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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: test_kit.txt

Building a Ma Bell Test Kit


*> Title:   Ma Bell Test kit
*> Date:    5/26/89
*> Time:    1:33 pm

                     Phone God's Handbook

[ Part I - MaBell Test Kit ]

  Okay, this file will basically tell you how to make your own MaBell test
kit, if you don't already have one, and some basic things on using them with
Southwestern Bell Connect/Junction boxes. I am just going to call then Connect
boxes but the real name is Bridging Heads or Trunks. There is also the "can"
or Telephone pole distribution boxes.

  First off, if you don't have a test kit, you can try to steal or find one.
Those manhole covers lying sround the city with the "Bell System" logo written
on them.  You can open these with a crowbar abot 1/2 inch wide using th hook
side.  If you get it open, go inside, there will usually be alot of wires on
the walls, a color code chart, and possibly some telco manuals and test kits,
and other testing equipment. So if you can get a crowbar, get into those holes.

Now, if you can't find a test kit, you can make your own very easy. I will
now describe how to build your own MutantBell test kit.


1 MaBell standard phone
1 standard phone line
1 standard MaBell or Radio Shack wall jack (external or internal)
2 Alligator clips
1 screwdriver

Okay, First you want to get the wall jack and look at the insides, I am using
a rectangualr external phone jack to do this, but they are all pretty much
the same,  there should be 4 color coded wires, Red/Green/Black/Yellow. Now,
unscrew the terminals for Black and Yellow and remove the wire from the screws.
Now take your two alligator clips ( they should be insulated with at least 5
inches of wire leading from the clip ), and strip the ends of the wire.  Now
unscrew the terminals for Red and Green, take the Red & Greem wires and place
them on the Black and Yellow terminals, but before you screw them back down,
take the stripped alligator clip wire and twist it around the screw with the
Red & Green ( 1 clip for each terminal ), then screw down the terminals so the
Red & Green wires are held down with the wire from an alligator clip,  I will
try and make a small diagram.

                       ! !  - Standard phone cord
                       ! !
                       ! !
                      !   !
              !        !  !      !  - Wall Jack
              !  [G]   !  ! [R]  !  - Red & Green Terminals
              !        !  !      !
              !        G  R      !  G= Green Wire
              !        !  !      !  R= Red Wire
              !  [B]---!  !-[Y]  ! - Black & Yello Terminals
              !   !          !   !
                  !          !     - Wire from Terminals to Clips
                  !          !
                  ()         ()   - Alligator Clips
                  \/         \/

  Now take one end of the phone cord and plug it itno the phone jack, and plug
the other end into your phone, you now have a HomeAid Test kit for tapping and
screwing with phones..

After you have completed your Test kit you are ready to test it on your own
house.  But first, let me describe what you should have with you before you
go out on any missions.

The Phone God's Phone Terrorist Kit
 Test Kit
 Ratchet wrench with a 7/16 inch Hex socket
 Flathead screwdriver
 Pencil and paper
 and some extra alligator clips

I put all of the above equipment in a black duffle bag which could be easily
carried, ( you might have to do some fence jumping later on.)

Now to test your kit,  in your backyard or somewhere on your house should be
a Residence Terminal box, it's will usually be small, gray, and made of
hard plastic ( standard AT&T ).  It connects the cables from the local splitter
box to your house wiring, when opened ( some have to be opened with the 7/16
hex and others can be opened by pulling off the cover. )  Inside there should
be 4 Terminals.. the top two will have Red and Green wires connected to them
and the bottom might have Black and Yellow connected if your house has two
lines.  Now for some phone information.  Your house has 2 pairs of wires,
Red & Green are the standard phone line of you house, if you have another line
put in, then that line will use Black and Yello wiring.  Now take your test kit
and connect the alligator clips to the color coded wire terminals.  Connect
the clip for Green to the green wire and the clip for Red to the red wire.
There is a screw that the house wires are connected to, just place the clips on
these screws and it will connect the test kit.  Now pick up your phone and you
should get a dial tone, or hear whoever is using the phone.  You can make calls
and listen in etc..  If the phone is dead when you connect try switching the
wires or check to make sure your connections are done properly.

[ Part 2 - The Splitter Box ]

   Description: Black, Grey, or Green round or rectangular thing at every
                telephone pole. ( May be in neighbors back yard! )

  The splitter box is the box that holds all the lines for a group of 4 or 5
houses. It will usually be locked, but thats what the 7/16 ratchet wrench is
for! There should be a hex nut near the base of the box, take the 7/16 socket
and turn the nut about 1/8 of a turn to the right ( you might hear a spring
release on the inside ). Then pull open the box ( harder than it sounds, )
they can make a lot of noise so do it slow, you usually have to pull the cover
up, then out to get it open. Inside should be 2 horizontal rows of terminals.
You can use your test set exactly like on your house, just connect to the
terminals and pick up the phone. If you want to figure ou what number you are
using, here are a few number to dial when connected to a terminal:

ANI - Automatic Number Identification

For the 213 NPA - Dial 1223
        408 NPA - Dial 760
        914 NPA - Dial 990
        713 NPA - Dial 380-55555555 ( Hit the fives real quick and wait )

These are Telco test numbers that reports to you the number that you are
calling from.  They are extremely useful when fucking with terminals, for
instance, you can use it to find the neighbor's phone number, then once you
know which terminal is for his house, start a conference or dial a bunch of

One other thing that can be done with the Splitter box is "Piggybacking" the
lines. in other words, swap lines with your neighbor, and wreak havoc on
the neighboorhood (tapping time) However, I don't recommend this until you
know exactly what you are doing because it's difficult to do it correctly.
WARNING: All active line carry 15 to 48 VDC (Volts Direct Current) and when
         they are ringing carry up to 90VAC (Volts Alternating Current), so
         be extremely careful because it can really suprise you and even kill
         you if you are screwing around.

Also, when yu are done with a box, close it real good and lock it, otherwise
someone will notice the open box and call Telco, so make sure you keep it
closed when not in use. ( Also, if you want to find some good loop lines,
try using your Wargames dialer to scan the 00XX or 99XX #'s the tone sides will
announce themselves with a 1000hz loop tone and the hang side will give no
response. )

Leached off SSC (713) 497-2312

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