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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: rcmac.txt

RCMAC - Recent Change Memory Administration Center

==            RCMAC            ==
==           By Gizmo          ==
==     ==
==  ==
==         IRC: Gizzy          ==
== Shouts to Thinkpol and Cpio ==
== Shouts to Missa and khecka  ==
== Shouts to Lucky225 and UPIN ==

July 22, 2001

RCMAC (Arr Cee Mak), or Recent Change Memory Administrative Center.

An RCMAC is an operator who changes lineclassers, etc.  The operator
adds threeway calling, call waiting, and other line additions and
removals to your line.  This can quite possibly be the most important
number to any phreak, or prank whore.  This operator can change the line
class, disconnect, reconnect a phone line.  Via this, you can disconnect
a users line, make it non touch tone capable, or our upin favorite, make
them have a payphone.

Getting an RCMAC number is half the battle, some pefer to social the
number, others can just find them via alternitive manners.   

Once you have achieved a number of a working RCMAC, its now quite easy
to achieve numbers of many others, just try and social the information
out of the present working operator avalable at the number.

An example of a typical RCMAC situation: OP: Hello RCMAC Portland, how
may I help you? You: Hello, this is John Scholtz here at Portland RCMAC,
our computers are currently down, are they presently up in your
location? You: Yes they are running fine may I help you? You: Oh good.
I need the Portland RCMAC and the present number that we have is wrong,
could you please give me the newest one? OP: Yes the Portland number is
503-XXX-XXXX You: Ok thank you for your help, have a good day.

Now that you have a working RCMAC, its time to call it (at late night)
and say: 

OP: Hello Portland RCMAC You: Hi this is John Scholtz from the Portland
RCMAC and our computers are presently down, and my supervisor had wanted
me to place a trouble ticket on (victem's number here), could you please
assist me in this. (will terminate the line until they check it for
trouble) OP: Sir I am sorry we are doing dialtones (they check dialtones
late at night) now so I cant. You: Could you possibly write a note for
the change when RCMAC is back on? OP: Sure whats the number?

If that scenario doesn't work at first, try again, or just come up with
a better story (shouldn't be that hard).  If you would like to add or
remove a service, or make the line into a payphone, just exchange the
trouble ticket that your fileing for  its lineclass code below:

ESF= Speed calling CWT= Call Waiting CFB= Call Forwarding Busy CFV= Call
Forwarding TWC= Three Way Calling TTC= Touch Tone Dialing (fun to
remove) UNA= No Long Distance PXX= Block All Long Distance services CHD=
Centrex CPU= ACB= Auto Call Back FRE= Free Calling DTF= Payfone CFD=
Coinless Charge a call

Line Problems: NDT= No DialTone CC=  Can't Call DTWD=DialTone While
Dialing CH=  Cant Hear CBH= Cant Be Heard

This is about all for RCMAC's for now, please check in soon and we will
update the text accordingly, so please stay tuned.

Information in this text was gathered from Gizzy, Weeve, BrainPhreak.

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