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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 9x_tf281.txt

TollFree scan of 8oo 281 Scanned by TMM

STATION ID - 7047/3.12

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

Scanned by TMM -
ALL systems verified by Substance -
Release date - 8/5/96

Key -
    NC - No Connection
    BUSY - Duh
    VO - Voice
    OP - Operator
    D  - Different Terminal Emulation

24-Jul-96 17:o1:18 1-8oo-281-2o17 C: Cant be reached from calling area
26-Jul-96 o1:o1:28 1-8oo-281-42o4 C: Cant be reached from calling area/login:
26-Jul-96 o1:2o:o6 1-8oo-281-755o C: Cant be reached from calling area
26-Jul-96 2o:o9:46 1-8oo-281-4o76 C: Cant be reached from calling area
25-Jul-96 o8:o5:28 1-8oo-281-23o9 C: CC

25-Jul-96 12:59:25 1-8oo-281-5785 C: 12oo D

25-Jul-96 o4:4o:44 1-8oo-281-6114 C: 24oo
26-Jul-96 o8:54:41 1-8oo-281-46o6 C: 24oo (e,7,1) User ID: Password:
26-Jul-96 19:55:1o 1-8oo-281-3697 C: 24oo D
27-Jul-96 o4:21:34 1-8oo-281-3594 C: 24oo D

26-Jul-96 11:54:15 1-8oo-281-o578 C: 48oo

24-Jul-96 2o:o2:o2 1-8oo-281-8931 C: 96oo D - Logon
24-Jul-96 21:54:32 1-8oo-281-744o C: 96oo D - Logon
24-Jul-96 23:25:25 1-8oo-281-9512 C: 96oo (NMS) login: (login root/root)
25-Jul-96 o1:5o:34 1-8oo-281-8925 C: 96oo D - Logon
25-Jul-96 o4:o8:2o 1-8oo-281-8924 C: 96oo D - Logon
25-Jul-96 o6:14:1o 1-8oo-281-8927 C: 96oo D - Logon
25-Jul-96 1o:1o:43 1-8oo-281-2214 C: 96oo D - >Ux`x>Ux`x>~Ux`x>rivu-jr
25-Jul-96 1o:27:25 1-8oo-281-1392 C: 96oo D -  6
25-Jul-96 12:41:o3 1-8oo-281-6245 C: 96oo D - Logon
25-Jul-96 19:35:34 1-8oo-281-3317 C: 96oo D (Hearts)
26-Jul-96 oo:2o:21 1-8oo-281-6824 C: 96oo D - Logon
26-Jul-96 o1:42:12 1-8oo-281-8936 C: 96oo D - Logon
26-Jul-96 o4:23:43 1-8oo-281-8921 C: 96oo D - Logon
26-Jul-96 o5:26:24 1-8oo-281-72o2 C: 96oo SEND^MSEND^M
26-Jul-96 o6:39:22 1-8oo-281-1218 C: 96oo TYPE . Hawaiian insurance
26-Jul-96 1o:56:14 1-8oo-281-555o C: 96oo (e,7,1) GO-
26-Jul-96 1o:57:39 1-8oo-281-1524 C: 96oo
26-Jul-96 1o:59:48 1-8oo-281-3394 C: 96oo PASSWORD>
26-Jul-96 12:52:22 1-8oo-281-8929 C: 96oo D - Logon
26-Jul-96 13:o5:28 1-8oo-281-8382 C: 96oo D - Logon
27-Jul-96 o3:o8:53 1-8oo-281-24o6 C: 96oo INNovell, Inc.

24-Jul-96 18:33:17 1-8oo-281-1795 C: 144o
24-Jul-96 18:44:53 1-8oo-281-3797 C: 144o VAX/VMS V6.1 Username:
24-Jul-96 2o:o8:37 1-8oo-281-o576 C: 144o AIX Version 3
24-Jul-96 23:49:1o 1-8oo-281-925o C: 144o appears D
25-Jul-96 o1:25:44 1-8oo-281-3912 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 o2:21:37 1-8oo-281-o567 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 o2:57:57 1-8oo-281-6665 C: 144o ICAICAICAICA
25-Jul-96 o3:43:48 1-8oo-281-8776 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 o5:28:29 1-8oo-281-1796 C: 144o Please press [Enter]...
24-Jul-96 2o:28:17 1-8oo-281-o566 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 o7:o4:35 1-8oo-281-6551 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 o7:13:47 1-8oo-281-4317 C: 144o D - says Please press <Enter>...
25-Jul-96 o9:41:13 1-8oo-281-7877 C: 144o
26-Jul-96 o1:37:35 1-8oo-281-2453 C: 144o AIX Version 3
25-Jul-96 12:o6:35 1-8oo-281-o587 C: 144o AIX Version 3
25-Jul-96 15:o8:4o 1-8oo-281-o141 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 15:26:35 1-8oo-281-13o6 C: 144o INTERLYNX 4oo PLUS - V2.35U3 (512K)
25-Jul-96 15:42:54 1-8oo-281-145o C: 144o
25-Jul-96 18:22:59 1-8oo-281-o583 C: 144o AIX Unix
25-Jul-96 18:39:o7 1-8oo-281-o549 C: 144o AIX Version 3
25-Jul-96 18:49:43 1-8oo-281-9228 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 21:o2:58 1-8oo-281-8224 C: 144o D
25-Jul-96 21:33:59 1-8oo-281-451o C: 144o PCAnywhere (no pw) (login: GUEST)
25-Jul-96 23:22:o3 1-8oo-281-96o3 C: 144o
25-Jul-96 23:38:o8 1-8oo-281-o6o7 C: 144o AIX Version 3
26-Jul-96 oo:19:o5 1-8oo-281-7154 C: 144o
26-Jul-96 o2:41:24 1-8oo-281-4825 C: 144o
26-Jul-96 o7:53:35 1-8oo-281-o661 C: 144o
26-Jul-96 23:51:45 1-8oo-281-8812 C: 144o D
27-Jul-96 o3:o6:59 1-8oo-281-6634 C: 144o
27-Jul-96 o4:34:38 1-8oo-281-8177 C: 144o D
27-Jul-96 o5:56:35 1-8oo-281-8844 C: 144o D
26-Jul-96 21:43:44 1-8oo-281-9592 C: 144o
26-Jul-96 1o:52:29 1-8oo-281-1723 C: 144o
26-Jul-96 22:42:47 1-8oo-281-1968 C: 144o
26-Jul-96 2o:12:47 1-8oo-281-9321 C: 144o D

24-Jul-96 16:48:44 1-8oo-281-7ooo C: 144+ 12oo bps. No ANSI detected.
24-Jul-96 16:54:49 1-8oo-281-1126 C: 144+
24-Jul-96 16:56:o1 1-8oo-281-6119 C: 144+
24-Jul-96 18:36:o7 1-8oo-281-2856 C: 144+ MPE XL: (HELLO FIELD.SUPPORT,PUB)
24-Jul-96 2o:5o:24 1-8oo-281-9431 C: 144+
24-Jul-96 22:32:11 1-8oo-281-7336 C: 144+ Shiva LanRoverE_4 (ROOT/NP)
24-Jul-96 22:42:o9 1-8oo-281-7559 C: 144+
25-Jul-96 oo:52:2o 1-8oo-281-o552 C: 144+ Shiva TCG Modems (UserId: ROOT)
25-Jul-96 oo:56:25 1-8oo-281-34o1 C: 144+ -~~,~@!~-~O
25-Jul-96 o6:19:22 1-8oo-281-491o C: 144+
25-Jul-96 11:12:41 1-8oo-281-1732 C: 144+
25-Jul-96 13:3o:o8 1-8oo-281-96o2 C: 144+ Copyright (C) Hewlett-Packard  BOSE>
25-Jul-96 15:o7:14 1-8oo-281-2153 C: 144+ Access Builder No. 6 Login:
25-Jul-96 16:oo:2o 1-8oo-281-o443 C: 144+ CONNECT 2.o.25 Service Selector
25-Jul-96 17:13:35 1-8oo-281-8749 C: 144+ Annex Command Line Interpreter
25-Jul-96 17:43:31 1-8oo-281-81o6 C: 144+ Auburn Univ of Engineering
26-Jul-96 oo:22:35 1-8oo-281-4632 C: 144+ ICA
26-Jul-96 o5:49:57 1-8oo-281-o595 C: 144+ AIX Version 3
26-Jul-96 o9:35:22 1-8oo-281-999o C: 144+ (WOC) AIX Version 3.2.5
26-Jul-96 12:21:55 1-8oo-281-o868 C: 144+ Please press <Enter>...
26-Jul-96 2o:43:24 1-8oo-281-3586 C: 144+ ICA (D)
26-Jul-96 21:1o:26 1-8oo-281-976o C: 144+ ICA (D)
26-Jul-96 22:oo:21 1-8oo-281-7894 C: 144+ 1st class system
26-Jul-96 22:5o:55 1-8oo-281-44oo C: 144+ login: (not unix)

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