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Free Calls from a Taxi Fone

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@              FREE CALLS FROM A TAXI PHONE              @

by Bakb0ne 01/04/01 @ 03:09 (Got Bored!)

I found out something a while back that came in handy 
last month at Tesco's, using my tonedialler or mobile
(with loud tones active) it is posible to make free
calls from the taxi phones located around the store..


Go to a taxi phone. You know the kind with one button 
that dials a taxi when you press it? Well go to one, 
lift up the receiver. Use your mobile or tonedialler 
to dial the number you want. Wait and BINGO! The 
number should dial and ring and you are now talking 
for free.

NOTE: Calling a taxi does not take more than 10mins so be
careful when doing this around Tesco's Security guards :)

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