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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: phonet~1.txt

Turn some dude's phone into a payphone

Turn some dudes phone into a payphone

Ok this is lots of fun to fuck with people and pretty easy to pull off. 
ok the first thing youll need to do is call up the phone company and order your 
"mark" call forwarding. and password protect his line so he cant change it back 
that easy. pretty easy to pull off. 
Now youll need to find the number to your prefix's Intercept operator. you can 
scan and find it. Now use his new call forwarding to forward his calls to the 
Intercept operator. Now the phone well wait for a quarter. he well pick up the 
phone and it well tell him to drop money he wont know what the hell to do. 
you can do this to your own phone and use your red box to make calls if you want 
-Class Clown- 
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