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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: phr.txt

True Phreaking Secrets (another rewrite of old material)

                   ____                        ____                            
                   ____ TRUE PHREAKING SECRETS ____ 
                      Authored By: Roke The Wizard¤                                                  
|__Index:________________|  Introduction:
|                        |
|Loops Explained         | This Text Philes is to address phone phreaking
|1-800 Collect Fraud     | and the easiest ways to achieve the basic goals
|959 Numbers             | This phile will not share beliefs or values of 
|exchange scanning       | the "true"/hardcore phreaker. it is attended for                                                               
|payphone key            | the small time novice who wants to impress his 
|At&t answering Machines | friends.
|Telenet Local # finder  |

Loops Explained:
                A loop is a connection between two lines, they have a high
and a low number. So basically when you call a person it goes to a switch 
board right? yes and no it also goes to a loop. The loop transfers your call
to the other number in the switch.

1-800 Collect Fraud:

                1-800 Collect which is hosted by MCI is usually not targeted
byt phreakers. AT&T and Sprint are more likely targets but hell you can get
free calls and that can be useful while trying to communicated with a party
line or some pal who lives half a world away. the sequence for getting free
service is below. first you have to be at a payphone
now dial a mci calling code. i'll give it to you.   10222+0+718+123+4567
now the number you wish to call.
when the operator askes if you'd like to make a collect call please press 
ect. type "11".
now  enter a de-activated credit card number example. 5371-5990-0600-2787
when it asks for the experation date enter something like 01/98 or 01/99
for the zip code enter "00000" this will make the mci computers that it's an
overseas account and won't catch that it's de activated.

959 Numbers:
                959 numbers are one of AT&T's oldest networks. they are used
now for linesman testerlines mostly. What You can use them for are another 
way of exchange scanning. try numbes like 512-959-1XXX or 360-959-1XXX don't
worry about the area codes because all the 959 numbers are free to call. if
you ever get a bill it will be .99$ and don't pay it. AT&T might try to 
threaten you/ect. they are full of crap no matter what they say take my word
for it. numbers after 959-2100 are people who work of at&t helpers/ect. most
of them have no idea they have a 959 number. these numbers don't work in all
areas and don't work from GTE,UNITED, or ALLTE payphones.

Exchange Scanning:
                You can scan your local exchange to find dial ups, loops, 
ect. this is a very easy process, it just takes along time. use your local
exchange like 425-353 or 360-794 then try numbers between 9900 and 9999 you 
may get lucky. In some areas you must scan numbers between 00XX and XX99 so 
in those areas you'd call 425-353-00XX X=anything.

Payphone Key:
               To break into a coin box of a payphone you'll need a small
electric screw driver and a key which you can make. use the diagram below.

                       _______|    |________
                      |                     |  <---- approximatly ¼ of an                                 inch
                      |_______      ________|        inch wide.
                             _|    |_
                            /        \
                    *------^          ^------*
                   /                           \               
                  |                             |
                   \                           /
once you've made it out of some crappy metal. screw a hole in the lower left
side of the box. now insert this key in the front and turn to the right. 
once you've done this it's yours.

AT&T Answering Machines:
                Dial the Telephone Number and wait for the machine to answer
then dial in this init string.
                after you enter it the messages will start playing. below is
a list of commands you may enter to manipulate there service.

7   ---  Listen to Mesages
6   ---  Listen to New Messages
#   ---  Stop
2   ---  Rewind Tape
5   ---  Fast Forward Tape
3,3 ---  Clear Messages
*   ---  Record Memo
4,* ---  Record Annoucement
4,1 ---  Play Announcement
0   ---  Turn System Off
8,8 ---  Turn System On

Telenet Local # finder:
                Dial 1-800-424-9494  (1200 7E1) hit enter you'll get this 
prompt @ now type @c mail <cr>  (<cr> = control) for login and password type
"phones" for both. now locate your local number. 
(USA's DNIC is 03110 - telenet  and  09000 - Dialnet)

                 This Phile Was Written on March 24th 1999
                By Roke the Wizard¤   ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©
               ®®®®®®®®®®®® All Rights Reserved ®®®®®®®®®®®®                         
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