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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: thebay.txt

Customer Service phones at The Bay!

	         The Bay's Customer Service Phones
				    by Miklos

 	Have you ever been at a mall, and needed to call for a ride home, 
but had no money for the payphone?  We have all run into this once in our 
life.  Fortunately, if you have a large Department store called "The Bay" 
you won't have that problem again:

	 Inside the Bay where the toy section is, you'll see phones for 
customer service.  If you pick up the phone the LCD display on the phone 
will have the phone number for customer service, and will dial it 
automatically.  Who the hell wants customer service though?  heh.  Instead, 
to make outgoing calls,pick up the phone and hit the button on the top right 
corner (the button says "Rls", andis the only orange button on the phone) 
and then press nine.  The display nowsays Line 0008, or something, and will 
give you a dialtone.  The nice thing about this, is no tonedialer is needed; 
just use the keypad.  Happy calling.

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