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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 9x_tf228.txt

Toll Free scan of (8oo)228 Scanned by: leper_m

STATION ID - 7047/3.12

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.

                          [Release date - 7/23/96]

Key -
    NC = System did not answer with modem
    CC = Modem couldnt connect right
    BUSY = <no comment>

    The baud rates are selfexplatory 144+ means system speed goes above 14.4k

All #s are in exchange (8oo)228

2o-May-96 o7:o7:32 228-9912 C: NC
2o-May-96 o8:33:39 228-1275 C: NC
21-May-96 o7:33:53 228-62o3 C: NC   24oo MCS...!login:
21-May-96 11:21:o1 228-953o C: NC
21-May-96 13:o1:11 228-9656 C: NC
28-May-96 12:18:16 228-o973 C: NC
29-May-96 11:31:15 228-7514 C: BUSY
29-May-96 23:19:49 228-o954 C: NC   12oo
29-May-96 23:53:56 228-4496 C: NC   48oo
3o-May-96 oo:36:o3 228-5962 C: NC ?
3o-May-96 o2:38:58 228-5o42 C: BUSY 12oo  ID=
3o-May-96 o2:5o:o4 228-7255 C: NC   144o CoastalNet
3o-May-96 o8:53:26 228-o687 C: NC
3o-May-96 23:25:o6 228-6282 C: BUSY 144o login:
31-May-96 o1:12:19 228-6o78 C: NC   Perle Model 3i  - V o2.2oG  May 3o 1995
31-May-96 o9:22:53 228-7547 C: NC  144o "WARNING"
31-May-96 11:46:o1 228-98o1 C: NC 144o

19-May-96 23:42:48 228-3936 C: 12oo (e,7,1?) unknown
21-May-96 o8:17:29 228-1o82 C: 12oo D (spades)
28-May-96 14:18:12 228-6o71 C: 12oo Rolm PhoneMail (no defaults :<)
28-May-96 22:3o:o8 228-58o5 C: 12oo Computer Process Control (idles)
29-May-96 o4:38:56 228-3o64 C: 12oo Oms?@W_[=G[iUd85PhTtzH. 8v
31-May-96 oo:o8:32 228-8382 C: 12oo D
31-May-96 o1:39:56 228-42o8 C: 12oo

2o-May-96 o7:36:o8 228-o142 C: 24oo TRIBUNE REVIEW
2o-May-96 o9:36:46 228-325o C: 24oo ?
2o-May-96 o9:58:39 228-o124 C: 24oo (e,7,1) Type port password
21-May-96 o7:22:39 228-4257 C: 24oo
21-May-96 1o:41:57 228-5219 C: 24oo Device Type then logon
29-May-96 o4:o9:38 228-o184 C: 24oo Beep
3o-May-96 o2:o4:2o 228-6117 C: 24oo ?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?
3o-May-96 o2:23:15 228-117o C: 24oo #
3o-May-96 o8:oo:o1 228-5583 C: 24oo
3o-May-96 12:32:22 228-8818 C: 24oo
3o-May-96 12:36:24 228-7111 C: 24oo <*CARRIER LOST (o sec.)*>
31-May-96 o5:11:o6 228-5534 C: 24oo
31-May-96 o7:59:11 228-31o9 C: 24oo AOS/VS II 3.o1.oo.48 / EXEC-32
31-May-96 o9:46:o6 228-9519 C: 24oo Password:

19-May-96 23:12:53 228-3348 C: 96oo (e,7,1) WELCOME TO THE INFORMATION NETWORK
    I cannot figure too much out about this sytem try LOGON <ID>
28-May-96 1o:o6:44 228-6o51 C: 96oo
28-May-96 1o:18:53 228-o574 C: 96oo
28-May-96 1o:33:52 228-9369 C: 96oo Valley Detroit desiel
29-May-96 oo:o5:53 228-9973 C: 96oo Immediate Disconnect
29-May-96 12:51:1o 228-8454 C: 96oo
29-May-96 13:o6:4o 228-7932 C: 96oo HELLO, PLEASE ENTER USER NAME:
3o-May-96 o5:22:o4 228-9383 C: 96oo LYNX LC HOST - ANSWER Command?
3o-May-96 o6:42:41 228-583o C: 96oo
3o-May-96 11:29:26 228-6439 C: 96oo Advance login:
3o-May-96 23:oo:13 228-8678 C: 96oo User-Id? Enhanced PICK Environment
3o-May-96 23:29:55 228-6829 C: 96oo IPCallin PC (PCAnywhere ?)
31-May-96 o9:36:54 228-6447 C: 96oo AIX Version 4
31-May-96 13:19:52 228-6739 C: 96oo Singer Products (UserID)

2o-May-96 1o:15:41 228-2o99 C: 144o (e,7,1) After few CTRLs Enter PASSCODE:
2o-May-96 11:4o:55 228-7751 C: 144o D
2o-May-96 12:34:o3 228-4129 C: 144o (e,7,1)  C1:  Type port password
21-May-96 13:22:22 228-415o C: 144o
21-May-96 14:o2:28 228-917o C: 144o
28-May-96 1o:o5:56 228-7135 C: 144o D - Logon
28-May-96 11:o2:38 228-21o8 C: 144o @ Userid: (immediate disconnect)
28-May-96 11:11:34 228-5397 C: 144o D
28-May-96 11:56:13 228-2359 C: 144o
28-May-96 12:2o:27 228-o426 C: 144o (e,7,1) PETROLEUM INFORMATION CORP
28-May-96 14:33:22 228-o14o C: 144o
28-May-96 23:5o:15 228-o933 C: 144o WILDCAT BBS (lame) (closed)
29-May-96 o1:1o:57 228-1291 C: 144o DAS AS/400
29-May-96 o1:42:5o 228-9844 C: 144o
28-May-96 13:26:3o 228-5223 C: 144o CU Everywhere personal branch (bank?)
28-May-96 22:53:5o 228-48o7 C: 144o NetWare 2.o.18 Service Selector username:
29-May-96 o5:51:12 228-4116 C: 144o (e,7,1) Type port password
3o-May-96 oo:48:16 228-o818 C: 144o
3o-May-96 oo:56:16 228-6861 C: 144o Please login:
3o-May-96 o5:5o:12 228-91o2 C: 144o D 
3o-May-96 o7:31:32 228-42o7 C: 144o .. Trade Server Bulletin Board //
3o-May-96 23:42:59 228-8926 C: 144o D - Logon
31-May-96 o1:o4:13 228-2949 C: 144o
31-May-96 o1:32:o7 228-6751 C: 144o U.S. GOVERNMENT COMPUTER SYSTEM (VAX)
31-May-96 o3:38:54 228-991o C: 144o @ Userid:
31-May-96 o4:17:14 228-1985 C: 144o nb1 login: (*not unix*)
31-May-96 o9:27:18 228-7o33 C: 144o
31-May-96 12:31:5o 228-1478 C: 144o
31-May-96 12:45:12 228-5139 C: 144o DYNIX/ptx(R) (mailbug) unix
28-May-96 13:17:26 228-6771 C: 144o iMMEDIATE Disconnect

2o-May-96 o8:24:22 228-1549 C: 144+
21-May-96 1o:36:39 228-9868 C: 144+ D - Logon
21-May-96 11:17:39 228-8815 C: 144+
21-May-96 11:38:23 228-2147 C: 144+ No pw PCAnywhere
21-May-96 13:35:47 228-o849 C: 144+ says Xyplex Terminal Server / nothing
21-May-96 14:o1:37 228-479o C: 144+ Novell CONNECT (hit CR bunch) Username:
21-May-96 14:o6:45 228-o215 C: 144+ Shiva LanRover (Userid: ROOT n/p) n d/o
28-May-96 o7:17:46 228-314o C: 144o DEVICE DISCONNECTED (weird) kinda D
28-May-96 o7:38:37 228-1843 C: 144o Interstate National Corporation BBS
28-May-96 o7:57:28 228-o923 C: 144+
28-May-96 1o:38:42 228-7968 C: 144+
28-May-96 12:51:o3 228-o962 C: 144+ AIX Version 4
28-May-96 14:16:13 228-6845 C: 144+ D - Logon
28-May-96 22:34:o1 228-6265 C: 144+ D
28-May-96 23:13:35 228-9o89 C: 144+ Password: Incorrect Password!
28-May-96 23:41:55 228-9692 C: 144+ Palmtop Server BBS (#139oo225)
29-May-96 o2:22:5o 228-832o C: 144+ Shiva Lanrover (no defaults)
29-May-96 o3:51:47 228-5676 C: 144+
29-May-96 o4:47:o4 228-1691 C: 144+
29-May-96 o5:19:34 228-2912 C: 144+ D
29-May-96 o8:o4:28 228-o694 C: 144+
29-May-96 1o:19:38 228-o616 C: 144+ User ID:/Password:
29-May-96 11:22:13 228-1755 C: 144+ D
29-May-96 11:28:45 228-4168 C: 144o (e,7,1) *** 3174 CONTROL UNIT EMULATOR
29-May-96 12:o3:16 228-5611 C: 144+ Enters PPP Mode (gives IP)
29-May-96 12:47:52 228-5786 C: 144+
3o-May-96 oo:43:13 228-2941 C: 144+ Enter Password: (PCAnywhere)
3o-May-96 o3:o8:19 228-1178 C: 144+ D
3o-May-96 o8:o6:23 228-177o C: 144+
3o-May-96 1o:31:26 228-1761 C: 144+ login: password: Invalid login
3o-May-96 13:3o:o2 228-4541 C: 144+ WELCOME TO THE NOVELL SUPPORT BBS
31-May-96 o2:1o:19 228-o338 C: 144+ NETWARE Connect
31-May-96 o7:o2:41 228-9o64 C: 144+
41-May-96 o7:52:o5 228-o195 C: 144+
31-May-96 14:33:36 228-o716 C: 144+ *

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