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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: phonewrz.txt

Various Phone Warez

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_.                  Various Phone Warez from MercEnarY            ._ ,;:;,, _. 

First off, let's cover phreaking the telkom tetabox fones. Note: Not the big
blues ones, those small ones you find in some places [Wyzewun: He's reffering
to Telkom's Chatterbox range. You'll recognize it coz it says "Chatterbox" on
it - imagine that :P]

This technique was picked up by me when trying to phone ppl in Johannesburg
when i was at boarding school, and lets you use telkom coin phone to phone for
free (not exactly free cause the line still gets charged just not you)...

1) You need access to the plugin point of the phone (some of the older phones
   have a point where the jack can be attached to the phone, in the newer ones
   the jack is already attached, therefore you need to find then point where
   the jack goes into the wall instead)

2) Now dial '080' and wait for the fast engaged signal 

3) When you have the signal quickly take the jack out of the connection point
   and put it back in, check if the phone has dialing tone and 080 is still
   printed on the LCD screen, if there is no dialing tone you have moved the
   line in and out too fast, if the 080 is not printed on the screen you have
   moved the line too slow

4) Now the phone has 080 on the screen and then you can dial the number you
   want. Also note that if you want to dial a local number you must enter the
   area code.

Theory behind this: The phone is lead to believe that you are dialing a 080
(toll free) number.

Wondering: If you cut a fone line coming out a normal payphone and connect it
to so that you have a point where you can connect and disconnect as you
please, would this work? [Wyzewun: Yes]


Now for How to get mastercode for unlocking cellphones...

The code is a combination of the SP code (5 digit) and phone IMEI (15 digit)
use mc1.exe and mc2.exe to get the code

To view the IMEI of the Cell, press: *#06#

Check,Activate or Remove card restrictions

    #pw+XXXXXXXXXX+1# - Provider-Lock status
    #pw+XXXXXXXXXX+2# - Network-Lock status 
    #pw+XXXXXXXXXX+3# - Provider(???)-Lock status 
    #pw+XXXXXXXXXX+4# - SimCard-Lock status 

XXXXXXXXXX (master code) is a 10 digit code, based on the IMEI number of your
phone. Press * many times for "p" and "w".

Service Provider Codes

MTN = 655 10
Vodacom = 655 01


Now let's play around a bit with Net monitor on your cellphones (works wif
Nokia 51xx and 61xx maybe 3210)

Net Monitor is an extended menu on Nokia Phone. This will be a new additional
Menu on your Nokia 5110 if you installing this option. For enabling the Net
Monitor with a FBUS cable you need the DOS software PCLocals V1.3.

The Network Monitor gives you the following information:

Carrier number
MS RX level in dBM 
Received signal quality 
MS TX power level 
C1 (path loss criterion, used for cell selection and reselection). The range
is -99 to 99
RLT (Radio Link timeout) 
Indication of the transmitter status 
Information on the network parameters 
TMSI (temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity) 
Cell Identification (CELL ID, number of the cell being used) 
MCC (Mobile Country Code) 
MNC (Mobile Network Code) 
LAC (location Area Code) 
Ciphering (on/off) 
Hopping (on/off) 
DTX (on/off) 
Discarding cell barred information

Here is a 10 step description for enabling the net monitor (field test
display) using PCLocals:

Make sure to start PCLocals in plain DOS

First don't connect the phone, start the program and ignore the error message.
Configure the cable type and com port (hardware com port, not the virtual com
port like for the datasuite).
Save the settings, quit the program. 
Connect the phone with the cable and start the program. 
The phone "boots" as you enter the main menu and all options become available
(all menus are white colored).
Choose menu 3 (ME Memory Functions). 
Choose menu 6 (Field Test Display Settings). 
Now you have the following options:

Enter 243 to activate the "big" net monitor (menu 01 to 89 including menus 01
to 19).
Enter 242 to activate the "small" net monitor (menu 01 to 19). 
Enter 241 to deactivate the net monitor. 
Enter 240 to reset timers (?) 
Don't forget to confirm your selection with hitting enter (you won't see any
reaction but it's necessary)

Quit the program, the phone "boots" and enjoy the net monitor 

All following actions are done with the phone.

Go to the menu net monitor and at the test prompt enter 241 to deactivate the
net monitor completely. Furtherly you can change from the big net monitor to
the small net monitor by entering 242 at the test prompt (if menu net monitor
is still available); Note: after that you can't change to the big net monitor

Note: if u cant find pclocals use net_monitor.exe, i dunno if it gets the big
or small menu

All comments should be mailed to MercEnarY at

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