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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: pssdir.txt

PSS directory

PSS.DIR  (11/89)

PLINK              A9  311031200070

MODEM CITY         A9  311040100612    (NEW)

COMPUSERVE         A9  3132            (77770.101   FREE-DEMO)
                   A9  3106*DCIS02     (74.74   NETWORK)
                   A9  311020200202
                   A9  311061400227    <-- Given by PSS Hostess

MNEMATICS          A9  311091400050    (demo)
                   A9  31449147350020  (help)

DELPHI             A9  3106906015      (demo)
                   A9  311061703988    (joindelphi<CR>worldwide)

BIX                A9  310690157800    (new)

NWI                A9  311020301000    (signup<cr>signup)
                       3106008815      (demo)

LINC               A9  3106*dlinc

PORTAL             A9  311040800264    (new)     (Must be 8N1)

GENIE              A9  3136900         (XJM11845,PROCOMM)  (no UK users)

NEWSNET            A9  311021500066
                   A9  3106*Dnewsnet

QUOTRON            A9  3106002635      [none]      (HELP)

DARTMOUTH Collage  A9  31106030002007  [none]

GEO4               A9  31034152000050  (NEW)

STScI              A9  311030100140    (guest)

EASYNET            A9  31102150004900  (Need your plastic ready)

TELEMAIL           A9  311090900818    (RIGHT.CONNECTION<cr>TELEMAIL)
TELENET INFO       A9  311020200142    (INTL/ASSOCIATES<cr>INTL)
TYMNET  INFO       A9  3106*DINFORMATION    [none]

NET-EXCHANGE BBS   A9  311090900111    OLD BBS (D/L ONLY)
                   A9  31109090063100  NEW BBS

INFOPATH TEST      A9  31449147350004  (Just test packets from NYNEX)

DATAPAC HOST       A9  302092100086    [none]

U of C DEVELNET    A9  302062600010    (HELP)

KENT UNI               A222715151      (guest<cr>friend) (hosts all)
ESSEX UNI              A220641141
YORK UNI               A290468168
JANET                  A22351919169
NEWCASTLE              A263259159      (ncl.library)

HOSTESS                A21920100515    ) Calls are
PSS BILLING INFO       A21720103220    ) FREE

BT YELLOW PAGE         A27340101450    (3265 TTY  3165 Vdata)

PRESTEL (NO GRAPHICS)  A923411002002018          (4444444444    4444)
        (GRAPHICS)     A923411002002017
        (GRAPHICS)     A21920102517
        (NO GRAPHICS)  A200100100

TELECOM GOLD           A219201004XX (where XX is the system number)
CAMPUS 2000            A21230021001    (NTIMESN208CZY)

MERCURY 7500           A212300232

1 2 1                  A212301281      (NONEONE972WIT)

ISTEL                  A252724241
MICROLINK              A25272424111

MUSE                   A21920100441    (MUDGUEST<cr>PROSPECT)
AMP                    A22020010700    (ET2147)

ICC DATABASE           A213300226      (at logon enter ***# )

STC (Estel)            A22790010400    (direct ordering of parts)

DATASOLVE              A213300124

CLOCK                  A21230202192    [none]

INTERSTREAM        A9  2348++++++      (WHERE ++++++ is a UK telex Number)
                                        (^E Ans Back  ^B Clear Down)

PARIS PACKET       A9  208101          [none] (test packets)

EEC HOST           A9  270448112       (Dianee)

SINGAPORE INFO     A9  5252116688      (ID TELEPAC INFO)

HONG KONG DQ       A9  4545331015      (Directory Enquiries)

WINS               A9  45012201111     (no password needed)

KDD VENUS          A9  44082006001     [none] (test packets)
BEELINE            A9  44013612065     (GUEST)

AUSTRALIAN PRESTEL A9  505235121006    (4444444444 4444)

RULDOLF BBS        A9  26245215910168  (Must be 8N1) (guest)
SHOX               A9  26245890040004  (SHOX<CR>GUEST<CR>WELCOME)
M&T                A9  26245890010006  (GUEST)
NBERG  MAILBOX     A9  26245911010290  (GAST)     (SPRACHE GB)
BUDASPOST INFO     A9  26245621040000  (ID INF300 DATACOM)

DUTCH PTT INFO     A9  20412900090     (NO password   3 for index)

ITAPAC INFO BBS    A9  2222632004      (NO Password)       (ITALY)

BERGEN BY BYTE     A9  2422450134      (new)     (!!MUST BE 8N1)
UNI TROMS          A9  242265000106    (PORTACOM)

LUCERNE POLYTECH   A9  22846911003     (dma0543<CR>guest)  (Cyber system)

BELTEL (SA)        A9  65501161123502

UNINET             A9  655011101207    (uninet<cr>new<cr>new)

SAPONET TEST       A9  655010605001    (echo test)

DIALOG                 A212300120      (NDIALOG006OSQ)
                       A21230012011     For Knowledge Index

AUTONET                A219200118      (C ADPNS<cr>1300-7777<cr>AID)
                   A9  31268801

         +                                                           +
         +         CHANGES SINCE LAST EDITION                        +
         +                                                           +
         +         WELL deleted                                      +
         +         Singapore Info added                              +
         +         Hong Kong DQ added                                +
         +         Source Closed                                     +
         +         Istel NUA's Added                                 +
         +         Yellow Pages added                                +
         +                                                           +

         Notes on Addresses

         The Addresses given here are in the form needed for UK users.
         In  other  countries  the A9 we use to  go  international  is
         replaced  by  an  0. If you are given an address  by  someone
         overseas and it begins with an 0 then use A9.

         If you see a Telenet address given as:-
         C  401612  you have to put A9 (for international)  3110  (for
         Telenet) before the number and fill out the address with 0's
         to make it      A9311040100612
                               ^------^ 8 digits
         C  31270 becomes A9311031200070. Add the 0's after the  third
         digit of the telenet form, to build it out to 8 digits.
         You may get a bad "trunk" into a host so you can try adding 2
         digits to the end of the number to get another "Logic Stream"
         e.g. A931104010061201 or 61202.

         You will see that some UK Addresses still have A9 in front of
         them,  notably Prestel without graphics and Interstream.  You
         must put the A9 in, there is an extra packet charge.

         A93106  is  a  complete address. It gets you  to  the  Tymnet
         gateway.  You may type A93106<CR>linc<CR> or A93106*dlinc<CR>
         (i.e.  one packet). The *d is a command to the gateway. There
         are  quite a number of U.S. networks, on the face of it,  but
         if  you  have a lot of trouble getting to A93106 try  one  of
         these:-  A93124  A93194 A93113 A93119 They are all  the  same
         place. All react the same way.

         By  the  way the qualifcation for inclusion in this  list  is
         that  the service must be instantly accessable to new  users.
         That  means it must have a demo, online sign-up, guest ID  or
         no logon question at all.

         Some  services have been included from the start that do  not
         forfull this requirement but are widly used.


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