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Stoopid Wives

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                                 STOOPID WIVES

                                by: L.E. Pirate

                      >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
                        -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-
                            Thanks to Black September

        I haven't written any files in a few months now, so I guess I
  should get back into this.  I have realized that all the files I have
  written are impractical, and you could never do that unless you really
  believed you were the hakk master or something.  So in this file I
  will just tell you an easy way to scam cards out of housewives and
  various types of retards.


        Ok.  Cut school one day and just stay home.  Dig through the phone
 book and call anyone, let's say, ohh i don't know, uh, CHRIS CORWIN maybe?
 Ok.  Call his house, if his mom doesn't answer call someone else, she might
 be a working bitch.  If she answers, do this:

YOU: Is this the residence of Mr. XXXXXX?

THEM: Why, yes it is.

YOU: This is TRW computer filing systems.  A recent mixup with our datafiles
     has somehow made us lose your credit history reports.  We need some

THEM: Ok.  (sometimes they don't believe you, call someone else then.)

YOU: Social Security number? (this sets the stage for the bigger shit)

THEM: 742247657438, etc.

YOU: What type of major credit card do you use? VISA/MC/AMEX,etc.?

THEM: Mastercard.

YOU: Please read it off starting with expiration date (makes it sound good).

THEM: 11/88, 5432-3557-0006-2404.

YOU: You will be receiving a complete explination in the mail.  Thank you.


        Now.  Any fool knows that TRW does not contain credit cards, so
 get a computer goober/tard who doesn't know anything, or doesn't care.
        In short, just call the bitch and say you are someone important
 from some 3 letter company and ask for her cards.  I know that the usual
 bitch won't give them to you and will ask for your number to call you back,
 so you might want to go to a telephone booth and wait for the call.  Surf
 Monster and I tried it on 10 people and about 6 did not give us anything.
 But make it sound good, people are stupid, they will believe anything if
 you sound official.

        Thanks to The Neon Knights and Black September.

        Metal AE . . .[PW=KILL]. . . . . . . . . . . . . 201/879-6668
        Dragonfire Adventure System (D&D). . . . . . . . 201/934-0998
        Turbo Transfers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 707/575-5793
        Celestial Woodlands. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  713/580-8213

(C) 1988 - cDc Communications
 by L.E. Pirate

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