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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 9x_tf356.txt

TollFree scan of (8oo)356 Scanned by: TMM

STATION ID - 7047/3.12

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

Scanned by TMM -
ALL systems verified by Substance -

Key -
    NC - No Connection
    BUSY - Duh
    VO - Voice
    OP - Operator
    D  - Different Terminal Emulation

17-Jul-96 11:19:18 1-8oo-356-4141 C: NC
17-Jul-96 13:o1:39 1-8oo-356-3832 C: NC
18-Jul-96 o3:59:41 1-8oo-356-o754 C: NC
18-Jul-96 o5:47:24 1-8oo-356-4575 C: NC
18-Jul-96 o9:29:o1 1-8oo-356-7714 C: NC - zzzzx|}|zzz
18-Jul-96 oo:16:58 1-8oo-356-4798 C: NC

18-Jul-96 oo:52:13 1-8oo-356-3576 C: o3oo

16-Jul-96 1o:52:o9 1-8oo-356-78o3 C: 12oo Immediate Disconnect
17-Jul-96 15:22:31 1-8oo-356-1o94 C: 12oo D - %v?8
17-Jul-96 18:o4:58 1-8oo-356-o4oo C: 12oo CCI NYC
17-Jul-96 19:44:55 1-8oo-356-4529 C: 12oo <<ENTER PASSWORD>>
17-Jul-96 2o:3o:31 1-8oo-356-o633 C: 12oo
17-Jul-96 21:45:13 1-8oo-356-325o C: 12oo D - can read hp-
18-Jul-96 o6:43:23 1-8oo-356-o632 C: 12oo b]}N-h1
18-Jul-96 12:54:59 1-8oo-356-1186 C: 12oo AMERICAN SIMMENTAL ASSOCIATION
18-Jul-96 14:33:o9 1-8oo-356-7794 C: 12oo Immediate Disconnect
18-Jul-96 17:o3:11 1-8oo-356-1736 C: 12oo D
18-Jul-96 18:18:39 1-8oo-356-3899 C: 12oo Immediate Disconnect

16-Jul-96 o6:41:o8 1-8oo-356-o119 C: 24oo 
16-Jul-96 o6:47:46 1-8oo-356-o431 C: 24oo D - 
16-Jul-96 16:1o:43 1-8oo-356-7349 C: 24oo AOS/VS Username: Password:
16-Jul-96 18:5o:13 1-8oo-356-7125 C: 24oo User ID:
17-Jul-96 o7:o2:11 1-8oo-356-o362 C: 24oo
17-Jul-96 2o:15:29 1-8oo-356-7152 C: 24oo (e,7,1) sum bullshit
17-Jul-96 15:oo:54 1-8oo-356-2782 C: 24oo (e,7,1) Pyramid Tech Data (unix)
17-Jul-96 15:23:57 1-8oo-356-6o38 C: 24oo FirstClass System. UserID: Password:
17-Jul-96 15:4o:45 1-8oo-356-1341 C: 24oo Immediate Disconnect
17-Jul-96 2o:33:53 1-8oo-356-8864 C: 24oo Type the number of your terminal:
17-Jul-96 23:43:o2 1-8oo-356-561o C: 24oo (e,7,1) CITICORP. 311o223o5o4914
18-Jul-96 o8:55:43 1-8oo-356-3257 C: 24oo D
18-Jul-96 11:21:58 1-8oo-356-3o48 C: 24oo VAX VMS
18-Jul-96 13:o4:48 1-8oo-356-9795 C: 24oo ~?~?
18-Jul-96 14:5o:41 1-8oo-356-7697 C: 24oo (EIS Call processing) tron!login:
18-Jul-96 16:2o:48 1-8oo-356-5934 C: 24oo (e,7,1) VM/CMS (tried some defaults)

16-Jul-96 15:44:2o 1-8oo-356-189o C: 96oo
16-Jul-96 16:42:33 1-8oo-356-5o68 C: 96oo
17-Jul-96 o6:25:54 1-8oo-356-8296 C: 96oo VMS V5.5-2
17-Jul-96 o7:o4:o3 1-8oo-356-1567 C: 96oo (e,7,1) (AMPSALL) SCO UNIX
17-Jul-96 12:51:18 1-8oo-356-8465 C: 96oo
17-Jul-96 12:53:5o 1-8oo-356-7313 C: 96oo
17-Jul-96 13:46:49 1-8oo-356-3o5o C: 96oo (e,7,1) Type Port Password:
17-Jul-96 13:49:15 1-8oo-356-32o2 C: 96oo
17-Jul-96 17:4o:15 1-8oo-356-86o8 C: 96oo
17-Jul-96 23:12:27 1-8oo-356-1o77 C: 96oo (e,7,1) Jeffries system System/32
18-Jul-96 o1:53:31 1-8oo-356-o118 C: 96oo INCORRECT FORMAT, REENTER U#
18-Jul-96 o2:27:47 1-8oo-356-2536 C: 96oo Huge system no pw. annoying
18-Jul-96 o6:o7:14 1-8oo-356-o117 C: 96oo INCORRECT FORMAT, REENTER U#
18-Jul-96 o6:1o:34 1-8oo-356-7191 C: 96oo
18-Jul-96 12:27:22 1-8oo-356-827o C: 96oo D - C{?
18-Jul-96 17:24:25 1-8oo-356-7385 C: 96oo MEDICAL BUSINESS ASSOCIATES VAX 6ooo

16-Jul-96 o4:46:25 1-8oo-356-2218 C: 144o Enter password: Incorrect password
16-Jul-96 o7:59:55 1-8oo-356-3561 C: 144o D / Disconnecting... goodbye.
16-Jul-96 o8:22:26 1-8oo-356-43o6 C: 144o (TIC_GUMS) SCO UNIX System
16-Jul-96 o9:19:42 1-8oo-356-6665 C: 144o INTERLYNX/4oo  Enter Password:
16-Jul-96 16:18:37 1-8oo-356-6362 C: 144o Renex TMS-three/ Enter Password
16-Jul-96 17:47:22 1-8oo-356-o214 C: 144o (sales) SCO Open Server Network
16-Jul-96 18:19:o5 1-8oo-356-514o C: 144o SCO unix
16-Jul-96 19:28:58 1-8oo-356-3564 C: 144o
16-Jul-96 19:54:46 1-8oo-356-1171 C: 144o Annex / Port password:
18-Jul-96 11:16:o8 1-8oo-356-557o C: 144o DIGINET - Some type of x25 network
18-Jul-96 o1:38:o6 1-8oo-356-1824 C: 144o Shiva Lanrover (no defaults)
17-Jul-96 o9:55:33 1-8oo-356-4o72 C: 144o Perle 394 - V o6.61T2   Aug 25 1995
17-Jul-96 14:29:25 1-8oo-356-7821 C: 144o Enter Password: (PCAnywhere)
17-Jul-96 14:48:21 1-8oo-356-2312 C: 144o login:
17-Jul-96 17:38:5o 1-8oo-356-7866 C: 144o D
17-Jul-96 18:34:41 1-8oo-356-1214 C: 144o (sulaco) Linux 1.2.13
17-Jul-96 21:14:18 1-8oo-356-8563 C: 144o
17-Jul-96 21:41:26 1-8oo-356-4282 C: 144o (6M) unix
17-Jul-96 23:5o:48 1-8oo-356-o388 C: 144o
18-Jul-96 o1:24:55 1-8oo-356-9o4o C: 144o WANG VS - UNITED PRODUCTS (UNITPROD)
18-Jul-96 o2:35:23 1-8oo-356-71o6 C: 144o anchor login:
18-Jul-96 o5:31:49 1-8oo-356-2217 C: 144o Enter password: (NOT pcanywhere)
18-Jul-96 12:56:27 1-8oo-356-5738 C: 144o
18-Jul-96 14:57:28 1-8oo-356-4275 C: 144o 486 UNIX System (sync/sync11)
18-Jul-96 16:12:43 1-8oo-356-5248 C: 144o Immediate Disconnect

16-Jul-96 o4:o3:58 1-8oo-356-7292 C: 144+ NetWare CONNECT 2.o.18 Enter username:
16-Jul-96 o4:5o:33 1-8oo-356-8671 C: 144+ FirstClass System. UserID: Password:
16-Jul-96 o5:4o:35 1-8oo-356-3256 C: 144+
16-Jul-96 o7:22:15 1-8oo-356-o924 C: 144+  
16-Jul-96 1o:45:39 1-8oo-356-1619 C: 144+ (e,7,1) Enter PASSCODE:
16-Jul-96 16:2o:53 1-8oo-356-3766 C: 144 D - Logon: 
16-Jul-96 16:22:58 1-8oo-356-8447 C: 144+ D - esY;R#=9
16-Jul-96 18:41:53 1-8oo-356-8665 C: 144+
16-Jul-96 23:53:21 1-8oo-356-7o81 C: 144+ D
17-Jul-96 o1:o8:42 1-8oo-356-21o2 C: 144+ D
17-Jul-96 o1:29:53 1-8oo-356-1o15 C: 144+ +++4EPo#t
17-Jul-96 o2:18:57 1-8oo-356-3o42 C: 144+ Fujitsu BBS (ahha)
17-Jul-96 o2:26:18 1-8oo-356-7o83 C: 144+ D same as 7o81
17-Jul-96 o3:36:57 1-8oo-356-7o58 C: 144+ D
18-Jul-96 13:o7:28 1-8oo-356-452o C: 144+ Shiva Lanrover (no defaults)
18-Jul-96 1o:15:o2 1-8oo-356-o373 C: 144+ Shiva Lanrover (UserID: Root) no od
17-Jul-96 o4:o3:37 1-8oo-356-2842 C: 144+ Shiva Lanrover (no defaults)
17-Jul-96 o4:12:46 1-8oo-356-o4o2 C: 144+ sliprouter5>
17-Jul-96 o5:43:48 1-8oo-356-4oo2 C: 144+
17-Jul-96 o9:2o:1o 1-8oo-356-3571 C: 144+
17-Jul-96 o9:52:34 1-8oo-356-7o53 C: 144+ PARAGON RX/4oo+  V2.42U3 (512K)
17-Jul-96 11:29:53 1-8oo-356-7o23 C: 144+ D
17-Jul-96 11:48:o8 1-8oo-356-7o74 C: 144+ D
17-Jul-96 12:19:52 1-8oo-356-3638 C: 144+ CyberENET (ts1.kaps s29)
17-Jul-96 13:26:37 1-8oo-356-7o89 C: 144+ login: password: (3x) not unix
17-Jul-96 14:24:57 1-8oo-356-7o85 C: 144+ D - GDGDGDGDGDGDG
17-Jul-96 2o:o5:4o 1-8oo-356-6341 C: 144+ Enter password: (7 tries)
18-Jul-96 oo:42:o7 1-8oo-356-o273 C: 144+ D - Logon:
18-Jul-96 o1:o1:44 1-8oo-356-8191 C: 144+ Enter Password:
18-Jul-96 o4:11:21 1-8oo-356-7o78 C: 144+ Immediate Disconnect
18-Jul-96 o5:3o:28 1-8oo-356-o946 C: 144+ Enter password:
18-Jul-96 o6:38:44 1-8oo-356-7965 C: 144+ @ Userid:
18-Jul-96 o8:42:24 1-8oo-356-3595 C: 144+
18-Jul-96 12:51:31 1-8oo-356-5636 C: 144+ D - Logon:
18-Jul-96 13:51:3o 1-8oo-356-3o6o C: 144+ C
18-Jul-96 13:59:45 1-8oo-356-2634 C: 144+
18-Jul-96 15:3o:26 1-8oo-356-3181 C: 144+
18-Jul-96 15:44:29 1-8oo-356-61o9 C: 144+ D - Logon
18-Jul-96 16:44:27 1-8oo-356-344o C: 144+ D
18-Jul-96 17:o1:33 1-8oo-356-3124 C: 144+

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