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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: ab_800v2.txt

A new 800 scan listing for modems sent by Violator/Apocalypse UK


*January 4,1994*
This file will be updated regularly, allways look for latest version.  The
version information is located in the file title.  ABU8ooV2.TXT, the verision
number is prceeded by a  ( V ), this file being version TWO. *ATTN: all H/P
people, Sysops, and others, disguard file ABU8ooV1.TXT, it's now outdated.
This file contains carriers for the 8oo exchange and are listed in order from
lowest to highest. This eliminates duplicate number problems.  Other
information included is baud rate and a note about the system.  Unlike other
carrier scan files, that contain garbage and numbers that don't exist, all
numbers listed are verified as of the date of this file.  Hope this file is
helpful and you enjoy it.  -

217-2o48  96oo   NONE          NONE          *GARBLED*
217-9o32  24oo   NONE          NONE
221-1459  12oo   NONE                        *No Repsonse*
221-1635  3oo    NONE                        ITT Timetran GA
221-545   144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        #
222-o185  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        U.S FDA
222-o256  12oo   NONE                        *DRF Hightstorm*
222-o555  24oo   ALT           NONE          TYMNET
222-2955  24oo   ALT           NONE          FT. DETRICK, Frederick,MD.
222-8987  24oo   ALT           NONE          Please Sign on:
223-2251  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Enter password:
223-3312  24oo   NONE                        CITICORP
223-3325  96oo   NONE                        DECSERVER 2oo /FULLPRIV
225-4129  24oo   NONE                        BIX signup
225-9518  3oo    NONE
228-1111  3oo    NONE                        American Express
228-3832  24oo   NONE                        Desktop3 - U.S Govt. BBS
232-4879  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        FEDIX
232-9925  24oo   NONE                        *ADA 9X BBS*
234-1998  96oo   NONE                        Digital Equip. On-line Store
234-2796  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        Pac*it
234-6245  12oo   NONE          NONE          *MCI mail*
235-oo3o  96oo   ALT           NONE
235-oo5o  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Welcome to BETE-8o     VAX/VMS
235-8o7o  96oo   ALT           CLASS5
235-8124  96oo   NONE          NONE          #
235-9oo4  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        TTY28 Username:
238-oo96  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Enter Passcode:
247-3261  24oo   NONE                        TIME BBS/PCBoard
248-1o38  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        JOHNSON  ENTER CLASS
248-7677  24oo   NONE                        McGraw-Hill BBS
252-o125  96oo   NONE
257-2o51  12oo   NONE                        BANKAMERICA AUTORIZATIONS
279-ooo4  96oo   ALT           V42BIS
279-1oo5  12oo   NONE          NONE
283-2275  24oo   ALT           NONE          IBM 37o8
283-9914  144o   NONE          NONE
289-16o5  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        INGRAM MICRO
32o-6272  96oo   LAP-M         NONE          *NASA Packet switching system*
321-o7oo  24oo   NONE                        GO     ^C^D
325-1436  3oo    NONE                        EASYLINK ID?
325-4112  24oo   NONE                        Western Union Easylink
326-5476  24oo   ALT           NONE          GE Decserver 2oo -Secure
328-2684  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        NTELPAC :31 1 434oo
328-295o  144o   NONE                        DECSERVER 2oo
328-3362  24oo   NONE                        Com Fem BBS/GALACTICOM -PAY
331-1774  24oo   NONE                        AT&T STU-III
331-7166  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        CompuServe 8oo access
333-oo36  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        HP-UX
336-o737  24oo   ALT           NONE          Goverment
336-7663  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        CompuStore
345-3878  3oo    NONE                        TRT MULITSPEED MTV738
346-3247  24oo   ALT           NONE          CompuServe - PHONES
358-o486  24oo   NONE                        *Datalynx*
358-2663  3oo    NONE                        USGS Earthquake Info
362-4592  24oo   NONE          NONE          Logon:
365-4636  96oo   NONE                        Delphi Sign-up
368-2217  12oo   ALT           CLASS5        Military system
368-3157  24oo   LAP-M         NONE          # *USE -STATUS*
377-oo34  24oo   NONE          NONE
388-8764  3oo    NONE                        VOICE PLEASE TRANSMIT DATA
395-o4oo  24oo   NONE                        MARKET RESPONSE BBS/PCBOARD
395-o94o  96oo   ALT           NONE          PGXPRES Logon:
421-o286  96oo   NONE          NONE          GARBLED
421-o329  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        FSSS>
421-3879  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        DecServer 2oo -big good hack
423-o495  24oo   NONE                        UNISYS 5ooo  LOGIN:
423-o683  24oo   ALT           NONE          ICOS/IMPAS METASYSTEMS V1.o5
423-o687  72oo   NONE                        GARBLED
423-o7o1  24oo   ALT           NONE          COMMAND UNRECOGNIZED
423-o716  3oo    NONE                        OPUS- ELETRONIC MESSAGE CENTER
423-1134  24oo   ALT           NONE          WELCOME TO DRC'S DIALUP NETWORK
423-1246  24oo   NONE                        SI NEWS BUREAU
423-1251  24oo   NONE                        TIMEINC NYK    ^E
423-1642  24oo   ALT           CLASS5
423-1747  12oo   NONE                        Console Login:
423-1998  12oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
423-2284  144o   NONE
423-2339  24oo   NONE
423-3o43  12oo   NONE                        COMMAND==>
423-3216  96oo   NONE
423-3264  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        #
423-34o3  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS
423-351o  12oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
423-36o1  12oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
423-3756  24oo   NONE                        Baxter ASP System
423-394o  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        +++
423-4156  12oo   NONE                        Login
423-4184  24oo   NONE                        LCACPU
423-42o8  24oo   NONE                        LCACPU
423-4297  24oo   LAP-M         NONE
423-4389  24oo   ALT           NONE          Local ID CSH  Command?
423-4472  o      NONE                        Data Bursts  Fast/Comp
423-4549  12oo   NONE          NONE          J.B. HUNT AUTOMATED FUEL SYS
423-455o  12oo   NONE          NONE          J.B. HUNT EDI SYSTEM
423-46o1  24oo   NONE
423-462o  24oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
423-558o  144o   LAP-M         NONE          TYMNET
423-5689  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        IBM 37o8
423-6o49  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        <<ENTER PASSWORD>>
423-6173  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        *GARBLED*
423-6237  3oo    NONE
423-6675  3oo    NONE                        oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
423-6685  96oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
423-67o1  12oo   ALT           CLASS5        login:
423-6779  3oo    NONE
423-7588  24oo   NONE          NONE          SEAdog 4.oo;Node 1
423-7679  12oo   NONE          NONE
423-7722  24oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Welcome to VAX/VMS V5.5
423-7875  12oo   NONE          NONE
423-8o54  12oo   NONE          NONE
423-869o  96oo   LAP-M         V.42          VAX/VMS
424-4111  96oo   NONE                        Novell Inc.  SALT-LAKE-ACCESS
426-3814  24oo   NONE                        FAA
428-oo16  o                                  *FAST COMP /W DATA BURSTS*
432-o196  96oo   NONE
435-2o12  96oo   NONE          NONE
435-2558  96oo   LAP-M         NONE          Conseco
435-2595  96oo   LAP-M         NONE          *IBM LOGIN MENU*
435-2767  24oo   NONE          NONE          Logon Please:
435-8482  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS
441-6737  24oo   NONE                        Sigma Chemical Co. BBS
444-3o12  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        Fice ID
444-3o19  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        Fice ID
444-3o24  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        Fice ID
444-3o28  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        Fice ID
444-3o29  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        Fice ID
444-4145  24oo   NONE          NONE          *GARBLED*
446-3o31  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        Enter Profile ID:
448-4o1o  24oo   NONE                        AIRBORN COMPUTER
451-6644  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        Philips Semiconductor BBS
453-4794  24oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
456-o667  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Internet dialout
456-19o7  96oo   NONE                        *NO RESPONSE*
456-2o79  o      NONE                        FAST/COMP MODEM W/DATA BURSTS
456-2252  12oo   NONE          NONE          MCI YR ID ?
456-6245  24oo   LAP-M         NONE          MCI MAIL
458-79o4  24oo   NONE          NONE          *Detroit Langley BBS*
466-6336  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        Event Horizons - Pay
522-5o32  24oo   NONE                        Leading Edge Support
522-6388  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        *Disease Lab*
525-2596  24oo   ALT           NONE          Envoy MC/VISA AOS/VS II
526-3714  3oo    NONE
528-oo82  24oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Pasco: running SCO Xenix Sys V
528-o144  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        U.S ARMY TEXCOM
528-o453  96oo   ALT           CLASS5
528-o466  24oo   NONE                        Keep on truckin'  VAX/VMS
538-2o55  96oo   ALT           CLASS5
538-9558  3oo    NONE          NONE
538-9558  3oo    NONE                        DROPS CARRIER AFTER 3 RETS
541-7312  96oo   NONE                        System Property of U.S.Goverment
542-86o4  24oo   NONE                        NY EDUCATION BBS
543-947o  96oo   ALT           NONE          Welcome to Lexis and Nexis
544-1936  24oo   NONE                        Water Treatment BBS
545-6875  24oo   NONE                        Wayne State BBS
546-1ooo  24oo   ALT           NONE          SprintNet
546-2ooo  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        SprintNet
546-25oo  96oo   LAP-M         NONE          SprintNet
546-6ooo  24oo   NONE                        SprintNet
553-o13o  24oo   NONE                        SYSTEM 32,VOS RELEASE 1o.4e
553-o389  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        #
553-1128  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        IBM AIX Ver 3  RISC SYS/6ooo
553-3244  24oo   NONE                        Enter Security Code.==>
562-2738  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        *Garbled*
562-7665  12oo   NONE                        TDD AT&T JOBS
622-9135  24oo   NONE                        NAVAIRES U.S Navy - PCboard
624-2723  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        NBIA Biotechnology BBS
624-2914  3oo    NONE                        *Dialcom X.25*
624-5123  24oo   NONE                        AT&T Mail
637-8999  24oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
638-8369  24oo   ALT           NONE          Genie Sign-up
643-oo38  24oo   LAP-M         V.42
654-2319  24oo   NONE                        USA Today Info Center
662-o662  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        AT&T Computer Courses Training
666-o319  3oo    NONE
666-o447  144o   LAP-M         V.42          AOS/VS 7.7o UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS
666-o912  24oo   NONE          NONE          NOVELL,INC-JACCESS_SERVER
666-1o41  24oo   NONE          NONE          IBM AIX RISC SYS 6ooo
666-11o6  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        AOS/VS 7.67 SYSTEM 3312
686-oo16  12oo   NONE          NONE          Enter pager # + Messgage
697-4636  96oo   NONE                        Small Business BBS
727-4o5o  96oo   ALT           NONE          AOS/VS II 2.2o  EXEC-32
727-4o85  96oo   NONE
733-5958  24oo   NONE                        Decserver 2oo
735-2929  24oo   NONE                        TDD Service PacTel
736-1oo2  12oo   NONE          NONE          CUSTOMER ID:
736-119o  24oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Enter password:
743-2111  24oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Cleveland Sysco    login:
752-4967  24oo   NONE                        *All in One*
766-4225  96oo   LAP-M         NONE          IBM AIX VER3 -RISC SYS/6ooo
766-5oo6  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        *MKW Power systems Inc.*
767-7ooo  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        Jepp/Link - Pay
767-9989  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        DUAT weather service
782-329o  3oo    NONE
8oo-2o41  96oo   NONE
825-1515  24oo   NONE                        MCI MAIL -DESKTOP EXPRESS
825-8852  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Digital Dreams BBS -pay
826-o179  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        ROAR Raficies Motor Price Inc
827-2727  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        Weatherbank
827-3oo1  3oo    NONE                        Autonet
828-112o  24oo   NONE                        *Virgina Telephone TDD*
828-6321  24oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        RISC SYSTEM/6ooo
829-o335  24oo   NONE          NONE
829-o46o  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        *Traid Teleparts*
829-111o  96oo   NONE          NONE
829-1184  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        *PCBoard*
829-1185  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        ADP DIV2 HILLDALE
829-1188  12oo   NONE          NONE          Confirmations are now available
829-13o1  24oo   ALT           NONE
829-13o3  24oo   ALT           CLASS5
829-1452  24oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Welcome to VAX/VMS V5.3
829-1629  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Call intercepted by Defender
829-1946  12oo   LAP-M         NONE
829-1949  12oo   LAP-M         NONE
829-1999  12oo   ALT           NONE
829-2118  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        Welcome to VMS V5.1-1
829-2293  24oo   ALT           NONE
829-25o7  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        IBM AIX Version 3  RISC/6ooo
829-2599  12oo   ALT           CLASS5
829-2635  24oo   NONE          NONE          *Wang VS Logon*
829-291o  12oo   ALT           NONE
829-3364  24oo   ALT           NONE          *Eastern Bearings Inc.* IBM
829-484o  96oo   NONE          NONE
829-5549  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        *Inlingua BBS*
829-5562  24oo   NONE          NONE
829-5645  24oo   NONE          NONE
829-5658  24oo   NONE          NONE
829-5843  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        SCO Unix V/386 R3.2
829-5874  24oo   LAP-M         NONE
829-6138  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        Sco Unix V/386 R3.2
829-7253  96oo   LAP-M         NONE
829-73o9  96oo   NONE          NONE
829-7321  24oo   NONE          NONE
829-7647  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        mercedes login:
829-7755  24oo   ALT           CLASS5        *Smithkline Beecham*
829-8oo5  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        *IBM LOGIN MENU*
829-8o22  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        User ID:
829-8311  96oo   LAP-M         NONE          *IBM LOGIN MENU*
829-8334  96oo   ALT           CLASS5        SunOS UNIX (paris)
829-8658  144o   LAP-M         V42BIS        Welcome to Smelkinson
829-8885  12oo   NONE          NONE          *GARBLED*
829-8952  12oo   NONE          NONE
829-9o66  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS        PLEASE ENTER YOUR PASSWORD>
829-9o68  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS
829-9o92  12oo   NONE          NONE
829-9345  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS
829-9346  12oo   NONE          NONE
829-9428  24oo   NONE          NONE          *Universal Rental System*
829-9557  96oo   LAP-M         V42BIS
835-oo1o  24oo   NONE          NONE          Return to start CARS
847-162o  3oo    NONE                        *DIALOG DIALNET*
848-1112  96oo   NONE                        Valcom Wang VS
848-1187  96oo   LAP-M          V.42         VAX/VMS
848-448o  24oo   ALT            NONE         CompuServe
855-1155  24oo   NONE                        *MABell TDD*
859-4636  24oo   NONE                        Small Business BBS
86o-oo18  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS
86o-o163  24oo   NONE           NONE
86o-o167  12oo   NONE           NONE
86o-o21o  12oo   NONE           NONE
86o-2411  12oo   NONE           NONE
874-2884  24oo   NONE                        HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PCB
874-2937  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS       Hayes Support BBS
877-ooo5  24oo   NONE                        FAST COMP - IBM 37o8
877-4822  96oo   NONE
884-6245  24oo   NONE           NONE         *GARBLED*
888-oo13  96oo   LAP-M          V42BIS
888-oo67  24oo   ALT            CLASS5       Georgia-Pacific ENTER DATA:
888-2821  96oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
888-3255  144o   NONE
888-57o8  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS       Hello, Please enter User name:
888-93o4  24oo   NONE           NONE         *GARBLED*
888-95o3  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS       IBM Sign-on menu
888-9931  24oo   NONE                        *GARBLED*
925-ooo5  o                                  *Fast/comp w/ Data bursts*
925-1o33  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS       *IBM LOGIN MENU*
926-o128  12oo   ALT            CLASS5       Renex TMS-three
926-o133  12oo   ALT            CLASS5       Renex TMS-three
926-1o79  96oo   LAP-M          V42BIS
926-1132  144o   NONE           NONE
926-1215  24oo   NONE           NONE         First National Bank
926-13o5  144o   NONE           NONE         *GARBLED*
926-1353  96oo   LAP-M          V42BIS       *IBM LOGIN MENU*
926-1372  24oo   ALT            CLASS5       Unauthorized access is prohibited
926-1517  96oo   LAP-M          V42BIS
926-1518  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS       Ozark Automotive Distributors
926-1529  12oo
926-1574  12oo
926-16o8  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS       *IBM LOGIN MENU*
926-1611  144o   NONE           NONE         *GARBLED*
926-1712  3oo    NONE           NONE
926-1777  24oo   NONE           NONE         DG/UX Operating system UX:logi
926-183o  24oo   NONE           NONE         Welcome to Wiltek
926-195o  24oo   ALT            CLASS5       Perle Model 3i - V o1.o8G
926-2o1o  3oo    NONE           NONE
926-2o11  96oo   ALT            CLASS5
926-2o12  24oo   LAP-M          V42BIS       Please enter your Account:
926-2158  24oo   NONE           NONE         *Wang VS Logon*
926-2216  144o   ALT            V42BIS
926-2237  144o   LAP-M          V42BIS
926-9134  24oo   NONE           NONE         713-652-oo44
926-9265  144o   ALT            V42BIS
926-9317  24oo   NONE           NONE         SYS PWD>>>
926-9472  96oo   LAP-M          V42BIS
926-9499  144o   NONE           NONE         *GARBLED*
926-9774  96oo   NONE           NONE
926-9927  12oo   NONE           NONE         NFLnet Computer Processing
926-9949  12oo   NONE           NONE
937-1o11  24oo   NONE           NONE         :You are breaching a private s
937-2278  24oo   NONE           NONE         @
937-7644  96oo   LAP-M          V42BIS       NovaLink -Pay
938-7223  24oo   ALT            NONE         PallTechs Investigation system
945-6245  96oo   LAP-M          V42BIS
95o-1292  12oo   NONE           NONE
999-o1o2  24oo   NONE
999-1859  144o   NONE                        *GARBLED*
999-6742  144o   NONE           NONE         Universal Hospital Login:
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