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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: stuff5.txt


by telephreak
of The Phone Rangers

This is a little thing i came up with i like to call Anoy-O-Phone, because it is
exactly what its called. Basically its a phone hooked up to one of those personal 
alarms and when turned on releases an anoying sound. Lets get to the construction...

What You Need:
1. 2 Wires (about a yard of each)
2. 1 Switch (Maybe)
3. 1 phone (besure its not a cordless)
4. 1 Personal Alarm (the things that is supposed to alert people around you if your 
in trouble)
5. 1 Screw Driver

Ok, now to the construction. First take apart the phone handset and the personal alarm.
On the phone strip the wires going to the mic and on the alarm cut the wires going to 
the speaker (besure to cut the wire as close to the speaker as possible, your going to 
use those wires). Now connect one end of the wire to one of the wires on the mic and 
the other end to one of the wires on the alarm. Do the same with your other wire
(i dont think it matters wether or not which wires are connected to which). 

Plug the phone in and call your enemy up, when they answer say fuck you and turn the 
alarm on(be sure the batteries are in the alarm). It will send a very loud anonying 
sound straight into the victium's ear.

Here are a couple of hints if it doesnt work:
-check the wires on the alarm be sure their connected to the wires that were once 
connected to the speaker.
-Make sure the wires on the mic side are connected to the mic and the mic isnt cut off.
-Switch the wires around it might actually matter how the wires are.
-The anoy-o-phone will still work if the phone isnt plugged in to the line so watch your 


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