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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: zaani.txt

ANAC in South Africa

.:==--==--==--==--==-->> South Africa's Answer to ANI by Line Noise <<==--==:.
::                                                                          ::
:: Well, yeh, Wyzewun is writing this, but it's info I got from Line Noise. ::
:: Now, if you dial 101999 (Toll Free Call) it will tell you the number of  ::
:: the phone you are dialing from! Unfortunately, this number only has one  ::
:: line, so it's pretty hard 2 get through during the day, but keeping      ::
:: trying  coz it is worth it. For those of you with little phreaking       ::
:: experience who don't understand what exactly one would use this number   ::
:: for, you are free to mail any member of the SoS and ask. =)              ::
::                                                                          ::

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