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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 80088760.txt

800-887-60xx Scan

By DC crew  18oo 887 60xx
1-800-887-6000 (cannot be reached from calling area)
1-800-887-6001 (foreign voice)
1-800-887-6002 (no answer, fucking cheapscates, why can't they get a vmb)
1-800-887-6003 (carrier/fax)
1-800-887-6004 (you have rached an inactive number at TV guide magazine, forcustomer service please dial 1-800-866-1400)
1-800-887-6005 (welcome to chase where the right relationship is everythingplease enter your account number followed by the # sign)
1-800-887-6006 (bonjour, french woman. some research house. pbx system. 2-digit extensions. press # to login to a VMB system)
1-800-887-6007 (busy, 03:23am GMT)
1-800-887-6008 (load ringing then some *load* chick picks up and asks for anorder, comapny name: samphas or somthing)
1-800-887-6009 (you have entered a number that cannot be reached from yourcalling area 47-605. -It's not *my* calling area lol)
1-800-887-6010 (currently all our representatives are busy. Please stay onthe line for callback. Some vacation company, shity IVRsystem)
1-800-887-6011 (Chase or somthing, same as 887-6005)
1-800-887-6012 (Chase, same as above)
1-800-887-6013 (busy, 03:32am GMT)
1-800-887-6014 (residential answerphone. 2 digit passcode)
1-800-887-6015 (cannot be reached from calling area / not in service at thistime PLH-RDD)
1-800-887-6016 (3 beeps. Pager, no greeting)
1-800-887-6017 (hello, this is Rodger, hello, hello, hello? do you like scarymovies Rodger?)
1-800-887-6018 (does *nothing* does not even ring. Check out later for confbridge)1-800-887-6019 (3 beep pager again)
1-800-887-6020 (somthing supply pbx system * vmb box 1000 works)
1-800-887-6021 (cannot be reached from calling area / not in service CHLR-12)
1-800-887-6022 (old system recording, call cannot be completed as dialed)
1-800-887-6023 (OCTEL system, direct to someones box. 9999 sysadmin)
1-800-887-6024 (the toll-free number you have dialed has been disconnected,no further information is available 110-P)
1-800-887-6025 (strange repeating *fault* tones ?)
1-800-887-6026 (this PIN has been disconnected)
1-800-887-6027 (excellerated buisness school. * vmb system. passcode then boxnumber)
1-800-887-6028 (busy, 03:55am GMT)1-800-887-6029 (your call cannot be completed as dialed AC-Y)
1-800-887-6030 (carrier/fax)
1-800-887-6031 (cannot be reached from calling area)
1-800-887-6032 (chase number. card activation)
1-800-887-6033 (no answer)
1-800-887-6034 (47-4 invalid/blocked from area code)
1-800-887-6035 (residential answerphone. 2 digit passcode 05-09 area. hit 1for answerphone help)
1-800-887-6036 (your call did not go through 05-4P)
1-800-887-6037 (live, some woman picked up)
1-800-887-6038 (Qlem marketing division. pbx system)
1-800-887-6039 (hampton rose electrical supply. answerphone)
1-800-887-6040 (busy, 02:17am GMT)
1-800-887-6041 (no answer)
1-800-887-6042 (no answer)
1-800-887-6043 (somthing corperated)
1-800-887-6044 (no answer)
1-800-887-6045 (no answer)
1-800-887-6046 (no answer)
1-800-887-6047 (no answer)
1-800-887-6048 (no answer)
1-800-887-6049 (no answer, for fucks sake, get a vmb)
1-800-887-6050 (Discconcted/unreachable CHLR-12)
1-800-887-6051 (busy, 02:31am GMT)
1-800-887-6052 (busy, 02:33am GMT)
1-800-887-6053 (addLink. PBX VMB system)
1-800-887-6054 (no answer)
1-800-887-6055 (non working internal number at some company)
1-800-887-6056 (busy, 02:36am GMT)
1-800-887-6057 (not in service, recording sounds like Bill Clinton. ATP-4070)
1-800-887-6058 (GTE air phone. This service is designed to route to planes inthe air!, make up some 10 digit 'air phone' numbers and prankpassangers. Or maybee this routing system could be used forother purposes.)
1-800-887-6059 (busy, 02:43am GMT)
1-800-887-6060 (this is Ron, how may I help you?)
1-800-887-6061 (busy, 02:44am GMT)
1-800-887-6062 (pr0rn line... Welcome stud, our hot gals are waiting for you,please enter your card number now..)
1-800-887-6063 (not available from calling area 05-4P)
1-800-887-6064 (alphanumeric pager)
1-800-887-6065 (some dude picked up)
1-800-887-6066 (AT&T easy reach 8oo access code 2 digits)
1-800-887-6067 (call cannot be completed as dialed)
1-800-887-6068 (Does *nothing* not even a ring, check out later for bridge)
1-800-887-6069 (numeric pager)
1-800-887-6070 (Partner Mail system, sounds like AUDiX. 2 digit extensionsand box numbers)
1-800-887-6071 (non working internal company number, call 1-800-441-7681for assistance)
1-800-887-6072 (your call cannot be completed as entered 44-605)
1-800-887-6073 (4 digit PIN 9999 Frontier Communications)
1-800-887-6074 (some dude picked up... Yello)
1-800-887-6075 (some foxy sounding chick picked up)
1-800-887-6076 (some not-so-foxy dude picked up)
1-800-887-6077 (busy, 03:07am GMT)
1-800-887-6078 (number reached is not in service, this is a recording, no?)
1-800-887-6079 (dude picked up)
1-800-887-6080 (busy, 03:11am GMT)
1-800-887-6081 (busy, 03:13am GMT)
1-800-887-6082 (busy, 12:16am GMT)
1-800-887-6083 (no answer)
1-800-887-6084 (busy, 12:17am GMT)
1-800-887-6085 (busy, 12:18am GMT)
1-800-887-6086 (Welcome to the SkyTel system, enter the PIN number you wish)
1-800-887-6087 (busy, 12:19am GMT)
1-800-887-6088 (no answer)
1-800-887-6089 (the 800 number you have dialed cannot be reached from yourcalling area.. BUSY, then rings.. your call cannot becompleted as dialed, please check the number and try again8C-Y)
1-800-887-6090 (very strange ringing... BTC may I help you?)
1-800-887-6091 (busy, 12:25am GMT)
1-800-887-6092 (some chick picked up)
1-800-887-6093 (some stupid recording, your call did not go through)
1-800-887-6094 (AT&T EasyReach 800. 2 digit access code)
1-800-887-6095 (AT&T EasyReach 800. 2 digit access code)
1-800-887-6096 (not available from calling area 054P)
1-800-887-6097 (you have dialed an 800 number that is not available forassistance please call 1-800-555-1212. 71301-SG)
1-800-887-6098 (some dude picked up)
1-800-887-6099 (you have dialed an 800 number that is not available forassistance please call 1-800-555-1212. 71301-SG)
1-800-887-6100 (some chick picked up) 

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