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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: tph1_1.txt

The Phreakers Handbook 1 of 6

 [Phile 1.1]
                      [#                              #]
                      [#  THE PHREAKER'S HANDBOOK #1  #]   
                      [#                              #]
                  **** An Official Phortune 500 Product ****
                a useful source for the phreaker covering both
                     the basics and advances of phreaking
                                 GENERAL NOTE
         The purpose of this newsletter is purely educational. It has
         been released in order to teach and advance the knowledge of
         today's declining phreaks. However, the author does not take
         any responsibility over the  misuse of  the herein contained
         information, and the newsletter itself does not encourage or
         support the  above type of  activity. Also, any wrong or old
         information in this document is not to the responsibility of
         the  author, and the  reader accepts any consequences due to
               information that may be mistaken in this manner.
                                NOTE TO ABUSERS
          All information contained within this document was intended
          towards educational purposes. Any  misuse or illegal use of
          the information  contained in  this document is strictly at
          the  misuser's risk. The  author assumes  NO responsibility
          of the reader's actions following the release this document
            (in otherwords, you're on your own if you get nailed!)
        TPH Issue #1, Volume 1               Release Date::July 3, 1989
                        WRITTEN BY::DOCTOR DISSECTOR

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