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Field Techs and Wiretaps - allegedly a phone company document?

Retrieved by Lineside

                                  FIELD TECHS AND WIRETAPS

 1......General information

 2......Wirtap check request

 3......Field tech inspection

 4......Wiretaps discovered during routine field inspections

 5......Other unlawful use of the companies service


     The purpose of this section is to specify the terms and conditions of
assistance of the telephone company to law enforcement agencies engaged in,
or about to be engaged in, wiretapping activities. Also the procedure for
handling reports of the use of telephone facilities for bookmaking and
dissemination of wagering information.

 This practice is being revised to remove the Customer Service Center and
the Annoyance Call Center from the trouble report flow. Any call to the CSC
reporting a wiretap or suspected wiretap should be transferred to the
Centralized Repair Service Attendant Bureau (CRSAB).

 The security organization has the exclusive responsibiltiy for acceptance
of Federal or State Court orders written emergancy certifications. which is
required for a lawful wiretap. Any request recieved for information or
assistance in this regard shall be referred to immediatly to the security

 The security organization has complete responsibility for the direction of
the company actions following the discovery of an actual or suspected
wiretap. A follow-up procedure will be followed by security to ensure that
all assistance provided by the company is terminated when the court order
or emergancy certification expires.

 Protection of the privacy of telephone communication is fundamental to the
telephone business. It is Bell policy to investigate and resolve any actual
or suspected threat to the customers privacy. In line with this policy,
every reasonable effort will be made to resolve all customer complaints.
However, it is unlawful for Bell personnel to disclose the existence of a
lawful wiretap to the customer. Therefore, the following procedures must be
observed strictly in processing customer requests for wiretap inspection or
in reporting any wiretap device that may be found.

 All company personell who discover an actual or suspected wiretap device
shall report the discovery through the lines of organization to security,
without taking further action. In those instances where a trouble is caused
by the wiretap device, it may be disconnected only after the security
organization has been notified.

2...Wiretap Check Request

 The centralized repair service attendant bureau (CRSAB) shall have the
responsibility for handling initial customer complaints concerning wiretaps
or other illicit activities. The RSA will take the report on any call
recieved at the CRSAB concerning wiretaps or other illicit activities. This
report will be taken as a Catagory 1. Customer Direct (CD). The CRSAB shall
trnsmit all requests of this naturee to the installation maintanence center
(IMC). The handling code "WIRETAP" will be used to transmit this report.

 The IMC should input additional auto screen rules to direct these type
reports for manual screening. All personnel handling this type report will
document anf findings utilizing the EST transaction in LMOS. This means,
MA's will document the test and referral information. SCC will document
their findings, I&M will document their findings etc. Each action taken on
this report must be documented accurately.

 The maintanence administration (MA) will perform trouble verification
tests. If a wiretap exists, it may beindicated by the test results. It no
trouble is indicated or a CO fault is indicated, the MA will refer the
report to the switching control center (SCC) for further analysis. The SCC
will assign the appropriate CO the task of inspecting the office equipment
for the suspected wiretap. The CO will inform the SCC of its fidings during
the inspection. The SCC will close the report to the IMC. In those
instances where the CO may locate  wiretap, it must not be disturbed. The
technicianmust inform the manager who in turn will notify the security
department. If after analysis has been completed by the SCC and the IMC a
wiretap has not been found, it may be necessary to dispatch a field
technician for a complete inspection.

3...Field Technician Inspection

 Reports involving suspected wiretaps should be dispatched on the same dy
on which they were recieved, when practicable. It is strongly recommended
thats field manager accompany the technician during the inspection.

 The technician will inspect only equipment/wiring that is owned/provided
by Bell. Equipment/ wiring that is provided by the customer or agent of the
customer,will not be inspected. The customer will not be billed for the
inspection of equipment/wiring provided by Bell. If the customer subscribes
to a wire maintanence plan, the technician will inspect through the
customers connection block. If the customer does not subscribe to a wire
maintanence plan, the technician offer to inspect the wiring for time and

 If the inspection does not uncover an unlawful wiretap, the technician may
advise the customer that no wiretap was found. When a wiretap, or what
appears to be a wiretap is found, security must be notified immediatly.
Uner no circumstances will any Bell personell disclose or verify the
existance of an actual or suspected wiretap to a customer.

 If a wiretap is trouble inducing, security may direct the technician to
correct the trouble or disconnect the device from the line. The security
department shall notify the appropriate law enforcement agency and shall
determine if further action is required.

 After the trouble is cleared, the technician will close the report usind
established procedures. The customer must be advised that the trouble is
cleared, but the only statement that may be made about a wiretap device is

4...Wiretaps Discovered During Routine Field Operations

 If a wiretap, or what appears to be a wiretap, is discovered as a result
of routine field operations, where there has been no customer complaint or
request for a wiretap inspection, security shall be notified immediatly.
Under no circumstances will Bell personell, other than security or
individuals acting under the express direction of security, disclose the
existance of the actual or suspected wiretap to a customer. -If security
determines that a wiretap discovered in this fashion is lawful, no report
shall be made to the customer. -If security determines that a wiretap
discovered in this fashion is unlawful, law enforcement and the customer
shall be notified.

5...Other Unlawful Use of the Comapnies Service

 If in the course of one's work an employee overhears a conversation or
otherwise obtains information indicating that any services provided by Bell
are being used for bookmaking or for the dissemenation of wagering
information or other unlawful purposes, all facts will be reported to the
employee's immediate supervisor, or will notify security.


Well, maybe this text will cause you to think twice the next time you
decide to do something risky. Be carefull!


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