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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 909nums.htm

909 Phone Numbers
909 Phone numbers
113+Phone Number = Ringback on some payfones
117 = Proctor Test Set
119 = Service Disconnect (2 minutes)
958-1114 = Anac (Changed from "114" May 1998)
628-5070 = C.L.A.S.S. Test Number ("Were sorry we can not process your custom calling request at this time well you try again later please")[only get this message when calling from within Chino otherwise this number is a "silent"]
628-1628 = "Were sorry your call can not be completed as dialed, please check your instruction manuall or call the repair office for assistance"[only get this number when calling within Chino, outside gets you a fast busy signal]
986-1986 = Fast busy signal [unless you call within Ontario, which you would get the same message as 628-1628]
591-2400 = "Were sorry your phone service has been temporarily disconnected, to get it reconnected dial 1-800-483-3000 or after business hours dial 611, if this is an emergency situation dial 911"(stoped working 3/27/99)
986-0004 = Busy signal(Fun to try to get an operator to emergency break-in on)
590-0004 = "This is 590-3450 test mailbox"
590-3450 = "This is 590-3450 test mailbox"
777-1777 = miliwat tone test
xxx-0002 = milliwat tone test
xxx-9297 = 900ohm miliwat SILENT(i found this one from
xxx-9298 = 900ohm mw silent
xxx-1110 = ???? A must call, sounds like carrier, responds to DTMF 2 & 3 If you know what this is EMAIL ME!
xxx-1117 = miliwat tone
xxx-1118 = silent
xxx-1119 = fast-busy
xxx-0000 = Central Office
Many of these numbers were scanned and a lot i got from the C.O., Like when 114 was changed to 958-1114, Good OL' Frank gave me the new number Thanks to Frank in the Chino Central Office, Joor DA man!
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