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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: screwbos.txt

Screwing your boss with 1-800 sex lines!

Newsgroups: alt.2600
Subject: ANI and how to phuck your boss
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 00:58:47 UTC

In alt.2600 you write:

>Ok.... so your squating in front of a can splicing in your latest
>diverter box (hypothetically, of course). What number do you call to
>reach your box and become untraceble?

      ANI has a lot of other good uses too.  For instance,  if you're
experimenting with a kollege or korporate phone system,  you can do alot
of probing with ANI numbers.  For instance,  you can find out what are the
numbers for outgoing trunks.  If the ANI is something other than the number
you call from,  that means that you have one layer of protection against
800 bill-backs,  caller ID and other obnoxious things.

      If your institution has an FX line,  ANI can help you find the other
end,  and find a way to make calls into that istitution when you are
on vacation on the other end of the FX line.  There are hundreds of other
similar practical applications

     Hayduke labs in Woods Hole,  Arizona is proud to announce the discovery
of a great way to phuck your boss or your school.  We found out that there
is a new family of 800 bill-backs that makes it easier than ever to not
get caught making sex calls on your favorite business or university phone
system.  How?

     It's easy.  You see,  there are these 800's that give first-time callers
an "instant calling card",  that they can subsequently use from any phone,
even a pay phone.  The latest thing is that some of the companies that do
this operate about 10 or 20 sex numbers,  and the "instant calling card" you
get works on all of them (but unfortunately,  not for making real calls).

     Now the way they catch you making 800 sex calls is that they painstakingly
match up calls on the log they have of outgoing calls and on the bills.  But,
the first call doesn't generate a billing record because they don't charge
you until you listen to the sex.  Now,  as long as you ~never~ use that
phone number again,  and use the other phone numbers instead,  all of the calls
show up as calling card calls made from pay phones.  They have no outgoing
log to match up to particular charges,  so they are phucked!

     How do you get these numbers?  Just steal a copy of Rolling Stone and
go through the numbers from a pay phone.  They identify the company that
runs them,  so just keep a note book or make doodles in your Rolling Stone
of which numbers go with which company.  If you're lucky,  some will be
programmed wrong,  and you can bill calls to a pay phone without any
effort.  And once you get "free" calling card numbers,  be sure to share them
with your phriends.

     What,  you think sex lines are lame?  You know,  I do too,  but some of
them have voice mail dating lines,  so leave a message that you want big hot
male black fags to fuck you up the ass,  or you want to meet girls who like
whipped cream and being tied up,  and just trash all those messages,  and
just give your mailbox number to your phriends,  for a great phree VMB.


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