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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: testnum.txt

958 Toll Free Test Numbers

SUBJECT:        958 Toll Free Test Numbers

DATE:           July 21, 1987

FILE:           WT87-29-01

RELATED TO:     WT86-29-04

PROCEDURE FOR:  Distribution Service Personnel - Field


AUTHOR:         Donald J. Aber, (414) 678-6866

In the near future, Wisconsin Bell Test Line Numbers will be revised to
reflect changes in test numbers for ESS/Digital Type offices. A new exchange
(958) will be opened throughout most of WBI's central offices.

When FLS (Free Line Service) was discontinued, it became necessary for some
work groups and/or vendors/customers to pay toll for the use of test line
numbers. The 958 exchange will elimiate this and again provide free access
to all of the test line numbers.

The type of test and the new numbers are as follows:

Milliwatt (100 Hz)      958-0010        Balance (900 Ohms)      958-0015
Loop Around             958-0011        1004 Hertz Test Tone    958-0016
Dry Line Test           958-0012        Synchronous Test        958-0017
Open Test               958-0013        Coin Test               958-0018
Short Test              958-0014        Silent Termination      958-0019

All of these numbers will be common to ESS/Digital Type offices only. These
numbers will become available in step-by-step and cross-bar offices when
they are converted to ESS or Digital. Until all electro-mechanical offices
are converted, use existing test line numbers.

Refer any requests to the Test Line Coordinator (see WT83-29-04)

As the offices are converted to 958 numbers, the I&M Staff will call the
DSOC Manager responsible for the area of the converted office. It will be
the DSOC Manager's responsibility to notify the respective work groups
(inside and out) of the changes.

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