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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: termfun.txt

Terminal Phun

           Terminal Phun!          
      (how to terminal phreak)     
          by: Magnus Adept         

   Another  Clestial Elite phile!

After hearing and worrying about AT&T
(already broken up) becoming
independent companies (no more direct
MCI dialups) I decided to discover a
phun alternative, and start hacking
on those puse green terminals in
everyone's own backyard.  We have
found many phun and practical uses
for these.  Now onward for our quest
for phun!

Equipment you must have:

1 crowbar
1 Modu-Box and phone (a beige box
  will do as a substitute for both)

What to do:

1. Find a target terminal.

    This should be in an out of the
    way place, not the ones in
    people's front yards.

2. Find the side with the bolt on it.
   This may be taken off with a
   rachet, but I prefer to use the
   good ol' reliable 100% steel

    The crowbar method: take claw and
    insert short end under the front
    plate, push down and wala!  It's
    open and ready for abuse.

3. Find the long line of terminal
   bolts.  These may be in the upper
   left hand corner.  Attach your
   two alligator clips to these.
   Pick the phone up.  Is there a
   dial tone?  If not, switch the
   clips around.  Is there a dial
   tone now?  If not, this pair of
   bolts is not connected, so go on
   to the next pair.

    No matter what variable type
    terminal, you can always depend
    on that there will always be at
    least 2 vertical bolt lines.

4. When you get the dial tone, I'm
   sure that we all know how many
   hours of enjoyment we can recieve
   out of doing it.

    This gets really hilarious if
    there are electrical outlets
    right next to it.

5. The best way to do this is to mark
   down numbers (T1, T2, T3, etc.
   meaning terminal number) on your
   map and write down the information
   about this terminal on your sheet
   of paper (phone numbers, C.N.s,
   loop lines, etc.)

Things you can do:

1. Bother the operator with obscene
   name calling and see how long it
   takes for her to trace you.

2. Put a whopping big bill on
   someone's (something's?) phone
   line and let them worry about it.
   (Since you are calling straight
   from THEIR phone line, there is no
   denying the bill and they will
   have to pay it.  Good revenge
   weapon against neighboring
   enemies.  (A call to Iran for a
   day oughta do it.)

3. You get the advantage of clearer
   connections and...

4. no code shit.

Something you can do if you have an
electrical outlet right next to it:

1. The best thing is for this sucker
   to be in an out of the way place.
   (very rare)

2. Build a fort right next (around!)
   to it.

3. Pay your local ruggies off so they
   will play but not damage your
   phreak shack.

4. Have a sign saying: "This fort was
   provided for all to use, so please
   don't damage it."

5. At night, haul your computer
   equipment to your phreak shack,
   power up and attach everything to

6. Attach your modem to call-out
   number (C.N.) only.

7. Now you're totally prepared to
   hack with a 99.999999% chance of
   not being busted!


This will save you a lot of
unnecessary hassle and big trouble
from The Gestapo. (Bell)

Definition of C.N.:

Most terminals have a pair of bolts
that register a weird phone number
(found by calling your local ANI) and
cannot be called up.  For example, I
found a number like 300-5856.  When
we called 300, it gave me a quick
busy signal.  (Like the kind you get
from an unassigned number.)  This
means that this probably cannot be
traced by any means and The Gestapo
gets to pay for all the calls.  This
unassigned number is used by phone
men to call out.  (These are not loop
lines, for it is a single line only.)

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