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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: usingdiv.txt

Diverters: What They Are and How to Use Them.

)(     Diverters:      What They Are And How To Use Them                    )(
)(                                                                          )(
)(     Another text 'phile' written by:             Beowulf                 )(
)(                                                                          )(
)(                                                                          )(

         What is a diverter?
         A diverter is an device that the phone company hooks up to a phone
line to re-route calls from a telephone thats rings and does'nt answer to
another phone that should be answered.  It is similar to call forwarding.

         How Are Diverters Used?
         Let's say you have a number that you know has a diverter on it.
When you call the number, first you will hear three or four rings, and then
a click, and fainter ringing.  This is the diverter in action, re-routing
your call to the specified number.  When the dude who has the diverter
answers, just say you have the wrong number or something, and wait for him
to hang up the phone.  MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON THE LINE !!!  You should then
hear a pause for a little, and then a dial tone fainter than your own one.
This dial tone is the dial tone of the diverted phone, and any call you make
will be charged to his bill!

        How can I find Diverters?
        The easiest way to find diverters are to whip out the good old yellow
pages and let your fingers do the walking until you find numbers for '24 hour'
plumbers, lawyers, doctors, or whatever.  Most likely there is not someone on
call at the office, and all calls will be diverted to the person's home phone
number.  If the doctor/lawyer/plumber has more than one phone line, call all
of them until you get one with a diverter on it.

         What Can I Use A Diverter For?
         Diverters, if you find one with a local exchange, can be used like an
extender, except that you direct dial the call like you would on a normal
non-phreaked long distance phone call.   Diverters can also be used for con-
ference calls, either through an AT&T operator or Alliance (0-700) con-
ferencing.  If you really want to get malicious, use an AT&T Calling Card
on a diverter.
        To get you started:
        Yes, I am being a nice guy by giving you a few extenders to try out
and use so you can get the 'pheel' of how a diverter works.  These numbers
are most likely not local calls to you so I suggest you use an extender to
dial them with.  These were all working as of the date of the writing of this
file (July '85).  Remember:  Only call after business hours when the diverters
will be turned on, or else you will just get the office answering.

        Diverters:       201-233-6688

                         Have phun with these and look for more text philes
                         from Beowulf, coming soon to an AE line near you.

Disclaimer:  The text files written by myself are merely informative and are
             not meant to be abused.  The user of this file uses the infor-
             mation herein at their own risk.  This not only applies to files
             I have written in the past, but ones I intend to write in the
             future (I don't put this in all my text files, just a few, so
             you don't get bored/pissed every time you reach the end of one
             of my files)

)(    This text file was written by :        Beowulf                        )(
)(                                                                          )(
)(    This file for use on AE lines, Catsends, and AE/BBS's only.           )(
)(    Copyright July 1985   New Jersey, USA                                 )(
)(                                                                          )(

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