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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 9x_tf367.txt

TollPhree Scan of (8oo)367 by TMM/Substance

STATION ID - 7091/6.411

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.
Scanned by TMM
All systems verd by Substance

D = Different Terminal Emulation
NC = No connect

21-Jul-96 o3:5o:39 1-8oo-367-5822 C: BUSY
23-Jul-96 o6:45:oo 1-8oo-367-8375 C: NC Enter login name:
23-Jul-96 o8:43:o9 1-8oo-367-7338 C: NC
23-Jul-96 17:39:o3 1-8oo-367-o342 C: NC IBM AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6ooo
24-Jul-96 o4:o7:27 1-8oo-367-5926 C: BUSY login:
24-Jul-96 o2:49:36 1-8oo-367-4415 C: NC    leader in Electronic Information Services

21-Jul-96 o6:4o:27 1-8oo-367-8939 C: 12oo AZRS CA # 815oFT GA Arzonia relay
21-Jul-96 16:44:59 1-8oo-367-5797 C: 12oo
21-Jul-96 22:11:12 1-8oo-367-o616 C: 12oo
22-Jul-96 o7:o8:42 1-8oo-367-3714 C: 12oo (e,7,1) ID=
22-Jul-96 13:34:17 1-8oo-367-2116 C: 12oo WANG
22-Jul-96 13:51:o5 1-8oo-367-o125 C: 12oo   YOUR PASSWORD PLEASE:
23-Jul-96 oo:5o:26 1-8oo-367-1932 C: 12oo
23-Jul-96 16:4o:49 1-8oo-367-o615 C: 12oo
24-Jul-96 o7:33:28 1-8oo-367-1699 C: 12oo D crap
24-Jul-96 o8:49:55 1-8oo-367-8426 C: 12oo Logon: (over n over)

21-Jul-96 11:51:36 1-8oo-367-5565 C: 24oo (e,7,1) Net/One (alot of cmds) (NUI)
21-Jul-96 13:35:13 1-8oo-367-2611 C: 24oo INTERLYNX/4oo - V2.22U3 (256K)
21-Jul-96 22:31:32 1-8oo-367-4823 C: 24oo HYDRA-II os (AOS/VS)
22-Jul-96 o8:14:56 1-8oo-367-1545 C: 24oo D - says PLEASE LOG IN
22-Jul-96 o9:5o:17 1-8oo-367-5o99 C: 24oo (cpqsysv) SCO Unix
22-Jul-96 13:37:35 1-8oo-367-4689 C: 24oo D
22-Jul-96 14:28:14 1-8oo-367-5588 C: 24oo
23-Jul-96 o3:2o:11 1-8oo-367-58o8 C: 24oo AIX Version 3
24-Jul-96 o3:o3:16 1-8oo-367-1o33 C: 24oo Enter login name: Enter Password:
22-Jul-96 o8:49:32 1-8oo-367-5o12 C: 24oo Hewitt Associates  PORT 16 @ psn

21-Jul-96 o4:57:17 1-8oo-367-9884 C: 96oo D - Logon
21-Jul-96 o7:33:17 1-8oo-367-o815 C: 96oo Disconnect w/1 keystroke
21-Jul-96 o9:42:2o 1-8oo-367-638o C: 96oo D - Logon
21-Jul-96 16:31:33 1-8oo-367-551o C: 96oo AIX unix
21-Jul-96 18:o1:2o 1-8oo-367-1687 C: 96oo Premium Audit Server Host! bbs
21-Jul-96 19:o1:45 1-8oo-367-722o C: 96oo DECServer (n/p)
21-Jul-96 19:39:36 1-8oo-367-1394 C: 96oo D crap
21-Jul-96 23:19:42 1-8oo-367-73o4 C: 96oo big
22-Jul-96 o2:35:33 1-8oo-367-3418 C: 96oo (e,7,1) info systems
22-Jul-96 o4:o8:o3 1-8oo-367-9o82 C: 96oo login:
22-Jul-96 o5:12:49 1-8oo-367-2784 C: 96oo - D - Logon
22-Jul-96 o6:12:o2 1-8oo-367-o726 C: 96oo 3 #'s
22-Jul-96 o7:43:59 1-8oo-367-2oo5 C: 96oo
22-Jul-96 o8:33:53 1-8oo-367-8913 C: 96oo - D - Logon
22-Jul-96 1o:18:53 1-8oo-367-4942 C: 96oo AIX unix
22-Jul-96 1o:39:33 1-8oo-367-6623 C: 96oo [taca3 4/1 H4N1 / Version 7.o11
22-Jul-96 12:16:5o 1-8oo-367-4o48 C: 96oo
22-Jul-96 15:47:42 1-8oo-367-1173 C: 96oo D
22-Jul-96 16:14:14 1-8oo-367-7633 C: 96oo
23-Jul-96 o1:26:43 1-8oo-367-4535 C: 96oo Unauthorized access prohibited.
23-Jul-96 o3:1o:43 1-8oo-367-1382 C: 96oo (e,7,1) owl login:
23-Jul-96 o5:14:52 1-8oo-367-771o C: 96oo D - UXh'pUHXzUXh'pUHXz
23-Jul-96 o5:51:27 1-8oo-367-48o7 C: 96oo AIX Version 3 SUP: login:
23-Jul-96 o6:35:45 1-8oo-367-3o33 C: 96oo
23-Jul-96 12:16:37 1-8oo-367-6355 C: 96oo HP3k - BTS3ooo/KS:
23-Jul-96 12:19:28 1-8oo-367-9866 C: 96oo DATA LOCK 4000
23-Jul-96 17:o3:24 1-8oo-367-4457 C: 96oo big
23-Jul-96 2o:58:o8 1-8oo-367-7519 C: 96oo
24-Jul-96 o1:11:43 1-8oo-367-2498 C: 96oo go for it + disconnect *?*
24-Jul-96 o2:15:o3 1-8oo-367-5988 C: 96oo MAGIC: *,pub* disabled
24-Jul-96 o2:2o:59 1-8oo-367-o799 C: 96oo
24-Jul-96 o3:13:49 1-8oo-367-1438 C: 96oo 
24-Jul-96 o5:39:oo 1-8oo-367-5876 C: 96oo AOS/VS rev 7.72.oo.oo (no defaults)
24-Jul-96 o7:24:36 1-8oo-367-9o4o C: 96oo Please enter your User-ID or "new":
24-Jul-96 o8:33:27 1-8oo-367-86o2 C: 96oo (WLP) AIX unix

21-Jul-96 o3:o5:14 1-8oo-367-o626 C: 144o (e,7,1) Hello Inactivity Timeout.
21-Jul-96 o4:38:59 1-8oo-367-o212 C: 144o US Army Recruiting BBS (LAME)
21-Jul-96 o5:35:26 1-8oo-367-3172 C: 144o Immediate Disconnect
21-Jul-96 o6:25:59 1-8oo-367-o53o C: 144o (e,7,1) UPRR TCS STL   X1o6ooo
21-Jul-96 o9:36:o1 1-8oo-367-6998 C: 144o (e,7,1) ACCOUNT-ID?
21-Jul-96 o9:38:2o 1-8oo-367-889o C: 144o Argos Online - Node 1 - # o7o2
21-Jul-96 1o:45:o8 1-8oo-367-4191 C: 144o D - ?~?~?~?~?
21-Jul-96 14:o1:25 1-8oo-367-515o C: 144o
21-Jul-96 16:o5:18 1-8oo-367-2o71 C: 144o
22-Jul-96 o4:21:58 1-8oo-367-2911 C: 144o
22-Jul-96 o8:51:21 1-8oo-367-628o C: 144o (e,7,1) Defender 5ooo Callback Port.
22-Jul-96 o9:17:58 1-8oo-367-58o7 C: 144o AIX Version 3
22-Jul-96 11:25:37 1-8oo-367-7515 C: 144o Enter User ID: (haha login as root)
22-Jul-96 11:36:16 1-8oo-367-o864 C: 144o ULTRIX V4.3A (Rev. 146) (umi7)
22-Jul-96 13:o6:5o 1-8oo-367-4756 C: 144o Lan Terminal Server LTS Passwd>
22-Jul-96 16:42:o3 1-8oo-367-828o C: 144o
23-Jul-96 o3:o7:o9 1-8oo-367-7272 C: 144o (e,7,1) UNSUPPORTED FUNCTION
23-Jul-96 o5:2o:33 1-8oo-367-4763 C: 144o (e,7,1) D
23-Jul-96 o7:o7:49 1-8oo-367-o469 C: 144o NetWare CONNECT 1.o.34 Service Select
23-Jul-96 o7:2o:27 1-8oo-367-5236 C: 144o
23-Jul-96 o8:o5:32 1-8oo-367-6795 C: 144o NetWare CONNECT 1.o.21 Service Select
23-Jul-96 o8:11:37 1-8oo-367-6314 C: 144o DEMO VMS V6.1
23-Jul-96 o8:44:1o 1-8oo-367-3169 C: 144o @ Userid: *no*
23-Jul-96 12:o3:o3 1-8oo-367-7o24 C: 144o
23-Jul-96 14:23:52 1-8oo-367-5462 C: 144o 1-4 CHAR. (FOLLOWED BY CR) TERM. ID.
23-Jul-96 14:32:58 1-8oo-367-8181 C: 144o
23-Jul-96 16:47:o9 1-8oo-367-7295 C: 144o
23-Jul-96 16:59:22 1-8oo-367-3967 C: 144o
23-Jul-96 18:27:o2 1-8oo-367-6312 C: 144o DEMO VMS V6.1
23-Jul-96 2o:23:25 1-8oo-367-7782 C: 144o
23-Jul-96 21:o7:38 1-8oo-367-o472 C: 144o NetWare CONNECT 1.o.33 Service Select
24-Jul-96 o1:1o:41 1-8oo-367-o471 C: 144o
24-Jul-96 o1:31:33 1-8oo-367-3o14 C: 144o No PW PCAnywhere
24-Jul-96 o5:4o:39 1-8oo-367-3o88 C: 144o D - f  
24-Jul-96 o6:14:11 1-8oo-367-o385 C: 144o Pad ID: N4.1 - Port: 41
        Username: Password: (not vax)
        Call cust service at 8oo 444 6245 or 202 833 8484
24-Jul-96 o6:56:35 1-8oo-367-2957 C: 144o ?~?~?~?~?~?~?~? over and over

21-Jul-96 o4:14:13 1-8oo-367-8451 C: 144+
21-Jul-96 o7:49:4o 1-8oo-367-11o3 C: 144+ @ Userid:
21-Jul-96 1o:o8:42 1-8oo-367-3315 C: 144+ Vita Plus LIVE (#o4251713)
21-Jul-96 11:5o:36 1-8oo-367-7743 C: 144+
21-Jul-96 16:42:3o 1-8oo-367-7394 C: 144+
21-Jul-96 17:57:4o 1-8oo-367-58o6 C: 144+ Annex Command Line Interpreter
21-Jul-96 19:34:1o 1-8oo-367-2512 C: 144+
22-Jul-96 o8:19:22 1-8oo-367-2172 C: 144+
22-Jul-96 o9:48:5o 1-8oo-367-6988 C: 144+
22-Jul-96 1o:o9:31 1-8oo-367-4121 C: 144+ @ Userid:
22-Jul-96 12:44:o3 1-8oo-367-7817 C: 144+ Unitron Industries, Inc. First name:
23-Jul-96 o1:o4:13 1-8oo-367-11o8 C: 144+
23-Jul-96 o5:o8:12 1-8oo-367-9126 C: 144+ **Bo1oooooo27fed4
23-Jul-96 o7:38:13 1-8oo-367-7o25 C: 144+
24-Jul-96 o2:o4:37 1-8oo-367-1511 C: 144+
24-Jul-96 o2:43:38 1-8oo-367-5747 C: 144+ MAGNUM BBS (r) ver 8.o7C13
23-Jul-96 2o:33:o9 1-8oo-367-6686 C: 144+ @ Userid: (NO defaults)

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