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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: walyfone.txt

Information on Wal-Mart's Phone System

Information on Wal-Mart's Phone System

On every phone is a paging button that doesn't neccessarily work, but
#96 always works! I don't think there is a way to forward to #96 though
from an outside line.

Also I'd like to note that one time I hit 96 because i was dialing fast
and missed the #. This was cool because I got a dial tone :D
unfortionately I haven't been able to do this again.

#980* picks up lines, * being the line number. I don't think you can
just access a free line this way but when you hear someone get a phone
call over the paging system, it can be lots of fun to take that call for

I finally took over my Wal-Mart. After finding out that it uses 3 digit
passcodes for all the departments (LOL, by looking at the long list on
the phones in random aisles) but they tried to be sneaky and made the
paging part a preprogammed button. I thought i call in from home, ask
for the home and garden dpt, and tell them I was earl in electronics and
I was trying to get the paging system but got this instead and if they
would give me the number to fix the phone. The lady said she didn;t know
but would ask then the line went dead, due to a power failure. So i just
went into the store and watched one of the workers use a phone that
didn't have the page button on it and saw that she press 966. I was so
happy. So i went to the front and called the Customer Service and told
em I was Jeb in the shoe dpt and to connect me to extension 966 as it
didn't work form my phone. She did. I pressed the 1 button, and heard in
the store. Keep in mind this is in the evening when the store is packed.
I had preplanned what i would say for this wondrous occasion, and
started with some things like: "Customer Service to Automotive, a
customer is harassing the tires" "Cleanup on aisle 5, some kids puked
all over the floor, ugh, im gonna be sick, (puking noise)" "Security to
the Toy dpt, some dingleberry is running amok whacking people with a
baseball bat" "Who Farted?" "All your base are belong to us" and then
played the vagina song by bloodhound gang. At this time all the
employees were running around trying to see what little kid had picked
up a phone, when i came on for the grand finale: (in old man
voice)"Customers of Wal-Mart, we are seriously sorry for the teenage
hoodlum that has abused our paging systems and caused chaos all over the
store. We would like to announce that all candy is now half off for the
rest of the day, so feel free to open up any you might have in your
carts and enjoy!" Now i hung up the phone and went and walked around the
store to see what was going on. Almos t 50 people were walking around
eating candy, and the candy aisle was packed with people opening candy
bars and eating them!!! After about 1 minute of this, which was a whole
lot of candy, almost the entire aisle was empty, the real wal mart
people came on and said that this was not true and that the candy is
still full price and that any candy not paid for will be considered
stolen. I thought I had done enough, and and loads of fun!

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