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FCC Warning about Call Splashing

FCC Warns Consumers to Beware of "Call Splashing"
Thu, 30 Jan 2003

What Is "Call Splashing"?

When you place a call from a public phone (a payphone, hotel, or
airport phone, for example), your call may be routed to a distant call
center before being "handed off" to your chosen long distance
carrier. Your preferred long distance carrier might then, either
unintentionally or intentionally, bill you as if your call originated
from the distant call center, rather than from your actual location.
As a result, you may be charged higher long distance rates for the
call than what you expected. This is called "call splashing," and it
may be in violation of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.

For more information on call splashing, including tips for avoiding
it, go to:

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