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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: records.txt

Telco toll records and how to get them

While it is no secret that one TELCO exchanges TOLL Records and other
"confidential" Subscriber data with anOTHER, it does appear that with
the onslaught of PHREAKING within the last few years, TELCO has taken
greater security measures in protecting these records. There is always,
however, a way around anything...

In a conversation between myself and a friend at the local long
distance carrier, I learned of a certain security measure that any BOC
implements when asked by a LDC for TOLLs on any subscriber. This friend
advised me that once you identify yourself as an LDC and provide them
with the SRO code and TRUNK # of the fone# you are inquiring about,
that the operator on the other end of the line will practically
"laydown" and tell you what everthing you wish to know, up to and
INCLUDING complete TOLL listings for the last 90 days.  I have even
seen operators search out a TOLL history (as far back as 3 or 4 years)
of a # when asked to "help out with a TOLL FRAUD investigation".

You may ask, "where can i obtain SRO's and trunks #'s".  My suggestion
is to befriend someone that works for an LDC or perhaps beg me to help


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