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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: sni-lpr.txt

Sniper's Guide to Telstra LPR Traces

                           .pL     ,s$s,      .pL.    .pL
        .,sdS$$$Ss.  .,sdS$$$Ss.   `'   .s$$$$b,   $$$   $$$$'
      ^$$$$^`  `$$b^$$$$^`  `$$b,^$@%@$ ^s$$  `*$b, $$$ ,$$$'
        $$$'    ,$$$ $$$'    ,$$$$ `$$$' $$$        ,.$$$sS$~
      ,.$$$   .,d$$$.$$$   .,d$$$'  $$$  $$S          $$$ $$b
        $$$^S$$P'^  $$$^S$$P^  ,d$$$b $$$          $$$   $$b,
      ,d$$$b.       d$$$b. `$$b,   `"$"`  $$s  s@S$ d$$$b. `*bs.
       `"$'         `"$'    `*$b, SNiPER   $$$$$` `"$'     `"$'

                            SNiPER'S GUiDE To TELSTRA
                                   LPR TRACES  


 Here is a txt file for all of us would be crackers who are paranoid that there
is a "trace" attached to our fone line. Now before you all go out and grab your
telephone handset to check, let me just point out that fone traces are 
expensive to initiate. The AFP will not order one just because one person has
downloaded a few "WaReZ" off the internet or if someone is copying hpa filez of
a public bbs. They are only really after something Big like dealing drugs, Mass
volumes of expensive and latest software (only if the software company demand 
action) or you are a part of a very active crackers bbs that is known to be 
crawling into major companies and or causing damage. Basically it has to be 
something big in order for the Feds to act on it.

 Last Party Recall traces are used to determine what phone number the offending
person was calling from. Now I hear a few of you thinking "well what the hell
do you think caller id does?". Well call id tells the receiver of the call
where the call is coming from last. If you are any kind of a cracker you will
already know that you through more that 1 or 2 sites before you arrive a your
destination which you choose to crack.Therefore the CNI will show the
person/site that the number is the last site and not you phone number.
 Now if you are at a site and you suspect that there has been a trace put on 
the line, the best idea is to bail out.(No SHiT!)
 First of all you pick up the handset of your telephone THEN drop the carrier 
with your modem then listen to your handset. 
 If an LPR trace had been installed on the victims phone line, the victims
end of the telephone connection would not disconnect but would wait for the
cackers (YOUR) telephone to hang up first. After 90 seconds, the exchange would
log the phone number where the call had originated.
 If,however, the line did not have a trace on it, the company's modem would 
search for a lost connection to the crackers (YOUR) modem. without the 
continuous flow of electronic signals, the victims modem would hang up after a
few seconds. If no-one reactivted the line at the victims end, the connection
would time out Approx 90 seconds later and the telephone exchange would
disconnect the call completely. 
 Since i have never encountered a fone trace before, I have no idea really
as a way to stop it. All i can guess at the moment is that there is a different
voltage sent down the fone line that keeps it open. To stop this i guess that
you would put a load across the fone line ie 50-60v lamp to drop the voltage.
I think this was called an aqua box in the cookbooks.
         Catch ya all at ASGaRD or ACiD iNC  -=+ SNiPER '98 +=-

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