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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: trutras.txt


by telephreak


Trucking: (my definition)
   'Borrowing' from a bell truck for goodies.
Trashing: (my definition)
    Jumping in a dumpster, and getting dirty for goodies.

   This article I wrote so if your looking for that handset you want so
bad you can get it without hopefully getting taken 'downtown'. This should
explain what to do what to look for and how to prepare. The Phone Rangers
in any manner do not say its ok to do these things. They are illegal and
you can be charged with breaking and entering and robbery. So don't do 
it. This was ment for people for educational purposes only, and so that
bell knows how some of these terrible people do these awful things. 

also please read the disclaimer before reading anything else. Its located


 To prepare to truck or trash you need to do a couple things. First go to 
the truck station or where ever your gonna hit before hand. Check it out 
during the day. Map it out, the point of entry and exit. Look for camras 
where places people can see you from the road, and where anyone inside the 
building can see you. Also that night go back there and check out how 
everything looks at night, and whats going on when the places are closed.
Find out when they close! Find out if theres a dog, security gaurd whatever.

 The best thing to do is have a friend come with you. Try to get two busted
walkie talkies that have ear phone jacks. This way your friend can chill 
outside and sit down and smoke a cigarette while your in with the ear piece
in one ear and he can tell you whats going on. The reason you get the ear
piece in one ear is so if someone is walking around the yard you can hear him.

Bring a back pack, flash light, extra flash light thats are easily accessible. 
Also take a razor if your trashing. Be sure to wear some sort of gloves with 
both trucking and trashing. Also wear old clothes, and look as dorky as you
can. This way ifyour stopped on the way up or back you can just say your 
walking fast because its dark out and your scared because your going home
from a friends house. also the dorky clothes you probably never wear anyway.
You can bring small wire cutters if you want for either barb wire or fence
but if they dont know how you got in or left its better.

Going Trucking

 So you have your friend (well i have not many friends that will do this with me
so i risk it and go by myself.) with you and you got your balls out of your
throat and now your ready. You have everything all set. So you go in you point
of entry and you in. Now you noticed there are camras well ten to one no one is 
watching, but dont push you luck stay out of camra's view as much as you can.
So you walk all around and check every truck for open doors. Now the trick is 
check the little windows on the front doors, just pop them open and reach in
and open the door. Find whatever looks nice, but dont get to greedy, that will
make it so you can never go back again. Try to take one thing from every truck
that you can get into. Lock doors behind you!! it makes it harder to find out 
if there is anything wrong, or if they were robbed. 

Going Trashing.

  Get ready, set....go! jump in the dumpster, with your flash light handy. 
Take it out, try to dimm it so its not to easy to see you. Look for anything 
that may look nice, fill everything you can with papers, and tools. Hand 
written things are good, they could have important info. 

 and be sure to have fun... 

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