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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 800208~1.txt

800-208-12xx handscan

From: "The Viceroy" <tricephalus9@cs.comdom>
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Date: 20 Oct 2001 20:04:57 GMT

This is a scan of 1-800-208-12XX... at first it seems like a regualr scan, but
halfway through it got a little weird. Or at least, I thought so... anybody
have any thoughts on the huge number of hanging lines?

Other interesting things - 1-800-208-1201 is a weird garbled message. It
actually kind of sounds like a tell-me VXML error (but that uses a female
computer voice!)...

Also, 1-800-208-1212 and 208-1296 are both easy reach 800 numbers where 1234 is
the pin. 

1-800-208-1201	"error..six billion..four thousand..garbled transmission" 
1-800-208-1202	we're sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed
1-800-208-1203	conica business technology offices... 
1-800-208-1204	busy
1-800-208-1205	please enter your four digit pin
1-800-208-1206	"Hello?"
1-800-208-1207	please enter your four digit pin
1-800-208-1208	your call cannot be completed as dialed, 44-8-7-5
1-800-208-1209	fax
1-800-208-1210	"Property Key?"
1-800-208-1211	please enter your four digit pin
1-800-208-1212	easy reach 800... please enter 4-digit pin (1234 is the pin!)
1-800-208-1213	this number is no longer in service... 
1-800-208-1214	12 dash 4, the number you are calling is invalid or blocked 
1-800-208-1215	welcome to global crossing (they have conferance calling!)
1-800-208-1216	we're sorry, that is not a valid mailbox.
1-800-208-1217	12 dash 4, the number you are calling is invalid or blocked 
1-800-208-1218	12 dash 4, the number you are calling is invalid or blocked 
1-800-208-1219	hanging line
1-800-208-1220	hanging line
1-800-208-1221	sales department at Harkem Health Care...
1-800-208-1222	Phone-Sex Line
1-800-208-1223	hanging line
1-800-208-1224	ring...ring...ring...
1-800-208-1225	your call did not go through, please try your call again
1-800-208-1226	hanging line
1-800-208-1227	hanging line
1-800-208-1228	Outlaw Realtors, this is Judy, how may I help you?"
1-800-208-1229	hello...I'm not home at this time... please leave a message.
1-800-208-1230	we're sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed
1-800-208-1231	please enter your four digit pin
1-800-208-1232	Qualtroy... if you know your parties extentsion... 
1-800-208-1233	"Hello?" (girl's voice)
1-800-208-1234	hello, please enter the pin, followed by the pound key.
1-800-208-1235	welcome to verizon's messaging center...
1-800-208-1236	we're sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed
1-800-208-1237	please enter your four digit pin
1-800-208-1238	please enter your four digit pin
1-800-208-1239	you have reached 301-893-0151, please leave a message
1-800-208-1240	"Barbara Etell?"
1-800-208-1241	welcome to global crossing... what pin would you like to dial?
1-800-208-1242	you've reached 967-2491, please leave your message
1-800-208-1243	hanging line
1-800-208-1244	welcome to global crossing... what pin would you like to dial?
1-800-208-1245	12 dash 4 the number you have dialed is invalid or blocked
1-800-208-1246	"(something like "ear"), this is Ted."
1-800-208-1247	"Billie?"
1-800-208-1248	"Hello?" (teeny boppers voice)
1-800-208-1249	please leave your voice or numeric message after the tone
1-800-208-1250	please enter your four digit pin
1-800-208-1251      you have reached a number that has been disconnected
1-800-208-1252	Welcome to global crossings speed link...
1-800-208-1253	hanging line
1-800-208-1254	hanging line
1-800-208-1255	hanging line
1-800-208-1256	hanging line
1-800-208-1257	hanging line
1-800-208-1258	hanging line
1-800-208-1259	ring...ring...ring
1-800-208-1260	hanging line
1-800-208-1261	"Eh, hello?"
1-800-208-1262	hanging line
1-800-208-1263	hanging line
1-800-208-1264	hanging line
1-800-208-1265	hanging line
1-800-208-1266	hanging line
1-800-208-1267	hanging line
1-800-208-1268	not available from your calling area
1-800-208-1269	hanging line
1-800-208-1270	hanging line
1-800-208-1271	"Hello?"
1-800-208-1272	hanging line
1-800-208-1273	hanging line
1-800-208-1274	hanging line
1-800-208-1275	hanging line
1-800-208-1276	hanging line
1-800-208-1277	Riverview Florists
1-800-208-1278	hanging line
1-800-208-1279	hanging line
1-800-208-1280	hanging line
1-800-208-1281	hanging line
1-800-208-1282	hanging line
1-800-208-1283	hanging line
1-800-208-1284	enter the pin number you wish, followed by the pound key
1-800-208-1285	hanging line
1-800-208-1286	hanging line
1-800-208-1287	hanging line
1-800-208-1288	hanging line
1-800-208-1289	hanging line
1-800-208-1290	hanging line
1-800-208-1291	hanging line
1-800-208-1292	hanging line
1-800-208-1293	hanging line
1-800-208-1294	hanging line
1-800-208-1295	hanging line
1-800-208-1296	at&t easy reach 800 (1234 is the pin)
1-800-208-1297	hanging line
1-800-208-1298	hanging line
1-800-208-1299	you have reached the mail box of 208-1299

-------- -- IRC Abuse at its Funniest
If your ass is a buster, 208 will regulate

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