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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: phonetst.txt

BT's Exchange Test Numbers

As there has been quite a few messages about BT's test numbers I've
addressed this to all. This info was taken from a message I received
some time ago from someone who I would name if I could remember :)

                              Exchange Test Numbers

        SPM = Subscriber Pulse Metering             FRB = Ringback Test
        CPI = Cable Pair Indicator (Loud tones on line to identify cable)
        LPI = Line Pair Indicator (Gives telephone number connected to)
        SALT = Subscriber automatic line test

        TXE4 - Electronic Equipment:
        SALT Dial 175 and wait for "Start Test" message
             Replace handset. Rings
             Message: "Line Testing Ok" or fault if present.

             Continue, wait for dial tone for dial test.
             Dial 1 3 0 5. Rings. Message "Testing Ok" or fault if present

        FRB  Dial 174

        LPI  Dial 188 gives directory number & equipment, or if not,
             Dial 187 gives equipment number.

        CPI  176 plus full national code (i.e. 176 081 553 7104)
             Tone is present on line when dialled. Replace receiver
             to cancel tone.

        TXD-X - System X Equipment
        SALT Dial 175
        FRB  Await ringback and listen for message.
             Continuation tests. Await interrupted dial tone.
             Dial "1" for dial test. On LD phone, dial 1-0.
                                     On MF phone, dial 1-9*0#.
             Dial "4" for SPM test.  10 metering pulses are sent, then
                                     NU tone, followed by 10 more pulses.

        CPI  Dial 176 plus full national code (i.e. 176 081 553 7104)
             (This will only work from same processor)
             Wait for short burst of tone reminder, then tone is transferred
             to the specified line. To disconnect tone, replace handset.

        TXD-Y - System Y Equipment
        SALT Dial 175
             Await ringback and listen for tone.
             Dialtone=OK           Engaged=Suspect          Faulure=Fault

             Dial next test if required, tests as follows:
          2  Low A/B Insulation test        |
          3  A/B to earth                   | Insulation tests
          4  A/B to battery                 |
          5  A/B loop to earth              |
          9  Bell answer before 5th ring
         11  SPM test
          7  Loop Res test
          8  Dial test. LD Dial 0. MF Dial 1-9 0
         10  Rec all pre
          6  Line reversal for diode check

             Dialtone=OK           Engaged=Suspect          Faulure=Fault

        FRB  174

You may find these numbers are turned off out of normal working hours and don't
forget they are logged. Quite usefull though - it found an earth fault on my line (couldn't repair it for me though<g>)


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