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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: termalrm.txt

Terminal Alarms - A short chat

jallen217: Catch, I need to ask you a major 
serious question

JCatch22: You bet

jallen217: Ok, chill for a sec. I'll be typing for 

JCatch22: ok

jallen217: I found this terminal that I think is 
trapped. There are two new wires coming out 
from the bottom and leading up the pole. They 
appear to be hard wired into the line. It is 
impossible to open the terminal without killing the 
wires. I checked the voltage of these new wires 
with an analog multimeter and it buried the 
needle. Any ideas what these could be? A line cut 
off or shocking device of some kind? I know it 
sounds far fetched by remember, I've been 
sprayed with ink before!

JCatch22: Sounds like an alarm of some kind.

JCatch22: What was the voltage running at?

jallen217: But where would the speaker be?

JCatch22: We have something like that here, if 
you kill the wires and open the box, it sounds.

jallen217: I doubt it could fit in the terminal

JCatch22: Up on the pole maybe.

JCatch22: Might be a silent alarm

jallen217: Shit! Any way around it?

JCatch22: tells telco "Hey, this box has been 
opened, get your asses out here."

JCatch22: Yea, pretty easy.

jallen217: Have you ever encountered one?

JCatch22: Yea, something similar.

jallen217: Tell me...

JCatch22: They are pretty easy to get 
around....just a sec. this will require some typing

jallen217: no problem...

JCatch22: Get some 30gauge wire (or larger) 
and attach an insulated gator clip to each end. 
Make two of these lengths, each one about 2 feet 
long. Take a lighter of wire strippers over to the 
box and strip the wires at the top, and bottom of 
the box. Clip one of the wires you made on to the 
top and bottom, do the same with the other wire. 
Now cut the telco wire. You can open the box 
with no alarm going off. You are basically just 
making the wire longet so you can slide it around 
the box or whatever

JCatch22: Gotta go. brb 30 mins Have to get a 
copy of Red Hat 5.2.

jallen217: ok thanks

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