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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 80055511.txt

800-555-11xx Scan

***1-8oo-555-11xx Scan***
   By: ic0n  

   What's up everyone i'm back with yet another phile i'm going to start 
   posting some of the scans i have laying around.
   	Also I hand scan because tso hand scanner program don't work for 
    some odd reson oh well

  One More Thing I take all the number that don't work out due to the fact that
  I'm Lazy!!!!

01 S3x 1in3
04 voice mail system
06 Company
11 tone then "welcome to canada"
19 Mci "number will be getting disconnect soon"
21 A.A.R.P.
22 S3x 1in3
26 Answering Machine
28 Answering Machine
32 14m3 C0many
36 Someone Picked Up
37 Bob Chilli's Vmb 
40 Anac (ani 2)
42 Someone Picked Up
48 Some Company
49 Pager
52 Voice Mail System (audix) 3 digit Boxes
54 Can't read the name but it's a another company
60 Anac (ani 2)
63 Fax
69 voice mail box
70 ask to enter ani and stuff
71 Pbx
73 Company
74 Speed Something Company
76 Another Company
80 Anac (ani 2)
88 Voice Mail System
91 Someone Picked Up
94 Easy Reach 8oo Code 00
98 UniPeg Voice Mail System (audix) 3 Digit Boxes

I also did'nt post the ad's for the talk line becasue there gay 

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