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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 9x_tf223.txt

TollPhree Scan of (8oo)223 by Substance

STATION ID - 7091/6.411

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.
Scanned by Substance
D = Different Terminal Emulation
NC = No connect
                 [100 Carriers out of 10,000 Numbers]
o7-May-96 o1:o2:25 223-5151 C: 96oo
o7-May-96 21:44:23 223-6175 C: 144o JMHC Communications Novell (nopass!)
o8-May-96 23:26:14 223-6932 C: 144o WestVaco Computer system. USERID?
o9-May-96 o1:o3:48 223-7213 C: 144o No password but cant read it
o9-May-96 o1:1o:57 223-1864 C: 144o D
o9-May-96 o1:29:37 223-4951 C: 144o D
o9-May-96 o2:oo:42 223-9879 C: 96oo AIX unix (login: root, passwd: (none))
o9-May-96 o2:13:11 223-8844 C: 144o
o9-May-96 o4:o7:o4 223-8438 C: 144o
o9-May-96 o4:49:43 223-4735 C: 24oo
o9-May-96 o4:55:41 223-o894 C: 24oo
o9-May-96 o5:o1:o6 223-3646 C: 48oo D - Logon
o9-May-96 o5:4o:48 223-o5o2 C: 144o (e,7,1) Enter logical unit (lu 2) pw:
o9-May-96 o5:49:35 223-7515 C: -NC-
o9-May-96 o6:31:17 223-577o C: -NC-
o9-May-96 o6:34:16 223-4232 C: 96oo Shlumberger Industries Electrical BBS
o9-May-96 o6:5o:37 223-9918 C: 144o Enter Password: (3x)
o9-May-96 o7:o7:11 223-75o2 C: 24oo
o9-May-96 23:12:4o 223-3o47 C: 144o D
1o-May-96 oo:15:48 223-6393 C: 144o AIX unix (login: root, n/p) different
1o-May-96 oo:56:36 223-9o1o C: 144o DECServer (psupen) (DIALOUT w/pw :<)
1o-May-96 o1:22:17 223-1785 C: 96oo D
1o-May-96 o2:34:23 223-9976 C: 144o *** INTERLYNX 4ooR, Enter Device Type
1o-May-96 o3:o2:33 223-88o7 C: 144o D - Logon
1o-May-96 o3:o8:56 223-565o C: 144o
1o-May-96 o3:16:44 223-3656 C: 96oo Says 'Hello' echos *'s. then axs denied
1o-May-96 o4:19:44 223-2769 C: 144o D
1o-May-96 o5:32:44 223-2863 C: 24oo (e,7,1) (23) PLEASE SIGN-ON
1o-May-96 o5:42:34 223-464o C: 24oo
1o-May-96 22:53:46 223-5486 C: 144o Gives CCCC's
11-May-96 o1:39:36 223-51o5 C: 144o The College Board Connection
                Please Enter User ID?
                *** Invalid Logon, Retry
11-May-96 o3:27:o1 223-745o C: 144o
11-May-96 o3:58:1o 223-7585 C: 24oo Immediate Disconnect
11-May-96 o4:oo:2o 223-4871 C: 144o NetWare CONNECT - no Services available
11-May-96 o6:41:3o 223-5617 C: 24oo Immediate Disconnect
11-May-96 o7:14:24 223-8395 C: 96oo Enter login id: password:
                ... Attempting Login ...
12-May-96 o2:49:46 223-677o C: 144o (e,7,1) D
12-May-96 o3:o6:3o 223-9979 C: 144o Ricwel Medical Evaluating. (logon+pw)
12-May-96 o3:12:55 223-31oo C: 144o
13-May-96 o1:o8:48 223-9559 C: 24oo D - Says {oPTSMOM D}A224
13-May-96 o1:19:34 223-6522 C: 144o 3 #'s (with beep)
13-May-96 o1:39:21 223-7o44 C: 24oo
13-May-96 o4:o4:39 223-9o31 C: 24oo
13-May-96 o4:o5:o5 223-6738 C: 96oo D
13-May-96 o5:o6:53 223-2516 C: 96oo HP:UX unix
13-May-96 o6:26:42 223-3o69 C: 144o
13-May-96 o6:3o:26 223-6381 C: 96oo San Jose Netblazer
13-May-96 o6:38:42 223-3995 C: 144o
14-May-96 oo:27:36 223-2227 C: 144o VNU Info. Network (DECServer)
14-May-96 oo:48:43 223-5241 C: 144o unix
14-May-96 o1:52:oo 223-2251 C: 96oo Enter Password: [3x]
14-May-96 o2:35:41 223-24o6 C: 24oo (e,7,1) unix
14-May-96 o2:58:2o 223-1373 C: 144o Immediate Disconnect
14-May-96 o3:o4:45 223-5115 C: 144o Login > Enter Passcode
14-May-96 o4:o7:o6 223-5194 C: 144o User Name? Password Command? (admin/admin)
                User Name: admin / Password: admin
                says Command? 2 times, if you dont enter a valid command
                on the second time, disconnect. dunno
14-May-96 o4:4o:39 223-9849 C: 144o D - Logon
14-May-96 o5:45:28 223-o336 C: 144o (e,7,1) D -  lE4:liqzev
14-May-96 22:47:42 223-7477 C: 144o NC
14-May-96 23:1o:43 223-7981 C: 96oo
14-May-96 23:19:49 223-2683 C: 144o
14-May-96 23:23:o3 223-4191 C: 24oo
14-May-96 23:26:36 223-5163 C: 144o BBS - Enter submitter ID?
14-May-96 23:29:54 223-9168 C: 96oo ENTER CLASS/ENTER PASSWORD/UNASSIGNED
14-May-96 23:38:12 223-8315 C: 144o
14-May-96 23:44:o4 223-9881 C: 96oo NC
14-May-96 23:59:19 223-7891 C: 144o
15-May-96 o1:18:56 223-456o C: 96oo OLYMPIA AOS/VS
15-May-96 o1:3o:12 223-5441 C: 144o
15-May-96 o1:46:54 223-6276 C: 144o
15-May-96 o3:31:31 223-9671 C: 144o On <CR> disconnect
15-May-96 o4:58:o5 223-2188 C: 144o DECServer (some truck company/no modem)
15-May-96 o6:13:54 223-6459 C: 144o
15-May-96 o6:23:o5 223-4366 C: 96oo D
15-May-96 o6:45:57 223-o62o C: 144o ShivaLanRover (no defaults) UserId?
15-May-96 o7:16:o5 223-3312 C: 24oo OK + disconnect
15-May-96 o7:2o:46 223-4785 C: 24oo ENTER USERID >un< not in CP directory
15-May-96 23:13:o2 223-83o2 C: 96oo D - Logon
15-May-96 23:58:36 223-8894 C: 144o
16-May-96 oo:11:24 223-748o C: 24oo Immediate Disconnect
16-May-96 o1:3o:17 223-73o2 C: 96oo
16-May-96 o2:2o:o8 223-74o7 C: 144o NETWORK ACCESS PASSWORD: / HANGING UP
16-May-96 o3:48:17 223-1o78 C: 96oo Nonpassworded PCAnywhere
16-May-96 o3:59:36 223-6582 C: 144o D - Logon
16-May-96 o4:o4:14 223-3939 C: 96oo
16-May-96 o4:36:39 223-8279 C: 12oo (e,7,1) gives init strings
16-May-96 o4:52:o7 223-o795 C: 96oo USERID?
16-May-96 o5:21:o8 223-o9o4 C: 96oo D
16-May-96 o5:4o:o3 223-o43o C: 24oo
16-May-96 o6:o6:19 223-3141 C: 144o BBS
17-May-96 00:53:54 223-6752 C: 96oo (smjunix)  unix
17-May-96 oo:56:52 223-5618 C: 144o D - Logon
17-May-96 oo:57:14 223-1151 C: 144o NetWare CONNECT - no services at this time
17-May-96 o1:45:o1 223-6656 C: 144o Immediate Disconnect
17-May-96 o3:18:43 223-3589 C: 96oo Bigtime D

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