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Nortel's Meridian SL-100

Meridian SL-100
nikoz <>

The Meridian SL-100 is a powerful communications system that combines
advanced hardware architecture with premier PBX software features. These
features are:

	o Reliability / Redundancy (Carrier Grade)
	o Flexibility (Feature Roll-out) 
	o Expandability (2K - 100K Lines, Processing, Traffic)
	o Extensive Remote Portfolio (Multi-site Campus) 
	o Multi-Host Networking (Meridian 1 / MSL-100) 
	o Enterprise-Wide Applications (Voicemail, ACD, CTI) 
        o Residential and Business Applications 
        o Revenue Generating Opportunities (ELEC)

The Meridian SL-100 is Nortel's multimedia communications system that
combines advanced central office hardware architecture with premier PBX
features. Its flexible design makes it well suited for both small and
large organizations because of all the voice or data lines it can
support. The SL-100 supports a wide range of voice, video and data
applications, and incorporates Nortel's dual plane combined core (DPCC)
design. Features of this design include: 

        o Distributed processing control  efficient and allows a full
        range of system-resident features simultaneously.

        o Reliability  duplicated control and message control elements
        offer hardware fault protection and expansion and software
        updates without disruption of service.

The SL-100 serves a number of military applications: performing class
five functions in local communities or large military bases; serving as
a tandem switch in  a networked arrangement (DSN-type); serving separate
communities of interest within the same DSS, or handling a variety of
other unique applications. Modular software and flexible processing
capabilities give the systems versatility, and ensure economical and
efficient expandability when growth is required. Built-in redundancy of
all critical system components ensures system operations integrity. The
Meridian SL-100 system provides the Federal Government advanced
switching capabilitites in large and campus situations. Many Air Force
bases utilize the advanced capabilities of SL-100 systems.

As you can see this is a fairly important system to many people. I have
just started really researching this topic. This is a text composed of
the information that I have came across and learned for far. There will
be another one coming out soon. I would like to end this text by
throwing out a special shout-out to hybrid. You're the reason I am where
I am today. Thanks.

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