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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: pme_1.txt

Phreaking Made Easier #1

                          Phreaking Made Easier #1
                             by:  Cracker Jack

        The purpose of this file is to bring together the major things that
a phreaker needs and wants to know more about.  In many other phreaking text
files you find a lot of Bull Shit that doesn't pertain to the subject that you
want to know more about, so I have attempted to compile the things that I feel
cover the necessary areas that a major phreaker wants to know about.  I have  
also added a few things that I felt were just for fun, so I hope you enjoy it.
Any comments or suggestions can be directed to myself, Cracker Jack, at any
of the Silicon Valley nodes, or at my BBS: 
        The Terminal Entry BBS @ 604-533-9727 
If this file gets a lot of positive feedback then I may do another in the near
future, so if you do want another one to come out then I want to hear from you
and get the word back to me that you like it and that you want me to produce
another file similar to this.  

        - CJ


        SUBJET                                          SECTION
        ------                                          -------
- How to get anything you want on anyone                  1.0

- How to do Bank Fraud                                    2.0

- How to do Some Carding                                  3.0
- More Tips on Carding                                    3.1

- Info on Cards and Carding                               3.2

- How to Check card Credit and Info                       3.3

- All about Diverters                                     4.0                              

- How to use Diverters                                    4.1                            
- How to get Fake ID                                      5.0                             
- How to get FREE Disks                                   6.0 

- Make free phone calls on Payphones                      7.0
- Getting Cash from Payphones                             7.1

- Great Ways to Seek Revenge : Part 1                     8.0

- Great Ways to Seek Revenge : Part 2                     8.1
- Great Ways to Seek Revenge : Part 3                     8.2
- Destruction : Part 1                                    9.0                              
- Destruction : Part 2                                    9.1                               

- Conclusion                                             10.0       
                                Section 1.0:      
                        HOW TO GET ANYTHING ON ANYONE

   Every city has one or more offices dedicated to assigning numbers to the
telephone wire pairs.  These offices are called DPAC offices and are available
to service Reps who are installing or repairing phones.

     To get the DPAC number, a service rep would call the old stand-by,
customer service number for billing information in the town the number the
phone is located in that he is trying to get the unlisted number of..  Okay?

     The conversation would go like this, 'Hi, San Fran this is Joe from San
Mateo Business office.  I need your DPAC number for the south end of town.'

     The information is usually passed out with no hassle, if the first person
does not have it or is not helpful, try one from a different prefix in the 
same city.

     The 'rep' would then call DPAC (note;  he would have the listing info 
from his own district; again he is calling from a nearby town).

     ''Hi, Dee-Pac this is Joe from the Vancouver Phonemart,I need the listing
for ???? Robson Street.''

     The Vancouver 'rep' will then give the number at the address requested.
There is no notation at DPAC if the number is listed or unlisted.

                                Section 2.0
                            How to do Bank Fraud

        Preface:  This is not a particularly easy scam to pull off, as it
requires either advanced hacking techniques (TRW or banks) or serious balls
(trashing a private residence or outright breaking & entering), but it can
be well worth your while to the tune of $500 (five hundred) a day.
        Laws that will be broken:  Credit Fraud, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Mail
Fraud, Theft Over $200, Forgery, and possibly a few others in the course of
setting the scheme up (rape and murder are optional, but recommended.)
        This all grew from an idea that Poltergeist had about a year ago be-
fore he turned fed on Extasyy, and Cisban Evil Priest (Android Pope) and my-
self were implementing it with great success before our untimely arrest and
recruitment into the service of the State.  It is risky, but no more so than
some of the more elaborate carding routines floating around.
        The first step is to target your victim.  The type person you are
looking for is rich.  Very rich.
        Now, don't go trying to hit on J.P. Getty or Johnny Carson or some-
one who carries a high name recognition.  This will just get you into trouble
as everyone notices a famous person's name floating across their desk.
        Instead look for someone who owns a chain of hog feed stores or some-
thing discreet like that.  We targeted a gentleman who is quite active in the
silver market, owning several mines in South Africa and not wanting this to
be widely known (he had no desire to be picketed.)
        Next step, take out a p.o. box in this person's name.  Extasyy wrote
a good file on obtaining a box under a fake name, I don't know if it's still
around.  If not, there are several others out there.  (Yeah, I know, this has
already weeded out the weak of spirit.  Anyone who has gotten this far without
panic is probably going to get away with it.)
        Now comes the fun part, requiring some recon on your part.  You need
to know some fairly serious details about this person's bank dealings.
        1)  Find out what bank he deals with mainly.  This isn't too dif-
            ficult, as a quick run through his office trash will usually let
            you find deposit carbons, withdrawal receipts, or *anything* that
            has the bank name on it.
        2)  Find out the account number(s) that he has at the bank.  This can
            usually be found on the above-mentioned receipts.  If not, you can
            get them in TRW (easier said than done) or you can con them out of
            a hassled bank teller over the phone (Use your imagination.  Talk
            slowly and understandingly and give plausible excuses ["I work for
            his car dealership, we need to do a transfer into his account"].)
        2a) [optional]  If you can, find out if he has an ATM (Automatic
            Teller) card.  You don't need to know numbers or anything, just
            if a card exists.  This can also be ascertained over the phone
            if you cajole properly.
        3)  Armed with this information, go into action.
                a) Obtain some nice (ivory quality) stationary.  It doesn't
                   have to be engraved or anything, but a $5 or $10 invest-
                   ment to put a letterhead with his initials or something
                   on it couldn't hurt.  But the most important thing is that
                   it look good.
                b) Type a nice letter to the bank notif9igw hem 05                   addressnge.  Some banks have forms you have to fill out
                   for that sort of thing, so you need to check with the bank
                   first (anonymously, of course).  You will have to have a
                   good copy of his signature on hand to sign all forms and
                   letters (again, trash his office).
                c) Call the bank to verify the new address.
                d) IMMEDIATELY upon verifying the change of address, send a
                   second letter.  If he already has an ATM card, request a
                   second card with the business name engraved in it be sent
                   for company use.  If he doesn't have an ATM card, the let-
                   ter should request one for account number xxxxxx.  Ask for
                   two cards, one with the wife's name, to add authenticity.
                e) Go to the bank and ask for a list of all ATM's on the
                   bank's network.  Often the state has laws requiring *all*
                   machines take *all* cards, so you'll probably be in good
                f) Await the arrival of your new card.  The PIN (personal
                   identification number) is included when they send out a
                   card.  After picking up the card, forget that you ever
                   even *knew* where the p.o. box was, and make sure you
                   didn't leave fingerprints.
                g) Begin making the maximum daily withdrawal on the card
                   (in most cases $500/day), using a different machine
                   each time.  Since many of these machines have cameras
                   on them, wear a hat & jacket, or a ski mask to be really
                   paranoid.  To cut the number of trips you have to make
                   in half, be at an ATM a few minutes before midnight.  Make
                   one $500 withdrawal right before midnight, and another one
                   right after.  This cuts down on the number of trips, but
                   police or bank officials may spot the pattern and start
                   watching machines around midnight.  Use your own judgement.
       Conclusion: Before using the card, make sure that all fingerprints are
wiped from it.  Usually the first hint you will have that they have caught on
to your scam is that the machine will keep the card.  Also, avoid using mach-
ines in your own town unless it is a big city (Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas,

                                Section 3.0
                        Tips on Doing some Carding

       Step one: Getting the numbers.

     When a credit card is used in a store, copies must be made of the
   information contained on the card. These copies are usually made using
   carbon paper, which is thrown out after use. Some customers even go as far
   as having the carbons ripped up, but these are easily pieced back together.
   Carbons can be found in the trash of almost every major department store in
   your area. Be careful with the carbons because they easily wrinkle and
   become unreadable. The best stores to check are;

        1) Department stores
        2) Drug stores
        3) Clothing stores
     Unfortunately, because of fraud, the NEW credit slips are CARBONLESS,
   which means you must get your numbers by different means. Another way to
   get numbers is to look someone's name and address up in the phone book,
   call them, and in a VERYconvincing voice say, "Hello. This is John Doe
   from the VISA credit-card fraud investigating office. A fraudulent charge
   was made with your name and address, and we need to check your card number
   to be sure no one has used it illegally. Do you own a VISA card?" If the
   answer is yes, then say, "Well, can you read me your number and expiration
   date so that I can check it to make sure it's safe?" If the person is REAL
   STUPID, you'll have a name, number, and date in no time. Make sure you have
   it right, and tell them you'll check it and call them back. (Don't!)

       Step two: Recognizing cards from copies.

   Card examples:
   [American Express]
    MM/Y1 thru MM/Y2
   MM/Y1 is the date the card was issued, and MM/Y2 is the expiration date.
   The American Express Gold card has numbers XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX and
   the company will back this card up for $5000.00 even if the guy is broke.

   XXXX in the second row may be asked for when ordering stuff. The first date
   is when the card was new, the second when it expires. The most frequent
   number combination used is 5424 1800 XXXX XXXX. There are many of these
   cards in circulation, but many are on the wanted lists, so check these

   Visa is the most abundant card around, and is excepted almost everywhere.
   The *VISA is sometimes replaced with BWG, or followed with a special code.
   These codes are as follows;

    1) MM/YY*VISA V  -"Prefered card"
    2) MM/YY*VISA CV -"Classic card"
    3) MM/YY*VISA PV -"Premier card"
   "Prefered" cards are backed with more money and are mush safer to use.
   "Classic" cards are newer, harder to reproduce cards, with some good
   backing. "Premier" cards are "Classic" with "Prefered" coverage.
   Common numbers are 4448 020 XXX XXX, 4254 5123 6000 XXXX, and 4254 5123
   8500 XXXX. Any 4712 1250 XXXX XXXX cards are IBM credit union cards, and
   are risky to use in southern New York, although they are usually covered for
   large purchases.

       Step three: Testing credit.

     Next you need to check if a card is stolen, or has enough credit left.
   There are phone numbers that stores call to check cards. Most have these
   numbers and their MERCHANT NUMBER somewhere around the phone or where they
   stamp the slips. It's easy to either find these and copy them, or to wait
   until they call one in. Watch what they dial and listen for the eight
   (usually) digit MERCHANT NUMBER. Once you call the number, in a calm voice,
   They will tell you if it's okay, and will give you an authorization number.
   Pretend you're writing this number down, and repeat it back to them to
   check it. Ignore the number completely, because it serves no real purpose.
   Once you do this, however, the bank removes dollars equal to the amount
   you told them, because the card was supposedly used to buy stuff. Sometimes
   you can trick the operator by telling her the customer changed his mind and
   decided not to charge it. Of course, some won't allow this. Remember at all
   times that you are supposed to be a store clerk calling to check out the
   card for a purchase. Act like you are talking with a customer when he/she

       Step four: The drop.

     Once the cards are cleared, you must find a place to have the package
   sent. NEVER use a drop more than once. The following are typical drops;

    1) An empty house makes an excellent place to send things. Send the package
   UPS and leave a note on the door saying, "UPS. I work days, 8 to 6. Could
   you please leave the package on the back door step?" You can find dozens
   of houses from a real estate agent by telling them you want to look. Just
   ask for a list of twenty houses for sale and tell them you'll check out the
   area. Do so, until you find one that suits your needs.
    2) Rent-a-spot. U-HAUL rents spaces where you can have packages sent and
   signed for. End your space when the package arrives.
    3) People's homes. Find someone you don't know, and have it sent there.
   Call ahead saying that "I called the store and they sent the package to the
   wrong address. It was already sent, but can you keep it there for me?
   Thank you." Then pick it up later. Ice Man says this is also reliable.
    4) Anything similar to post office boxes should also work. Make sure that
   the box cannot be traced back to you.

       Step five: Using the cards.

     The best things to order from are magazines, or catalogs. Order at the
   beginning of the month. Billing is done at the end of the month, and this
   gives you more time to be cautious. Try to call late in the day or at night,
   or on weekends, when people are tired and careless. Memorize the number,
   and date, and learn how to SPELLTHE NAME. Don't try to sound old or
   mature, because this usually doesn't work. Think positive, and if you run
   into a snag, say something like "Gee! My mom left me the card number to use
   to buy this stuff. She forgot to leave (whatever is wrong or missing). I'll
   call her and ask her what it is." Don't call back for a few days, and do it
   at a different time with a different card. This works well when you screw
   up. Have the package sent UPS overnight air, because yo are not paying for
   anything. Sound positive, and have all your information ready. The Ice Man
   also advises not to post numbers, due to the trouble you can get the SYSOP
   into, and the stupidity of most of the people on boards.
     Insurance companies (those blood suckers) pick up the tab on all goods
   bought with fraudulent credit numbers. Always remember to be CAREFUL and
   REASONABLE when using card numbers.

                                Section 3.1
                            More Tips on Carding

[1] Finding a Credit Card Number.

        They can be found almost ANYWHERE.  If you work at a place where
   plastic is accepted, simpily set aside the little carbons that you
   get from a charge.  If you don't happen to work in a place that
   Uses credit, simpily start digging in the trash.  You'll find a bun
   ch of carbons, don't stick them in you're pocket becasue they'll
   ruin.  Also, don't go to a place that offers their own plastic (
   What would you wan't to buy from ALPHA BETA?!? )

[2] Ordering Items.

      What you should do is either mail order, or telephone order.  You
 should usually stay away from mail, just because it is traceable.
 If you choose telephone, get one of your friends with the deepest voice
 because the sales person won't (If he running on all four cylinders) Ac
 cept a charge from a 12 year old.  Also, if possible, call up late at
 night, the sales person will be tired.  He'll ask for the card number,
 give it to him, then he'll ask for an adderss, Give him the DROP addre

[3] Finding a suitable DROP.

    The drop is the place where you wan't the goods to be dropped off
at.  The ideal location is either a neighbor's house where they wen't
off on vacation and YOU KNOW HOW LONG THEY WILL BE GONE.  Usually allow
A week or so.  Also, a great drop would be a house that is abandoned
AND YOU KNOW THAT IT IS ABANDONED. KNow for SURE, because if someone
is accidentally there, you just blew it.  Alright once you have found a
drop, that NO one will be there, write a note saying that you will be
out for the afternoon, (This means that noone has to sign the clipboard
)  And include just to leave the package on the doorstep.  Once you
see the package on the doorstep, either get it yourself, or pay some
kids $5.00 to go get it. Well, thats about it. For additional
info, contact me on a WWIV BBS where you got this file from.

                                Section 3.2
                           Info on Cards and Carding

     There are at least three types of security devices on credit cards that
you aren't supposed to know about.  These are the account number, he signature
panel, and the magnetic strip. 

  The Account Number

     A Social Security card has nine digits.  So do two-part Zip codes. A
domestic phone number, including area code, has ten digits.  Yet a complete
MasterCard number has twenty digits.  Why so many?

     It is not mathematically necessary for any credit-card account number to
have more than eight digits.  Each cardholder must, of course, have a unique
number.  Visa and MasterCard are estimated to have about sixty-five million 
cardholders each.  Thus their numbering system must have at least sixty-five
million available numbers.

     There are one hundred million possible combinations of eight digits ---
00000000, 00000001, 00000002, 00000003, all the way up to 99999999.o eight
digits would be enough.  To allow for future growth, an issuer the size of
Visa or MasterCard could not opt for nine digits-- enough for a billion
 different numbers.

     In fact, a Visa card has thirteen digits and sometimes more. An American 
Express card has fifteen digits.  Diners Club cards have fourteen.  Carte
Blanche has ten. Obviously, the card issuers are projecting that they billions
and billions of cardholders and need those digits to ensure a different number
for each.  The extra digits are a security device.

     Say you Visa number is 4211 503 417 268.  Each purchase must be entered
into a computer from a sales slip.  The account number tags the purchase to your
account.  The persons who enter account numbers into computers get bored and
sometimes make mistakes.  They might enter 4211 503 471 268  or 
4211 703 417 268 instead.

     The advantage of this thirteen-digit numbering system is that it is
unlikely any Visa cardholder has 4211 503 471 268  or  4211 703 417 268 for
an account number.  There are 10 trillion possible thirteen-digit Visa
numbers (0000 000 000 000; 0000 000 000 001........9999 999 999 999).  Only
about sixty-five million of those numbers are numbers of actual, active
accounts.  The odds that an incorrectly entered number would correspond to a
real number are something like about 1  in  150,000.

     Other card-numbering systems are even more secure.  Of the quadrillion
possible fifteen-digit American Express card numbers, only about 11
million are assigned.  The chance of a random number happening to correspond
to an existing account number is about 1 in 90,000,000.  Taking all twenty
digits on a MasterCard, there are one hundred quintillion (100,000,000,000,
000,000,000) possible numbers for sixty-five million cardholders.  The
chance of a random string of digits matching a real MasterCard number is
about one in one and a half trillion.

     Among other things, this makes possible those television ads inviting
holders of credit cards to phone to  order merchandise.  The operstators
who take the calls never see the callers' credit cards nor their signatures. 
How can they be sure the callers even have credit cards?

     They base their confidence on the security of the credit card numbering 
systems.  If someone calls in and makes up a credit card number, the number
surely won't be an existing credit card number.  The deception can be spotted 
instantly by plugging into the credit-card company's computer.  For all
practical purposes, the only way to come up with a genuine credit-card number
is to read it off a credit card.  The number, not a piece of plastic is enough.

  Signature Panel

     You're not supposed to erase the signature panel if you steal a card! You
might be thinking that you could just write the cardholder's name on the panel. You're thinking thats
would be great if you were going to withdraw some cash from the bank, for they 
make you sign a slip and it must match up to the signature on the card. If you
or anyone else does this, you will soon find the card completely worthless
(at least it can not be shown).

     Some credit cards have background design that rubs off if anyone tries to
erase the signature.  There's the "fingerprint" design on the American Express
panel, repeated Visa or MasterCard logos on some bank cards, and the "Safesig" 
design on others. The principle is the same as with the security paper, the 
wavy-line pattern erases, leaving a white area.  This makes it obvious that the
signature has been altered.

     There is a more elaborate gimmick in credit-card panels.  It is said that
if you erase the panel, a secret word, "VOID", appears to prevent use of the
card.  The Administration has taken 15 common credit cards and sacrificed them
to test this theory.

     The odinary pen eraser will erase credit-card signature panels, if slowly.
The panels are removed pretty easy with a cloth and Energine.  This method 
disolves the panels cleanly. Of the 15 cards tested, 6 had nothing under the 
panel (other than a contiuation of the cards back design where there was one).  
Nine cards had the words "VOID" under the panel.  In all cases, the VOID's were
printed small and repeated many times under the panel. 

                                Section 3.3
                    How to find out Card Credit and Info

                                 Credit Checks

     When you somehow obtain a card, before you order something, you must first
check the card to see if it is good.  Here is how to do that:

 Dial:  1-800-554-2265

 10# - Mastercard
 20# - Visa
 1067# - Auth. #
 51# -Merchant Number

 CC number + # - when asked for card number
 MMYY + # - When asked for exp. date
 Dolars+*+Cents+# - When asked for amount

    Now, here is what you must do to check the limit of the card.  Call up and
enter all the card stuff and when it says amount start at 5000*00#, and it will
almost ALWAYS say declined, unless it is a Preferred or Gold card. From them
on, go down in $1000 increments until it says approved and gives you an auth.
number to write on the customers receipt. Then enter $500, it should say
declined, if it doesn't and says approved, check it for 500 again, then it will
say declined.

                                Section 4.0
                            All about Diverters

The divertor has been a very simple, yet incredibly usefulthing through the
years. To use one you must call, after hours and let someone answer the phone,
don't answer them, let them hang up and get a faint dialtone. Then you dial
again and call from the divertor.
The you would only be charged for the call to the divertor, not the one after
it.  That bill went to the divertor itself.  But they fix this problem easily
and now you still get charged if you are in the ESS area.
Also before, you could use a divertor to call a number that traces and instead
of being traced to your number it is traced to the divertor. But ESS eliminated
that too.
But you can still use a divertor to call hard to reach numbers. Like if you
called a place and it gave you a "The number you have dial cannot be reach from
your calling area" then if you knew of a divertor in the area of the number you
could call through it to the unreachable number and get through.
The way a divertor works is after hours when you call a place the call is
forwarded to another place.  Then, when you don't answer the person at the other
place hangs up and your call tries to disconnect from the forwared number and
you end up at the divertor with it's dial tone.

                                Section 4.1
                            How to use Diverters

Here's what you have to do:
It can be a Doctor, Dentist etc. Look in the telephone book and scan for them.
You must call at oddball times, when the Doctor isn't there. Try after 9 pm.
Now, when you call it and it is a divertor, it will ring 2 or 3 times then you
will here a ker-chunk, and the the phone will ring again. Somewon will answer,
like an answering service, or a Doctor's secretary. You should say something
like, "Duh, is Joe Blow around?" At her response of no, you say, "Ok, sorry,
wrong #, bye." (or any other excuse). Let here hang up. You then wait like 20
seconds or so, and you will here a dial tone! You are set to dail anywhere you
feel. Allaince, Long Distance, etc.   YOU'RE FEEDING OFF OF THEIR LINES!!!

Here is one to try: (617) 878-6521

If you are not sure if the dialtone that you recieve is your own, or the on of
the divertor, just call the operater and ask her what city it is, or the area
code. If she says the area code or city of the divertor, then you've got it.

                                Section 5.0
                             How to get Fake ID

        If you've ever wanted to just drop out of sight or just wanted to
become somone new, here's how to do it. --with REAL ID-- Not fake paperwork.
All right, here's what ya gotta do. Go down to your local hall of records and
check out the death certificates. Find the death certificate of someone who
was born in the year that you born in (or year you wanna be born in).  On the
death certificate you'll find all the info you need to get that person's birth
certificate. (ie: name, mother's and father's name, place and date of birth,
SSAN, etc.) Then simply send away for the birth certificate, and use it to get
a new driver's licence, credit cards, etc. For best results, try to get the
name of a person who died as a child.  Even better is a child that was born in
a different state than they died in. This is because that person will not have
established identification documnets that might give you away. The birth
certificate in a different state assures that there will have not been a
cross reference in births and deaths, wich could result in you getting a
birth certificate with a big red "DECEASED" stamped on it.  So far there are
now interstate cross-referances.

        If someone asks you "why you wanna look at the death certificates", just
tell em that you are a college student researching geneology, or just say that
you are doing it for insurance or medical purposes.

                                Section 6.0
                           Where to get FREE Disks

        The following list gives you phone numbers to call to get a free demo 
disk(s) of assorted software packages.  Just call and ask for a demo disk of 
their program.  Some air-head operator will ask you your name, address, what 
size disk and your phone number. Give them a bogus phone number as you don't 
want them calling you back in a few months asking how you like their software. 
Use the right area code though. I have called all of these numbers and none of 
them hassle you at all. Not only do you get a free disk but also a demo of 
some program you may have needed the doc for anyway.  You can also up the the 
ante by calling several times, ordering for your girlfriend, mistress, etc. 
and collecting the disks when they arrive.       

        If the operator asks you for a company name and or title, have 
something in mind so you can make it sound legit. Most times though, they 
will not ask for this. One more thing, they may also ask you where got their 
number from so be prepared with some answer like PC World or other mag. No big 
deal - after you call a few, you'll be able to do it in your sleep.                                                         

       These are all free calls ...                            
       1-800-635-5621                  Viewpoint               
       1-800-437-4329 (X1308)          Applause II             
       1-800-451-1018 (X117)           Alpha 4 Database        
       1-800-367-3585                  Engineer's Aide         
       1-800-433-5373                  Connex Desktop Demo     
       1-800-955-6775                  MP2 Maintenance Mgt.    
       1-800-992-0085                  Form Worx               
       1-800-525-0082 (X PW48)         Flow Charting 3         
       1-800-872-3387 (X987)           Lotus 123 V3.1          
       1-800-541-1261 (Dept M67)       MS Excel For Windows    
       1-800-541-1261 (Dept M88)       MS Word 5.5             
       1-800-842-8455 (X842)           Lotus Agenda 2.0        
       1-800-345-2888 (Oper 506)       1st Publisher           
       1-800-733-3729 (X3250)          Charisma                
       1-800-221-3414                  Quality Alert S/W       
       1-800-955-6775                  Sidearm Maintenance S/W 
       1-800-937-4774                  Access SQL Database     
       1-800-872-3387 (X520)           Lotus Freelance         
       1-800-345-2888 (Oper 205)       Professional Write      
       1-800-231-8574                  Drafix Windows CAD 1.1  
       1-800-831-9679                  Ami Pro                 
       1-800-562-9909                  Superbase 4             
       1-800-541-1261 (Dept P55)       MS Powerpoint           
       1-800-541-1261 (Dept P55)       MS Project              
       1-800-526-5052                  Draw Perfect V1.1       
       1-800-345-2888 (Oper 305)       Harvard Graphics 2.3    
       These are not free calls but ...                        
       203-222-9150                    Managing Your Money     
       918-825-4844                    Design CAD 3D           
       512-734-2224                    Buick Car Demo          
       219-533-0571                    QA/S Statistics S/W     
       612-939-6225                    Turbo SPC Statisitics   
       613-728-8200                    Corel Draw              
       419-874-0162                    Fox Base Pro            
       305-583-5990                    Galacticomm Products    

                                Section 7.0
                    Make free Phone Calls with Payphones

This method can be used to make local pay fone calls without having a quarter.
The older method of unscrewing the mouthpiece no longer works because Ma Bell
decided to glue them on.  This will not work to make long distance calls from
a payfone, unless you call a LD services and know some codez.

Well anyway, what you need to make phree calls is a paperclip (the kind that
are 2 inches long when folded) and possibly a 2 inch finishing nail about 3/32
of an inch diameter.  Take the paper clip and unfold it into 90 degree angles
so it looks somewhat like this:
                                        |               |
                                        |               |
                                        |               |

Now, what you do is insert the nail into the center hole of the mouthpiece
(where you talk) and push it in by hitting the nail or something.  Just be
sure not to mutilate the mouthpiece.  You can damage it if you insert the
nail too far or at a weird angle.  If this happens the other party won't be
able to hear what you say.

You now have a hole in the mouthpiece in which you can easily insert the paper
clip.  So, take out the nail and put in the paper clip.  Then take the other
end of the paper clip and shove it under the rubber cord protector at the
bottom of the handset (the little blue guy).  When you are done it should
look something like this:
                        /---------\   /
          paper clip--> |         |  /
                        |     /---:---\
                        |     :       :----------------->
      ==================\--))):       :  to earpiece ->
          |                /  \------------------------->
     metal cord           /
                      blue guy

The paper clip is under the blue guy to make a good connection between the
inside of the mouthpiece and the metal cord.  Now dial the number of a local
number you want to call.  If everything is alright, it should ring and not
answer with the "The call you have made requires a 25 cent deposit..."  When
the other end answers the fone, remove the paper clip.  It's just that simple.

This technique should work on any single slot dial tone first pay fones.
Don't worry, this is the *LEAST* risky form of phreaking, so go out and try

                                Section 7.1
                        Getting Cash from Payphones

 Getting money from a payphone requires only a few simple things.
1. Intellegence-You have to know when to do this kind of thing. If you do it
   in broad daylight, with a bunch of people  watching you, you'll have the
   TELCO on  you so fast you won't know what happened.
2. You must select a phone that you can have access to its wires. (Look for
   a plastic shroud running down the wall, or the junction box outside!) On
   a normal phoneline, only two wires are used:Ring & Tip. (Red & Green).
   The payphone uses the red and green for its telephone operations, but it
   also uses the yellow & black to control the coin mech. relays & solenoids.
   Find a section of the wire where a cut will not be easily seen.  Strip off
   the insulation of the cord, exposing the four wires. Now, get out the all
   purpose wire cutters (Or finger nail clippers if you like) and cut the
   black & yellow wires. Now just sit back and let people use the phone!

What Happens? Well, when you put money into a payphone, it stays in the coin
mechanism until 1 of 2 things happen.    
  1. You connect your call, talk, and Hangup. After you hangup, your money
     goes to the collection box. (The only way to get the money then is to
     rip the box out!)
  2. You call a number that doesn't answer, or get busy signal, or something
     like that, and then hangup.  When you hangup, the money goes from the
     coin mech. to the coin return.

 That is the key!  After the Black & Yellow wires have been cut, the money
 goes neither to the coin box or coin return! It just sits there! All you
 have to do  is come back at like 3:00 in the morning, re-connect the black
 & Yellow wires, pick up the handset & put it back down.
 All the money that was put in that phone that day comes shooting out the
 coin return.  (Just like in the movies!)  It is the AWESOMEIST FEELING!
 I have collected upto $30 a day doing this to phones all around town!

Dangers:  The people that put money in and don't get connected or get a
          busy signal and hang up do NOT get their money back.  Usually
          they will call the operator who inturn calls the Repair Dept.
          (That is why it is important to cut the wire where it can not be
          seen. But if you want to do this as a one time thing.........
          GO FOR IT!  Oh yes, alternate phones every other couple of days
          or so.  Stay on your toes and watch out for white Vans!!!!) If
          someone sees you taking money out of the coin return
          (Getting $15 in change out of a phone is not common!) Just say you
          hung up the phone and all this mony started pouring out! (It
          doesn't hurt to give them a little of it either!)  After a month
          or two the  Phone Co. catches on, so I do not reccomend using one
          phone for over two weeks.

                                Section 8.0
                    Great Ways to Seek Revenge : Part 1

In a car with automatic transmission, switch the #1 and #8 wires on the
distributer cap. This will allegedly allow the car to operate in Neutral and
Park, but the engine mysteriously dies in Drive.

Castor Oil squirted into the tailpipe of a car, will cause a large amount of
smoke. Just the thing to help nervous drivers.

If you can get a bank account number for a person, truly wonderful things can
happen. Depositing one penny every day can get the employees very pissed. It
happens that given a few hundred wanted posters, one will look like you. OR
anybody else you can imagine. Close anyway. Think of all the bounty hunters just
waiting to claim their reward.

Place an ad in a paper for Male Secretarys only. $11 an hour, must be physically
attractive, gentle, and other related social traits.  This is for  anybody who
has an office. Give the time to show up one half hour before the normal opening
hour. For example, if the office opens at 9:00, put the time to be 8:30. All
these faggots will show up and start bitching at each other and your loser.
Run an ad in the local paper with the following message.

"I need all used christmas trees. Please leave them on my lawn, and I'll pay $5
for each one." then leave the losers address. The paper will take your $ and
print the ad without thinking.

If you know the guy is going to throw a party, arrange for him to find out that
somebody was going to crash his party, dressed up like cops. Then call the cops
telling them of a real rowdy party going on.

If your college uses computers to handle admissions, try this. Fill out course
withdrawl forms in the losers name. Then enter them, they probably won't check.
The guy will go the entire block unknowing, then when grades are posted.  "Where
are mine?" "Why didn't I get grades?"

Call your colleges administration, tell them you are the undertaker of your
losers hometown. He just died, please take him off your records, records will
follow. Then call the parents. He just died in a fraternity accident. This will
work better if the guy decides to skip a week or so of classes. Instead of
credit card fraud, just call up the company and tell them that you just lost
your cards. You name? Why it's (insert loser)

If you want, advertise the losers phone number as a Dial A Joke. For bigots,
Dial A Black, etc.

If you dislike a fast food place with a drive thru, try this. Order everything
you can think of. Then just don't go to the window. Do it during dinner hours.
Or, order a normal sized meal, but with extra helpings of mustard. Then the next
car will try the food, then freak out at the joint.

Garage door openers often have dip switches that can be changed to other
combinations. The cheaper the model, the better. Sears sells just the unit. Say
you broke yours or something. Then change the settings. Wax crayons tossed into
a wash do wonders to whites or anything else.  

There is a whole section of phun things to do with a phone. Call in a bomb
threat to a school or something, then leave the handset offhook. Of course, do
this only at the losers house. Someone will visit. Call Ma Bell, and report that
your loser is using Blue Boxes. Tell them it is  your civic duty... Don't do
this to someone who knows what they are though. The phone co doesn't believe in

Ads placed in papers saying that (insert loser) will sell YOU! the plans to a
device enabling inexpensive calls. Mention that you keep no records. If you are
getting back at somebody with a multi-line system, this is good. Place a large
magnet where the line comes in. When one phone rings, they all do If you can get
a private minute with your marks phone, and the handset is  modular, cover the
handset plug with clear nail polish. The phone rings, then its unlimited
"Hello?" "Hello?"

Remove the pins from all but one of the hinges of a front door of a business.
The door will work fine, for a while, then fall off. People start screaming.

Add luminescent paint into the cans of someone who is painting their fence.
Then, at night, it glows.

Get some copper paint and paint a small line across the insulator of a spark
plug in a car. They'll never find it.
If your loser gets a parking ticket, get it before he sees it. Then get a stamp
flicking the cops off. Send it in with no money.

If you dislike a pet hater, here's one.
Advertise that you(the loser) wuold like to buy all unwanted strays. $10 for
each one. Then call the SPCA, telling them that the loser wants the animals to
conduct black masses and pagan rites.

Laxatives slipped into dogfood does wonders.
Or better yet, toss some normal meat into the dog-owners yard. Then call him
up(in a disguised voice) and tell him you saw a suspicious person hanging around
the yard....

Mail a letter to the Chief Executive detailing the sexual acts you(the loser)
would like to commit, the Secret Service investigates this with no humor.
PA systems in department stores are great. Just walk up to a deserted unit,
look around, then deliver the most disgusting statement you can think of.

Call about thirty people, telling them they just won a sweepstakes. Answer the
questions, no obligation, it's just to show how generous people are. Then give
the losers phone number to call for more info.

Remember two things, hot metal and hot glass do not look different from cool.
(as long as it's not too hot)

Western Telegram has a check on everything going through. Certain key words trip
alarms. Guns, Drugs, Sex, Terrorist, etc all ring bells. Have fun  

                                Section 8.2
                     Great Ways to Seek Revenge : Part 2

         An effective modem weapon, especially on crossbar phone systems. 
(Will still operate on ESS but you will kill phone service to your prefix for 
a few hours, and everyone talking will be cut off on your prefix and the one 
you called).  What is this device? It's a Tesla Coil.  The Tesla coil when 
properly used will generate litrally thousands of volts at very low amperage. 
(Just the right current to bake silicon chip cookies.)

Step 1 : Set up

1. Disconnect all phones from your line. Disconnect answering devices
   and any data-transmission devices.             
2. Run a preliminary test on the coil and disconnect nearby grounded
   objects.  (Lamps Stereos, TV's etc...)

3. Connect one phone that you see fit to subject. (It usually does not
   destroy phones, but I have seen them melt off walls.)
4. Connect iron or steel balls to the green and red wires of your
   connnected phone (these are the line wires that go into the wall.) l1 and
   l2 terminals of your phone.

5. Put on a pair of thick rubber gloves (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!)

6. Charge coil to at least 10,000 volts. An ideal setting is around 18
   to 19 thousand, but 10 will jump Bells line surge protectors.
7. Hold metal balls in your left hand.  (Make sure they don't touch
   each other) When the coil is fully charged, clip the steel ball
   connected to the red wire to the base of the tesla coil and hold the
   other metal ball as far away from the coil as you can.

8. Dial the offending modems number.

9. When connected, move the metal object connected to the green wire
   within 2 feet of the coils top.

-> Don't be afraid of the little bolts of electricity shooting from the
   top of the coil...
10.Within 3 seconds a huge bolt of lightning will shoot forth at the
   phone from the hand you are holding the balls in.  [missing part when
   received] the green connected metal ball. (Hold on tight cause it'll
   feel like loads of ants!) You will immediatly hear many strange
   occilations to the carrier on the phone. The last noise you will hear
   is a pop! from the phone. (That is the last cry of agony as it shuts
   Crossbar just disconnects.

   Guaranteed to fry the modem, the computer and any peripherals.
   or anyone who answers the phone! ALL DAMAGE IS UN-REPAIRABLE.
   including lives!!!!!

                                Section 8.3
                    Great Ways to Seek Revenge : Part 3

        The safest way to make revenge on someone is to do it at night. At
night, you are the aggresser. When your out, and you are the aggresser, you
have nothing to fear, except being seen. Just hope a cop doesn't come by. If
a cop does, hide and make sure he doesn't see you or your partner. I feel that
it is best, and safest to go alone, although it may be quicker and funner with
a partner. Never take more than one person with you, it is too dangerous. And
never take someone who is not experienced or clumsy, they cause too much
trouble. If the cop does see you, grab your shit and run into the woods or work
your way through a maze of houses. If your on foot, I can hardly see how you
would get caught, unless you are a slow person or have a large load. If you
drove to your destination, park your car several blocks away, and when or if
a cop sees you, run in a direction other that your car, wait out a while and
then proceed to your car and get the hell out of there. I think that cars are
too dangerous, and you can easily be pulled over, but when your on foot, you
should have an easy escape. You should always wear dark cloths. Black or navy
blue colours are the best. Don't be an idiot and go out with a white shirt

Tactic #1   Cutting Phone Lines
        This is probably my favorite of them all, there is hardly anything more
annoying than not being able to use the phone. This world is built around the
Phone Company, except for us few Phreakers that manage to work our way around
MABELL. What you will need for this little vandal is just wire cutters or a
knife, well at least usually. Now, follow the phone lines up to the house from
the air, on newer houses, there is a little box put on the wall of the house
outside. This box is used by line men to test the line if there is a problem
between the house and the can, or from the outside to the phones inside. But if
the phone line is buried, go around the house and look for a little grey box
about a foot above the ground. Not all houses have these boxes, some phone
lines go directly into the house. So just get out your knife or wire cutters
and snip away. The family will be pretty ticked in the morning when they
have to go to their neighbors house to call the phone company. And hopefully
it will take several hours for them to get there, they will notice the
problem within the first few minutes they are there. First they will check 
the phones, then the junction box inside (if you have it), then the can,
and then the box outside which is where they will see it.  

Tactic #2   Running up their phone bill

For this you will need:

Linemans testset or a Beige Box
A few 1-900 numbers
And an over seas #

     This is another of my favorites. How would you like to get a $200
phone bill from MABELL next month? Ya, I'm sure you wouldn't. First go to
the dicks house and find his/her can. Open it up by turning the 2 bolts
or whatever ya want to call them, about a half a turn and they should
just pop out. Now lift the cover and your in. If ya dont know what the can 
is than your pretty sad, but maybe your not into that stuff, anyway, the can
is the little green box that sticks up out of the ground about 2 1/2 feet,
its almost always within 3 houses of the house and near the road, like 3 feet
away from the road. Look inside, there might be a map or list of the houses 
and phone numbers that correspond to them. If not than you will have to
find it using your local ani,or a ring back #. My local ring back prefix is
571. Once you find the pins that are on there line with a linemans headset
or a beige box. Now, lets have the fun, Get several 1-900 phone numbers,
you can usually get a million of them off MTV. Keep calling them over and
over, because the first minute usually costs 2 dollars. Try some overseas
by calling calling the operator and tell her you want to make a person to
person call overseas to xxxx number and you want to speak to anyone in the
Watson family or whoever. That can lead to a nice fucking bill. Now, put the
can back together and get the hell out of there. Be sure no one drives by and
sees you doing this. It's best to do this at like 2:00 am.

Tactic #3   Breaking Windows

        First, get ahold of a brick to break the window. Then get some rats or
a cheap jug of paint. Go to the asholes house, find the biggest window. Or
go to a window that has some expensive shit in that room. Open up the paint
jug or get the mice ready. Well, any rodent should do. Get in front of the
window, throw the brick in as hard as you can. Now hurry and throw the rodents
in or the paint. If you have the paint, try to throw it at something that
looks very expensive, unless its too dark and can't see in. Of course this 
will wake the family up and the father will come to the rescue. So get the
hell out of there now! This should be the last thing done or the only thing
done on this trip. 

Tactic #4   Fulling Their Gas Tank

        For this baby, you will need one or all of the following:

Little Dill Pickles
Laundry Bleach
Liquid Soad or Soap Suds
Laundry Detergent
Battery Acid
Pencil Sharpener Shavings
Quick Drying Liquid Foam

I'm sure you know what to do with this stuff. But I'll get into it a little
more. Go up to the dudes car and open the gas tank cap. Pour the shit
down the gas tank. Put the cap back on the cars fuel tank so they will
not notice it was vandaled when they start it. A while after they start
their car, bingo it will die and they will be super pissed.

Tactic #5   Other Car Sabotage

        Get out your handy keys, a knife or a stip of metal and run that baby
all over the car. Run it up, down, and around. Draw a few pictures or write
something dirty. Next, get some paint and put it all over the dudes car.
Put it on all the windows, doors, trunk, hood, top and on the mirrors.
Another prank is to stand on the hood, through a brick in the car and then 
empty some paint on its interior. While your at you might as well slash the
tires. Another alternitive is to coat the car with gasoline. Stand back and
throw a match at it. It will do wonders to paint jobs. Open the gas tank,
shove a long, thin rag down the pipe and light it. This is very dangerous.
Be sure to get out of the area quick. Make sure the rag is well lit, if it
won't light, put some gun powder or a little bit of gas on a few spots of the
rag. You may need a pipe snake to get the rag far enough down into the tank.
If you can, open the hood of the car and open the battery plugs up. Drop a
few alkaseltze pills or some vinigar down into it and shut the hood quietly.  

Tactic #6   Yard Arson

        Pour a lot of gas all over the yard. You don't need to make a thick 
coat on the grass, and I don't suggest it. Just put a very thin layer on the
yard. Stand out of the yard and light the match. Don't stand on or very close
to where you poured the gas. When you are spreading it around, don't walk in
it. And never do this when the grass is dry or you will end up burning the 
whole neighborhood up.

Tactic #7   Doorbell Prank

For this SMALL trick, all you need is:

Electrical Tape
Wire Clipper

This should be the last thing you do. Go up to the Front door, find the door
bell and unscrew it from the wall. Clip the wires what lead to the switch.
Now, this is where you need to be quick. Attach the two wires by winding
them or using the tape. Now, inside the house, people should be hearing
either a noisy buzz, or an awful ringing bell. They may undo the wire within
a few minutes but some people are to stupid and try to mess with the bell
inside in order to turn it off. This tactic is just annoying, and only for
a very short while. 

                                Section 9.0
                            Destruction : Part 1

        Well first of all I reccommend that you read the file on my board
about landmines... If you can't then here is the conecpt. You can use an
m-80,h-100, blockbuster or any other type of elxplose that will light with
a fuse. Now the way this works is if you have a 9volt batery, from a
radio ctlred car or what ever and get either a solor igniter (preferably)
or some steel wool you can create a remote ignition system. What you
do it set up a schematic like this :

        ------------------>+ batery
 steel ||                ->- batery
 wool  ||                /
  :==:---  <--fuse       \
       ||                /
       ---- spst switch--\

So when the switch is on the current will flow through the steel wool or
igniter and heat up causing the fuse to light.
     Note: For use with steel wool try it first and get a really thin
peice of wire and pump the current through it to make sure it will heat
up to light the explosive.

        Now the thing to do is plant your explosive whereever you want it to
be but bury it and cover the wires obviously... Now take a this wire
fishing line is good about 20 lb.  Test and tie one end of the wire
to a secure object. Have your switch secured to seomthing to and make a
loop on the other end on the line.  Put the loop around the switch such
that when pulled it will pull the switch and set off the explosive.
To ignite the explosive... The thing to do is to experiment with this
and find your best method.

                                Section 9.1
                            Destruction : Part 2

Take a quarter of chlorine and place it in an empty and DRY 2-liter bottle.
Put the same amount of sugar and place it in the bottle too. Add enough water
to make the mixture soupy. Put the cap on and throw it away!!! (It splatters
all kinds of blinding and noxious chemicals when it goes off). As the sugar and
the chlorine dissolve in the water, they react with each other. The bomb is
about as loud as an M-80. The bomb will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5
minutes to go off, so if it doesn't explode, still stay away and come back the
next day to examine it. If it doesn't work, try adjusting the amounts of sugar
and chlorine.

I have never actually made one but they sound kind of cool. But be very careful.
I don't know exactly the chemical equation for this reaction but I do know that
the sugar gives off a lot of energy but if there is too much, it probably will
not go off. Chances are that the chlorine substance has some oxygen in it which
will oxidize with the glucose. If the above means nothing to you, then wait
until you take Chemistry. You will then probably understand it.
Until then, good luck with your bomb.


(Note: The numbers given are for the WEIGHT and not the volume.)

FFORMULA:      potassium chlorate      44
                sulfur flour            15
                zinc Powder             40
                sodium bicarbonate       1

(CAUTION: Use extreme caution when mixing any chemicals.)

4 parts sugar
6 parts potassium nitrate

1)      Heat over a low flame until melting occurs.
2)      Stir well.
3)      Pour into container before it has a chance to solidify.
4)      Place a few matches in for fuses.

(NOTE: One pound of this stuff will fill a block with black smoke for a nice
long while.)

Letter bombs are very simple to make, but the difficult part is making sure
it will detonate properly, or that it's not obvious that it is a bomb.

About 75% aluminum powder with 25% iron powder is best. This is a light version
of thermite, since it is in an enclosed space(the envelope). Mix the above well.
The idea is this: iron can burn, at a very high temperature, but it needs a
little help. This is what the aluminum is for. Aluminum burns at a relatively
low temperature, so it is used as a catalyst of sorts. Magnesium is used to
flash-ignite the aluminum, which then burns the iron, at a suitable temperature.
Since this is going off in an enclosed space, it will burn much hotter and
slower and with more violence than in a normal mix. I advise you play with this
for a while, learning your mixture.

Now for the fun stuff: Separate the layers. In the inner layer goes the
wonderful mixture, the one you are satisfied with. Keep this section separate,
but it might be better to top it off with some magnesium, for a flash bomb, or
possibly a material of your own choice.

Now for the difficult part! The fuse... We can make a fuse from another set of
chemicals: iodine crystals and ammonium hydroxide, the latter in liquid form.
Mix these together, in about an equal amount. (You might want to use a but more
iodine if you are pressed for time.) They will form a new crystalline structure,
about an inch long. These are highly volitile, and I advise keeping them protect-
ed.They have about the impact power of an M-100 for a teaspoon. I put these in a
protective cardboard lining, and put them in the top of the envelope. This is
tricky, and I can't explain it here. Seal this up, but the bulk of the letter
bombs are easily recognizable, they rarely make it past the post office.

I frown upon the use of letter bombs as a means of getting even
because you never know who it is going to detonate around, or that it will
even be them who open the letters.

Since you have made it this far into the file, I will tell you how to avoid being
        detonated with a letter bomb you may have had sent to you.
1)      Never open a letter bomb the way it wants to be opened! This is the way of
        possibly avoiding the fuse. If it is set to detonate with air, then this
        will not work.
2)      Don't squeeze, bend or anything!
3)      If it looks like a bomb, then don't even touch it! This is the best way
        to avoid problems.

Good luck with your letter bombs!!!

Take a glass jug, and put 3 or 4 drops of gasoline into it. Then put the cap on,
and swish the gasoline around so the inner surface of the jug is coated. Then
add a few drops of potassium permanganate solution into it and cap it. To blow
it up, either throw it or roll it at something.

About the best fire bomb is napalm. It has a thick consistancy like jam and
it's best for use on vehicles or buildings.

Napalm is simply one part gasoline and one part soap. Soap can be either soap
flakes or shredded bar soap. Detergent won't do.

The gasoline must be heated in order for the soap to melt. The usual way is
with a double broiler where the bottom part is brought to a boil and the
double broiler is taken from the stove and carried to somewhere away from the

Then, one part by volume, of gasoline is put in the top part and allowed to
heat as much as it will and the soap is then added to the gasoline. Then stir
the mess until it thickens. Another way to heat the gasoline is to fill a
bathtub with hot water. It will hold its heat longer and permit a larger
container than the double broiler.

Here are some household substitutes for chemicals. This way, making some bombs
and explosives can be put together with the stuff from around your house.

acetic acid                             vinegar
aluminum oxide                          aluminia
alumn. potassium sulfate                alum
aluminum sulfate                        alum
ammonium hydroxide                      ammonia
carbon carbonate                        chalk
calcium hypochlorate                    bleaching powder
calcium oxide                           lime
calcium sulfate                         plaster of paris
carbonic acid                           seltzer
carbon tetrachloride                    cleaning fluid
ethylene dichloride                     Dutch fluid
ferric oxide                            iron rust
glucose                                 corn syrup
graphite                                pencil lead
hydrochloric acid                       muriatic acid
hydrogen peroxide                       peroxide
lead acetate                            sugar of lead
lead tetroxide                          red lead
magnesium silicate                      talc
magnesium sulfate                       Epsom salts
napthalene                              moth balls
phenol                                  carbolic acid
potassium bitartrate                    cream of tartar
potssm. chromium sulfate                chrome alum
potassium nitrate                       saltpeter
silicon dioxide                         sand
sodium bicarbonate                      baking soda
sodium borate                           borax
sodium carbonate                        washing soda
sodium chloride                         salt
sodium hydroxide                        lye
sodium silicate                         water glass
sodium sulfate                          glauber's salt
sodium thiosulfate                      photographer's hypo
sulfuric acid                           battery acid
sucrose                                 cane sugar
zinc chloride                           tinner's fluid

(NOTE: Use extreme caution when mixing these chemicals. Read the instructions
we give you first!!!)

Goto the store and buy some rubbing alcohol. This is usually found in a
neighbourhood drug store. Usually, this is either 70% or 99% alcohol and it
burns just great.

You can soak a towel in water and then in the alcohol. Now, light the towel
with a match. When the alcohol has finished burning, the flame will go out and
the towel will be unharmed!!!

Sounds like a fun party trick...

This project is for those of you who would like to get even at somebody but
you don't really want to hurt them, just scare the hell out of 'em!

These little beauties are pressure sensitive so that the slightest touch will
cause a fairly loud explosion. (About a quarter of a firecracker per crystal.)
It may not seem like much, but there are usually about 500 crystals in a
teaspoon of crystallized iodine. Also, when the first one goes off, it will
more than likely start a chain reaction and cause all the others around it to
go off, which would cause the others around each one of those to go off etc...

1) 1 bottle of iodine crystals.
2) 1 bottle of ammonia nitrate.(ammonia hydroxide might serve as a substitute,
   but I'm not too clear on that.)

Mix 2 teaspoons of crystals with about 4 ounces of ammonia. You might have to
experiment with the measurements a bit to see what works best. Stir until
dissolved and pour it over the area you want to trap. Let the ammonia evaporate
so all that will be left are the tiny crystals. (They're almost invisible.)
Then, when somebody stops on or sets something down on them... Boom!!!

For this somke bomb you will need exactly 50% saltpeter and 50% icing sugar.
Dissolve as much of the saltpeter and the icing sugar as you can in a container
with water. Once both are completely dissolved, you must let the water evaporate.
(Boiling the water to speed up the process is a good idea... but be careful.)
You will be left with a powder that is a highly refined mixture, this mixture
is the chemical for your smoke bomb, you now need only to light it!

MATERIALS REQ:                    SORURCES:
-nitromethane                     hobby shop (racing fuel)
-ammonia (non-detergent)          grocery store
-blasting cap or                        -
 compound detonator

Pour 5 or 6% ammonia into the nitromethane. (1/2 pint of ammonia will work with
one gallon of nitromethane.)

Place the nitro mixture into a bottle, place a cork with a hole in it into the
bottle. Place the detonator in the hole so it touches the mixture.

CAUTION:This mixture is 22-24% more powerful than TNT. Use EXTREME caution.
Detonate only by remote control or with a trustworthy timer.

To increase the power of this mixture, place it in a more confined container.
(ie. A metal pipe with caps.) This mixture is highly stable, but still should
be mixed right before placing the bomb.

To make it you will need potassium chlorate and vaseline. Potassium chlorate
can be bought or obtained by cutting the heads off a few thousand matches, and
dissolving them in water. Strain out the paper and let the stuff dry and
scraping off the white crystals on top. The crystals are ground into a fine
powder and mixed with 9 parts crystals, and 1 part vaseline. This makes a good
pipe bomb filler, for general explosives.

This is a great toy, but be careful!!!

- 1 balloon
- 1 bottle
- 1 Liquid plumber
- 1 piece aluminum foil
- 1 length fuse

Fill the bottle 3/4 full with Liquid Plumber and add a little piece of aluminum
foil to it. Put the balloon over the neck of the bottle until the balloon is
full of the resulting gas. This is highly flammable hydrogen. Now, tie the
balloon. Light the fuse, and let it rise. When the fuse connects with the
balloon, WATCH OUT!!!

Mix some solid nitric oxide with some household ammonia. Wait overnight and
pour off the liquid. You will be left with a muddy substance. Let this dry
until it hardens. Now, throw it at something and BOOM!!!


Thermite is a powerful substance which can burn through practically anything,
even tungsten. It is especially useful in trying to crack open a fortress fone.
Now here's how you make it. It is very simple.

The first step in making thermite is to make hematite. In layman's terms,
hematite is iron oxide (rust). Here is a good method of making large amounts of
rust. You will electrolize a metal rod, such a common nail. You will need a
source of DC power as well. An electric train transformer is perfect. Attach
the rod to the positive wire. Then place the rod and the negative wire in
opposite sides of a glass jar filled with water. Put a little salt in the water,
just enough to make it conduct well (a teaspoon). Let the setup sit ovvernight.
In the morning, there will be a dark red crud in the jar. Filter all the crud
out of the water or just fish it out with a spoon.

Now you will need to dry it out. Heat it in an iron pot until it all turns a
nice light red.

The other ingredient you will need is aluminum filings. You can either file
down a bar of aluminum, or (as I suggest) buy aluminum filings at your local
hardware shop. (If you buy the bar, use no less than 94% pure aluminum. It is
called duralumin).

That's almost it. Now, mix together the rust and aluminum filings. The ratio
should be 8g rust per 3g aluminum filings. That's thermite!

Now, to light it! Stick a length of magnesium ribbon in a pile of thermite.
(either steal it from chem. labs or buy it at your local hardware store. If now,
order from a chemical supply house, it's pretty cheap.) The ribbon should stick
into the thermite like a fuse. Now you light the magnesium with a blowtorch.
(Don't worry, the torch isn't hot enough to light the thermite. Also, it you
don't have a big, bulky torch, I suggest you go to an electronics store where
they  sell the mini-blowtorches they use for soldering. They're about 20 bucks.
They should work, but if not, I'm pretty sure that you can find MANY uses for a
mini-blowtorch.They can get up to 1400 degrees celsius.)

When the thermite burns, get the hell back!!! That stuff can vaporize carbon
steel! It does wonders on human flesh.

Be careful but have fun!!!

(NOTE : The numbers given for the ingredients are for the WEIGHT and not the

FORMULA  magnesium powder       19
    #1:  hexachloroethane       60
         naphthalene            21

FORMULA  magnesium powder       20
    #2:  hexachloroethane       60
         naphthalene            20

FORMULA  hexachloroethane       55.8
    #3:  alpha naphol           14.0
         athracene              4.6
         aluminum powder        14.0
         naphthalene            2.3

FORMULA  black powder FFF       50
    #4:  potassium nitrate      10
         coal tar               20
         powdered charcoal      15
         paraffin               5

(CAUTION: Use caution when mixing any chemicals.)

(NOTE: The smoke achived from this bomb is very bad for you and should be

Obtain a piece or so of charcoal. You might consider easy light charcoal for
this. Light the coal, when it is lit, pour a few drops of regular engine oil on
the coal, it will smoke up really nicely, but be careful because hot oil can

- gasoline
- Joy or Palmolive (Joy is better)
- a coke can with the can sawed off
- ammonia pellets
- a drill
- some bendable wire
- a nail

First make a mixture of 1/2 Joy and 1/2 gasoline. Take the coke can and fill
it half full with this wonderful mixture.

Now, take a drill (or something sharp) and put a hole through the ammonia
pellet big enough for the nail.

Put the nail through the pellet, which I might add can be bought at any farm
supply store, and wire that to the top of the can so the nail can be slipped
easily, allowing the pellet to drop.

(WARNING: Do not let that pellet fall into the mixture as your wife will soon
become a widow!!!)

- alcohol
- iodine
- salt

Mix 3 parts alcohol, 1/2 parts iodine, and 1/2 parts salt (or) 3 parts alcohol
and 1 part iodized salt. (Mortons), Put this mixture in any kind of pump or
spray bottle. This stuff will do some pretty weird things to the eyes. In fact,
the person may be blind for about 5-10 minutes by using this stuff!!!

Have you ever had to wait for someone in a shopping mall or just were walking
around a plaza or mall and wanted to have some fun?

Well, if there's a bank nearby, you can really have a great time. Here's how...

1.  Go into the bank and walk over to the desk that has all of the slips for
    withdrawl and deposit.

2.  On the back of the slips (2 or 3) write the words:


3.  When people go to write on those slips, they NEVER look at the blank back

4.  When they go up to the teller, she has to STAMP the back.

5.  She'll see the words and hit the silent alarm while she puts all of the
    money in the window!!! The person will stand there wondering what's going

6.  Soon, the police will arrive and you can watch the rest...

Have fun...

1.  Obtain 15 pounds of ripe yellow bananas.
2.  Peel all and eat the fruit. Save the peelings.
3.  Scrape all the inside of the peels with a sharp knife.
4.  Put all the scraped material in a large pot and add water.
5.  Boil for 3 or 4 hours until it has attained a solid paste constituency.
6.  Spread the paste onto cookie sheets and dry in the open for about 20

This will result in a fine black powder. Usually one will feel the effects
after smoking three to four cigarettes with the powder added.

Mix Robitussion A-C with an equal amount of ginger ale and drink.
The effects are sedation and euphoria. Never underestimate the effects of any
drug!! You can O.D. on cough syrup!!

1.  Collect five to ten toads. Frogs will not work. The best kind are tree
2.  Kill them as painlessly as possible and skin them immediately.
3.  Allow the skins to dry in a refridgerator for four to five days, or until
    the skins are brittle.
4.  Now crush the skins into a powder and smoke. Due to its bad taste, you can
    mix it with a more fragrant smoking medium.

1.  Take several whole nutmegs and grind them up.
2.  After the nutmegs are ground, place in a mortar and pulverize with a
3.  The usual dosage is about 10 or 15g and a larger dose may produce excessive
    thirst, anxiety and a rapid heart beat, but hallucinations are very rare.

1.  Take one pound of raw peanuts that are NOT roasted.
2.  Shell them, saving the skins and discarding the shells.
3.  Eat the nuts.
4.  Grind them up and smoke them.

(CAUTION: Be very careful with the amount you smoke. These are REAL DRUGS and
can lead to overdosages and can possibly lead to death if overtaken.)

1.  Grind up 150g of Morning Glory seeds or Baby Hawaiian Wood Rose seeds.
2.  In 130c.c of petroleum ether soak the seeds for 2 days.
3.  Filter the solution through a tight screen.
4.  Throw away liquid, and allow seeds mush to dry.
5.  For 2 days allow the mush to soak in 110c.c of wood alcohol.
6.  Filter the solution again, saving the liquid labelled "1".
7.  Resoak the mush in 110c.c wood alcohol for 2 days.
8.  Filter and throw away the mush.
9.  Add liquid from the second soak to the liquid labelled "1".
10. Pour liquid into a cookie tray and allow it to evaporate.
11. When all liquid has evaporated, a yellow gum remains. This should be
    scraped and put into capsules.

30g if Morning Glory seeds or 15 Hawaiian Wood Rose seeds = One trip.

(NOTE: Many companies have been known to coat their seeds with toxin.
Order seeds from a wholesaler.)

Like all chemists, I must advise you all to take the greatest care and very
extreme caution when you are doing this. Even if you have made this before.

1.  Fill a 75ml beaker to the 13ml level with ruming red nitric acid, or 98%
2.  Place the beaker in an ice bath and allow to cool below room temperature.
3.  After it has cooled, add to it three times the amount of fuming sulfuric
    acid (99% H2SO4). In other words, add to the now-cool fuming nitric acid
    39ml of fuming sulfuric acid. When mixing any acids, always do it very
    slowly and carefully to avoid it splattering.
4.  When the two are mixed, lower their temperature by adding more ice to the
    bath, about 10-15 degrees centigrade. Use a mercury operated thermometer.
5.  When the acid solution had cooled to the desired temperature, it is ready
    for the glycerin. The glycerin must be added in small amounts using a
    medicine dropper. READ THIS EXTREMELY CAREFULLY: Glycerin is added slowly
    and very carefully (I MEAN CAREFULLY!!!) until the entire surface of the
    acid is covered with it.
6.  This is the dangerous point since the nitration will take place as soon as
    the glycerin is added. The nitration will produce heat, so the solution
    must be kept below 30 degrees centigrade!!! If the solution should go above
    30 degrees centigrade, immediately dump out the solution into the ice bath!!
    This will ensure that it doesn't go off in your face!!!
7.  For the first ten minutes of nitration, the mixture should be gently stirred.
    In a normal reaction the nitroglycerin will form a layer on the top of the
    acid solution, while the sulfuric acid will absorb the excess water.
8.  After the nitration has taken place, and the nitroglycerin has formed on
    the top of the solution, the entire beaker should then be transfered slowly
    and carefully to another beaker of water. When this is done, the
    nitroglycerin will settle at the bottom so the other acids can be drained
9.  After removing as much acid as possible without disturbing the
    nitroglycerin, remove the nitroglycerin with an eye dropper and place it in
    a bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate if you don't know...) solution.
    The sodium is an alkalai and  will neutralize much of the acid remaining.
    This process should be repeated as much as necessary using blue litmus
    paper to check for the presence of acid. The remaining acid only makes the
    nitroglycerin more unstable than it already is.
10. Finally, the final step is to remove the nitroglycerin from the bicarbonate.
    This is done with an eye dropper slowly and very carefully. The usual test
    to see if the nitration has been successful is to place one drop on a metal
    and ignite it. If it is true nitroglycerin, it will burn with a bright blue

(CAUTION: Nitro is very sensitive to decomposition, heating, dropping, or
jarring, and may explode if left undisturbed and cool.)

Well, the basic themes of lock picking and uninvited entry have not changed
too much in the last few years, some modern devices and techniques have
appeared on the scene.

Many older cars can still be opened with a Slim Jim type opener. Tese and other
car locksmithing techniques are covered fully in the book Steal of the Night
by John Russell ]I[. However, many modern cars have built in covers over the
lock mechanism or have moved the goods so the Slim Jim will not work. So...

        American Locksmith Service
        P.O. Box 26
        Culver City, California, 90230

carries a new improved Slim Jim that's 30 inches long and 3/4 inches wide so it
will both reach and slip through the new car lock covers. Price is $5.75 plus
$2.00 postage handling.

General Motors cars have always been a pain to people who needed to open them
because the slide bar locking unit they employ is very difficult to pick.
To further complicate matters, the new GM cars also employ metal sheilds to
make the use of a Slim Jim very difficult. So...

        Lock Technology Corp.
        685 Main Street
        New Rochelle, New York, 10801

offers a cute little tool which will easily remove the lock cylinder without
harm to the vehicle and let you enter and start the vehicle. The GMC-40 sells
for $56.00 plus $2.00 handling.

The best general automobile kit is probably a set of lock out tools offered by:

        Steck MFG Corp.
        1319 West Stewert Street
        Dayton, Ohio, 45408

for just $29.95 and can purchase a complete set of six carbon lock out tools
that will open 95%+ of all cars around.

Kwikset locks have become quite popular as one step security locks for many
buildings. They are a bit harder to pick and offer a higher degree of security
than a normal building installed lock. So...

        A MFG.
        1151 Wallace SE
        Massilon, Ohio, 44646

the price is just $11.95. Kwikset locks can be handled easily without harm to
either lock or door by using this tool.

If you're too lazy to pick locks, try these...

        Veehof Suply
        Box 361
        Storm Lake, Iowa, 50588

still sells Tryout keys for most cars. Tryout keys are used since there is no
one master key for any one make of car but, there are group type masters AKA
Tryout keys. Prices average about $200.00 per set.

For years, there have been a number of pick attack procedures for most pin and
tumbler lock systems. In  reverse order of ease they are:

Using a pick-set to align the pins one by one until the sheer line is set and
the lock opens.

This method uses picks that are constructed with a series of bumps or diamond
shaped notches. These picks are raked ie. run over all pins at one time. With
luck, the pins will raise into the open position and stay there. Raking if
successful can be more easier than normal picking.

This gun shaped device was invented a number of years ago and has found
appicaiton with many locksmiths and security personnel. Basically, a needle
shaped pick is inserted in the snout of the gun and the trigger is pulled.
This action snaps the pick up and down strongly. If the tip is slipped under
the pins, they will also be snapped up and down strongly. With a bit of luck
they will strike each other and separate when this happens, the lock opens.
The gun is not 100% successful, but when it does work, the results are very
dramatic and you can impress the hell out of casual bystanders.

Some crafty people have mounted a needlepick onto an electric toothbrush. This
vibrating effect will sometimes open pin tumbler locks instantly.

There's now another method to open pin and wafer locks quick and very easily.
Although it resembles a tooth-pick type device, it is actually an electronic
device. I'm speaking of the Cobra Pick that is designed and sold by:

        Fed Corp.
        P.O. Box 569
        Scottsdale, AR, 85252

The Cobra uses two 9-volt batteries, teflon bearings (for less noise) and a cam
roller. It comes with three picks (for different types of locks) and works both
here and in Canada and overseas, on pin or wafer locks. The Cobra will open
group one locks (common door locks) in three to seven seconds with no damage
in the hands of an experienced locksmith. It can take up to 1/2 minute for
someone with no experience at all. It will also open group two locks (including
govt., high security, and medecos locks). Although this can take a bit longer.
This device unfortunately will not work on GM side bar locks (see above for
this lock). And how much will this toy that opens most locks in seven seconds
cost? Just $235.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.

For hardcore safe crackers, (serious shit!!!) Fed Corp. also sells the MI-6
that will open most safes at a cost of $10,000.00 for the three wheel attack
model and only for $500.00 more the four wheel model. It comes in a sturdy
aluminum carrying case with monitor and disk drive software.

If none of these safe and sane ideas appeal to you, you can always fall back
on the Magic Thermal Lance. The Thermal Lance is a rather crude instrument
constructed from 3/8 inch hollow magnesium rods. Each tube comes in a 10 inch
length but can be cut down if desired. Each one is threaded on one end. To use
the Lance, you screw the tube together with a matted regulator (like a welding
outfit uses) and hook up an oxygen tank. The oxygen is turned on and lit with
a standard welding igniter. This device produces an incredible amount of heat
and can be used for cutting up steel in a few seconds. The lance is also known
as the Burning Bar and is available from:

        C.O.L Manu.
        7748 West Addison
        Chicago, Illinois, 60634

Perhaps one of the most interesting and colorful words in the english language
today is "FUCK". It is one magical word which just by the sound can describe
pain, pleasure, hate, or love. Fuck is derived from the German word "FRICHEN"
which means "WHOOPIE".

In language, fuck falls into many gramatical categories. It can be used as a
verb, both transitive (John fucked Mary) and the intransitive (Mary was fucked
by John). It can be an active verb as in "John really gives a fuck" or passive
verb as in "Mary really doesn't give a fuck". Use it as an adverb (Mary is
fucking interested in John) or as a noun (Mary is a fine fuck) or as an
adjective (Mary is fucking beautiful). How many words are as versatile as

Besides its sexual connotations, this word can be used to describe many

       FRAUD: "I got fucked by the insurance agent."
       DISMAY: "Oh, fuck..."
       TROUBLE: "Guess I'm fucked now."
       AGGRESSION: "Fuck you!!!"
       PASSION: "Fuck me!!!"
       CONFUSION: "What the fuck?"
       DIFFICULTY: "I can't understand this fucking business."
       PHILOSOPHY: "Who gives a fuck..."
       INCOMPETENCE: "He's a fuck up."
       LAZINESS: "He's a fuck off."
       DISPLEASURE: "What the fuck is going on???"
       REBELLION: "Aw, fuck it."
       ANATOMICALLY: "He's a real fucking asshole."
       TIME: "It's five fucking thirty."
       MATERNAL: "He's a mother fucker."
       INCESTUOUS: "I'll be a mother fucker."
       POLITICAL: "Fuck the president."
       INVITATIONAL: "Let's fuck!!!"

How can anyone be offended when you say "Fuck"?? Use it in your daily speech.
It adds prestige. Tell someone today to "Fuck you!!".

                                Section 10.0

        I have compiled this together as pure entertainment for you and anyone 
else who wishes to laugh or think about doing something extremely crazy.  I
would personally never try some of these things listed in here, while others 
I might.  I don't know Why all phreakers always say this, but here goes : I
nor any of my affiliates take any responsibility in the actions that you or 
another person may do because of some influence of what was said in this file.
We will not concern ourselves with anything that you have done that has either
caused harm to yourself or someone else due to the material listed above.  Ok
I have said it, so now I will say PARTY ON WAYNE!!!!


        - CJ, I'll catch ya all L8er!

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