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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: phreak.txt

Phreakers Tech Journal #1 - The Basics (culled from really old files)

			  Phreakers Tech Journal #1 
				-=The Basics=-
                         Authored By: Super Axe Hacker

Everything in this text document is for information purposes only. No other
uses are permitted without express written consent from the author of this 
		  document or the current leader of the dhc.

In this text phile you should find a complete resource for all your 
phreaking needs. If you're looking for boxing help i'm sorry but you won't 
find it here. This is mostly for the beginner/novice phreaker. or those just
becoming interested in H/P scene.   Super Axe...

				   Section 1.
			Customer Name and Address Numbers

CN/A numbers, are basically numbers assigned to phone numbers with certain 
prefixes. The reason for the number added is so that employees of the phone
company can find out customer names at their phone number. Make sense? well
if not, here's an example. Here is how an employee would probably go about
getting a phone number this way. "Hello this is Assumed Name, from the 
NewYork Residental Service Center, can I have the customers names at (123) 
555-1212". It's usually used so the phone company can check to see who lives
at a number that someone claimed they didn't call.

Just act natural & happy and they won't ask any questions. Make sure you 
sound like an adult also. Use a convincing name! nothing like Joe Smith, or
John Doe. Don't use you pirate name! even if they don't know it, if you ever
get caught for anything in the future they could trace back to minor 
offences like this. Also say you're far away from the city you're calling.

The CN/A number for the NY area & vicinity is (212, 315, 516, 518, 607, 716,
& 914) is (518) 471-8111. DO NOT ABUSE IT!

				Section 2.
		      Ten Commandments of Phreaking.
		       Reprinted From Tap Issue #86
I. Box thou not over thine home telephone wires, for those who doest must 
surely bring the wrath of the chief special agent down upon thy heads.

II. Speakest thou not of important matters over thine home telephone wires,
for to do so is to risk thine right of freedom.
III. Use not thine own name when speaking to other phreaks for that every 
third phreak is an fbi agent is well known.

IV. Let not overly many people know that thy be a phreak, as to do so is to
use thine own self as a sacrificial lamb.

V. If thou be in school, strive to get thin self good grades, for the 
authorities well know that scholars never break the law.

VI. If thou workest, try to be an employee, and impressest thine boss with 
thine enthusiasm, for important employees are often saved by their own 
VII. Storest thou not thine stolen goodes in thine own home, for those who 
do are surely non-believers in the bell system security forces, and are not
long for this world.

VIII. Attractest thou not the attention of the authorities, as the less 
noticable thou art, the better.
IX. Makest sure thine friends are instant amnesiacs and will not remember 
that thou have called illegally, for their cooperation with the authorities
will surely lessen thine time for freedom on this earth.

X. Supportest thou tap, as it is thine newsletter, and without it, thy work
will be far more limited.

				Section 3.
		            Exchange Scanning

You can scan your local exchange to find, loops, dialups, tones, ect. This 
process is very easy but it takes a long time. Use your local exchange like
418, or 425-353, ect. then try numbers between 9900 and 9999 you may get 
lucky in most cases you'll get nothing or a mhz tone. In some areas you 
might have to use numbers between 00XX & XX99 so in those areas you'd call 
(area code) + 555-00XX or 555-XX99. where X = Any number. Below is a listing
taken from "The Phreakers Bible" of the author's findings in the 914-268 
exchange. Remember there all local exchanges and local calls. (free).

9900 - ani
9901 - ani
9927 - osc. tone (possible tone side of a loop)
9936 - voice #`to the telco central office
9937 - voice #`to the telco central office
9941 - computer (digital voice transmission?)
9960 - osc.  tone (tone side loop) -- may also be a computer in some
9961 - no response (other end of loop?)
9962 - no response (other end of loop?)
9963 - no response (other end of loop?)
9966 - computer (see 9941)
9968 - tone that disappears--responds to certain touch tone keys

Most numbers between 9900 & 9999 will ring or go to a "WHAT #, PLEASE?" 

				Section 4.
			     AT&T NewsLines

These are numbers set so that employees can find out company information 
very easily. (so can you) they might be boring or very interesting. Here are
some numbers that won't always be up.

                            (201) 483-3800 NJ
                            (518) 471-2272 NY
                            (203) 771-4920 CN
                            (717) 255-5555 PA
                            (212) 393-2151 NY
                            (717) 787-1034 PA
                            (516) 234-9941 NY
                            (914) 948-8100 NY

				Section 5.
                        AT&T Answering Machines

Dial the Telephone Number and wait for the machine to answer then dial in 
this init. string.

after you enter it the messages will start playing. below is a list of 
commands you may enter to manipulate their service.

7   ---  Listen to Messages
6   ---  Listen to New Messages
#   ---  Stop
2   ---  Rewind Tape
5   ---  Fast Forward Tape
3,3 ---  Clear Messages
*   ---  Record Memo
4,* ---  Record Announcement
4,1 ---  Play Announcement
0   ---  Turn System Off
8,8 ---  Turn System On

				Section 6.
			       959 Numbers

959 numbers are one of AT&T's oldest networks. they are used now for 
linesman testerlines mostly. What You can use them for are another way of 
exchange scanning. try numbes like 512-959-1XXX or 360-959-1XXX don't worry
about the area codes because all the 959 numbers are free to call. if you 
ever get a bill it will be $0.99 and don't pay it. AT&T might try to 
threaten you/ect. they are full of crap no matter what they say take my word
for it. numbers after 959-2100 are people who work of at&t helpers/ect. most
of them have no idea they have a 959 number. these numbers don't work in all
areas and don't work from GTE,UNITED, or ALLTE payphones.

				Section 7.
		         1-800 Collect Fraud

1-800 Collect which is hosted by MCI is usually not targeted by phreakers. 
AT&T and Sprint are more likely targets but hell you can get free calls and
that can be useful while trying to communicated with a party line or some 
pal who lives half a world away. the sequence for getting free service is 
below. first you have to be at a payphone now dial a mci calling code. 
i'll give it to you.   10222+0+718+123+4567 now the number you wish to call.
 when the operator askes if you'd like to make a collect call please, ect. 
type "11". now  enter a de-activated credit card number example. 
5371-5990-0600-2787 when it asks for the expiration date enter something 
like 01/98 or 01/99 for the zip code enter "00000" this will make the mci 
computers think  that it's an overseas account and won't catch that it's 

			       Section 8.
			Touch Tone Free Calls

Use a number that accepts voice as well as dtmf. example: 800-521-8400 the 
code was 00717865. If using voice, wait for the computer to say 
"authorization #, please." then say each digit slowly, it will beep after 
each digit is said. after every group of digits it will repeat what you 
have said, then say yes. if it is correct, if not say no. if the access 
code is correct, it will thank you and ask for the destination #. Then say 
the area code + number as above. another such number is 800-245-8173. 
which has a 6 digit access code. If using touch tone enter the number right
after the tone stops.

				Section 9.
			Free Calls From Pay Phones

Find a pay phone that wants your money before the dial tone. (it isn't easy)
put in your 35 cents, and dial a 800 number. your money will come back to you rigth after your call 
(because 800 numbers are free). Put your money right back in after you hang
up then dial the number you wish to call your money will come back again 
when you hang up. Most phones now are "tone first phones" and disconnect 
the keypad.

			       Section 10.
		      ESS and why it's so damn evil

ESS is an acronym for Electronic Switching System and it can trace a call in
seconds. It also records all calls and can even tap into lines. or put in 
their words "check line quality" and record calls.

			       Section 11.
		             Loops Explained
A loop is a connection between two lines, they have a high and a low number.
So basically when you call a person it goes to a switch board right? yes and
no it also goes to a loop. The loop transfers your call to the other number
in the switch.

			Super Axe Hacker -=DHC=-

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