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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: repr.txt

A beginner's guide to basic phone Phreaking

<--------------------------The Rulez Of Phreaking----------------------------->
                      | Written By:              |
                      |  The Ripper              |
                      | On 02-05-94              |
  The basics and rulez of fone phreaking.. For beginners and intermediate
             WARNING!! Use at YOUR own risk. Author NOT liable for ANY
         Mis-use. This txt file is only guanteed to take up space!
1. Intro.
  First. What is fone phreaking? Well, it is the ART of fooling the fone 
 company and generally fucking the fones all to hell.. Mainly just to place
 long distance calls to uur buddies with out paying. (least not us! :))
 A fone phreak is a hard to come by person now days.. Fone phreaking is 
 an extremely dangerous hobby, now that the fone company has such advanced
 equipment such as E.S.S. (Electronic Switching System) and A.N.I (Anywhere 
 Number Identification.) This means EVERY time you pick up your phone the
 number that you dialed is recorded! Even if that call was placed by voice
 or data. And A.N.I Well, lets say you wanna call and prank the operator
 for the Hair Club For Men, and you call and start bitch the operator lady
 out,well the instant you had dial the 800 number your number was recorded
 and forwared to the next exchange! Which in turn means SHE CAN CALL YOU 
 BACK! Which can be very disasterous for some youngsters out there...So
 Remember then, you:
 1. NEVER PHREAK FROM HOME.(unless you are scanning for carriers,then use 
   a random generator.
 2. NEVER TAKE ANY-ONES WORD FOR ANYTHING. (which we'll discuss l8r.
 3. NEVER I MEAN **NEVER** Talk to the operator if he/she picks up
   that could be recorded for later EVIDENCE!

2. The tools of the trade.
  Ok now that were past that,lets get to the goodd stufff like,codez,
  boxes, and diverters.
  The codez refer to Calling card numbers and 950 numbers,(which include
  the 9 digit operator code.). Now the way the codez are obtained, most
  of the fone areas have dial ups for calling card users to use thier
  cards.. Like for instance Sprint for example is 1-800-877-8000
  then yo get a ,beeeeeeeep,x, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx click,click,ring,ring...
  The 14 x's is the code the after that you dial the area code plus
  the number you are calling. Now to obtain those cards is not too 
  much of an easy task, you can just sit and try by hand (considering
  the population of the U.S. your bound to hit one..) Or you can use
  a P.C. I recommend a P.C. But NOT from your home, rip-off a laptop 
  or something and go beig boxing..(covered later.) If you try this 
  from your home there is a very big chance you will be black listed
  from all 800's which in essence is just always getting a fast paced busy
  signal every time you dial an 800..Which is a bummer, then worst case 
  you might get the attention of the fraud department who will just watch
  ya closley.. Which is entrapment but who cares? :(.
3. Bad codez.
   The worst two words on this earth (other than "I'm Pregnant...") and 
  you must really watch out for this, let's say you are calling your 
 most favorate bbs for phreaking and there is a message posted 
     The Ripper!
  Now say this message was posted two days ago and say 100 people took the
  time to writed down or capture all the codez.. And 100 people are using 
  them, in a very short time the bill can get extremely high,and people
  who those codez really belong to get thier bill,$4657.75 Oh my god! HONEY
  you fucking bitch look at this bill!!! What? I didn't make those calls...
  And soon a fone call to AT&T and AT&T credits the bill and passes the info
  along to the fraud department.. ok, now then the fraud department looks at
  it and flags the numbers and watches when where and where to the card was 
  let's say 918 area code well thier going to Tulsa, Oklahoma then..Zoom,
  their there and lets say you enjoy the pay phones down the street, nice
  hidden from plain site, yet you can see all on-comming traffic..(Take note
  there..) the fraud plice dudes get out a number map used by the phone
  repair dudes.. And say you placed your calles from 918-747-9982 they
  look and see what times..Hmm almost always on week-end and in the mid-evening
  whoa! It's saturday let's go see.. Andd they ffind a good doughnut shop
  pick up a good supply and go sit in a strategically sound place...Well
  couple hours go by.. And some young kid walks up to the fone..Hmm let's
  check him out.. He pick's up his cellular and calls in, This is agent 1234
  and we need a check on call placed on a payfone,Sure hold on..Whats the
  number sir?, 918-747-9982, ok hold please.. ok the call is being place to
  44-71-252-2330 (Scotland Yard) on a flagged card, Thank you Joyce..Click..
  Well,now we're in a fine mess the fraud police are on to us...Good reason 
  never to use the same payfone when possible. The fraud police now are 
  walking toward you and nabb your ass.. Boom, JH for you! Not to mention
  same for Blue Boxes and Black Boxes..Onlything safe now are the red-boxes 
  and beig boxing..(not a particular box,explained later.)
  4. Boxes
  Now the most basic of all boxes is the red box,a red box is not really
 red,just called that. A red Box makes tose little dit dit dit dit noises,
 like when you stick a quater in a payfone, here is how you build one.
  Go to your local radio shack and look for the 32 number memory dialer, it
 MUST have the memory, and get a 6.5536 crystal (may have to order one..)
 When you have all your parts gather these tools..
 1.Phillips screw driver (Star head..)
 2. Soldering Gun + Solder
 Now remove the screws there should be 2 at the  top and two under the battery
 case. Next remove the cover slowly,making sure not to break the wires to the
 speaker. You should see the circut board,look for a cylinder looking object
 silver color,it should have a frequency reading on it. De-solder it and remove
 it. Next take and solder the crystal where the old one went. Doesn't matter
 whitch connecter goes to which, you might have to make some room. now let it 
 cool, put the other cover back on, might take some re-arranging.. And replace
 the screws, look in your manual on how to program you dialer, you should 
 program 5 of the asteriks(*) per quater make some for 2.25 and .75 all that
 fancy shit.. And thats you red box. Now it will not have any affwct on the
 payfone if there is a dial tone you must dial the number first like
 1-918-747-9982 ......(long pause) (Computer) two dollars and twenty five cents
 please, please deposit 2.25 and you hit your 2.25 key and away! But it must 
 not have a dial tone..
  We will not cover any of the other boxes yet.. they are generally too risky..

  Now for the numbers of fone phreaking..For all of you out there who
 are hackers here is a few Number's you might be interested in..

 Williams Natural Gas: 588-3898 
 WilTel: 588-5000
  There are many more... Just check in on The Morgue BBS and drop
 A note to The Ripper!




 You can reach me on a number of boardz in the Tulsa area, Like:

 The Morgue BBS 918-341-6843
      Drop a note to The Ripper

 Pandora's Box
Or just take a chance on any other boardz............
 Later all and FUCK SWBT!!!!



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