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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 80042093.txt

800-420-93xx Scan

***1-8oo-42o-93xx Scan***
   By: ic0n  

   What's up everyone i'm back with yet another phile i'm going to start 
   posting some of the scans i have laying around.
   	Also I hand scan because tso hand scanner program don't work for 
    some odd reson oh well

  One More Thing I take all the number that don't work out due to the fact that
  I'm Lazy!!!!

 Start: 10:30 pm est

 09 Fax
 10 Vmb
 11 Some Company with a vms 100/100
 19 easy reach 8oo code 01 did work 
 20 Some 14m3 Company
 23 Sky731 Pag3r 
 25 Some Hick Prank Him 
 33 (8oo-42o-Weed) Apllo Inertnational
 53 Some Homes Company
 54 Merdian vms
 63 Enter Code it's not 1234,9999,1111
 66 4 Digit Audix System
 82 siren tone
 83 Easy Reach 8oo Code 00
 88 S3x 1in3
 93 Another 14m3 C0mp4ny N0 vm
 94 G10b41 Cr0ssing
 95 Fronter code 9999
 Finish 11:09


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