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Free Calls with Ureach

		       Free Calls With Ureach
			    By The Mob Boss

        Hello boys and girls, I'm hear again with another text for the
masses. Today's topic is the wonderful service provided by, the
free voice mail, fax, and e-mail service which has been becoming
increasingly popular among people in the h/p field. It's a good thing to
see that the powers that be have finally caught on to the fact that people
won't steal voice mail if you give it to them free. I have been using the
service for months now and really love it. Lately though, now that their
beta testing is through, they have added some services. One of these new
services caught my eye, call fowarding. If you enable the service, which
they call ureachme, it will give callers the option, at times you
designate, to be automatically fowarded to a number you choose. Now I don't
know if they were smoking crack when they decided to initalize this service
but they scream, "RAPE ME". This service can be used to call anywhere in
the United States on Ureach's nickel if you play your c! ards right. All
you have to do is setup your box to foward to any number you like right?
Well this system has some limitations. First of all, this quickly eats your
60 minute per month time alotment, charging you 1.5 minutes for every
minute a phone call fowarded from your box is in progress. Another problem
is that the person on the recieving end has to decide whether or not to
take the call by pressing the number one to accept. This means there will
be no fowarding to your favorite PBX or conference number across the
country. Now purely in theory if you have someone on the three way you
might be able to push yourself through, but I have been unable to test that
method. Now if the person knows before hand that you want to give him a
ring then of course he will accept. So this can be good for talking to your
pals from IRC and at the same time neither one of you have to supply your
phone number to the other. The only problem left is that lousy time limit.
Well, you can get arou! nd that. Now, considering that you can get a 40
minute phone call per fully charged ureach box, just set up as many boxes
as you need. After all, they are free and in the words of Homer J. Simpson,
"In the great buffet of life you have to pile up your plate and stuff some
rolls in your pockets." Now use this sparingly as this will eventually
cease to exsist undoubtedly and if you are a real bitch to the poor folks
at ureach they might sue you or something. Always remember the accounts you
set up, as next month you can use them again. Well there is a new fresh way
to communicate with your hack and phreak buddies as much as you like free
of charge.

-The Mob Boss;
Voice mail and fax: 1-877-203-3043

Edited by: SHADOWMOB

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This has been a publication written by THE MOB BOSS;
He is in no way responsible for the accuracy or results from the use of info in this article.
Anything done is totally done at the users discretion. 
THE MOB BOSS in no way or form supports, aids, or participates 
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