-689-3820 Bell Atlantic Long Distance.
1-888-698-1205 Bell Atlantic Long Distance.
1-888-730-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-741-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-743-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-745-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-749-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-751-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-780-3961 Bell Atlantic 24 Hour Account Info (English & Spanish)
1-888-780-3962 Bell Atlantic 24 Hour Account Info (English & Spanish)
1-888-780-3964 Bell Atlantic 24 Hour Account Info (English & Spanish)
1-888-780-3965 Bell Atlantic 24 Hour Account Info (English & Spanish)
1-888-781-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-782-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-811-8731 Bell Atlantic Long Distance.
1-888-831-4947 Bell Atlantic Long Distance.
1-888-955-8141 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-888-955-8361 Bell Atlantic Communications.
1-888-969-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-983-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-984-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-985-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-986-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-988-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-989-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-990-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-992-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-993-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-996-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-997-2355 Bell Atlantic.
1-888-BIG-YELLOW Bell Atlantic Big Yellow Pages.
1-888-CALL-471 Bell Atlantic Benefits Center.

                           BCE/Bell Canada/Stentor:

1-416-555-1313 Bell's local CN/A office for Toronto.
1-613-238-3103 Bell Canada Data Repair.  (Ottawa Office)
310-1212       QuebecTel Customer Service Centre.
310-2355       Telephone Directory Ordering (free local directories)
310-7474       QuebecTel
310-BELL       Bell Canada Customer Services.  (toll free)
310-FAST       Bell Sympatico.
310-INTERNET   Bell Sympatico.
310-SURF       Bell Sympatico.
811            Northwestel Call Centre.  (BC, NWT, Yukon)

1-800-225-5180 Bell Canada Client Service Center.
1-800-232-3227 Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore) FACS Customer Information Line.
1-800-238-8636 Bell Labs.
1-800-253-5011 Bell Mobility Paging.
1-800-256-2355 Bell Nexxia.  (after hours OcTel VMB)
1-800-263-3899 Bell Mobility Customer Service.
1-800-263-7412 Bell Canada Millennium Help Line.
1-800-263-8394 Bell Mobility.
1-800-265-0123 Bell Mobility Ardis Division Sales.
1-800-265-3076 Telesat Satellite Network Operations Control.
1-800-265-5925 Bell Canada Business Repair.  (Data & I.X. Voice Repair)
1-800-267-0123 Bell Mobility's Automated Express Lane System.  (reports EST)
1-800-267-0424 Bell Nexxia Customer Care.
1-800-267-1870 Telesat Canada.
1-800-267-2355 Bell Mobility Quebec.
1-800-267-5353 Tele-Direct Atlantic.
1-800-267-6511 IslandTel Special Needs Centre (Tdd)
1-800-267-6574 Bell Canada Datapac Customer Assistance Centre.
1-800-267-7002 Tele-Direct.
1-800-267-7640 Bell Canada's Ident-a-Call demonstration line. ("*" to enter VMS)
1-800-267-9502 Bell Canada.  (Operator)
1-800-267-9556 Bell Canada.
1-800-268-1720 Bell Canada Multimedia.
1-800-268-2323 Bell ActiMedia.
1-800-268-2355 Bell Mobility Ottawa Office.
1-800-268-3550 Bell ActiMedia Internet Services.
1-800-268-5637 Bell ActiMedia (call to purchase CAN, USA and INTL. directories)
1-800-268-5933 Bell Canada Quickchange Department.
1-800-268-8531 Bell Repair.
1-800-268-9100 Bell Canada 1-900, 976, Information Line (they send Faxes)
1-800-268-9107 Bell Canada Customer Care.
1-800-268-9160 Bell Canada Information Service Line.
1-800-270-2355 Business Consulting Group of Bell Canada.
1-800-323-6628 Bell Laboratories.
1-800-331-9948 Bell Canada Relay Service Customer Comment Line.
1-800-339-6359 BCE Investor Relations.  (Montreal)
1-800-348-2226 IslandTel.
1-800-360-2373 Northern Telephone Service Center.
1-800-360-8555 Northern Telephone Limited.
1-800-361-0804 Telesat.
1-800-361-1423 Bell Canada (Dis)Advantage Conferencing.
1-800-361-3489 Bell Canada Customer Billing Center.
1-800-361-6010 Bell ActiMedia Yellow Pages.
1-800-361-7874 Bell Canada Millennium (Unknown)
1-800-361-8717 Bell Canada Professional Services.  (Montreal)
1-800-361-9844 Bell Canada SmartTouch Information Line.  (French)
1-800-363-2355 Bell Canada's Total Solution Center for Business.
1-800-363-3781 Bell Mobility Paging.
1-800-363-5001 Bell ActiMedia Yellow Pages.
1-800-363-6522 Stentor Calling Card Centre.
1-800-363-9612 Bell Technical Services.
1-800-387-4411 Bell Canada's Business Direct Marketing Centre.
1-800-387-4441 Bell Advantage Call Centre Solutions.  (Telemarketing)
1-800-387-5072 Bell Mobility's Activation Department.
1-800-387-5185 Bell Phonecentre Information Line.
1-800-387-9571 Bell Mobility Radio.
1-800-387-9999 Bell Gardium Security Representative.
1-800-405-6486 Telecom Canada Ltd.
1-800-439-2355 Direct Bell.  (Wireless Communications)
1-800-461-1156 Bell ActiMedia.
1-800-461-1747 Bell Canada Millennium (Voice Test)
1-800-461-1760 Bell Canada Millennium (Unknown)
1-800-461-1879 Bell Canada Millennium (Data Test)
1-800-461-2921 Bell Canada SmartTouch Information Line.
1-800-461-5711 Northern Telephone.
1-800-461-7243 Bell ActiMedia Sales Office.  (formerly Yellow Pages Tele-Direct)
1-800-461-9819 Northern Telephone Ltd.
1-800-463-4778 Bell Canada Professional Services.  (Quebec City)
1-800-463-4833 Bell ActiMedia Yellow Pages.
1-800-463-5376 Bell CSR-Quebec (Quebec City)
1-800-465-2355 Bell Mobility.
1-800-465-6960 Bell ActiMedia.
1-800-470-2355 Bell Mobility.
1-800-491-2355 Pacific Link Communications Mississauga (Bell Mobility Center)
1-800-521-CORE Bellcore.
1-800-555-1111 Bell LD.  3 way calling, calling card and many other features.
1-800-555-4999 Bell Canada Residential and Business Service.
1-800-561-0934 BCE Inquiry Line.
1-800-561-2355 Bell Mobility.  (French)
1-800-561-4459 NBTel Internet.
1-800-561-6283 NBTel Customer Care Center.
1-800-561-8868 Stentor's Country Direct Information Line.
1-800-561-8888 Stentor's Calling Card Centre.
1-800-563-2900 NewTel Communications.
1-800-563-3794 Bell Mobility (Ottawa Office)
1-800-563-5150 NewTel Mobility.
1-800-563-5400 NewTel Communications.
1-800-563-7171 NewTel Communications.
1-800-563-7988 Newfoundland Telephones Mobile Service Department.  (NewTel)
1-800-563-8700 NewTel Communications.
1-800-565-1290 Tele-Direct Atlantic.
1-800-565-1570 IslandTel Repair Service.
1-800-565-4287 IslandTel Business Inquiries.
1-800-565-4737 IslandTel Business Office.
1-800-565-4737 IslandTel.
1-800-565-6283 NBTel Customer Care Centre.
1-800-565-8884 NBTel Express.
1-800-567-1811 Bell Electronic Business Solutions Information Center.
1-800-567-2448 Bell Canada Millennium (Test Line)
1-800-567-9633 Bell Canada.
1-800-574-2455 IslandTel.
1-800-583-3746 Bell Canada First Rate.
1-800-611-6500 Bell Mobility Cellular.
1-800-641-2311 Bell Canada Customer Service.  (French - Press "2" for English)
1-800-654-3724 Bell Communications Security.
1-800-665-1800 NBTel.
1-800-665-6000 NewTel Express.
1-800-667-0123 Bell Mobility's Automated Express Lane System.
1-800-667-6030 Bell Canada (French)
1-800-667-6283 NBTel.
1-800-668-0911 BCE Mobile Communications Inc.
1-800-668-2355 Bell Canada.
1-800-668-4862 Bell Canada Millennium (Coin)
1-800-668-6851 Bell Canada Millennium (Alarm)
1-800-668-6878 Bell Direct.  (U.S. and Canada)
1-800-668-8868 Stentor.  (Cantonese and Mandarin)
1-800-668-9090 Bell Information Systems Repair Service.
1-800-668-9608 Bell Canada Switch Control Centre.
1-800-668-9716 Bell Canada Employment Centre.  (Press "*" to access VMS)
1-800-668-9877 Telesat.
1-800-724-4443 Bell Sympatico.
1-800-749-0764 Bell Canada Human Resources.
1-800-749-2538 Bell Canada.  (Toronto Office)
1-800-749-3081 Bell Canada Office.
1-800-749-3085 Bell Canada Ontario Control Centre.
1-800-749-3279 Bell Canada Business Sales.
1-800-749-3743 Bell Canada.  (Toronto Office)
1-800-749-3745 Bell Canada Ontario Control Centre.
1-800-749-4198 Bell Canada Ontario Control Centre.
1-800-749-4208 Bell Canada Ontario Control Centre.
1-800-749-9362 Bell Canada Ontario Control Centre.  (Regional Manager)
1-800-749-9770 Bell Canada.  (Toronto Office)
1-800-768-2220 Bell (VIC) Voice Interactive Communications System.
1-800-772-2141 Bell Canada Millennium (Setshop)
1-800-773-2121 Sympatico Customer Service.  (Bell Canada's Internet service)
1-800-789-9073 Bell Simple Connections.
1-800-803-0077 Bell QuickChange Cards Customer Service.
1-800-847-7303 Bell Minor Hockey Hotline.
1-800-848-8353 Bell ActiMedia (Tele-Direct) Customer Service.
1-800-855-0511 Bell Canada Relay Service (BCRS) Operator.
1-800-862-6330 MTS (Manitoba Telephone System)
1-800-889-4670 Bell Canada's Total Solution Center for Business.
1-800-889-4672 Bell Canada Business.
1-800-889-4676 Bell Canada Business.
1-800-889-4681 Bell Advantage Internet Interactive Information System.
1-800-889-4686 Bell Canada's Business Direct Marketing Centre.
1-800-889-4690 Bell Canada Small and Medium Business.
1-800-889-4691 Bell Advantage Internet Interactive Information System.
1-800-931-3282 IslandTel Data Communications.
1-800-936-6245 IslandTel.  (IslandTel Express="1")
1-800-938-4442 IslandTel Express.  (reads back ANI)
1-800-957-9999 Bell Canada Long Distance.
1-800-984-2646 IslandTel Public Telephones.
1-800-995-8887 Bell ActiMedia Sales Department.
1-800-PRIVACY  Bell Canada Call Privacy Service Demonstration/Order Line.
1-800-REWARDS  Bell Canada Rewards.
1-877-2-ALIANT Aliant, Inc.
1-877-202-3206 Bell Canada.  (Chinese)
1-877-202-3207 Bell Canada.  (Chinese)
1-877-202-3208 Bell Canada.  (Chinese)
1-877-202-3209 Bell Canada.  (Chinese)
1-877-241-6228 Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition Internet Service.
1-877-268-4273 Bell Gardium Sales Department.
1-877-318-0859 Bell Sympatico.
1-877-327-9598 Bell Sympatico.
1-877-327-9630 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-877-35-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-381-BELL Bell Mobility.
1-877-486-3472 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-877-499-1260 Bell Canada's SmartTouch Promotion Line.
1-877-499-1263 Bell Canada's SmartTouch Line.
1-877-4PERCALL Bell Canada's (Dis)Advantage Per Call.
1-877-500-2688 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-877-500-2693 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-877-500-2694 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-877-500-2699 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-877-506-BELL Bell ExpressVu.
1-877-51-SPEED Bell Sympatico Internet Services.
1-877-518-BELL Bell ExpressVu.
1-877-520-BELL Bell ExpressVu.
1-877-521-BELL Bell ExpressVu.
1-877-540-8222 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-877-595-0210 Bell ActiMedia.
1-877-60-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-652-4119 Bell's SmartTouch Promotion.
1-877-70-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-723-4400 Bell Mobility Totalcom.
1-877-733-BELL Bell Canada Direct Marketing Business Center.
1-877-763-BELL Bell Canada's Total Solution Center for Business Customers.
1-877-801-BELL Bell Canada's Direct Marketing Business Centre.
1-877-811-6891 Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition.
1-877-811-6892 Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition.
1-877-811-6893 Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition.
1-877-811-6894 Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition.
1-877-811-6895 Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition.
1-877-828-8686 IslandTel Sales.
1-877-885-2424 Bell First Rate 24 Hour Enrollment Service.
1-877-90-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-91-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-92-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-96-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-99-SPEED Bell Sympatico.
1-877-999-2355 Bell Canada's Voice Response System.
1-877-AIT-3113 Aliant Investor Relations.
1-877-ALL-WKND Bell Mobility.
1-877-BELLCORE Telcordia Technologies.  (formerly known as Bellcore)
1-877-BUNDLE-1 Bell Canada's Direct Marketing Centre.
1-877-FIRSTRATE Bell First Rate Interactive Information and Enrollment Service.
1-877-SIMPLY-1 Bell Mobility Simply One Plan.
1-888-217-6533 Bell Mobility Pager.
1-888-217-6535 Bell Mobility Pager.
1-888-217-6538 Bell Mobility Pager.
1-888-217-6539 Bell Mobility Pager.
1-888-217-6540 Bell Mobility Service.
1-888-24-FIRST Bell First Rate Interactive Information and Enrollment Service.
1-888-242-2355 Bell (Spanish)
1-888-291-6799 Bell Mobility Order Desk.
1-888-299-0977 Bell Canada's Interactive Sympatico Ordering Service.
1-888-308-5640 Bell Mobility Paging.
1-888-333-4454 Bell Equipement D Imprimerie.
1-888-368-9110 Northwestel Account Manager.
1-888-377-2355 Bell First Rate Interactive Information and Enrollment Service.
1-888-378-2355 Bell Canada's Ontario Direct Marketing Center.
1-888-386-5555 Stentor Communications Production Fund.
1-888-388-2355 Bell Direct in Canada.  (the same as 310-BELL)
1-888-4-662453 (1-888-4-MOBILE) Bell Mobility Cellular.
1-888-423-2333 Northwestel Business Support Centre.
1-888-433-0317 Bell Sympatico.
1-888-442-0222 Bell Mobility Accounts Receivable.
1-888-457-7308 Bell Mobility Order Desk.
1-888-457-7309 Bell Mobility.
1-888-457-7310 Bell Mobility.
1-888-490-3001 Tele-Direct Atlantic.
1-888-502-2222 Bell Canada.  (Chinese/Vietnamese.)
1-888-505-2222 Bell Canada.  (Chinese/Vietnamese.)
1-888-506-2222 Bell Canada.  (Italian)
1-888-512-2222 Bell Canada.  (Chinese/Vietnamese.)
1-888-513-2222 Bell Canada East and South Asian Hotline.
1-888-515-2222 Bell Canada East and South Asian Hotline.
1-888-519-2222 Bell Canada East and South Asian Hotline.
1-888-521-2222 Bell Canada Operator.
1-888-527-2222 Bell Canada's Direct Marketing Centre.
1-888-531-2222 Bell Canada Operator.
1-888-532-2222 Bell Canada's Direct Marketing Centre.
1-888-538-2222 Bell Canada's Direct Marketing Centre.
1-888-542-3784 Bell Mobility Out of the Box Program.
1-888-597-9999 Schwab Canada QUALCOMM Digital PCS phone from Bell Mobility.
1-888-739-2737 (1-888-REWARDS) Bell Total Rewards.
1-888-788-2355 Bell Canada Business Consulting Group.
1-888-794-0777 Stentor Canadian Network Management.
1-888-796-1825 Bell (Dis)Advantage Internet Solutions.
1-888-865-2239 Bell Mobility Pager.
1-888-904-2355 Bell First Rate Interactive Information and Enrollment Service.
1-888-932-6666 BCE Corp. Communications.
1-888-DIRECPC  Telesat Canada's Direct PC Customer Care Centre.


1-800-237-6432 BellSouth Advertising and Publishing.
1-800-285-2355 BellSouth.
1-800-419-2355 BellSouth.  (Spanish)
1-800-436-8638 BellSouth Internet Home.  (U.S. only)
1-800-451-6549 BellSouth Customer Service.
1-800-541-1229 BellSouth Financial Services.
1-800-639-2455 BellSouth Billing Services.
1-800-733-2355 BellSouth Phones.
1-800-753-0223 BellSouth Order Line.
1-800-767-2355 BellSouth Automated Billing Services.
1-800-775-2355 BellSouth Phones.
1-800-831-4323 BellSouth.
1-800-832-6338 BellSouth Memory Call Service.
1-800-842-1558 BellSouth Benefits Service Center.
1-800-858-9413 BellSouth ISDN order line.
1-800-925-0010 BellSouth Communications Systems.
1-800-925-0049 BellSouth Equipment/Customer Changes.  (U.S. only)
1-800-925-2525 BellSouth Business.
1-800-962-3387 BellSouth Advertising and Publishing.
1-800-995-9999 BellSouth Phones.
1-800-BELL-SOUTH Collect, Calling Card and Credit Card calls.
1-877-377-BELL BellSouth Mobility.
1-877-464-BELL BellSouth Mobility Employment Line.
1-877-921-BELL BellSouth.
1-877-955-BELL BellSouth Rewards.
1-877-TELEFONE BellSouth.
1-888-201-2355 BellSouth Benefit Enrollment System.
1-888-203-2355 BellSouth.
1-888-327-2355 BellSouth Mobility Area Code Reprogramming Department.
1-888-383-2355 BellSouth Cellular Fraud Prevention Center.
1-888-462-8033 BellSouth COCOT Repair.
1-888-543-2355 BellSouth Internet Business.
1-888-837-1668 BellSouth Telecom Rental Services.

                                 Cellular One:

1-800-270-4444 Cellular One.
1-800-369-2355 Cellular One.
1-800-381-2355 Cellular One.
1-800-487-2355 Cellular One Customer Service.
1-800-514-2355 Cellular One's Welcome line.
1-800-567-2355 Cellular One.
1-800-604-2355 Cellular One.
1-800-670-2355 Communication One (authorized agent of Cellular One)
1-800-CELL-ONE Cellular One.  (U.S. only)
1-877-CELLFONE Cellular One's Voicemail Help line.
1-888-345-2355 Cellular One Dispatch.
1-888-522-2355 Cellular One.
1-888-562-2355 Cellular One's Job Hotline.
1-888-681-2355 Cellular One.
1-888-CELLPHONE Cellular One.
1-888-CELLULAR Cellular One Sales Office.


1-800-225-5160 GTE Corporation Teleservicing System.
1-800-225-5483 (1-800-CALL-GTE) GTE Long Distance.
1-800-272-3466 GTE Internetworking.
1-800-346-5800 GTE Business Sales Center.
1-800-347-5665 GTE Express. (Cellular)
1-800-366-4834 (1-800-FON-GTE4) GTE Personnel-only question line.  (U.S. only)
1-800-366-4835 (1-800-FON-GTE5) GTE Personnel-only question line.
1-800-366-5665 GTE Express. (Cellular)
1-800-413-4233 GTE Education Assistance Program.
1-800-428-8722 GTE Superpages Internet Services.
1-800-445-5288 GTE Business Sales Center.
1-800-445-5586 GTE Conference Connections Billing Department.
1-800-445-7920 GTE Airfone.
1-800-448-3795 GTE.
1-800-472-4565 GTE Internetworking.  (U.S. only)
1-800-483-1000 (1-800-GTE-1000) GTE Repair Center.
1-800-483-2273 (1-800-GTE-CARD) GTE Calling Card Services.
1-800-483-3000 GTE Billing Center.
1-800-483-3600 GTE North Customer Billing Center.
1-800-483-4000 GTE California Customer Service Ordering Center.
1-800-483-4839 GTE Business Response Center.
1-800-483-5000 GTE California Business Sales Center.
1-800-483-5288 GTE Headquarters in Irving, TX.
1-800-483-5400 GTE Business Sales Center.
1-800-483-5559 GTE.
1-800-483-5781 GTE Wireless.
1-800-483-7243 (1-800-GTE-PAGE) GTE Paging.
1-800-483-7479 GTE Hawaiian Tel's Business Sales Center.
1-800-483-8494 GTE Long Distance.
1-800-527-2558 GTE Business Response Center.
1-800-643-0997 GTE Bank Card Center.
1-800-670-9320 GTE Paging.
1-800-727-2355 GTE Wireless.
1-800-787-9689 GTE Customer Service.
1-800-826-1311 GTE Billing Center.
1-800-877-5665 GTE Express. (Cellular)
1-800-888-8448 GTE Directory Order Center.
1-800-892-9600 GTE.
1-800-927-3000 GTE Internet.
1-800-AIRFONE  GTE Airfone.
1-877-205-7743 GTE National Support Center.
1-877-888-9942 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9943 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9944 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9945 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9946 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9947 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9948 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9949 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9950 GTE Airfone.
1-877-888-9951 GTE Airfone.
1-888-483-0022 GTE Government Systems.
1-888-483-4555 GTE Internet.
1-888-681-3279 GTE Airfone.
1-888-AIRFONE  GTE Airfone. (Talk to people while they're in-flight)

                             Lucent Technologies:

1-800-222-3111 Lucent Technologies.  (St Louis, MO)
1-800-222-6111 Lucent Technologies Consumer Products.
1-800-228-1938 Lucent Technologies Calibration and Repair Services.
1-800-237-0016 Lucent Technologies.
1-800-242-2121 Lucent Technologies (PBX systems info, VMS info on Audix, etc.)
1-800-247-7000 Lucent Technologies.  (Expanets)
1-800-289-0609 Lucent Technologies National Customer Care Center.
1-800-322-2016 Lucent Technologies National Customer Care Center.
1-800-342-5677 Lucent Technologies Technical Services Organization.
1-800-344-0223 Lucent Technologies Inside Sales Department at the CRC.
1-800-344-9670 Lucent Technologies National Customer Care Center.
1-800-387-4268 Lucent Technologies.
1-800-4-LUCENT Lucent Technologies.
1-800-432-6600 Lucent Technologies Customer Information Center.
1-800-451-2100 Lucent Technologies Cincinnati Customer Care Center.
1-800-457-1235 Lucent Technologies BCS Publications Center.
1-800-526-2000 Lucent Technologies NSAC.
1-800-56-AUDIX Lucent Technologies.  (telephone systems, Definity, AUDIX, etc.)
1-800-628-2888 Lucent Technologies National Customer Care Center.
1-800-643-2353 Lucent Technologies National Customer Care Center.
1-800-811-1802 Lucent Technologies Special Customer Operations.
1-800-821-8204 Lucent Technologies Multi-Media Applications Customer Support.
1-800-822-2000 Lucent Technologies.
1-800-852-0246 Lucent Technologies.
1-877-4-LUCENT Lucent Technologies.
1-888-4-LUCENT Lucent Technologies Canada.
1-888-LUCENT-6 Lucent Technologies Shareholder Services.
1-888-LUCENT-8 Lucent Technologies.

                                 MCI WorldCom:

1-800-225-5888 MCI WorldCom Operator Services.
1-800-254-8991 MCI WorldCom Customer Service.  (U.S. only)
1-800-264-1000 MCI WorldCom Customer Service.
1-800-265-5328 MCI's 1-800-COLLECT.  Automated collect calls.
1-800-267-7320 Network MCI.
1-800-270-6245 WorldCom VMS.  ("Please enter the # sign followed by your BN")
1-800-275-0200 MCI WorldCom Residential/Business Customer Service.
1-800-275-1234 MCI WorldCom.  Accepts calling cards for phone calls.
1-800-294-3496 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-333-1000 MCI WorldCom Commercial Customer Service.
1-800-333-2000 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-333-5000 MCI WorldCom Residential Service.
1-800-336-0149 MCI WorldCom Worldwide Customer Care and Global Product Support.
1-800-374-6400 MCI WorldCom Local Customer Service.
1-800-401-9997 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-432-4557 MCI WorldCom Account Services.  (U.S. only)
1-800-444-1111 MCI WorldCom's Global Technical Service Center.
1-800-444-3333 MCI WorldCom Customer Service.
1-800-444-4444 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-444-6242 MCI.
1-800-444-6245 MCI Mail Messaging and Technical Support.
1-800-444-7000 MCI WorldCom St. Louis Business Market Sales Office.
1-800-451-7220 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-455-1605 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-2957 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-4215 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-5469 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-6084 Network MCI Interactive Paging Service.
1-800-455-6504 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-6513 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-6780 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-6834 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-7806 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-7854 Network MCI System.
1-800-455-7920 Network MCI System.
1-800-456-0253 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-475-0138 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-475-5628 MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-800-475-9321 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-483-4929 Network MCI System.
1-800-483-8784 Network MCI System.
1-800-539-2000 MCI WorldCom Business Services.
1-800-554-5778 MCI WorldCom Prepaid Cellular.
1-800-555-4668 Network MCI System.
1-800-627-2355 MCI WorldCom Administrative Offices.
1-800-630-6759 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-637-2255 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-644-NEWS MCI WorldCom Public Relations.
1-800-645-2355 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-666-1904 MCI WorldCom.  (U.S. only)
1-800-666-2612 MCI WorldCom Small Business Department.
1-800-666-2613 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-674-2355 MCI WorldCom (calling card calls)
1-800-688-4889 MCI National Relay Service in the U.S. (TTY)
1-800-701-9358 MCI WorldCom.  (U.S. only)
1-800-701-9360 MCI WorldCom.  (U.S. only)
1-800-724-3624 (1-800-PAGE-MCI) MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-800-727-5555 MCI Small Business Accounts.  (U.S. only)
1-800-749-0800 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-749-9600 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-827-4690 MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-800-827-4750 MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-800-827-9983 MCI WorldCom Corporate Accounts.
1-800-827-9987 MCI WorldCom Corporate Accounts.
1-800-864-4060 MCI WorldCom Wholesale Services.
1-800-872-7654 MCI WorldCom's EDI Group.
1-800-876-8581 Network MCI.
1-800-877-9320 Network MCI.
1-800-888-8000 MCI WorldCom automated calling card calls.
1-800-909-3175 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System
1-800-909-3180 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System
1-800-909-3197 MCI.  (Spanish)
1-800-933-0902 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-938-6374 MCI WorldCom Customer Service.
1-800-944-0700 MCI WorldCom Wireless.
1-800-947-8642 MCI National Relay Service in the U.S. (voice)
1-800-950-1022 MCI WorldCom Customer Service.
1-800-950-5555 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-999-7700 MCI WorldCom.
1-800-COLLECT  MCI WorldCom automated collect calls.
1-800-EVERYDAY MCI WorldCom.
1-800-MCI-LOCAL MCI WorldCom Local Customer Service.
1-800-SUNDAYS  MCI WorldCom.
1-800-WORLDCOM WorldCom.
1-877-589-CELL MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-877-897-CELL MCI WorldCom Cellular Message Center.
1-877-957-CELL MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-877-958-2355 MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-877-960-2355 MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-877-961-2355 MCI WorldCom Paging System.
1-888-575-2355 MCI WorldCom.
1-888-624-2355 MCI WorldCom.
1-888-624-9266 MCI WorldCom Sales Office.
1-888-655-2355 Network MCI Contact.
1-888-724-3624 (1-888-PAGE-MCI) MCI WorldCom Paging System.


1-800-227-7401 MT&T Mpowered PC Member Services.
1-800-422-5978 MT&T Mobility.
1-800-461-5533 MT&T Billing, Accounts and Repairs.
1-800-529-7371 MT&T Data Service.  (Repair)
1-800-561-6364 MT&T Data Services.
1-800-565-1881 MT&T Business Customer Service Centre.
1-800-565-4003 MT&T.
1-800-565-4800 MT&T.
1-800-565-5065 MT&T Residence Telemarketing.
1-800-565-6188 MT&T Express.  (press "1" for ANI)
1-800-565-7102 MT&T.
1-800-565-CARD MT&T Calling Card Services.
1-800-626-5552 MT&T Data Communications Sales and Repairs.
1-800-665-5614 MT&T.
1-800-688-9811 MT&T.
1-800-722-2121 MT&T Sympatico.
1-800-776-4555 MT&T Business Office.
1-888-334-VALUE MT&T.

                               Nortel Networks:

(613) 226-5456 Nortel Emergency Technical Assistance Support.  (Ottawa Office)
1-800-328-6760 Nortel Networks (Minnetonka, MN)
1-800-461-3196 Nortel Networks (Milton, ON)
1-800-466-7835 (1-800-4-NORTEL) Nortel Networks.  (Northern Telecom)
1-800-638-9302 Nortel Networks Customer Care Center.
1-800-665-2827 Nortel Networks Customer Technical Services After Hours Support.
1-800-668-1717 Nortel Networks Global Customer Care Center.
1-800-668-5511 Nortel Networks Customer Repair and Return Services.
1-800-684-2255 Nortel's Meridian Home Office Support/Info.
1-800-684-9996 Nortel Networks Software Applications Status Line.
1-800-833-7477 Nortel Networks.
1-800-896-8944 Nortel Networks.  (Fax)
1-800-NORTEL-1 Nortel Networks Information Line for Resellers.
1-877-4-NORTEL Nortel Networks.
1-888-4-NORTEL Nortel Networks VMS.

                                 Pacific Bell:

1-800-228-7102 Pacific Bell Smart Yellow Pages.
1-800-241-3000 Pacific Bell Quickservice.  (U.S. Only)
1-800-248-2800 Pacific Bell Smart Yellow Pages.
1-800-286-8111 Pacific Bell Spanish Yellow Pages.
1-800-310-BELL Pacific Bell.  (U.S. Only)
1-800-453-4539 Pacific Bell Directory Major Market.  (U.S. only)
1-800-4PB-ISDN Pacific Bell FasTrak DSL Center.  (U.S. only)
1-800-528-0000 Pacific Bell Business Products.  (U.S. Only)
1-800-750-2355 Pacific Bell Customer Service.  (U.S. Only)
1-800-782-8353 Pacific Bell (to report any payphone crimes)
1-800-848-8000 Pacific Bell Directory Smart Resource Center.
1-800-933-2355 Fulfillment Plus.  (Pacific Bell authorized agent)
1-800-953-4400 Pacific Bell Phone Book Recycling.  (California Only)
1-800-PAC-BELL Pacific Bell.  (U.S. Only)
1-877-909-BELL Pacific Bell's Customer Service for the Message Center.
1-888-755-2355 Pacific Bell Equipment.
1-888-775-2355 Pacific Bell Equipment.


1-800-256-1410 Qwest Communications Corporate News Bureau.
1-800-460-1111 Qwest Customer Service.
1-800-460-2222 Qwest.
1-800-460-3333 Qwest.
1-800-524-5249 Qwest Communications Customer Service.
1-800-524-7258 Qwest Communications.
1-800-567-7296 Qwest Communications Investor Relations.
1-800-600-9196 Qwest Communications VMS.
1-800-860-2255 Qwest Communications.
1-800-899-7780 Qwest Communications.
1-800-968-1287 Qwest Communications.
1-800-968-3986 Qwest Communications.
1-800-RIDEQWEST Qwest.
1-877-877-7978 Qwest Shareholder Communication Service.
1-888-452-6200 Qwest.
1-888-793-7811 Qwest Communications Career Line.  (Job Listings)


1-800-667-3500 SaskTel Business Solutions.
1-800-667-5801 SaskTel International Head Office.
1-800-667-6840 SaskTel Mobility Customer Service.
1-800-667-6870 SaskTel Mobility Technical Support/Repair.
1-800-667-BELL SaskTel Mobility.
1-800-727-5835 SaskTel Residential Customer Care Centre.
1-800-871-3011 SaskTel Satellite Service.
1-800-900-3638 SaskTel FleetNet 800 and Wireless Data Service.
1-800-975-1969 SaskTel.
1-800-SASKTEL  SaskTel Billing and Inquiries.
1-877-337-2445 SaskTel Corporate Affairs.
1-888-226-7788 SaskTel Business Customer Care Centre.

                              Southwestern Bell:

1-800-225-5792 (1-800-CALL-SWB) SBC Wireless National Services.
1-800-248-8484 SBC Datacom.
1-800-351-7221 SBC Shareowner Services.
1-800-438-5678 Southwestern Bell Lost/Stolen Calling Cards.
1-800-441-1267 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.
1-800-443-6200 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.
1-800-468-6792 (1-800-GO-TO-SWB) Southwestern Bell's Employee Locator.
1-800-479-2977 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.
1-800-522-6909 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages and Advertising Services.
1-800-528-BELL Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages Business Office.
1-800-600-BELL Southwestern Bell (calling card/collect calls)
1-800-792-2665 (1-800-SWB-BOOK) Southwestern Bell Directory Source.
1-800-792-4638 (1-800-SWB-INET) Southwestern Bell Internet Services.
1-800-909-3285 Southwestern Bell Wireless.
1-888-455-2355 Southwestern Bell Long Distance.
1-888-544-8847 Southwestern Bell Quick Service.
1-888-792-3751 Southwestern Bell DSL Service.
1-915-683-9145 Southwestern Bell Employee Locator (Automated)


1-800-210-2273 Sprint Long Distance.
1-800-213-5430 Sprint.
1-800-215-8037 Sprint Solutions Center.
1-800-227-9892 Sprint.
1-800-256-8340 Sprint Canada.
1-800-277-7468 Sprint Phone Card and Collect calls.
1-800-308-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-322-3090 Sprint BusinessFlex.
1-800-336-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-344-9667 Sprint.
1-800-344-9679 Sprint "Nickel Nights"
1-800-344-9690 Sprint "Nickel Nights"
1-800-348-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-349-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-359-2255 Sprint Voice Phone Card.
1-800-361-9342 Sprint Canada Customer Service.  (French)
1-800-366-0707 Sprint Pre-Paid Card Customer Service.
1-800-366-2255 Sprint automated LD calling (U.S. and Canada)
1-800-370-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-455-4602 Sprint PCS.
1-800-456-9711 Sprint Canada Customer Service.
1-800-459-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-465-3193 Sprint Canada Customer Service.  (English)
1-800-467-7746 Sprint.
1-800-469-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-470-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-471-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-474-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-475-7110 Sprint Canada.
1-800-480-4727 (1-800-480-4PCS) Sprint PCS.
1-800-483-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-485-4493 Sprint Canada.  (Fax)
1-800-496-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-505-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-506-8268 Sprint Canada.
1-800-511-2041 EarthLink Sprint/Mindspring Internet Services.
1-800-515-MOST Sprint Canada "It's Easy home800"
1-800-516-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-517-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-518-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-522-9320 Sprint Canada.
1-800-540-4516 Sprint Canada.
1-800-546-6000 SprintNet's In-WATS Service.
1-800-548-8120 Sprint Canada.
1-800-555-2800 Sprint (Spanish)
1-800-570-2255 Sprint Business Service Center.
1-800-571-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-575-2255 Sprint Canada's Business Sales Office in Halifax.
1-800-575-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-580-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-581-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-585-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-593-MOST Sprint Long Distance.
1-800-597-1195 Sprint Canada.
1-800-597-9765 Sprint Canada.
1-800-601-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-605-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-606-MOST Sprint Canada "It's Easy home800"
1-800-607-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-613-7797 Sprint Canada Customer Service.
1-800-613-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-616-MOST Sprint Canada "It's Easy home800"
1-800-617-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-631-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-638-2661 EarthLink Sprint.  (Internet)
1-800-641-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-653-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-666-6999 Sprint Canada.
1-800-674-7000 Sprint.
1-800-680-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-681-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-691-MOST Sprint Canada "It's Easy home800"
1-800-713-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-714-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-716-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-720-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-736-1130 SprintNet Data Network Products and Services.
1-800-746-3767 (1-800-PIN-DROP) Sprint.  (U.S. only)
1-800-749-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-777-4681 (1-800-SPRINT-1) Sprint Paging.
1-800-777-4683 (1-800-SPRINT-3) Sprint Selections.
1-800-801-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-810-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-827-2200 Sprint Business.
1-800-827-3700 Sprint Long Distance.
1-800-827-4680 Sprint Business.
1-800-827-4685 Sprint's Global One Customer Service Center.
1-800-827-4700 Sprint Long Distance.
1-800-827-4800 Sprint Business Sales Office.
1-800-827-9080 Sprint.
1-800-830-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-831-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-840-MOST Sprint Canada "The Most" Enrollment.
1-800-841-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-843-6678 (1-800-THE-MOST) Sprint Canada.
1-800-859-8888 Sprint Canada Operator.
1-800-873-9350 Sprint Canada.
1-800-874-5069 Sprint Canada.
1-800-877-4453 Sprint Employee News line.  (U.S. only.  Updated daily)
1-800-877-4646 Sprint Account/Rewards/Calling Card customer services.
1-800-877-5045 Sprint Service Management Center.
1-800-877-8000 Sprint Operator assisted calls.
1-800-877-8973 Sprint National Relay Service in the U.S. (voice/TTY)
1-800-890-6356 EarthLink Sprint.
1-800-939-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-980-5464 Sprint Canada Residential Customer Service/Sales.  (English)
1-800-980-8595 Sprint Canada Residential Customer Service/Sales.  (French)
1-800-994-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-800-EARTHLINK EarthLink Sprint.  (Internet)
1-800-FON-CARD Sprint's automated calling.
1-877-283-2933 Sprint.
1-877-283-2934 Sprint's Business Line.
1-877-283-2935 Sprint Automated Customer Service.
1-877-4-NIGHTS Sprint Nickel Nights.
1-877-4-WEEKENDS Sprint Weekends.
1-877-4-YOURPLAN Sprint BusinessFlex.
1-877-431-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-508-XTRA Sprint Canada "The Most" Online.
1-877-525-XTRA Sprint Canada "The Most" Online.
1-877-533-XTRA Sprint Canada "The Most" Online.
1-877-537-XTRA Sprint Canada "The Most" Online.
1-877-591-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-592-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-597-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-598-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-5CONTACT Sprint.
1-877-602-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-727-5835 Sprint PCS.
1-877-770-7928 Sprint Canada Ascenda.
1-877-901-7400 Sprint Canada Ascenda.
1-877-903-1553 Sprint Canada Ascenda.
1-877-906-MOST Sprint Canada.
1-877-914-XTRA Sprint Canada "The Most" Online.
1-877-931-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-935-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-939-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-940-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-941-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-943-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-945-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-950-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-951-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-953-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-955-EASY Sprint Canada Easy Unlimited.
1-877-PCS-PERKS Sprint PCS Northwest Airlines Program.
1-888-220-3763 Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-236-EASY Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-254-0701 Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-254-2927 Sprint Canada.
1-888-276-2179 Sprint PCS.
1-888-296-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-345-0718 Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-369-DATA Sprint.
1-888-371-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-4-SPRINT Sprint Business.
1-888-456-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-490-EASY Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-496-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-510-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-512-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-579-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-581-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-621-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-657-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-660-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-670-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-671-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-673-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-675-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-677-7464 EarthLink Sprint.
1-888-680-EASY Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-685-EASY Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-689-EASY Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-690-EASY Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-710-EASY Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.
1-888-777468-249 (1-888-SPRINT-BIZ) Sprint Business Flex line.
1-888-790-EASY Sprint Canada.
1-888-871-5288 Sprint Canada Customer Service.
1-888-890-2384 Sprint Canada (French)
1-888-998-2288 Sprint Canada (Chinese)
1-888-IN-TOUCH Sprint "Stay in touch" Services.

                                   US West:

(303) 896-7683 US West (Denver), automated job line.
1-800-227-2209 Enterprise US West Employee Help Line.
1-800-238-7848 US West "Air Touch" Cellular.
1-800-244-1111 US West Communications.
1-800-338-0018 US West Direct Yellow Pages.
1-800-422-8793 US West Directory Source.
1-800-455-8706 US West Repair Center for AT&T.
1-800-477-7211 US West Communications Public Access Solutions and Smart Cards.
1-800-4US-WEST US West Card Services.
1-800-626-6611 US West "Air Touch" Cellular Customer Service.
1-800-7US-WEST "Please enter the area code..."
1-800-856-3376 US West Dispatch.  (U.S. only)
1-800-879-4357 US West Employee Locator.
1-800-883-6171 US West Completions and Translations.  (U.S. only)
1-800-8US-WEST "Please enter the area code..."
1-800-AIRTOUCH US West "Air Touch".
1-800-US-WEST0 "Enter Code."
1-888-4US-WEST US West Home Office Consulting Center.

                    Communications and Telephone Companies:

1-800-201-0640 Touch 1 Communications.
1-800-222-4444 Armstrong AITS Support Center.  (call to report telco outages)
1-800-222-4500 West Tel Services.
1-800-225-2545 Century Telephone Long Distance Calls (Hardy, AR)
1-800-225-5018 Intelephone.
1-800-225-5123 Starnet.
1-800-225-5265 1-800-COLLECT.
1-800-225-5438 IDT Long Distance/Internet Services.
1-800-225-5463 Directory Assistance (800-CALL-INFO)
1-800-231-0989 TTI National Customer Service.  (West Palm Beach, FL)
1-800-231-6720 Discounted Telephone Services (Walnut, CA)
1-800-231-8949 ITT.  (Key West, FL)
1-800-232-7839 Eastex Telephone After Hours Repair.  (Henderson, TX)
1-800-235-4008 Information America's Client Support.  (DDT Online)
1-800-236-3075 TDS Telecom Network Management.
1-800-243-0234 Farmstead Telephone.  (East Hartford, CT)
1-800-243-8674 NRG Communications (MI)
1-800-245-6088 Colorado Telephone Equipment.  (Englewood, CO)
1-800-250-9999 InterMedia Communications Customer Care Center.
1-800-252-5115 Aviation Telephone Directory.  (Stanton, CA)
1-800-263-5444 Lexsys Networks, Inc.  (Nortel Networks Sales and Service)
1-800-264-2255 InComNet National Telephone and Communications.
1-800-265-9975 Extend Communications Inc.  (Bell Authorized Network Partner)
1-800-267-2772 Sitel Canada.
1-800-267-4955 Independent Telephone Services.
1-800-272-6348 1-800-BRAND-IT (Toll Free Vanity Number Provider)
1-800-281-9616 Telephone Pioneers of America.  (Denver, CO)
1-800-286-8241 Touch 1 Communications.
1-800-288-2880 OCI Communications.
1-800-292-6441 Directory Advertising (Yellow Pages)
1-800-294-0020 US Tel. (phone repairs and sales)
1-800-321-7036 Aero-Tech Communications.  (Lucent and Nortel Dealer)
1-800-321-9998 World Access Canada.
1-800-324-1234 CTI Long Distance Customer Service.
1-800-327-5389 A Target Telecom Discount Long Distance Service.
1-800-327-5389 Discount Long Distance.
1-800-328-2174 Telematic.  (these people are phreakymatic)
1-800-333-9967 Communication Options.
1-800-334-2255 GE Information Services Center.
1-800-338-8108 Consolidated Ventura Telephone.
1-800-343-7363 American Telegram (24 Hour Worldwide Telegram Service)
1-800-345-3444 AlternaCall Customer Information Line.
1-800-349-6874 Mr Telephone.  (Palmetto, FL)
1-800-354-3360 Yelcot Telephone Company.  (Mountain Home, AR)
1-800-355-6245 ATX Telecommunication Services.  (Answering Machine)
1-800-356-9968 Yellow Pages Consulting.
1-800-363-3811 Belcom Communications.
1-800-366-4750 Ranco.  (Telephone Equipment Systems Service and Repair)
1-800-369-8885 Citizens Communications.  (Telephone Company)
1-800-373-2324 McLeodUSA (Telephone directories and service)
1-800-374-5364 Audi Telecommunications Customer Care Center.
1-800-387-0005 Primus Canada.
1-800-387-2837 Dominion Telephone Systems Ltd.
1-800-387-4172 The Canadian Telephone Company Inc.
1-800-392-9857 Standard Payphones of America.  (Carlsbad, CA)
1-800-395-4656 ITC Telecom Dispatch Service.
1-800-399-3970 Maritel (Marine Radiotelephone Common Carrier Communication)
1-800-401-0350 FiberNet Telemanagement.  (Telephone Company)
1-800-401-4141 FiberNet Telemanagement, Inc.
1-800-405-6543 American Mobile Customer Accounts Support Center.
1-800-422-1199 Broadway Communications.  (Long Distance)
1-800-422-2387 Poka-Lambro Telephone.  (Tahoka, TX)
1-800-424-6262 ITT Voice Mail.  (Meridian Mail)
1-800-426-4000 Pearce Communications.
1-800-433-5853 All-Tel.
1-800-435-7194 Primus (Fax)
1-800-444-2817 Primus Customer Care Center.  (Spanish)
1-800-444-9000 Telecom USA.
1-800-453-7638 SNET.  (Telephone Company in New Haven, CT)
1-800-453-7638 SNET.  (Telephone Company)
1-800-455-5958 ITC Telecom.
1-800-457-0276 Action Telephone.
1-800-462-9791 M Telecom Internet Business Services.
1-800-465-0049 Deutschland Direct Telecom.  (German)
1-800-467-2355 Century Tel.
1-800-480-4198 National Communication Network.
1-800-483-2871 Pacific Coast Communications.
1-800-483-4444 FirsTel Advanced Communications Customer Service Center.
1-800-483-5463 800 Incorporated.
1-800-483-6681 StarTec Global Communications.
1-800-494-4884 Primus Trouble Reporting Department.
1-800-521-5422 Group Long Distance (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
1-800-524-4736 National Phone Lines (Hales Corners, WI)
1-800-531-0003 STS Incorporated.  (Telephone Company)
1-800-533-4171 Century Tel Repair.
1-800-535-2211 Touch Tone America.  (Long Distance Service)
1-800-540-3598 10-10-220 Customer Service.
1-800-540-7903 StarTec Long Distance.  (Chinese)
1-800-542-7279 (1-800-LIBRARY) The Teleconnect Dictionary (Telecom Books, etc.)
1-800-544-4660 Plantronics Telephone Headsets.
1-800-545-6188 Hope Telecom.
1-800-545-7000 Komtek Communications.
1-800-555-1212 Toll Free Directory Assistance/Info.  (the 411 of toll free)
1-800-555-7665 TelAmerica.
1-800-562-8697 Teledo Telephone Company, Inc.
1-800-562-9880 TCL Network.
1-800-568-5681 Eclypse Telecommunications.
1-800-568-8929 Latin American Enterprise Telephone.  (Miami, FL)
1-800-580-5585 WesTel Incorporated Customer Service.
1-800-582-3425 Idealdial Corporation (Colorado)
1-800-588-1111 ActionTel.
1-800-588-2222 ActionTel Customer Service.
1-800-594-3000 Call Home America.
1-800-594-5900 Call Home America (Global Crossing) Customer Service.
1-800-599-7930 Power and Telephone Supply.  (Tampa, FL)
1-800-622-4354 Electric Lightwave Network Service Center.
1-800-627-5609 Conquest Customer Service.
1-800-631-3449 Total Tel.
1-800-632-0585 Brant Telephone.
1-800-638-5298 Global Telecom Supplies.  (Meridian, Norstar)
1-800-651-2355 MobileTel, Inc.
1-800-654-3373 Hertz Technologies Customer Service.  (Long Distance Service)
1-800-658-5600 All-Star Customer Service.
1-800-661-1886 Palco Telecom Inc.  (call diverters, lineman test sets, etc.)
1-800-667-7656 Accord Communications Inc.  (Lucent PBX and VMB systems, etc.)
1-800-704-7977 Primus Communications.
1-800-722-2300 Nynex President Switchboard.
1-800-727-6874 Network Telephone Services.  (Woodland Hills, CA)
1-800-735-3030 Cincinnati Bell Long Distance.
1-800-746-9930 Great Lakes Telephone Corp.
1-800-749-0300 Pilgrim Telephone.
1-800-749-8000 Nextel International.
1-800-768-0015 Call Home America Ultimate 800.
1-800-768-1212 Chester Telephone.
1-800-768-1230 Convergent Communications.
1-800-768-1234 Telecom USA.  (10-10-321, 10-10-220 Services)
1-800-768-2800 Call Home America.
1-800-768-7777 Call Home America Ultimate 800.
1-800-777-6842 KPN Telecom.
1-800-788-8588 Working Assets Long Distance.
1-800-8-PRIMUS Primus Customer Service Department.
1-800-805-1000 Total Tel Customer Service.
1-800-808-8348 Global Crossing.
1-800-808-SNET SNET All Distance International Dialing Directory.
1-800-821-1661 InterTel Network Services.
1-800-821-1831 Hamilton Telecommunications.  (Telephone Company)
1-800-827-0074 Access Global.
1-800-827-1200 American Directory Service Corporation.  (order telephone books)
1-800-827-4707 Office Telecom.
1-800-827-4827 All-Tel Communications.
1-800-827-9940 Access Technical Services Call Routing System.
1-800-827-9950 GE Access Canadian Business Division.
1-800-829-1011 Network Management Center.
1-800-833-2330 Consolidated Ventura.  (Tucson, AZ)
1-800-833-2700 Cooperative Communications, Inc.
1-800-833-2700 Cooperative Long Distance Services Inc (Kearny NJ)
1-800-835-7788 US Telecom International.
1-800-848-0955 Williams Communications Solutions.  (Meridian, OcTel info etc.)
1-800-858-2399 California Oregon (CalOr) Telephone Company.
1-800-861-3743 Global Crossing Speedlink.
1-800-861-3744 Call Home America.
1-800-864-2501 Williams Communications.
1-800-864-8351 Quantum Link Communications.
1-800-872-3369 US WATS.
1-800-872-4018 Century Telephone Long Distance Calls (La Crosse WI)
1-800-882-2691 Atlantic Telesis Group.  (Yonkers, NY)
1-800-888-1000 Pilgrim Telephone.
1-800-897-8675 Access Communications, Inc.  (Long Distance Service)
1-800-909-3436 Simtel Inc. Independent Payphone Service.  (New York/New Jersey)
1-800-909-4945 Computer 411.
1-800-909-5008 LCC Network Services.
1-800-909-5109 Automated Transmitter System.
1-800-922-8992 Trans Global.  (Long Distance Service)
1-800-925-1111 TONE.  Long Distance.
1-800-925-2289 US Tel Customer Service.
1-800-926-1350 Marketing Directory Services.
1-800-929-1366 Tel-Save.  (Long Distance Service)
1-800-930-6644 Canada Reconnect.  (Call if Bell cuts your phone service)
1-800-933-6600 Federal TransTel, Inc.
1-800-937-2394 Convergent Communications Billing.
1-800-938-2255 Pilgrim Telephone.  (Intimate Connections)
1-800-968-0461 Enterprise Telephone.
1-800-972-0600 US WATS Customer Service.
1-800-991-9900 Brant Telephone.
1-800-999-2222 Pilgrim Telephone.
1-800-ALPHANET Alphanet Solutions.  (Telecom Sales)
1-800-EASY-HOME Corporate Image Marketing.  (Vanity 800 numbers, etc.)
1-800-FUCK-ATT Pilgrim Telephone.  (Automated Collect calls)  (U.S. only)
1-800-FUCK-MCI Pilgrim Telephone.  (Automated Collect calls)  (U.S. only)
1-800-FUCK-NCR Pilgrim Telephone.
1-800-HI-ITS-ME AlternaCall.  (Automated Collect calls in Canada)
1-800-NEXTEL-9 Nextel.
1-800-PRIMUS-1 Primus Canada.
1-800-PRIMUS-2 Primus DSL Sales.
1-800-WEST-TEL West Group Telecommunications Department.
1-800-WILLIAMS Williams Communications Emergency line.
1-877-316-3900 Telephone Service.  (Sherwood, AR)
1-877-396-1122 WinTel Communications.  (owned by PRIMUS Canada)
1-877-396-3939 Union Telecom.
1-877-465-BELL U.S. Long Distance.
1-877-466-BELL Network Services, Inc.
1-877-469-BELL Nevada Bell QuickService.
1-877-469-BELL Nevada Bell.
1-877-535-3456 Union Telecom.  (English and Italian)
1-877-615-BELL Watstar Long Distance.
1-877-677-4687 (1-877-6-PRIMUS) Primus Canada Long Distance Services.
1-877-703-0599 Primus Canada.
1-877-703-2248 Primus Canada.
1-877-703-2249 Primus Canada.
1-877-703-2250 Primus Canada.
1-877-703-2263 Primus Canada.
1-877-703-2264 Primus Canada.
1-877-703-2267 Primus Canada.
1-877-777-4681 (1-877-SPRINT-1) London Telecom Network.
1-877-GLOBAL-1 Audi Telecommunications.
1-877-MOBILECOM 800 Inc.
1-877-PRIMUS-1 Primus Canada.
1-877-PRIMUS-2 Primus Canada.  (Arabic, French and English)
1-877-WINTEL-1 WinTel Communications.
1-877-WINTEL-2 WinTel Communications.
1-877-WINTEL-3 WinTel Communications.  (French)
1-877-WINTEL-4 WinTel Communications.
1-877-WINTEL-5 WinTel Communications.
1-877-WINTEL-6 WinTel Communications.
1-877-WINTEL-8 WinTel Communications.
1-877-WINTEL-9 WinTel Communications.
1-888-216-6609 London Telecom Network.
1-888-266-7873 1-800-BRAND-IT (Toll Free Vanity Number Provider)
1-888-299-3840 TTI National Dispatch.  (Telephone Company)
1-888-344-0400 Convergent Communications Repairs.
1-888-376-6843 Dial 800.
1-888-447-4653 Telephone On Hold Commercials.
1-888-539-5234 Ducor Telephone.  (Ducor, CA)
1-888-553-8711 Telephone Support Systems.
1-888-564-6488 IT&T.  (Telephone Company)
1-888-715-2355 Call Home America Ultimate 800.
1-888-774-6383 Prime Tel Communications, Inc.
1-888-777-6561 Florida Telephone.  (West Palm Beach, FL)
1-888-825-2355 Connect America.
1-888-933-6786 NPA West.
1-888-ALPHANET Alphanet Solutions.
1-888-GLOBAL-1 Primus Canada.
1-888-ITSGREAT American Telecom Network.  (sign up for toll free numbers)
1-888-MILLENNIUM 800
1-888-ROGERS-1 Rogers Cable.
1-888-ROGERS-2 Rogers Connection.
1-888-SHAWPAGE Shaw Call Center.
1-888-TELE-COR Telecore.
1-888-WINTEL-1 WinTel Communications.
1-888-Y-TOP-TEN ATN's Top Ten reasons why you should get a toll free number.

                   Computer Companies and Internet Services:

1-800-218-6850 MSN (Micro$oft Network)
1-800-221-4677 Micro$oft Seminars.
1-800-222-5161 IBM Program Headquarters.
1-800-222-9323 AMD's Literature and Technical Service Center.  (no Fax-back)
1-800-223-7065 Unisys.  (San Jose, CA)
1-800-225-5249 (1-800-CALL-AIX) IBM AIX Support.
1-800-225-5373 3M Electronic Products Information.
1-800-225-5385 Compaq Computer Corporation.
1-800-225-5664 NEC.
1-800-229-1103 Gateway Technical Support Tutorial Credit Card Line.
1-800-233-3382 Novell Education Programs.
1-800-234-9999 Dell Computer Corp. Preferred Accounts Division.
1-800-242-0080 Compaq Corporation.
1-800-245-4786 MSN (Micro$oft Network)
1-800-260-DELL DELL.
1-800-263-1121 Canon Canada.
1-800-263-2244 Sanyo On-Site.
1-800-263-2777 IBM Software Replication Services.
1-800-263-3394 Apple Canada.
1-800-267-1100 Compaq Canada.
1-800-267-5251 Compaq Services Canadian Customer Support Centre.
1-800-267-9975 OpenText Corporation.
1-800-268-1221 Hewlett-Packard Canada Ltd.
1-800-268-3997 NEC Canada.
1-800-289-3355 (1-800-BUY-DELL) DELL Canada.
1-800-296-7160 DELL Canada.
1-800-321-4044 Intel Overdrive/Microprocessor Support Line.
1-800-325-9141 DELL Canada.
1-800-332-2717 Intel Technical Support.
1-800-332-4636 Compaq Computer Corporation.
1-800-336-5236 Texas Instruments.
1-800-339-6181 Toshiba.
1-800-344-4825 (1-800-DIGITAL) Compaq Canada.
1-800-346-6873 (1-800-34-MOUSER) Mouser Electronics (order crystals)
1-800-354-9000 Compaq Customer Services.
1-800-356-LOOK LOOK Pay Per View, TV and Internet Services.
1-800-359-9556 Samsung Telecommunications.
1-800-364-3577 3M Canada.
1-800-365-9012 Sun Microsystems Educational Services.  (Denver, CO)
1-800-387-3867 Hewlett-Packard Canada Customer Information Centre.
1-800-387-5645 Toshiba Canada.
1-800-4-ONLINE America Online order line.
1-800-426-2255 (IBM-CALL) IBM Customer Support.
1-800-426-4682 IBM Performance Management and Capacity Planning Services.
1-800-426-4968 (IBM-4YOU) IBM Products, Services and Technical Support.
1-800-426-7378 (IBM-SERV) IBM Hardware/Software technical information.
1-800-428-3929 (1-800-GATEWAY) Gateway in South Dakota.
1-800-433-9996 Micro$oft TechHead 2000 Registration Headquarters.
1-800-448-2244 (1-800-HITACHI) Hitachi.
1-800-457-6245 CSI CompuServe Technical Support.  (Requires UserId #)
1-800-463-9241 DELL Canada.
1-800-465-7748 IBM Products, Sales and Services Center.
1-800-465-7999 IBM Direct.
1-800-468-3548 (1-800-INTEL-IT) Intel Product Repair Service.
1-800-475-3107 Joanne Wilson from IBM Global Services Pager.
1-800-483-1170 3Com's Customer Service after hours VMB.
1-800-483-1288 IBM Work Group Services.
1-800-486-4835 SCO Unix Technical Support.
1-800-509-1800 Novell's Customer Response Center.
1-800-522-6245 AMD VMS.  (enter 3 digit ext# then 3 digit passcode#)
1-800-524-3388 CompuServe.
1-800-539-6275 (1-800-LEXMARK) Lexmark Canada.
1-800-553-2447 Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center.
1-800-553-6387 Cisco Systems Sales and Customer Service.
1-800-555-2052 Gateway 2000 International Department.
1-800-555-2091 Gateway 2000 International Department.
1-800-555-3012 Gateway Direct Line.
1-800-555-6820 Hitachi Data Systems PC Products Support Services Team.
1-800-555-9786 Sun Microsystems.  (Palo Alto, CA)
1-800-563-9048 Micro$oft Canada Sales and Information Centre.
1-800-565-2237 Acer America Corporation.
1-800-567-1616 Compaq Canada.
1-800-569-DELL DELL.
1-800-586-DELL DELL.
1-800-595-8480 Rogers@Home.
1-800-622-4786 Sun Microsystems Hardware Support and Information.
1-800-628-8686 Intel Customer Service.
1-800-628-9526 Compaq Support Line.
1-800-638-9273 Novell Customer Support.
1-800-638-9636 Genie Online Service.
1-800-647-2355 MinIowa PC Partner.
1-800-648-4452 American Microsystems.
1-800-652-6672 (1-800-OK-COMPAQ) Compaq Computer Corporation Technical Support.
1-800-658-5199 AccessData Corporation.  (Data recovery)
1-800-661-7274 SeaChange (Internet Services)
1-800-663-0378 Toshiba Canada Notebook Computer Division.
1-800-665-2775 Apple Canada Dealer Locator Line.
1-800-696-8909 Internet Direct Corporate Business Solutions.
1-800-722-4786 Sun Microsystems Canada Customer Care Centre.
1-800-726-7864 (1-800-SAMSUNG) Samsung Information Line.
1-800-733-7418 DELL Canada.
1-800-733-9673 (1-800-RED-WORD) Novell Developer's Support.
1-800-746-DELL DELL.
1-800-752-0900 Hewlett-Packard.
1-800-777-3278 Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.
1-800-777-4343 Digital Equipment Corp.
1-800-786-0404 (1-800-SUN-0404) Sun Express (supplier of Sun Microsystems)
1-800-786-8688 Sun Microsystems Financing-Fax Line.
1-800-801-7869 Sun Microsystems Investor Relations Department.
1-800-827-0035 America Online.
1-800-827-1225 IBM/NCR Retail Vendor Support Line.
1-800-827-2180 TOS Computer Systems.
1-800-828-3362 Novell Authorization Department.
1-800-841-8743 Computer Associates Client Services.
1-800-842-2737 Texas Instruments.
1-800-846-2301 Gateway Technical Support Line.
1-800-847-4096 DELL Canada's Service and Support Hot Line.
1-800-848-8199 CompuServe.
1-800-848-8990 CompuServe.
1-800-858-1810 Cypress Semiconductor.
1-800-858-4000 Novell Technical Support.
1-800-865-1115 Telecom Computer.
1-800-879-7660 Iomega's Instant Access Help System.
1-800-892-4429 Quanix Data Services.
1-800-900-DELL DELL.
1-800-921-DELL DELL.
1-800-942-6227 Mostly Mac Inc.
1-800-945-6111 Sun Microsystems Developer Connection.
1-800-948-DELL DELL.
1-800-999-DELL DELL Canada.
1-800-COMP-USA CompUSA Stores and Customer Service.
1-800-DEFENDER Net Zero.  (free Internet service)
1-800-IOPENER  Netpliance.
1-800-OK-CANON Canon Canada.
1-800-ORACLE-1 Oracle Direct Response Sales and Marketing Department.
1-800-PEOPLEPC People PC Computer and Internet Service.
1-800-PSI-1141 PSINet.
1-800-SCO-UNIX SCO Services Sales.
1-800-TOSHIBA  Toshiba Computer Systems.
1-877-208-4717 Rogers@Home.
1-877-584-5551 AltaVista free access support line.  (free Internet)
1-877-727-3375 MinIowa Help Desk.
1-877-754-5375 Sun Microsystems FAX.  (Newark, CA)
1-877-EXECULINK ExecuLink Internet Services.
1-877-HOWEWORK Dell.
1-877-NOVELL-1 Novell.
1-877-SHARP-22 Sharp Canada Customer Care Center.
1-877-YOUR-MSN Micro$oft Network.
1-88-TELIGENT  Teligent.
1-888-267-3856 Compaq.
1-888-288-4663 Rogers@Home Technical Support.
1-888-321-3737 VIF Internet.
1-888-4-SENTEX Sentex Communications.
1-888-453-9226 Lexmark Canada.
1-888-478-2730 I-Star Internet Incorporated.
1-888-622-3289 Fastekk Systems.
1-888-673-8925 Micro$oft's Y2K Disclosure Line.
1-888-692-1122 CompuServe.
1-888-700-3279 InterTel Network Solutions.
1-888-714-6695 Scarborough Computers (Authorized Shaw@Home Retailer)
1-888-750-6990 Shaw@Home Technical Support.
1-888-755-7068 Sun Microsystems Fax.  (Mountain View, MA)
1-888-786-2310 Sun Microsystems.  (Broomfield, CO)
1-888-786-3463 Sun Microsystems.  (Palo Alto, CA)
1-888-791-0176 Primus Canada (iPrimus)
1-888-839-9295 IBM Haliburton Service Desk.
1-888-843-5282 Sun Microsystems Software Products and Platforms Sales Group.
1-888-858-4PSI PSINet Canada.
1-888-871-5111 Hewlett-Packard Computer Supplies.
1-888-DELL-PCS DELL Canada.
1-888-IBM-5800 IBM Small Business Solutions Center.
1-888-PSI-NET1 PSINet Limited.
1-888-PSI-NET2 PSINet Limited.
1-888-SHOP-IBM Shop IBM.  (Ext 7300, 7311 or 7320)

                            Miscellaneous Numbers:

(214) 275-4206 Robert Ray in Dallas, Texas.  Call him collect!
(303) 499-7111 Atomic Clock in Colorado.
(312) 408-1400 TU (Trans Union)
(435) 855-3326 DefCon Voice Bridge (hack/phreak discussions and chats)
(937) 445-4357 NCR HQ. (option 2)

1-800-200-0068 Call Interactive.  (listen to male and female voices)
1-800-221-2255 American Airlines VMS.
1-800-222-5000 AAA's Air, Hotel and Car Reservations.
1-800-222-6000 Box 6853968 (NUKEYOU) Damage, INC. VMB.
1-800-222-TIPS Crime Stoppers.
1-800-225-5101 Cable Guide Hotline.
1-800-225-5455 Johnson and Johnson VMS.
1-800-225-5627 (1-800-CALL-NCR) NCR Customer Support.
1-800-225-5854 Meridian Mail VMB.
1-800-225-5921 Highlander Sale Catalog.  (for ordering Scottish merchandise!)
1-800-255-3700 Nintendo.
1-800-263-0656 NCR.
1-800-263-1136 Statistics Canada.
1-800-265-0977 NCR.
1-800-265-MUCH MuchMusic.  (Much On Demand)
1-800-267-1177 Canada Post.
1-800-267-7000 Royal Canadian Mint.  (show me the money)
1-800-267-7777 Department of Justice.  (Canada)
1-800-289-6241 Mag-Lite flashlights.
1-800-331-9922 General Motors Shareholder's Services.
1-800-334-2564 (1-800-3-DIALOG) Dialog Information Service WHQ.
1-800-336-6000 Audix VMB.
1-800-353-0809 Call to remove yourself from Credit Card company lists.
1-800-360-2255 Century 21 Realty VMS.
1-800-387-4636 Nestle Canada.
1-800-387-8240 NCR.
1-800-387-8300 NCR Help Desk and Call Management Center.
1-800-388-PIR8 SPA Anti-Piracy Hotline.  (the official warez d00d ratline)
1-800-4-DOTCOM Network Solutions.  (the Dot Com people)
1-800-400-VIEW Rogers Cable Viewer's Choice.
1-800-407-2247 Quaker Oats Company.
1-800-418-6245 Blockbuster's VMS.
1-800-421-7944 NCR Benefits Service Center.
1-800-425-1111 Pepsi Cola Atlantic Customer Service.
1-800-426-0000 Systematic.  (these people aren't very phreakymatic)
1-800-439-2204 Brewer's Retail Help Desk.  (The Beer Store - ask for free beer!)
1-800-452-9996 Statistics Canada.
1-800-461-2800 Canadian Tire Cardholder Services.
1-800-461-5161 NCR Canada Emergency Parts Order Desk.
1-800-465-1176 Meridian Mail VMB.
1-800-468-1714 Hershey Canada.
1-800-472-5451 Hershey Canada Inc.
1-800-488-7040 ADT Security.
1-800-501-1150 Hershey Canada Inc.  (French)
1-800-501-6245 Database America's answering machine.
1-800-541-6821 Super Bureau Inc.  (find documents on almost anyone)
1-800-555-1313 SkyTel VMB.
1-800-555-1560 Audix VMB.
1-800-555-6620 Meridian Mail VMB.
1-800-555-TELL Tell Me.  (Menu Driven info - News, Weather, Time, etc.)
1-800-557-6245 Saloman Smith Barney VMS.
1-800-565-6317 Cadbury.
1-800-5678-HMV HMV Music Store.
1-800-627-2303 (1-800-NCR-2303) NCR Corporation Shareholder Services.
1-800-663-1243 Adbusters Media Foundation.  (Culture Jamming)
1-800-663-7780 NCR Invoicing Department.
1-800-666-1474 American Coin Machine.
1-800-668-1417 Global Business Centers.
1-800-668-3979 Bestobell Canada Ltd (Toronto)
1-800-669-1800 Burger King's VMB.  (4 digit BNs)
1-800-672-3888 National Rifle Association Hotline.
1-800-678-8774 Source Resources (the source for finding people)
1-800-682-7654 Experion Credit checks/reports.  (formerly TRW)
1-800-685-1101 CB (Equifax)
1-800-685-1102 CB (Equifax)
1-800-685-1103 CB (Equifax)
1-800-685-1104 CB (Equifax)
1-800-685-1111 CB (Equifax)
1-800-685-3968 (1-800-NUKE-YOU) is VoiceComm.
1-800-688-6115 National Security Agency (NSA) INFOSEC Center.
1-800-707-0570 Ad Ventures Inc.
1-800-724-3780 Seiger Electronics.
1-800-724-6644 Ext. #22783700 Phone Losers of America VMB.
1-800-777-2255 Phone Works VMS.
1-800-786-2441 Tell Me.  (News, Sports, Entertainment, etc.)
1-800-792-1000 Columbia House CD-ROM Club.
1-800-800-8800 Target Directory.
1-800-842-2255 American Express VMS (Audix)
1-800-888-4848 Subway's VMS.
1-800-889-6245 "Belen Hell" VMS.  (VMB="#") (Dir.="3")
1-800-892-3351 National Rifle Association (Join the NRA Now!)
1-800-909-3250 Meridian Mail VMB.
1-800-909-4672 National Rifle Association (NRA)
1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WAL-MART) WAL-MART Directory.
1-800-939-4484 ITI (Information Technology Institute)
1-800-949-6245 Phone Mail VMB.
1-800-954-6245 OcTel VMB.
1-800-CRIME-TV America's Most Wanted.
1-800-DIRECTV  DirecTV.  (satellite television)
1-800-FIRST-CALL First Call.  (Cable Locate Service)
1-800-GETEVOICE eVoice by Nokia.  (call to sign up for a free VMB)
1-800-GO-FEDEX FedEx.
1-800-KRAMERS  The Real Kramer's Reality Tour in New York City.
1-800-MOLSON-1 Molson Canada.
1-800-NY-TIMES New York Times Customer Service.
1-800-O-CANADA Government of Canada.
1-800-ONTARIO  Travelinx Ontario.  (Tourism Information)
1-877-326-2826 NCR Bell Help Desk.
1-877-450-9488 Wraith Tech Industries Main Number.  (24/7)
1-877-66-TRIOS TriOS Training Centres.  (MCSE, Unix, Novell)
1-877-724-2647 "Security" loser.
1-877-875-2762 Pioneer Help Line.
1-877-925-6278 (1-800-WAL-MART) Customer and Associates Service Hotline.
1-877-940-BELL Bell Micro Products.
1-888-25-GREAT Cleveland Hotline.
1-888-256-5678 NCR AlertLine.
1-888-339-1688 MediaOne.
1-888-349-6972 Micron Electronics Technical Support.
1-888-504-2355 "Tony Bell" from Remax.
1-888-536-2355 "This is Ken Bell."  (Voice)
1-888-663-3279 Canada Trust Co.
1-888-751-8088 Guinness World Records.
1-888-EMAIL-ME College Club Free VoiceMail.  (U.S. only)
1-888-STAR-602 Star Choice Customer Service.  (Satellite television)
1-888-STCK-NCR NCR Corporation Associates Stock Ownership at Merrill Lynch.
1-888-TEL-CORD "This is Roy." (ask for your telephone cord back!)


(214) 381-9151 Vecta's Food Store on Jim Miller and Bruton Road Dallas, TX. (O)
(214) 824-9028 Sparkle Car Wash in 1600 Block of Haskell Dallas, Texas. (O)
(214) 841-4719 Sparkle Car Wash in 1600 Block of Haskell Dallas, Texas. (O)
(214) 841-9840 Lizzard Lounge Dallas, TX. (O)
(509) 332-0415 Payphone somewhere in Pullman, Washington.  (A)
(519) 322-2033 Point Pelee Park.  (A) (O)
(519) 570-9131 Kitchener, ON.
(519) 571-5092 Paytel Payphone on Highland Rd at GOCO gas station. (C) (O)
(519) 576-0354 Paytel Payphone on Weber Street in Kitchener, ON. (C) (O)
(519) 576-5239 King Street Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 576-9444 King Street Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 578-9318 Highland Road Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 579-2111 Wink's Sunoco on Highland Rd Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 744-3349 1st Canadian Telecom at Queen & Duke St. Kitchener, ON. (C) (O)
(519) 746-0329 WLU Arts Building E Wing 1st Floor.  (M) (I)
(519) 746-1488 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (M) (I)
(519) 746-1488 University of Waterloo. (M) (I)
(519) 746-1838 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (DM) (I)
(519) 746-1856 Wilfred Laurier University Aird Dining Hall East. (M) (I)
(519) 746-2685 UofW South Campus Computer & Math Building 2nd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-2801 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (M) (I)
(519) 746-2801 University of Waterloo. (M) (I)
(519) 746-3561 UofW South Campus Computer & Math Building 2nd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-3793 University Shops Plaza II Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 746-4006 University of Waterloo Davis Centre Library entrance. (DM) (I)
(519) 746-4606 University of Waterloo. (M) (I)
(519) 746-4654 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center.  (DM) (I)
(519) 746-6280 University of Waterloo. (M) (I)
(519) 746-6434 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 746-7039 University Shops Plaza II Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 746-7107 WLU Alvin Wood Concourse. (M) (I)
(519) 746-7787 University Shops Plaza II Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 746-8751 University of Waterloo Davis Centre Library entrance. (DM) (I)
(519) 746-8751 University of Waterloo. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9070 University Shops Plaza II Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 746-9093 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9094 University of Waterloo. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9113 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9115 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9134 WLU Aird First Floor Dining Hall Lower Level. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9172 East Side Marios University St. Plaza Waterloo, ON. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9203 UofW South Campus Computer & Math Building 2nd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9208 UofW South Campus Computer and Math Building 3rd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9209 UofW South Campus Computer and Math Building 3rd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9236 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9241 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9252 Wilfred Laurier University Library Basement. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9263 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9271 UofW South Campus Computer and Math Building 3rd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9273 Wilfred Laurier University Alvin Wood Concourse. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9277 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9305 University Shops Plaza I Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 746-9324 UofW South Campus Computer & Math Building 2nd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9368 UofW South Campus Computer and Math Building 3rd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9497 UofW South Campus Computer and Math Building 3rd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9498 UofW South Campus Computer and Math Building 3rd Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9580 Wilfred Laurier University Library Basement. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9591 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9591 University of Waterloo. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9592 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9593 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9594 University of Waterloo Davis Centre. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9602 WLU Aird First Floor Dining Hall Lower Level. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9624 Wilfred Laurier University Aird Dining Hall East. (M) (I)
(519) 746-9626 UofW South Campus Bus Stop near Davis Centre Library. (M) (O)
(519) 746-9628 UofW South Campus Bus Stop on Ring Road. (M) (O)
(519) 746-9630 UofW South Campus Ira G Needles Hall Bus Stop. (M) (O)
(519) 746-9631 University of Waterloo South Campus Bus Stop. (M) (O)
(519) 747-5773 1st Canadian Telecom at Weber St. Short Stop Kitchener. (C) (O)
(519) 747-9422 1st Canadian Telecom at Weber St. Short Stop Kitchener. (C) (O)
(519) 749-7015 1st Canadian Telecom at Belmont Short Stop Kitchener.  (C) (O)
(519) 749-8011 1st Canadian Telecom at Highland Short Stop Kitchener.  (C) (O)
(519) 749-8857 Paytel on University Ave and Moore in Waterloo, ON. (C) (O)
(519) 749-8877 1st Canadian Telecom at Queen St. Short Stop Kitchener. (C) (O)
(519) 749-9081 Mr. Sub on Highland and Westmount Kitchener, ON. (CE) (O)
(519) 749-9113 Medical Center at 18 Pine St. Kitchener First Floor. (CE) (I)
(519) 749-9335 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9357 King and Gaukel Street Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9407 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9462 AT&T Canada payphone at Esso on Fisher Hallman.  (C) (O)
(519) 749-9470 King and Breithaopt Tim Hortons Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9503 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9505 King and Benton Street. Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9524 King and Water Street. Kitchener, ON. (CE) (O)
(519) 749-9535 King Street. (near Benton St.) Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9539 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9578 King Street. (near Queen St.) Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9607 Glasgow Heights Tim Hortons Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9609 Queen Street across from Encore Records. Kitchener, ON. (CE) (O)
(519) 749-9627 King Street. (near Queen St.) Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9650 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9657 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9659 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9662 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9704 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9710 Glasgow Heights Tim Hortons Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9732 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9749 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9782 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9784 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (I)
(519) 749-9786 King and Breithaopt Tim Hortons Kitchener, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 749-9893 Kitchener Transit Bus Terminal. (M) (O)
(519) 883-1061 University Shops Plaza I Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 883-1384 University Shops Plaza I Waterloo, ON. (M) (O)
(519) 883-8361 Wilfred Laurier University Alvin Wood Concourse. (M) (I)
(519) 885-3211 WLU Arts Building E Wing 1st Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 885-3297 WLU Arts Building E Wing 1st Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 885-5058 WLU Arts Building E Wing 1st Floor. (M) (I)
(519) 886-7899 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 886-8112 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 886-8330 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 888-0094 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 888-0107 Wilfred Laurier University Students Union Ground Floor.  (M) (I)
(519) 888-0837 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 888-6434 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 888-7236 University Shops Plaza II Williams Coffee Pub. (M) (I)
(519) 888-9046 Wilfred Laurier University Students Union. (M) (I)
(519) 888-9074 UofW South Campus Physical Activities Center. (M) (I)
(519) 888-9309 Wilfred Laurier University Students Union. (M) (I)
(519) 894-5919 AT&T Canada payphone at Esso on Courtland & Manitou. (C) (O)
(519)-576-0354 Kitchener, Ontario (Paytel)
(705) 328-9710 Payphone at 98 Albert St. in Lindsay, ON. (A) (O)
(760) 733-9969 Mojave Desert Phone Booth in California. (A) (O)
(780)-456-9843 'Waysafe', 109st Castledowns Road, Edmonton.  (Paytel)
(780)-456-9983 127St/139Ave: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  (Intellical-2)
(780)-483-9783 Edmonton, Alberta (Paytel)
(810) 784-9018 Armada, Michigan High School. (A) (I)
(905) 946-9953 Coffee Time in Markham, ON. (A) (I)

(A)=Accepts Incoming Calls, (C)=COCOT, (CE)=Centurion, (DM)=Desktop Millennium,
(I)=Indoors, (M)=Millennium, (O)=Outdoors.

For more payphone numbers, visit

               Telco Employees (Answering Machines and Pagers):

(204) 941-7654 June Kirby MTS Director Corporate Communications.
(204) 941-8283 Brad Woods MTS Director Investor Relations.
(317) 265-2539 Jim L. Bayless with Ameritech Indiana Security.
(416) 350-0573 Bell Canada Media Relations (Irene Shimoda)
(416) 377-3724 Mike Turner's Pager (works for Bell)
(416) 379-2117 Dave Twiner's Pager (works for Bell)
(416) 452-4626 Caroline Verboon of GPC.  (cell phone)
(416) 453-5501 George Ross with Telecom Canada.  (cell phone)
(416) 581-3311 Bell Canada Media Relations (Don Hogarth)
(416) 581-3311
(416) 598-0055 GPC Communications (Caroline Verboon)
(416) 941-7026 Bell Canada Media Relations Pager.  (Irene Shimoda)
(514) 391-2007 Bell Canada Media Relations (Louis Arseneault)
(514) 786-3655
(514) 786-3908 Jean-Charles Robillard with Bell Canada.
(514) 870-2488 Bell Canada Investor Relations (Frank Miscio)
(514) 918-3617 Jean-Charles Robillard (cell phone)
(604) 432-2663 Doug Strachan with TELUS.
(613) 660-1186 Bell Canada's Voice Information Processing System.
(613) 660-2355 Bell Canada's Voice Information Processing System.
(613) 660-6708 Roxanne Halverson with Bell Canada.
(613) 660-6709 Bell Canada's Voice Information Processing System.
(613) 660-6710 Stentor Communications.  (Isabelle Lanteigne)
(613) 660-6711 Stentor Communications.  (French employee)
(613) 660-6712 Stentor Communications.  (Louisse)
(613) 660-6713 Stentor Emergency Operations Centre.
(613) 660-6982 Stentor 2000 Information Line.

1-800-272-4835 Steve Freedlander with Ameritech.  (Answering Machine)
1-800-407-2355 John with Southwestern Bell Wireless.
1-800-455-6813 Jack Hogan of MCI WorldCom's Pager.
1-800-465-9625 Bell Canada Media Relations (Shirley Bishop)
1-800-483-6390 Scott's Pager (Qwest Communications)
1-800-483-7695 Scott from Americom's Pager/Voicemail.
1-800-493-2603 Kimberly Smith at Qwest Communications.
1-800-519-6245 TONE then "Sprint - Kimberly Martin."  (Answering Machine)
1-800-661-0480 Debbie Southerland of Bell ActiMedia.
1-800-808-8334 David Miller with MCI WorldCom in Tucson.  (Answering Machine)
1-800-939-6680 John Ryan of AT&T Network Engineering's Pager.
1-877-391-2007 Bell Canada Media Relations (Louis Arseneault)
1-888-482-0809 Bell Canada Media Relations (Irene Shimoda)

                           Numbers that Require PINs:

(416) 350-9024 "Enter your PIN number now."
1-800-235-3155 "Welcome.  Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-800-249-6245 "Please enter your 7 digit access code."
1-800-309-6678 "Please enter your PIN number now."
1-800-352-8201 "Please enter your 4 digit PIN."
1-800-525-7877 "Please enter your 4 digit PIN."
1-800-549-6245 "Welcome.  Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-800-555-2250 "Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-800-566-6245 "Please enter your four digit PIN."
1-800-643-6245 "Enter ID number immediately followed by your security code."
1-800-749-4200 "Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-800-827-4780 "Please enter your PIN number."
1-800-827-9910 SkyTel.  "Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-800-862-6340 "Please enter your 4 digit PIN."
1-888-612-2355 "Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-888-614-2355 "Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-888-623-2355 "Enter the PIN number you wish."
1-888-684-4466 "Enter the PIN number you wish."


(416) 361-3028 MCI/CompuServe Dialup.
(416) 594-1121 SprintNet Dialup.
(519) 821-4950 AT&T Canada PSN. (dialup with 40 lines)
(905) 470-7122 Toshiba Canada BBS.
1-800-222-0555 Tymnet Dialup.
1-800-234-1998 Digital Equipment Corp. Electronic Store. (Online Shopping)
1-800-234-6245 MCI (USA)
1-800-283-5474 Okidata (inside joke!)
1-800-346-3247 CompuServe.
1-800-368-7244 AT&T Information Access Services SignOn/Pwd (USA)
1-800-368-7247 AT&T Information Access Services SignOn/Pwd (USA)
1-800-472-INET Unisys, UEN Internet Access Gateway - Eagan, MN
1-800-546-2500 Sprint's online directory of SprintNet local access numbers.
1-800-565-8805 Datapac WATS access number.
1-800-604-6245 Digital Equipment Corporation.
1-800-624-5123 AT&T STATION ID - C2/34.11 Canada 2 Datakit.
1-800-692-8872 (1-800-MY-ATT-PC) NCR Global Support Center BBS. (3 lines)
1-800-843-0378 MCI/CompuServe Dialup.
1-800-848-4480 MCI WorldCom Network Assistance.  (lists local access numbers)
1-803-939-8207 NCR Global Support Center BBS. (9 lines)

(Use the N-8-1 setting to connect to the carriers above.)

                 Cellular, PCS, Messaging and Paging Services:

1-800-214-4488 Wireless Solutions Hotline.
1-800-222-8466 Cellular Rentals.
1-800-225-5152 Nationwide Messaging.
1-800-227-3663 (1-800-CAR-FONE) Ericsson.
1-800-235-1414 National Telewire Message Centre.
1-800-244-7464 Scot Forge.  (Mobile Telephone Equipment)
1-800-258-2669 Answer America.  (Telephone Answering Service)
1-800-263-7536 Nokia Mobile Phones.
1-800-264-2355 (1-800-ANI-CELL) Cellular South Answer Center.
1-800-267-9010 Message Center Dispatch.
1-800-270-6000 Cleartel's Universal Roaming Service for Personal 800 Users.
1-800-274-3127 MobileCom's National Customer Service Center.
1-800-320-3488 Motorola Radio Network Services.  (San Diego, CA)
1-800-329-7402 ProPage (Paging and Voicemail)
1-800-331-6456 Motorola Cellular.
1-800-333-6414 Answerfone, Inc.  (Answering Service)
1-800-346-0196 Nationwide Messaging.
1-800-361-1319 Motorola Canada.
1-800-367-2346 Motorola Telecommunications Administration.
1-800-374-2355 InterCall.
1-800-374-2776 (1-800-ERICSSON) Ericsson Mobile Phones Customer Care Center.
1-800-377-2288 Mountain West Communications.  (Telephone Answering Service)
1-800-381-7707 Rogers Cantel Service.  (Barrie, ON)
1-800-387-9000 Jetco Companies.  (press "4" - InTouch Canada Cell Phone Rentals)
1-800-405-6543 American Mobile.
1-800-411-2355 Car Phone Store.
1-800-432-2355 Air Touch Paging.
1-800-438-2355 Kentucky Cellular.
1-800-443-5464 Cue Paging Customer Service.
1-800-446-6744 Motorola Supplier/Customer Training Services.
1-800-452-2355 Appalacian Wireless.
1-800-453-0920 Motorola IDEN Customer Services.
1-800-455-2948 SkyWard Message Center.
1-800-456-3333 SkyTel National Sales Center.
1-800-460-2255 Pager Service.
1-800-461-4575 Motorola Cellular Customer Service.
1-800-474-2355 OmniCell Technologies Incorporated.
1-800-481-2355 ATI Cellular.
1-800-483-5010 Cellular Express.
1-800-488-2355 Cellular 2000.
1-800-496-2355 Nationlink.
1-800-518-2355 CellToys International.  (Cellular, PCS, accessories etc.)
1-800-523-2337 ProPage.
1-800-535-2489 Cellular City in Las Vegas, NV (Cellular Rentals and Service)
1-800-538-4715 Le Tip International.  (Paging, Signaling Equipment and Systems)
1-800-543-7658 Cue Paging Customer Service.
1-800-547-8444 B&B Beepers Activation Line.
1-800-548-7172 Comstock Answering and Services.
1-800-549-2355 Advanced Cellular and Paging.
1-800-569-8840 Answer Point Telephone Equipment.  (Reno, NV)
1-800-590-2355 ATI Cellular.
1-800-613-2355 Cellular Unlimited.
1-800-625-8885 Tab Beepers.  (Wireless Communications)
1-800-626-2636 SNET Page 2000.  (Paging Services)
1-800-634-0958 Palco Telecom Service Inc.  (Telephone Equipment and Repairs)
1-800-638-2355 Comcev Cellular Communications.
1-800-642-9378 Mountain West Communications.  (Telephone Answering Service)
1-800-654-6115 Business Communications Distributors (BCD) Telephone Equipment.
1-800-667-7243 Cantel AT&T Paging.
1-800-673-2355 Quintex Cellular.
1-800-6AIR-TOUCH Air Touch Paging Canada.
1-800-705-2355 OmniCell Technical Department VMS.
1-800-706-2355 Paging Service Center.
1-800-724-2355 AllCell Rentals.
1-800-742-2355 Mobile Media.
1-800-749-9977 TSR Wireless.
1-800-759-2355 Plymouth Bell Laboratories.
1-800-765-2355 Isralink Communications.  (Israeli Cell phones)
1-800-794-2355 Advantage Communications Systems.
1-800-806-2355 Advantage Paging.
1-800-821-2355 MobileCom.
1-800-821-5425 Metro-Call.  (Paging, Signaling Equipment and Systems)
1-800-824-2337 The Wireless Store.
1-800-824-9755 Cue Paging Sales.  (Paging, Signaling Equipment and Systems)
1-800-825-2222 The 800 Connection.  (Answering Service)
1-800-825-2255 Metro-Call Customer Service.  (Pager service)
1-800-854-2355 MobileCall accounts.
1-800-858-8828 Cue Paging Corporation.
1-800-861-3701 Nationwide Messaging.
1-800-866-2770 MobileCom.  (Pager service)
1-800-866-7000 MobileCom.
1-800-871-2355 The Phone Man.  (I'm fucking serious... Haha)
1-800-872-6222 American Mobile Satellite Communications Products.  (U.S. only)
1-800-874-6387 Trellis Communications.
1-800-887-2255 Trellis Premier Voice Mail and Paging.
1-800-890-7243 Metro-Call Pagers.
1-800-922-5469 SNET Wireless Services.
1-800-926-2355 Ubet Wireless.
1-800-951-2355 Cantel Communications.
1-800-969-9998 Cable and Wireless USA.
1-800-980-2355 Light Cellular.
1-800-999-6500 Cable and Wireless Customer Care Center.
1-800-NEWTEL-1 American Wireless.
1-800-SKY-8888 SkyTel System Access.
1-800-SKY-FAXE SkyFax (SkyTel Faxing)
1-800-SKY-GRAM Skyward (SkyTel Alpha-Numeric Paging)
1-800-SKY-PAGE SkyPager (SkyTel Numeric Paging)
1-800-SKY-TALK SkyTalk (SkyTel Voice Mail)
1-800-SKYTEL-5 SkyTel.
1-800-WIRELESS Page USA.
1-877-240-1267 Cantel Centre De Communication Tech.
1-877-255-CELL InTouch Cellular.
1-877-289-CELL ATX Cellular Department.
1-877-360-CELL Cellhigher USA.  (cell phone rentals)
1-877-392-CELL Connect Cell Incorporated.
1-877-4-BELLCO Cellular Connection.
1-877-463-CELL PrimeCell.
1-877-489-CELL PageNet's Wireless Messaging Network.
1-877-498-CELL Portables.
1-877-499-1270 PageNet Wireless Messaging Network.
1-877-502-CELL Cellular Technologies.
1-877-503-CELL Wireless Solutions.
1-877-601-CELL Go Cellular.
1-877-631-CELL Cellular Connections.  (Authorized Verizon Wireless Dealer)
1-877-643-CELL Action One Cellular.
1-877-730-CELL Deltacom.  (Nextel Dealer/Representative)
1-877-845-CELL Capital City Cellular.  (Authorized Rogers AT&T Wireless Dealer)
1-877-873-CELL Discover Communications.  (Rogers AT&T Wireless)
1-877-948-4968 (1-877-WITH-YOU) Frontier Cellular.
1-877-954-CELL CelluWorld.
1-877-965-CELL Advanced Communications.
1-877-969-CELL Microcell.
1-877-991-CELL Univercell (cell phone rentals)
1-877-AIRFONE  Message Center.
1-877-CELLPHONE Travel Phone.  (Cellular Sales)
1-877-MOTOROLA Motorola.
1-877-NEWTEL-1 Mobile Communications
1-877-ROGERS-1 Rogers Corporation.
1-877-ROGERS-2 Rogers AT&T Wireless Automated Self-Service System.
1-877-SATPHONE Globalstar Customer Care.  (Satellite Communications)
1-877-USA-CELL USA Cell.
1-877-WIRELESS Cellular Depot.
1-888-229-4443 Cantel AT&T Canada.
1-888-257-8826 Cantel Centre de Communication.
1-888-300-2355 Consolidated Wireless Corporation.
1-888-444-2355 Maricell Cellular.
1-888-481-FIDO Fido PCS Services.
1-888-540-2222 Clearnet Business Communications Center.
1-888-593-2355 S&E Cellular.
1-888-594-SNET SNET Prepaid Cellular Services.
1-888-622-RENT Rent Express.  (Bell Mobility phone rentals)
1-888-638-2355 Cantel AT&T.
1-888-642-MIKE Mike Clearnet.
1-888-694-2355 Corporate Communications at AirTouch Customer Service.
1-888-736-8567 Motorola.
1-888-801-2355 Cell Phones and Accessories.
1-888-877-2355 Comcev Communications.
1-888-879-2355 Portable Communications.  (The home of the Phone Man)
1-888-901-2355 Digital Communications.
1-888-902-2355 NewTech Wireless.  (Paging, cellular, equipment, etc.)
1-888-968-2355 Everything Wireless.
1-888-999-2355 Downtown Wireless.
1-888-BUY-CELL Total Communications Rogers AT&T.
1-888-CELL-COM CellCom and PageCom.
1-888-MOTOROLA Motorola.
1-888-WIRELESS Page USA.

                                  Free Disks:

1-800-232-7638 AEC Software Technical Support.  (free Windows or Mac disk)
1-800-395-8425 EarthLink Sprint Sales.
1-800-453-3972 Datatrack (ask for Windows Atlas Equipment Manager demo disk)
1-800-487-4838 CompuServe.
1-800-554-4008 Discovery Channel (3 free disks for Internet software)
1-800-638-2661 EarthLink.
1-800-742-5877 UPS (ask for their shipping software for a free disk & CD)
1-800-773-4638 Primus Canada.
1-800-777-9638 (1-800-SPRYNET) Sprynet - Gives you two disks.
1-800-786-7638 (1-800-SUNSOFT) SunSoft - Free 30-day evaluation disk. (press 1)
1-800-827-6364 America Online.
1-800-973-1335 Suretrack Sales.  (ask for a free demo disk)
1-800-FREE-MSN Micro$oft Network Canada.
1-800-PRODIGY  Prodigy Internet Services.
1-877-288-6626 AT&T Canada Internet Service.
1-888-265-4357 (1-888-AOL-HELP) AOL Canada (only call for free 3" AOL disks)
1-888-288-1233 AT&T Canada Internet Service.

                                Calling Cards:

1-800-213-0304 Talk `n Toss Calling Card.
1-800-213-4222 Calling Card.
1-800-225-2255 ATN Communications. (collect, calling & credit card calls)
1-800-225-4288 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)
1-800-225-5128 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.
1-800-225-5228 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)
1-800-225-5233 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.
1-800-225-5268 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)
1-800-225-5475 Smart Cards USA.
1-800-225-5607 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.
1-800-255-8355 AllTel Calling Cards.
1-800-265-3121 Prepaid LD.
1-800-267-3000 World Direct calling card calls.
1-800-270-1111 "Please enter your card number."
1-800-270-3000 "Please enter your card number."
1-800-270-5000 "Please enter your card number."
1-800-270-7000 "Please enter your card number."
1-800-276-2355 Frontier Communications Customer Service.
1-800-277-7468 Sprint Phone Card Calls (press 1)
1-800-279-6111 Unidial Calling Card.
1-800-284-2255 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)
1-800-300-2355 NOS.  (calling card, collect calls, etc.)
1-800-303-5156 OLA Ontario Pre-paid calling card.
1-800-361-7227 HELLO! Phone Pass Prepaid Customer Service Center.
1-800-393-0711 7-11 Calling Cards.
1-800-396-2454 Tech-Card Customer Service.
1-800-423-4343 AT&T Calling Cards (16 digit code) (automated)
1-800-429-8036 OLA Ontario Pre-paid calling cards Customer Service.
1-800-437-6404 Champs Sports Calling Card (9 digit code)
1-800-437-6415 Coca-Cola prepaid phone card dialup.
1-800-437-9291 Star Telecom Network "Please enter your card number."
1-800-444-3556 (1-800-HI-HELLO) Hello Direct.  (pre-paid phone cards, etc.)
1-800-463-0004 "Please enter your card number and PIN."
1-800-475-9105 Pre-paid calling cards Customer Service.
1-800-477-9692 ATN Customer Service and Calling Cards.
1-800-484-2266 MCI WorldCom.  (4 Digit Security Code)
1-800-484-6245 MCI.  (4 Digit Security Code)
1-800-519-1111 Pronto.  "Please enter your PIN number now."
1-800-522-2020 Pacific Bell calling card calls.
1-800-525-5288 ATN Communications.
1-800-536-3273 Frontier Customer Service.
1-800-546-9639 Bell Atlantic collect/calling card calls.
1-800-555-1234 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.
1-800-555-2255 NOS.  Collect, credit card calls, Operator assisted, etc.
1-800-555-5321 SNET Calling Card Calls.
1-800-555-COKE Coca-Cola Calling Cards.
1-800-560-6245 "Please enter your four digit Frontier Spectrum PIN."
1-800-572-6361 Pepsi Phone Card.
1-800-576-2255 Frontier Communications Customer Service.
1-800-633-2255 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.
1-800-662-6214 AT&T Calling Cards.
1-800-666-2657 "Please enter your calling card number."
1-800-674-0700 MCI WorldCom calling cards.
1-800-674-6245 Musical Notes and then "Please enter your card number now."
1-800-674-7325 MCI Calling Card.
1-800-674-9997 MCI Calling Card.
1-800-690-6245 "Please enter your four digit Frontier Spectrum PIN."
1-800-725-5288 ATN Communications.
1-800-741-2255 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card, Op assisted.)
1-800-741-7200 MCI WorldCom calling cards.
1-800-783-1414 Frontier Access Card.
1-800-783-1444 Frontier Access collect/calling card calls.
1-800-783-2020 Frontier Communications Customer Service.
1-800-811-3728 Globo Prepaid Phone Cards (10 digit codes) (automated)
1-800-814-2808 Sprint Prepaid calling card service.
1-800-827-8750 "Please enter your calling card number."
1-800-836-2255 "Press 1 for English, 2 for Korean.  Enter your card number."
1-800-860-4444 Qwest Communications.  (calling card calls)
1-800-860-6000 Qwest Communications calling cards.
1-800-864-7000 Premier World Link Access Number.
1-800-879-3782 NOS (automated collect, credit, calling card calls)
1-800-909-3191 Tech-Card (William Shatner)
1-800-909-3206 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3207 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3212 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3214 GTN-Phone Card System.
1-800-909-3215 Pre-paid Calling Card System.
1-800-909-3217 1-800 Pre-paid.
1-800-909-3218 1-800 Pre-paid.
1-800-909-3219 1-800 Pre-paid.
1-800-909-3225 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3231 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3236 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3240 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3242 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3245 MCI-Exchange Card Service.
1-800-909-3477 Pre-paid Long-Distance Service.
1-800-909-3533 Pre-paid Long-Distance Phonecard (PEI/PC)
1-800-909-3640 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3641 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3642 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3643 "All State" (MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System)
1-800-909-3646 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3653 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3654 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3657 MCI WorldCom Pre-paid Card System.
1-800-909-3661 Pre-paid Calling Card System.
1-800-909-4495 Calling Card System (Insimity Point Security Code)
1-800-934-8642 VoiceNet Calling Cards (New York, NY)
1-800-950-1077 GCI Long Distance.  (Alaska)
1-800-997-6245 Decoma calling card service.  "Please enter your card number."
1-800-999-9000 TONE.  "Please enter your MCI WorldCom card number now."
1-800-BCE-HELP Ideal Dial's Telecard Platform.
1-800-DIAL-166 ATN Communications.
1-800-EASY-TEL EasyTel Calling Card Calls.
1-800-ONE-DIME Sprint's 1-800 One Dime.
1-800-PRE-PAID 1-800 Pre-paid.
1-800-YOU-SAVE Collect, Calling Card, Credit Card Calls.
1-877-258-9088 Globo Prepaid Phone Cards Customer Service.
1-877-WILLIAMS Williams Long Distance Calling Card Calls.
1-888-813-1426 Kokanee Talkin' Tag Phone Card (10 digit PIN)
1-888-818-4266 GST calling cards.


1-800-225-5100 AT&T Corporate Teleconferencing.
1-800-225-5500 Teleconference Assistance.
1-800-225-5700 AT&T Teleconferencing.
1-800-232-1234 AT&T Teleconferencing.
1-800-235-0900 AT&T Teleconferencing.  (Spanish and English)
1-800-255-5100 AT&T Teleconferencing.
1-800-255-5500 AT&T Teleconferencing.
1-800-369-1117 MCI Teleconferencing.
1-800-448-2557 AT&T Teleconferencing.
1-800-465-0025 Global Crossing SpeedLink (Conf Calls, Voicemail, Dir Assistance)
1-800-475-4455 Conference Calling Center.
1-800-475-6894 Quarrel Conferencing.
1-800-525-8244 Frontier Confertech.
1-800-544-6363 AT&T Alliance Teleconference Service.
1-800-567-1250 Global Crossing SpeedLink.
1-800-567-3678 Bell (Dis)Advantage Teleconference (Canada)
1-800-569-0788 A Better Conference.
1-800-625-5288 Teleconference Playback Center.
1-800-667-3601 Global Crossing SpeedLink.
1-800-668-4210 Global Crossing Frontier ConferTech.
1-800-768-2550 Global Crossing SpeedLink.
1-800-768-7775 Global Crossing SpeedLink.
1-800-827-1700 Conference Call USA.
1-800-886-2355 Frontier Teleconferencing.
1-800-900-6338 Advantage Conferencing Services.
1-800-925-8000 Conference America.
1-800-933-3258 Global Crossing.
1-800-954-2387 Frontier (Global Crossing)
1-800-962-0044 Conf Call USA.
1-800-CONF-CALL Smith Klein Beecham Conference Center (Sprint)
1-800-CONFERENCE Ameritech Conference Calling.
1-888-345-5200 Video Conferencing Center.

                           Credit Card Verification:

1-800-228-1111 American Express.
1-800-228-1122 Credit Card Verification.
1-800-268-2530 Credit Card Verification.
1-800-268-8281 Royal Bank Authorization Centre for Visa Cards.
1-800-333-1337 Authorization Centre.
1-800-336-0220 Credit Card Service Bureau.
1-800-361-8370 National Bank Authorization Centre for Master Card.
1-800-528-2121 American Express Card.
1-800-555-1880 Fleet's Card Activation and PIN line.
1-800-556-5678 Bank number to report stolen bank cards.
1-800-561-5224 Credit Authorization Centre
1-800-796-2355 Card Services (Visa and Mastercard)
1-800-810-2355 Customer Service Center.
1-800-866-5000 National Credit Center.
1-800-925-8888 Automated Authorization Centre.  (Credit Cards)

                 Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS):

(204) 983-5405 CSIS in Winnipeg.
(306) 780-5512 CSIS in Saskatchewan.
(403) 292-5255 CSIS in Calgary.
(403) 421-5800 CSIS in Edmonton.
(416) 865-1480 CSIS in Toronto.
(418) 529-8926 CSIS in Quebec City.
(506) 452-3786 CSIS in Fredericton.
(514) 393-5600 CSIS in Montreal.
(604) 528-7400 CSIS in British Columbia.
(613) 993-9620 CSIS HQ in Ottawa.
(613) 998-1679 CSIS.
(709) 772-5449 CSIS in Newfoundland.
(902) 420-5900 CSIS in Halifax.
1-800-267-7685 CSIS (Ontario only)
1-800-564-0866 CSIS (Toronto region)
1-800-661-5780 CSIS (Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba/Thunder Bay only)

                         Non-Toll Free Extenders, etc.

(416) 504-3733 Diverter.  (Wait Until The Voice Stops)
(416) 542-6050 Diverter.
(416) 542-6070 Diverter.
(416) 542-6080 Diverter.
(416) 542-6090 Diverter.
(416) 866-8866 PBX.
(519) 651-2000 Extender.
(519) 651-2250 The Communications Group.
(519) 651-2252 Extender (4 digit Client numbers and passcodes)
(519) 654-9000 Ability Telecom extender/diverter.  (4 digit passcodes)
(519) 742-9621 Bell Canada VMS.
(519) 846-2255 Extender.  (5 digit passcode)
(519) 846-8786 PBX (dial "9" then the number)
(519) 895-2255 Extender.  (5 digit passcode)
(905) 337-3033 Diverter.  (416/905)

                Silent Lines, Test Lines and Strange Messages:

(403) 425-0052 Gives you Info about a Bell CO in Alberta.
(416) 690-4804 - Remote 44A (aka Bell Hut) (it's a switching center)
(416) XXX-1185 Bell Test Lines.
(423) 539-0001 Memorycall Access line.
(423) 588-9909 Memorycall Access line.
(423) 602-7811 Remote Call FWD Access.
(514) 391-1715 Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS)
(514) 391-4005 MDAR Trouble line.
(514) 481-1111 1khz tone.
(514) 481-1191 1Khz&Battery.
(514) 673-2111 Centrex (ASA)
(514) 786-6786 Control.
(514) 852-8686 Cables.
(514) 870-0200 CDE code MTL.
(514) 870-0669 CDE code MTL.
(514) 870-0704 CDE code MTL.
(514) 870-1252 DMS.
(604) 958-2011 2100 Hz tone.
(604) 958-4111 Line out for 1.5 mins.
(613) 544-1111 Bell Test Line.
(847) 823-9995 Gives several readings on the Bell CO.
(905) 521-1185 Bell Test Line.
(905) 851-0012 Bell Test Line.
1-800-200-0301 Test line (loud beep)
1-800-200-0302 Test line (loud beep)
1-800-210-0000 Tones.
1-800-221-0200 Siren Tones.
1-800-225-5122 "We are sorry but this program has not started.  Thank you..."
1-800-225-5300 "We are sorry but this program has ended and no further calls..."
1-800-225-5308 High pitched TONE.
1-800-225-5528 TONE.  "Please enter the number you are calling."
1-800-225-5563 Ring+Silent line.
1-800-225-5871 High Tone then Dialtone.
1-800-265-1111 High Tone.
1-800-266-9999 Fast Busy.
1-800-267-6000 Fast Busy.
1-800-270-0123 Fast Busy.
1-800-293-4421 Fast Busy.
1-800-321-0288 Always Busy.
1-800-323-8126 Dialtone.
1-800-325-4112 Short Tones + High Tone.
1-800-333-8852 Siren Tones.
1-800-346-0109 Siren Tones.
1-800-356-2255 Dialtone.
1-800-361-8313 Bell Canada.  "There is no service at this number."
1-800-369-2255 Silent line.
1-800-424-5664 "Please check your number and dial again."
1-800-430-7938 DMS.
1-800-437-2206 Alphanet Telecom recording.
1-800-437-3025 No Ring+Silent Line.
1-800-437-8351 High Tones.
1-800-444-1677 Siren Tones.
1-800-454-9927 Alpha net telephone recording
1-800-454-9929 Alpha net telephone recording
1-800-454-9961 Fast Rings.
1-800-455-2013 Ring + Click then Trunk Busy signal.
1-800-455-7947 Ring then silent line.
1-800-456-0000 Dialtone.  (PBX)
1-800-465-7735 Strange Tones.
1-800-475-2037 Siren Tones.
1-800-483-2276 No Ring + Trunk Busy signal.
1-800-483-2496 Strange Tones.
1-800-483-2655 "We're sorry, we're unable to place a call from this number."
1-800-483-2730 High Tone.
1-800-483-2933 Siren Tones.
1-800-483-9774 Ring + Trunk Busy Signal.
1-800-485-2255 Ring + Trunk Busy Signal.
1-800-522-2255 Dialtone.
1-800-554-8374 Always Busy.
1-800-555-1120 "We are sorry but this program has ended and..."
1-800-555-1220 Same message as 1-800-555-1120.
1-800-555-1226 Siren Tones.
1-800-555-2123 Tones.
1-800-555-2147 Ring + Trunk Busy signal.
1-800-555-2342 Dialtone.  (PBX)
1-800-555-3585 Dialtone.  (PBX)
1-800-555-3696 Silent line.
1-800-555-6690 Tone.
1-800-555-9946 Siren Tones.
1-800-565-6737 High Tone.
1-800-624-2255 "We're sorry.  We're unable to place a call from this number."
1-800-638-0156 Tones.
1-800-647-2255 "I'm sorry.  We are no longer taking calls for this project."
1-800-745-6678 Dialtone.
1-800-747-6678 High Tone.
1-800-749-2355 High Tone.
1-800-749-9975 Tone.
1-800-786-3228 Fast Busy.
1-800-808-8319 Weird ring "please enter your telephone number" beep.
1-800-808-8332 No Ring + Clicking.
1-800-808-8341 Siren Tones.
1-800-808-8347 Siren Tones.
1-800-808-8349 Siren Tones.
1-800-808-8351 Siren Tones.
1-800-808-8352 Siren Tones.
1-800-808-8354 Siren Tones.
1-800-808-8357 Siren Tones.
1-800-808-8369 Siren Tones.
1-800-827-0000 "You have entered an invalid telephone number..."
1-800-827-0011 "We're sorry, all circuits are now busy..."
1-800-827-0036 No Ring+Click+Trunk Busy.
1-800-827-0058 High Tone.
1-800-827-0875 "This ATT Technologies number is not active."
1-800-827-1227 Ring+Trunk Busy.
1-800-827-3005 Alphanet Telecom recording.
1-800-827-3210 NIS (Reads back 827-3210)
1-800-827-3670 High Tones.
1-800-827-3750 "You have dialed an invalid location."
1-800-827-7878 "You have dialed an invalid location."
1-800-827-9010 "We're sorry, the number you have called is an invalid number."
1-800-827-9876 NIS (Reads back 827-9876)
1-800-827-9890 "You have reached a number that is NIS at this time.  827-9890."
1-800-827-9892 "You have reached a number that is NIS at this time.  827-9892."
1-800-827-9904 "You have reached a number that is NIS at this time.  827-9904."
1-800-828-8649 Always Busy.
1-800-848-9000 Always Busy.
1-800-861-9905 Loud Ring+Tones then "Thank you.  Please hang up now."
1-800-862-6338 Blast of Noise.  "Please enter your calling card PIN number."
1-800-866-9317 High Tone.
1-800-874-4000 BUSY.  AT&T USA Direct Service.
1-800-877-8000 Low Tone.
1-800-878-3532 High Tone.
1-800-889-4668 Ring+Silent Line.
1-800-898-2355 Silent line.
1-800-900-1302 Silent line.
1-800-900-2274 Silent line.
1-800-909-3467 Low Tone (PBX)
1-800-909-4358 High Tone.
1-800-909-4364 High Tone.
1-800-925-0288 "This is not a valid number."
1-800-925-3300 Low Tone.
1-800-925-6620 Low Tone.
1-800-925-8300 Rings+Silent Line.
1-800-959-9997 "Test 1, 2, 3, 4." message.
1-800-MCI-WORLD Always Busy.
1-800-MTT-LOCAL Fast Busy.
1-877-268-4272 Tones.
1-877-382-2355 Tones.
1-877-655-2355 Ring+Trunk Busy.
1-877-900-EASY "You have reached an inactive number on the EasyTel network."
1-877-922-BELL High Tone.
1-888-374-2355 "You have entered an invalid telephone number."
1-888-468-2355 "Due to technical difficulties we cannot record your message
1-888-487-5346 L.E.G.O.S.
1-888-786-6786 Control.
1-888-871-2380 Waterloo Facilities.
1-888-BELLCORE Always Busy.


1-800-222-9323 AMV FAX-Back.1-800-268-9100 Bell Canada 1-900, 976, Info Line (2,1,2,AC,NUM,#,#)
1-800-282-2000 Phillips (1,2,6,AC,NUM,#,1,#)
1-800-323-6586 Tandy Retail Services FAX-Back.  (order Tandy docs!)
1-800-329-7310 Bell Atlantic Investor Relations Fax-On-Demand.
1-800-345-1518 Compaq Computer PaqFax.
1-800-365-0696 Genecom Corporation FAX-back service.  (Digital Printer Support)
1-800-368-9673 Hewlett-Packard Information Storage Quick Fax (1,2,AC,NUM,1,2,)
1-800-380-0030 Diamond (2,2AC,NUM,#,1,AC,NUM,#,1)
1-800-443-1254 HP Portable Products (5,5,5,#,3,2,2,2,1#AC,NUM,#,1,#,)
1-800-445-7736 Exabyte Fax-on-Demand (2,1)
1-800-446-6212 Analog Fax (2,1,0,AC,NUM,1,AC,NUM,#,1)
1-800-451-2100 Lucent Technologies Cincinnati. (get product info by FAX)
1-800-483-2495 Central FAX on demand system. (FAX-Back)
1-800-521-2846 Brother FAX-Back (they make fax machines and typewriters)
1-800-522-6752 Amp Fax (1,8,90,#,#,AC,NUM,#,#,AC,NUM,#,#,#)
1-800-525-3019 Intel (1,1,3,2,AC,NUM,1,#)
1-800-663-0378 Toshiba Canada TossFax.  (press 1)
1-800-684-2255 Nortel Networks Fax on Demand System.  (1,1,1,AC,NUM,#)
1-800-722-4786 Sun Microsystems Service Canada (1,2,4,1,AC,NUM,#,1)
1-800-727-3351 Micro$oft Sales FAX Service Line. (press *,1,1,AC,NUM,#,5,0)
1-800-762-6163 3Com Fax-on-Demand.
1-800-822-4269 Borland Tech-Fax Document Retrieval System (3,2,1,AC,NUM,#,1,3,1)
1-800-827-3000 Elite Group (press 1 for Fax-back)
1-800-832-4778 Western Digital Fax Access (2,1,1,1,AC,NUM,#,1,AC,NUM,#,1)
1-800-832-6328 Ameritech Team Data Support Center (press 6,2,1,2,AC,NUM,1)
               (pressing 6 transfers you to the Ameritech Team Data Information 
               Server which you can use to obtain telco info via FAX-Back)
1-800-872-4786 Sun Microsystems Service United States (2,4,1,AC,NUM,#,1)
1-800-879-8632 US West News line.  (U.S. only)
1-800-909-0261 Apple Fax.
1-800-909-0263 3M Economic Services Fax-On-Demand System.
1-800-909-0264 Kinkos Fax-On-Demand Service.
1-800-909-0269 Co-merica Bank, California's Fax-On-Demand Service.
1-800-943-8329 Integrated Device Tech (1000,1,3000,1,#,AC,NUM#,1,#)
1-800-FAX-SUNW Sun Fax-Back.
1-800-IBM-4FAX IBM FAX Information Service.  (3,1,0,1,1,1,AC,NUM,#,1,1)
1-800-SKY-USER SkyTel Customer Service.  (press 3 for FAX on demand for docs)
1-888-322-8444 Hartford Shareholders News & Info FAX-Back (3,1,AC,NUM)

                                 Yellow Pages:

(519) 579-2252 Baka Communications.  (Bell Mobility Dealer)
(519) 654-2211 Bestel Message Centre Ltd.  (Paging Services)
(519) 679-8333 Bell.  (London Office)
(519) 679-8460 Bell.  (London Office)
(519) 725-2570 Bell Mobility Baca.
(519) 744-7781 Bell Mobility Centre (Highland Hills Mall)
(519) 745-3900 Bestel Message Centre Ltd.  (Full Messaging, Voice Mail, Paging)
(519) 893-8777 Bell World.
(519) 894-2211 Bell Mobility Cellular Plus Centre.
1-800-311-WORK Bell Canada.
1-800-268-1711 Baka Communications Inc.  (Toronto and Mississauga)
1-800-387-7243 (1-800-387-PAGE) Bell Mobility Paging.
1-800-917-1917 Bell Canada's Advantage Call Centre Solutions.

(519) 888-9660 Cantel AT&T Store (Connestoga Mall)
(519) 893-1811 Cantel AT&T Automated Self-Service System.
1-800-268-1087 Cantel AT&T Paging Customer Service.
1-888-353-4726 (1-88-TELEGRAM) AT&T Canada.  (Send a Telegram Worldwide)

(519) 741-5990 London Telecom Network.
(519) 743-3602 Extend Communications Inc.  (Pagers, Voice Mail Boxes, etc.)
(519) 748-3200 Rogers Cablesystems General Enquiries.
(519) 749-2434 Clearnet Business Communications Centre.  (Paging, PCS, etc.)
(519) 893-2310 Rogers Technical Assistance.
(519) 893-4400 Rogers Community Programming.
(519) 896-7600 Ericsson Communications Canada Inc.
(905) 561-5443 Digital Mobile Systems Inc.

1-800-216-0888 PageNet.
1-800-263-4824 Digital Mobile.  (Authorized Motorola Dealer)
1-800-265-8725 Shaw Paging.
1-800-270-8220 SOS 2000.  (Government Canada line that lists businesses which
               offer Year 2000 expertise and services)
1-800-453-6835 (1-800-GLENTEL) Glentel Inc. Mobile Satellites.
1-800-838-0298 MRC Systems Inc.
1-888-253-2763 (1-888-CLEARNET) Clearnet Customer Service.
1-888-474-3486 Iridium Canada.  (Voice, Data, FAX & Paging Services)


(519) 570-2121 GO INTERNET CAFE.
(519) 651-3400 Sentex Communications.
(519) 885-0211 BondNet Internet Services Inc.  (Cisco Systems Reseller, Lucent
               Technologies Agent)
1-800-263-8433 Burlington Network Services.
1-800-668-2857 Wightman Telecommunications.  (ISP)
1-800-773-4638 Globalserve Internet.
1-888-298-3447 Netcom Canada.
1-888-4-SENTEX Sentex Communications.
1-888-6-NEWNET New Net Technologies Group.


1-800-267-1919 CaTech Systems LTD.
1-800-400-4954 Cablecom International.
1-877-342-3726 Fiber Core Communications.
1-877-652-0088 First Call Locate Service.

Telephone Companies:

(519) 651-2000 A-TEL Communications.  (Press "9" to dial out)
(519) 651-2250 A-TEL Communications.
(519) 744-4455 A Telephone Man.  (listed under Telephone Companies)
(519) 744-9640 A + Tel Inc.
(519) 745-0856 Telnet Communications.
(519) 746-3357 Sprint Canada Inc.

Telephone Directories:

(519) 571-7700 Bell ActiMedia.
(519) 658-2001 Kitchener-Waterloo Talking Yellow Pages.  (Gives local time &

Telephone Equipment:

(519) 570-0885 WilTel.
(519) 570-1320 Greb Tele-Data Inc.  (Authorized Sprint Canada Sales & Service)
(519) 570-3609 Brant Telephone.  (Authorized AT&T Canada and Lucent Technologies
               Dealer.  Long Distance and Conferencing Services)
(519) 650-2000 City-Com Communications (Golden Triangle) Inc.
(519) 654-2000 Regional Telecom.
(519) 654-2003 Intelicom Systems.
(519) 658-4588 Instatel Communications
(519) 741-9262 Barrett B J Communications.
(519) 744-6500 Tele-Connect.
(519) 747-3333 PhoneMaster.  (Authorized Sprint Dealer)
(519) 748-1177 J&D Systems Inc.  (Nortel Networks Authorized Distributor)
(519) 748-2228 Telefficiency.  (Authorized Nortel, Meridian, etc. Distributor)
(519) 748-5832 Delphi Solutions.  (Authorized Sprint Canada Agent)
(519) 883-4109 Exceltech.  (Telephone equipment services)
1-800-932-9443 J P Cable Installations Ltd.  (Authorized Bell Agent)
1-888-276-1604 Telecom-Tech.
1-888-7-DELPHI Delphi Solutions Customer Service.

Long Distance:

(519) 220-1120 Ability Telecom.  (Flat Rate Long Distance)
(519) 576-7077 Distributel Communications Ltd.  (Flat Rate Long Distance)
(519) 651-2250 Fone Pass (formerly Ad-Tel Communications)
(519) 654-9614 Ontel Long Distance (Flat Rate, Worldwide Long Distance)
1-800-670-2266 AT&T Canada Long Distance.
1-800-700-0017 Glentel Inc.  (Long Distance)
1-888-266-1313 WinTel Communications.  (Long Distance)
1-888-676-7777 Bell Canada (Dis)Advantage Optimum savings program.
1-888-824-1032 Telelink Canada.  (Flat Rate Long Distance)

Toronto and Mississauga:

(416) 240-4955 Rogers AT&T Wireless.
(416) 242-4242 The Canadian Telephone Company.
(416) 255-8000 Watts Communications Ltd.
(416) 292-1010 Toronto Talking Yellow Pages.  (local time and temperature)
(416) 345-2770 AT&T Canada Telecommunications Solutions Sales Dept.
(416) 350-1000 Bell Nexxia.
(416) 360-2307 Deutsche Telekom Canada.
(416) 366-FIDO Fido.  (Wireless Communications)
(416) 368-0002 Sun Microsystems Sales Office.
(416) 393-3500 TTC Time.  (reports EST every 10 seconds)
(416) 412-5000 Bell ActiMedia.
(416) 412-5100 Yellow Pages Info Direct.
(416) 412-5200 Yellow Pages Assistance.
(416) 412-5400 Bell ActiMedia Directory Ordering and Sales.
(416) 412-5600 Bell ActiMedia Directory Delivery Department.
(416) 412-5999 Bell ActiMedia Customer Service.
(416) 425-4500 1st Canadian Telecom.  (Toronto Headquarters)
(416) 533-7670 The Local Telephone Company Limited.
(416) 581-0000 Lotus Development Canada.
(416) 590-0202 Bell World.
(416) 601-1200 Metro Access.
(416) 620-2420 Bell ActiMedia.
(416) 674-2233 Bell Mobility.
(416) 733-4032 Telesat Canada.  (Satellite Communications)
(416) 756-4900 Nortel Control Center.
(416) 767-7778 The Local Telephone Company Limited.
(416) 777-2600 London Telecom Network.
(416) 777-2881 WinTel Communications.
(416) 860-1828 Hong Kong Telecom Canada.
(416) 862-0705 MCI WorldCom.
(416) 862-1717 Bell Canada Repair.
(416) 924-9511 Distributel Communications Limited.
(905) 238-2349 Panasonic Canada, Inc. Telecommunications.
(905) 264-5560 SCO Canada.
(905) 470-3456 Toshiba Canada.  (Markham, ON)
(905) 470-3478 Toshiba Canada.
(905) 477-3047 Telesonic Communications Prepaid Calling Cards.
(905) 477-4344 Borland Canada.
(905) 477-6745 Sun Microsystems of Canada.  (Head Office in Markham, ON)
(905) 542-3977 Entourage Technology Solutions.  (Authorized Bell Distributor)
(905) 602-5454 Fujitsu Canada.
(905) 629-5000 Centel Communications.  (Authorized Nortel Dealer)
(905) 669-8107 Maxxell Canada.
(905) 676-6700 Computer Associates.  (Mississauga Office)
(905) 712-4242 Williams Telecommunications Corp.
(905) 795-1111 Canon Canada.
(905) 890-2355 Motorola Cellular.
(905) 890-8100 Oracle Corporation Canada.
(905) 946-0928 Autodesk Canada.
1-800-263-9217 Bell Business Repair.
1-800-268-9322 Bell Voice Message Center.
1-800-287-9334 Canadian Operator Services (Canadian Payphone Corp.)
1-800-465-6887 Lotus Development Corp. Canada.
1-800-519-1900 Corporate Image Marketing.  (Toll free vanity numbers)
1-800-827-4890 Globo Communications.  (Spanish)
1-877-249-2782 CRTC Client Services.
1-877-666-7297 Canada Payphone Collect Call Services.

                            International Numbers:


115  Ringback.
5702 ANAC.

Argentina Country Direct:

0800-5-4900 Alemania
0800-2-3200 Blgica
0800-5-5500 Brasil
0800-2-1004 Canada
0800-5-5601 Chile (ENTEL)
0800-5-5603 Chile (VTR)
0800-2-5604 Chile (SAT)
0800-5-5700 Colombia
0800-2-4500 Dinamarca
0800-2-1001 EE.UU. (AT&T)
0800-5-1002 EE.UU. (MCI)
0800-5-1003 EE.UU. (SPRINT)
0800-2-3400 Espaa
0800-5-3300 Francia
0800-2-3030 Grecia
0800-2-3100 Holanda
0800-2-1809 Is. Vrgenes
0800-5-3900 Italia
0800-5-3901 Italia (Tarj. Prepaga)
0800-5-3902 Italia (Tarj. Crdito)
0800-2-8100 Japn (KDD)
0800-2-0505 Nicaragua
0800-2-4700 Noruega
0800-5-5950 Paraguay
0800-2-5100 Per
0800-5-3510 Portugal
0800-5-4401 Reino Unido (BT)
0800-2-4400 Reino Unido (MERCURY)
0800-5-2809 Rep. Dominicana
0800-5-6500 Singapur
0800-2-4100 Suiza
0800-5-5980 Uruguay
0800-2-5800 Venezuela


AT&T Numbers:

+7 095 9740074 AT&T Tone System (Moscow HQ)
+7 095 7555042 AT&T operator. (English)
+7 095 1555042 AT&T Automated Calling System.
+7 095 7555555 AT&T operator. (Russian)

Free 800 Services.  Moscow Numbers:

7473320 MCI Operators in California. (Russian)
7473322 Connects to Customer Service in Russian. (English)
7473321 AT&T Operators (New York)
7473324 Sprint Global, Arizona, USA
7473325 Orua, Canada
7473327 National Calling Center, UK
7473329 Japan service
7473356 Sprint Calling Cards.
7473359 France service
7473361 Italian service
7473363 Chili service

National Russian Numbers:

8-10 800 4977211  (AT&T)
8-10 800 4977222  (MCI)
8-10 800 4977255  (Sprint)
8-10 800 4977220  (MCI ᪮筠 㦡)
8-10 800 4977233  (Teleglobe)
8-10 800 4977266 ⠭ (BT)
8-10 800 4977277 ⠭ (Mercuri)
8-10 800 4977288 
8-10 800 4977181  (KDD)
8-10 800 4974358 ﭤ( Telecom Finland)
8-10 800 4977032 죨 (Belgacom calling cards)
8-10 800 4977212 죨 (Belgacom operator)
8-10 800 4977039 ⠫ (Iritel)
8-10 800 4977353 ૠ (Telecom Ireland)
8-10 800 4977156 
8-10 800 4977165 
8-10 800 4977141 .

South Africa:

101999 Toll Free ANAC.

United Kingdom:

100  Operator
175  National test number.  (ANAC)
999  Emergency
1234 Talking Clock
192  Directory Enquiries (ie. give name/address, get phone number)

+44 (0)171 930 4832 Buckingham Palace, London

0800 100100 Operator/BT Sales
0800 321999 BT Security
0800 696969 HeatBusters, Gas Appliances
0800 89xxxx International Freephone (toll-free, but terminate overseas)

UK Country Direct:

0800 890011 USA Direct AT&T
0800 890016 Canada Direct
0800 890027 South Africa Direct
0800 890031 Netherlands Direct
0800 890032 Belgium Direct
0800 890033 France Direct
0800 890034 Spain Direct
0800 890036 Hungary Direct
0800 890038 Yugoslavia Direct
0800 890039 Italy Direct
0800 890042 Czechoslovakia Direct
0800 890043 Austria Direct
0800 890045 Denmark Direct
0800 890046 Sweden Direct
0800 890047 Norway Direct
0800 890049 Germany Direct
0800 890055 Brazil Direct
0800 890056 Chile Direct
0800 890061 Australia Direct
0800 890064 New Zealand Direct
0800 890065 Singapore Direct
0800 890066 Thailand Direct
0800 890081 Japan Direct
0800 890082 Korea Direct
0800 890123 Bermuda Direct
0800 890212 Morocco Direct
0800 890222 USA Direct MCI
0800 890351 Portugal Direct
0800 890353 Eire Direct
0800 890357 Cyprus Direct
0800 890358 Finland Direct
0800 890808 Hawaii Direct
0800 890852 Hong Kong Direct
0800 890877 USA Direct Sprint
0800 890909 BT International
0800 893300 Engineering test line, Hungary
0800 894278 Microtest
0800 894382 Novell Support: DOS7 & Personal Netware
0800 896980 J C Penney USA retailer
0800 897120 Quarterdeck UK
0800 897121 Holiday Inn
0800 897125 Phoenix Datacom
0800 898563 Iomega
0800 898604 Piste Artiste
0800 898888 Sun Express (Netherlands)
0800 899002 National Pen, Manchester
0800 899688 Sprint/Travelex pre-paid phone cards

Voyager's alt.2600/#Hack FAQ also contains international test numbers that are
not included in this list.


Final Notes:

If you'd like to contribute to the Damage, INC. Phreaky Field Phreaking List,
discover any dupes, numbers that are no longer in service or ones that have
been misidentified, please notify us in Email at and
report the error.  This list is updated and released on a quarterly basis.
So, if you send numbers your alias will be included in the next edition.
Contributions are encouraged and always appreciated.

Thanks go out to the following people (in no particular order) for their
contributions to this list.  It's a large, ongoing project that wouldn't exist
without their support, and we appreciate the efforts that they've made towards
this compilation of numbers.  If you contributed in some way but were neglected
to be mentioned, contact Damage, INC. and notify us about the oversight.


THC Phreak, BLACKENED, Shatazar, Helena3, Breaker, x25lurker, Tobias, Nevada,
Fringe, <void>, Syko416, Lord Narayana, 1dot1, Overflow Trap, Fatal Vision,
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Grandmaster Ratte', Mogel, Jason Scott, AtomicGurl, ic0n (440), Captain Bizarro,
Aquila, Magma, Phist (905), TipnRinger, Jeff (IT).

Greets to all of the telco employees that know us and converse with us in a
polite, friendly, intelligent manner.  To the few telcos that still have toll
free numbers with an ANAC, thanks for not removing that important feature.

Special Thanks to:

All of the places that have easily accessible, unshreded documents, manuals, and
lists of numbers in clean, unmonitored, unlocked, dumpsters.

All of the people that've been so generous as to readily divulge information
while I was scanning and dialed their number.

Lax security and people that are easily social engineered.

All webmasters of quality phreaking/telephony related sites.

Minor Threat and Mucho Maas for ToneLoc.

Scavenger for Scavenger-Dialer.

Everyone else that ever created any useful scan/phreak utilities, or wrote
informative text files on phreaking.

Voyager (TNO) for creating and maintaining the alt.2600/#Hack FAQ.

Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) for providing us with interesting, entertaining
reading material, to peruse through while scanning all these years.  Some of
their phreak related t-files also helped inspire us to create the Phreaky Field
NPA Reference, etc.  And of course, they've influenced us in other positive
ways as well.

Hack Canada, Nettwerked, Shao, GHU, Pyrofreak and all the phreaks from coast to
coast that support the Canadian hack/phreak scene.

RedBoxChiliPepper (Phone Losers of America) for the PLA Telephone Director0y.
It was an inspiration to us.  :)

It was created, scanned, compiled, verified and distributed by phreaks, for
phreaks.  And in addition to that, it's damn phreaky.  Have phun... and look
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