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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: upl009.txt

Deaf Fones

Ί                           United Phone Losers                              Ί
Ί                                                                            Ί
Ί                 Ί          Deaf Fones (TDD/TTY)          Ί                 Ί
Ί                 Ί               by linear                Ί                 Ί
Ί                                                                            Ί
Ί   04/16/99                   Issue No. 9                File: UPL009.txt   Ί

       ****** NOTE: This issue should be viewed in DOS ******

                -----Things I Will Cover In This Issue----
I. What They Are
II. How To Call Someone
III. Codes That Most TDD Operators Use
IV. Big List Of Deaf Fone Numbers
V. Disclaimer

                -----What They Are-----
        Deaf phones, often called TDD, or TTY (don't ask what it stands for)
are so people who can't hear can still call people. How is that possible? Well
what happens is that you call the TDD operator with a special TDD fone that
has a keyboard and mini-monitor on it, (or you can just use the Hyper Terminal
program on your computer) and the operator begins typing stuff to you (you see
it on the TDD phone's little monitor). She'll ask you what number you want to
call, and she dials it for you. Say you called your good friend Jeremy. The
operator will first tell Jeremy about the TDD service. Then she will type
exactly what Jeremy says. Then you tell the operator (by typing on the
keyboard) what to say to Jeremy. The great thing about this is that the
operator HAS to say what you type, no matter how stupid, vulgar, or illegal!
One time I called my girlfriend with this service and we had a huge
conversation about how we thought the TDD operator relaying our call was gay.
She couldn't do anything about it, so she just kept on with our conversation
not even laughing about it, becoming extremely pissed and yelling at us, or
disconnecting us. I've also called people to ask for things as stupid as the
"top-secret detenation code for the peanut" and the operators HAVE to go
along! Every now and then we will succeed in making an operator laugh,
although I don't think they are suppose to.

                -----How To Call Someone-----
        Well, if you have a TDD phone (which I doubt, because you're not deaf,
and if you are, why the hell you reading this file? You already know about
this service!), all you have to do is dial the TDD Operator number with the
keypad and type on the keyboard. But, if you don't have a TDD fone, you can
use a terminal program (like Hyper Terminal in Win95/98) to call them.
Assuming you are using Win95/98, Goto your Start Menu, click Programs,
then Accesories, then Hyper Terminal. You should get a bunch of different
icons for stuff like MCI Mail, AT&T Mail, etc.... Just open the one that says
"hypertrm". Set it up so the number to dial is the TDD number that corresponds
with your area of residence (see numbers further down in issue). Connect to
that number. Once you connect, you should get something similar to:

CRS 78042F GA

Dial the number you want them to relay the conversation too. Like your good
friend Jeremy. Number was (123)456-7890 then you would type it like
123 456 7890 GA. (GA stands for Go Ahead). You will soon be connected to
Jeremy and relaying a conversation. Now, if Jeremy is not that good friend of
yours, it's just as easy to terrorize him with TDD. And fun too!

                -----Operator Codes-----
        Operators use special initials to mean certain things, you are suppose
to use these to.

QQ   = Question (used instead of an '?')
Q    = See Above
GA   = Go Ahead
SKSK = Good Bye
SK   = See Above

                -----Big List Of Deaf Fone Numbers-----
        Each state in the US has it's own TDD/TTY Deaf Relay phone number. Oh,
by the way, this service does not charge money for local calls. Not all these
numbers have been checked. The only one I use is California's, because that's
where i live. If you are using Hyper Terminal, you can only call the ones
marked with ascii. If you are using a TTY fone, you can only call the ones
marked with TTY. If you are calling with a normal phone and just want to call
a friend who has a TTY fone, call the number marked with voice.

202-855-1234 District of Columbia TTY
202-855-1000 District of Columbia voice 
212-219-1887 New York City Recycling Hotline
315-337-8489 Auto Attendant & TDD Mail
503-760-2212 911 Emergency in Portland, Oregon
617-849-5677 Massachusetts Lottery
800-548-2546 Alabama TTY 
800-548-2547 Alabama voice 
800-770-8973 Alaska TTY 
800-770-8255 Alaska voice 
800-367-8939 Arizona TTY 
800-842-4681 Arizona voice 
800-285-1131 Arkansas TTY 
800-285-1121 Arkansas voice 
800-735-2929 California TTY 
800-735-2922 California voice 
800-735-0091 California ascii 
800-659-2656 Colorado TTY 
800-659-3656 Colorado voice 
800-659-4656 Colorado ascii 
800-842-9710 Connecticut TTY 
800-833-8134 Connecticut voice 
800-232-5460 Delaware TTY 
800-232-5470 Delaware voice 
800-955-8771 Florida TTY 
800-955-8770 Florida voice 
800-255-0056 Georgia TTY 
800-255-0135 Georgia voice 
808-643-8833 Hawaii TTY 
808-546-2565 Hawaii voice 
800-377-3529 Idaho TTY 
800-377-1363 Idaho voice 
800-526-0844 Illinois TTY 
800-526-0857 Illinois voice 
800-501-0864 Illinois Spanish TTY 
800-501-0865 Illinois Spanish voice 
800-743-3333 Indiana TTY/voice 
800-735-2942 Iowa TTY 
800-735-2943 Iowa voice 
800-766-3777 Kansas TTY/voice 
800-648-6056 Kentucky TTY 
800-648-6057 Kentucky voice 
800-846-5277 Louisiana TTY 
800-947-5277 Louisiana voice 
800-437-1220 Maine TTY 
800-457-1220 Maine voice 
800-735-2258 Maryland TTY/voice 
800-439-2370 Massachusetts TTY/voice/ascii 
800-439-0183 Massachusetts voice 
800-649-3777 Michigan TTY/voice 
800-627-3529 Minnesota TTY/voice/ascii 
800-582-2233 Mississippi TTY 
800-855-1000 Mississippi voice 
800-855-1234 Mississippi ascii 
800-735-2966 Missouri TTY 
800-735-2466 Missouri voice 
800-253-4091 Montana TTY 
800-253-4093 Montana voice 
800-833-7352 Nebraska TTY 
800-833-0920 Nebraska voice 
800-326-6868 Nevada TTY 
800-326-6888 Nevada voice 
800-735-2964 New Hampshire TTY/voice 
800-852-7899 New Jersey TTY 
800-852-7897 New Jersey voice 
800-659-8331 New Mexico TTY 
800-659-1779 New Mexico voice 
800-662-1220 New York TTY 
800-421-1220 New York voice 
800-735-2962 North Carolina TTY 
800-735-8262 North Carolina voice 
800-366-6888 North Dakota TTY 
800-366-6889 North Dakota voice 
800-750-0750 Ohio TTY/voice 
800-522-8506 Oklahoma TTY 
800-722-0353 Oklahoma voice 
800-735-2900 Oregon TTY 
800-735-1232 Oregon voice 
800-735-0644 Oregon ascii 
800-735-3896 Oregon Spanish TTY/voice 
800-654-5984 Pennsylvania TTY 
800-654-5988 Pennsylvania voice 
800-745-5555 Rhode Island TTY 
800-745-6575 Rhode Island voice 
800-745-1570 Rhode Island ascii 
800-735-2905 South Carolina TTY/voice 
800-877-1113 South Dakota TTY/voice 
800-848-0298 Tennessee TTY 
800-848-0299 Tennessee voice 
800-735-2989 Texas TTY 
800-735-2988 Texas voice 
800-735-2991 Texas ascii 
800-346-4128 Utah TTY/voice
800-253-0191 Vermont TTY 
800-253-0195 Vermont voice 
800-828-1120 Virgina TTY 
800-828-1140 Virgina voice 
800-833-6388 Washington TTY 
800-833-6384 Washington voice 
800-833-6385 Washington telebraille 
800-982-8771 West Virgina TTY 
800-982-8772 West Virgina voice 
800-947-3529 Wisconsin TTY/voice 
800-877-9975 Wyoming TTY 
800-877-9965 Wyoming voice 
800-855-2880 AT&T National Relay TTY 
800-855-2881 AT&T National Relay voice 
800-855-2882 AT&T National Relay ascii 
800-855-2883 AT&T National Relay telebraille 
800-855-2884 AT&T National Relay Spanish TTY 
800-855-2885 AT&T National Relay Spanish voice 
800-855-2886 AT&T National Relay Spanish ascii 
800-877-8339 Federal Information Relay Service TTY/voice 
800-833-5833 Hamilton National Relay TTY 
800-833-7833 Hamilton National Relay voice 
800-688-4889 MCI National Relay TTY 
800-947-8642 MCI National Relay voice 
800-877-8973 Sprint National Relay TTY/voice/ascii
800-243-7889 AIDS Hotline
800-855-1155 AT&T Directory Asisstance
800-326-2996 Federal Information Center
800-544-3316 QVC

   linear, United Phone Losers, and/or it's members WILL NOT be held
responsible for what you do with the information within this text document.
We cannot take responsibility for your ignorance, besides, we can barely
take responsibility for our own.

   If you feel I left something out, or you think something is incorrect, 
       feel free to contact me via email:
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