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                 - │An˙Overview˙Of˙Prepaid˙Calling˙Cards│ -
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                            - Second˙Update -
  - First Phrack Release - Second -BTR- Release - First -PAiN- Pak Release - 

                           (c) 1995 Treason [518]                               
                            by ──┼──reason│ [518]

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         With A Special Thanks Going Out To Al K. Lloyd [4o4]
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        In the past few months or so I have noticed that most places are 
hopping on to the Prepaid Calling-Card [or PCC for short) bandwagon. PCCs 
are a cheap alternative to normal long distance. Or are supposed to be.
For all of you that don't have any idea what a PCC is or how it works, heres
        Prepaid Calling-Cards are cards shapped like normal calling cards
and look exactly like them. All of these are sold so nosy phreaks can't 
just turn it over and call up the dialup and use it. On the backs all PCCs
have a 800 dialup, and about a 9-12 (give or take a few digits) and a 
customer service number to report troubles. Then they always give calling
limits. Most available in the US are only good in the US or US territories.
But the ones that aren't are complete ripoffs. With certain ones where you
have the option to dial international will give you about 1-2 minutes on
a 10 minute card. So I don't recommend calling Int'l with these. And there
are a few more restrictions no calling any SAC's. (Special Area Codes, like
700, 800, 900) But domestic dialing is about what you can do and still get
you money's worth. So to sum it up a PCC has a slotted ammount of time or
dollar ammount to use. As far as getting a good deal you can't. You break 
even, or get ripped off.
        Finding PCC's are very easy. They tend to turn up in the oddest of
places. You don't even have to look they just pop out with the banners, signs  
and other various adds surrounding them, so they're not hard to find. Some
places where I have found them are at : most grocery stores, some Toy Stores, 
Greeting Card Shops, Quickee Marts, in packs of Sports cards, and even 
Sporting good stores.
        I thought this would be a particularly useful topic to write about 
due to the fact anybody can benefit from these. But I'm not talking about 
going to the store and buying them. It doesn't take a genius to figure out 
what to do with them. They run a child based system so anybody can use it.
I mean how hard is it to enter your digits when instructed?

        Most of these cards are in a way copycat to each other. They all have
some deal with some big long distance company. After you enter the valid 
number they tell you how much time is left on you card. They all have an 
operator that comes on when 1 minute is left on your card just to tell you 
that. (BTW that fucks up any modem connection) Plus all of these services 
run 800 numbers and are open 24/7. That's 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And 
last but not least, these all don't show up on your phone bill.
        Some people are set on never using stolen codes. (*cough*Emmanuel*
Goldstein*cough*cough) But this is different your not really stealing from
anybody by taking these. Your not putting some middle-class people from the
Burbs out $20,000 like a stolen abused code that was passed around could. So
it's not bad, everybodies doing it!
        Hack 'em, Crack 'em, LD Pack 'em. Steal 'em, Deal 'em, Conceal 'em.


        Theres a new company called Talk 'N Toss. They are offering a mass 
variety of PCCs to companies that choose to buy large ammount for numerous
stores they have. Once a large company buys into this they get set lines to 
use for this. Then they customize them for their company name and plugs. 
I have seen Talk 'N Toss (or TNT) sell 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 90 and 180
minute cards. If you get a 90 or better minute card that's the real jackpot. 
That is the most minute card I have ever seen selling. If you wish to place 
an order to sell them at your business dial their customer service toll-phree 
hotline at [800] 631-8895. Plus i'm sure you can SE the lady into getting 
free cards. I've done it once so I know that it can be done. They claim that 
you save up to 38% from a normal AT&T Call Card. Bullshit maybe, but who the 
fuck knows. 
        I have seen these selling only two places. The first is a grocery 
store in Colorado (719 NPA) called Albertsons. I don't know if this grocery 
store is only in Colorado, but thats just where I have happen to run into it. 
I do not know the dialup know the proper ammount of digits for this card. But
it only sells in intervuls of 30 and 90 minutes. Plus this is one of the few
cards where you can call international. For example when calling international
they say that $1 of what you paid is equal to 3 LD minutes, or about half a
international minute. RIPOFF!

        The other place I have seen TNT cards is Revco drugstore formerly 
Brooks Drugs. They have 10 minute card for $3.99 and a 20 minute card for 
$9.99 and a 30 minute call card goes for $14.99, and finally a 90 minute 
phone card goes for a whopping $24.99. Deal or not? You decide. If you decide
you won't pay for this crock of shit call 'em and hack 'em! At [800] 213-0304 
With 10 digits for their cards. The time ammount doesn't change the digit
ammount. And they have a CS number which you can SE employees or complain to 
[800] 354-2708. 
        Hello Direct the phone supplies company is offering there version
of the PCC from TNT called Prepaid Phone Card(PCC). They're identical models
to the Revco TNT cards. The Dialup is [800] 955-2383 and the cards are 9
digits. But these cards are the real jackpot with 180 minute cards for $50
80 minutes for $29 and finally 50 minutes cards for $18. These are by far
the best deals around.

        Marvel Comics and Kay-Bee have put their heads together and are now 
offering X-Men PCCs. Theres 2 things you can do with these cards. The first 
option you have is use it for 20 minutes of long distance. No international.
The second is play some stupid X-Men game. That uses 4 minutes or units as 
they say of you card. You start with 20 units. Which has each unit equivalent
to 1 minute. Basically the hot idea they have to see these is have 4 different
cards with on each card a supposed famous X-Men 1 on 1 battle scene. Plus 
they claim their limited edition. Yeah, they are limited edition but so is
Phrack. They have taken little more security than other cards by having a 
scratch off number on the back, so you can't just pop off the outer plastic
and see it. But I find these to be some of my favorite PCCs to use because
you have 20 minutes, which is fairly ok, plus they are easy to swipe. I just
go to my Kay-Bee toys and take a bunch to the back and open them, and either
steal the card or write down the number and hide the card. I find writting 
down the number in a sick way more fun because when someone finds it and 
thinks they're hot shit by stealing it they'll run into a nice message saying
that they have no time left and they can't do shit with it. To further 
expirement call [800] 616-8883. The cards are 9 digits long.
        Champs Sporting Goods Store has a new deal where if you purchase over
$35 worth of sports shit you get a card for a free 7 minute call. Technically 
it ain't free, your buying merchandise. But 7 minutes basically ain't worth 
your time. But for some things it is. But if you can get it for free it's
worth every minute. You can get some dumbass clerks to let you look at the
cards because they keep them on the cash register. One lady said to me "Now
Don't Pocket That" as I was putting it into my pocket, ohwell dumbass. The 
number is [800] 437-6404. With 9 digits for your LD. 

        Randomly inserted into Classic 4-Sport, sports cards are Sprint 
100,000 Prepaid FoNCARDS. Classic Games have joined with Sprint for numerous
deals, this being one of them. Classic 4-Sport is a pack of sports cards 
that contain 4-Sports of players going to the pro's next year. Those sports
are Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey. Now what the fuck would some 
baseball card collector do with a Prepaid Foncard as Sprint calls them? I 
still haven't figured it out. But some dealers tell me it's just another 
marketing thing because they thing is they're limited edition. Which is right
in a way. The cards are only worth $2 of LD anyways. While the odds of finding 
a Sprint FoNCARD is 1:72. (Which means 1 out of every 72 packs). I know very  
little about this since I haven't seen much out of them. But they do have a
scratch off PIN on the back, the thing for collectors is if scratch off the
PIN the card looses half of it's value. OOOOh scary.
        Again Classic is trying to offer something to the collector again. But
this time it's about real money. Not opening a $1.50 pack of cards. They're 
now offering 1, 5, 10, 20 and 1000 dollar cards to dealers. These are such hot
commodities that the prices double every quarter! So I asked some ripoff 
artist what the deal was on getting it he said for a $1000 card you must pay
a $750 downpayment with a max order of 1. But the rest you have to order 18
cases of the rest to order them wholesale. That's 108 total cards. But I'm
sure you can find them singular. Try looking in your local sports page for
adds for Sportscards conventions and at those you can swipe them. 

        To fuck around with these call up [800] 868-9871, with 10 digits to 
get a set ammount of time.
        Sports fans listen up once again. GTE is offering 25 minute PCCs
that look like actual calling cards. But with these cards you can order a PCC
with a professional football team logo and helmet located on the front of it. They call these
"NFL Collectibles" they are called. But the minimum order is 2 cards. Plus 
with each order you get sent a 5 minute bonus card that features helmets from 
all 30 NFL teams on it. To order each card is only $14.75 but you have to get 
2. Call 1-800-GTE-3804 in the US. And outside the US call [303] 743-4138, 
extension 712. Or just fax your order to [303] 727-4994. You must order these 
with a credit card. I saw this add in Sports Illustrated.
        This next one I would call my first love because this is what got my
attention to the Prepaid Calling-Card field. 

        Hallmark is also working with Sprint to rip you off for any occasion.
They at first started out printing normal greeting cards. (ie Happy Birthday,
Get Well, When Will You Finally Get Laid, etc...) But them they got more 
specific with their Christmas PCCs. Now Valentine's Day is nearing and they
are selling Valentine's PCCs. All of these cards are $5.95 for the card and
10 minutes of LD, you can call anywhere in the US and the US territories 
(Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico) but no Int'l. 

        The main reason I first fell in love with these is because of there
mass availability. I have millions of Hallmarks in my area. And these cards
are easy to get for free. These greeting cards you just open like a normal
card. They are poly-wrapped so they think you won't see the dialup & PIN. But
damn they're wrong. The card has a cheap layer of glue on the middle so if 
you can free the card from it's gluey seal you can pull the plastic back or
off to reveal the dialup and PIN. (I will give you the dialups later). I 
enjoy spending some spare time going to Hallmark getting the PINs while 
leaving the card there so I can have the joy of someone else buying a card
and getting no time!!

        There is 3 dialups for the 3 kinds of cards. It doesn't matter what 
dialup you use, all work for any card. The first is the normal greeting for 
the normal cards. At [800] 504-1115. Or for the Happy Holidays greeting call 
[800] 203-1225. And the Valentine Line with a new and original message that   
for the first time says Sprint before Hallmark, at [800] 214-0214. All of 
these cards are 10 digits. 
        They have a Customer Service (CS) which is really just a branch off
the large Sprint CS, that number is [800] 516-2121. The last fact on this
Hallmark bunch is that the quality has became more flimsy with each new line
of cards they have came out with. For example the first kinds were hard like
normal cards, now the Valentines ones are shitty as hell like a normal sheet
of paper.
        Now we have the Pepsi-Cola company. They are very stupid asses who 
offer lousy service, but help hackers. They list the dialup on the back of
the box! Not just any Pepsi box but randomly inserted in Pepsi Holiday 12
Packs are these cards. So just go to any Grocery Store or wherever and open
the boxes looking for the cards. This PCC would have to get the most money
spent on advertising because this is the only one with a TV commercial. Plus
the cards are only good for 5 minutes of LD, no Int'l. The dialup is 
[800] 929-COLA of [800] 929-3642 (same number) Once you call it says : "Enter
Your 14 Digit Code", that's just asking to be ripped off. Some say a Hallmark
card isn't worth the time then fuck this idea.
        7-11, the slurpee guys are now working with AT&T to bring you their
7-11 Phone Cards. It's supposed to save 50% or more than a LD collect call or
normal calling card. Now I know this is a big crock of shit. On the brochure 
it shows a data table comparing a 3 minute call from LA to NY. It says a 7-11 
Phone Card is $1.00, Collect Call is $3, a Payphone is $2.70, and a Call Card 
is $1.70. I know when I call LD it's only like 15 or close to the cents a 
minute, not this ripoff. They are available in 15, 30 or 60 minute cards. I 
found a nice sales pitch on the brochure. It says "After your time is used 
up, the card becomes inactive and you just buy a new card!", yeah right. With
this PCC you can call Int'l. One main clue is that one side of the brochure 
is all in Spanish (Espanol). But it says all calls must originate from within
the US. So you can't give them to your German friends and say they're real
Calling Cards. It warns you that since international rates vary a 15 minute 
card could only be 5 minutes. They don't actually give you that ammount of 
time. It depends where you call. It's just setup so you have a certain 
ammount of money credit and once that's used fuck how many minutes are left 
your time is up. Remember when you want a 7-11 card it is always best to ask 
for Habib-Jabib. I don't have any further info on these cards, like dialups
and shit.
        Var-Tec Telecom (10XXX = 10811) the new baby bell out of Texas is 
offering their version of PCCs called "Prepaid Phone Pass". Dial their 
automated service and enter this string of numbers to order the cards. I
know very little regarding this service, except you can order cards 
specifically for Domestic or International calls, or both.
        Their automated service number is : [800] 583-8811. Once on enter 
this string of numbers : 6, 2 then 1 (To Talk To Consultant) or 3 
(For Orders). 
         PCCs are not only for LD, but people are actually collecting them. 
No not for any illegal services but as a hobby. People like them for there
pretty pictures of designs of special events. People are comparing this to
(*fun*) stamp and coin collecting. So if theres demand for new styles it 
must be found in a catalog, and I have found that catalog. But for a price.
        If you wish to order a 400 card catalog for $5 from :

                        Lin Overholt
                        PO Box 8481
                        Madeira Beach, FL 33738

        You can also purchase a publication intitled 
                "International Telephone Cards"
        by writing to :

                        29/35 Manor Road
                        Colchester, Essex CO3 3LX
                        Great Britain

        Electronics Boutique. Or EB for short is offering $5 PCCs with $5 
of LD on them. At [800] 233-1363 with 9 digits for the LD. I know very, very
little regarding these.

Shit From Al K. Lloyd [4o4]. Slightly Modified ofcourse.

Since I've started collecting these suckers,
here's some other prepaids for you guys (Treason)
to add to the file in BTR:

- AT&T/Knights Inn [800] 357-PAID(7243) - 9 digits 
  Customer Service is [800] 462-1818 
  Glossy cardboard cards in 15 or 25 "units" 
  These are sold at the hotel chain

- PrimeCall [800] 866-6915 - 14 digits 
  But try starting with 407-xxxx-xxxx-xxx (just a hunch) 
  Customer service [800] 938-4949 
  Card is plastic in $10 and $20-I think only one design w/a bunch of flags 
  on it; these guys are going for the international crowd (oddly enough, 
  these are the only ones I've seen dispenced from a machine)

- Western Union [800] 374-8686 - 8 digits 
  These guys charges are ridiculous--try them 1st...
  Customer Service is [800] 374-8686; the cards are thin cardboard to 
  boot-$10, $20, or $50

- Caber Communications [800] 868-9871 - 10 digits
  Caber/Talk Lite [800] 429-9547 - 10 digits 
  Customer Service is [800] 716-2444 or [404] 876-2444 (local to me)
  Some of the nicest cards I've seen; $5, $10, and $20
  Fairly good rates considering what there is to pick from (like Western 

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Regarding Caber PCCs :
They have sales reps that go to immigrant stores that carry them in business 
card folders (that seem to carry 46 cards or so) If a folder got stolen--there 
is no way to tell who had bought which card (unless it was a fresh folder) In 
which case they'd just notify the Co.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, Caber Communications has 2 different kinds of cards, Caber and 
Talk Lite.  I'll categorize these by line and amount. These are no longer 
valid cards.
│$5.00      │ 165-489-4170 │ 537-697-8358 │ 912-314-0132 │ 262-820-0154 │
│           │ 733-374-4010 │ 758-499-2904 │ 143-364-3554 │ ------------ │
│$10.00     │ 305-323-5850 │ 377-902-5824 │ 907-042-1346 │ 602-878-3072 │
│$20.00     │ 767-610-2118 │ 095-943-2248 │ 448-047-2990 │ 024-530-4614 │

Talk Lite
│$5.00       │863-406-9186 │ 733-374-4010│
│$10.00      │782-512-4340 │ 940-704-3046│
│$20.00      │355-227-7378 │             │

I could have sworn I had more of these, I'll send them when I find them.

[- You can try to find algorithms with those -]

Al K. Lloyd


A Post From An Unknown User in Atlanta :

As far as PCC's go, I noticed on 4 or 5 of mine that all of the numbers were 
divisible by 33... Maybe there's some sort of algorithm that controls the 
numbers on these cards. This particular case was an MCI/NBC sweepstakes, each 
card giving 10 minutes...

Another thing to wonder about when carding cards (hrm... cute term).. Sooner 
or later, someone does(?) get smart about people carding. So, do they track 
these cards or anything? Or do you just have to use them short-term, etc...? 
Anyone that works for a convienience store, what's the policy on stolen cards? 
Do you report them to AT&T or whomever as stolen? Give them numbers? etc... 
and what followups are done.


Here is a list of the numbers I went over and a brief note on each one.
In order from least ammount of digits to highest.

Pepsi                        [800] 929-CoLA - 14 Digits
PrimeCall                    [800] 866-6915 - 14 digits
Caber Communications         [800] 868-9871 - 10 Digits
Caber/Talk Lite              [800] 429-9547 - 10 digits
Talk n Toss/Revco Cards      [800] 213-0304 - 10 Digits
Champs Sporting Goods        [800] 437-6404 - 10 Digits
Hallmark/Sprint              [800] 504-1115 - 10 Digits
Hallmark/Sprint/Holidays     [800] 203-1225 - 10 Digits
Hallmark/Sprint/Valentines   [800] 214-0214 - 10 Digits
Classic Games                [800] 868-9871 - 10 Digits
AT&T/Knights Inn             [800] 357-PAiD - 9  Digits 
Electronic Boutiques         [800] 233-1363 - 9  Digits
X-Men/Kay Bee Toys           [800] 616-8883 - 9  Digits
Talk n Toss/Hello Direct     [800] 955-2383 - 9  Digits
Western Union                [800] 374-8686 - 8  Digits 

Ordering GTE Football Cards  [800] GTE-3804 - Ordering GTE Football Cards
Ordering GTE In 303 NPA      [303] 743-4138 - See Up + From Outside US 
Ordering GTE In 303 NPA Fax  [303] 727-4994 - Faxing Orders For GTE Footballs
Talk n Toss/Revco/CS         [800] 354-2708 - Customer Service
Talk n Toss Customer Service [800] 631-8895 - Ordering Bulk
Var-Tec Telecom              [800] 583-8111 - Ordering Prepaid Phone Pass
Caber Customer Service       [800] 716-2444 - Customer Service 
Caber Customer Service       [404] 876-2444 - Customer Service
Primecall Customer Service   [800] 938-4949 - Customer Service
Western Union CS             [800] 374-8686 - Customer Service
AT&T/Knights Inn CS          [800] 462-1818 - Customer Service

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