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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: pr_ringb.txt

Technician Ring Back Numbers

Technician Ring Back Numbers
by telephrk
of The Phone Rangers

So most of you found out about those plain old ring back numbers that just call
you back, so you dial one on a payphone and have fun or whatever, well this
ring back number can do that, and a little more. All ring back numbers are
really technician numbers, but this one does more so thats what i am calling it. 

Features/What it does

This number was made so that technicians could test caller id functionality and 
receive call backs. Basically it was made to to see if someone's caller id is
working by calling it back and doing other tests on that line. One of the cool 
things about this number is that its reversed billed, so the customer won't get
bill for the call. With these numbers i dont know how they are assigned but 
the one for my town is based a couple towns over need to do some scanning
to find them


You find your technician ringback number, and dial it up. You are greeted with a
'Enter Password' prompt. Your password will most likely be the same one as your 
DATU password (yea i wrote an article on DATU's i suggest checking it out for 
commonly used passwords). You enter in your 4 digit passcode and the system will
respond back to you with a voice menu. 

Voice Menu
Keypad entry      Function
1               Callback
2               Mark Tone (1200 Hz)
3               Space Tone (2200 Hz)
4               Mark and Space Tone
5               Repeat Number
**              Disconnects
*               Return to Previous Menu

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