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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: trik2.txt

A must read on Motorola Flip that need Trik Clip

                              MOTOROLA "TRIK-CLIP"

This is the plans I recieved for the Flip.  Supposedly if one knew the
pinouts on the other moto phones one could transpose. (maybe!)  I never
tested this so I don't know if it works.  The chip in the flip the text
is talking about is a 32 pin square plcc

After Phone Disassembly Locate 27c512 Eprom on phone board.  This is
On The Upper Right Side Of The Display Next To The Roam Indicator.
This Is a 32 pin Square device.  **Note the dot and beveled edge
for pin orientation (the dot is pin 1) Count to the left
counter clock wise 2 3 4 5 and so on.  To the Right or clockwise
of the dot is pin 32 Vcc.  This will aid you in your count to find
pin 25 which is the eprom output enable.  This pin is at ground or
Vss - Level.  **Note Pin 25 on Eprom in phone must be lifted from
the phone board ground or Vss state.  Use an X-acto Knife and or
soldering iron and tools to cut pin at board level where pin
narrows.  Do not bend wide part of pin up on eprom as this could
break off of Eprom.  Also Wide Part of pin Will be used to make
contact with eprom test clip adapter.  The eprom test clip adapter
will take pin 25 to logic high through an 8 to 10 thousand
resistor to pin 32 Vcc.  This will Gate off all data Commands from
the phone board eprom and allow the eprom test clip adaptor to
take over.  **Note test clip could touch narrow part of cut off
pin on board and cause phone not to power up please remove or fold
down as low as possible so test clip only touches side of eprom.
After programing is complete put pin 25 back together or find a
suitable ground or Vss - source.  The phone will power up and work
without pin 25 put back together but for long term precaution
put back to a logic zero or ground to enable the output enable.
To use the eprom test clip adapter pull the locking wedge on the
test clip into the upper postition.  Seat the eprom test clip adapter
onto the eprom in the phone.  Make sure to orient the dot and
beveled edge with each other.  Push the locking wedge down to lock
the the eprom test clip adapter onto the eprom in the phone.  Hook up
the programing cable to the computer and plug into the jack on the
base of the phone.  Also hook up the loose lead with a jumper to the
center terminal between the battery contacts.  Turn power on green
light on phone display should come on thgen a complete display test
will light up after that the no service will blink along with the
signal level mark in corner of display.  If the antenna is still on
the phone it could change to roam or something else.  I  suggest
remove the antenna so the cell sight will not see you.  If you do
not get a power on test with the display there are 3 possible
things (1) pin 25 on phone board is touching the test clip this
can be checked by looking with a volt meter at pin 25 where
resistor connects for 4 to 5 volts pos with reference to ground.
(2) Test clip is not sitting on chip good some times you have pull
the test clip up off of the eprom a 64th of an inch all the way
around.  (3) there is corrupt data, Pull the eprom test clip off
Phone check to see if power on display is there.
Computer see if data or phone number or cell sight code or data
whole is ok I've seen the cell sight ID corrrupt and the phone play
dead on  the power on test. The test clip sometimes needs
maintenance look at the gold pins.
Make sure all the pins are level with the edge of it.  If not take
an X-acto or pin and lightly bend them out so they are along the
edge of the plastic of the test clip.
Always check to see if eprom in phone contacts are clean before
putting test clip on.  **Note when test clip is on phone - only
change the ESN only. *The other data phone number lock and so on
can be changed without the test clip and and should be done so.
The software version in the test clip is 9148 you will see this in
the right corner of the computer.  Sometimes the program will crash
during the ESN wright this will put all zeros in the ESN field
check the test clip try again.  Sometimes I've had to do this 3 an 4
times.  Also watch the phone display for codes I've seen at the end
of a wright the code (FO8) just before power down I've had no
problem there but during the key wright (FO8) means i've crashed.
Also during the time when the program is counting back into the
phone i've had (F1O) show up in the display of the phone this
problem means the next time you may not get the power on display
test pull test clip read phone check data to see if cell sight
code is corrupt or some other data correct try again.  A word of
caution do not push on eprom on top of test clip as this could
seat eprom lower into adapter and cause bad contact.  To remove
test clip pull locking wedge up to unlock the eprom test clip
adapter from the eprom in the phone.  Continue pulling up to lift
the eprom test clip adapter from the eprom in the phone.

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