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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: ph_comp.txt

Phone-Computer on Playing Around

__/////////////////       Phone-Computer On     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\__
| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\        Playing Around       ///////////////// |
|                  |-+-+-+-+-[19.2.01]-+-+-+-+-|                  |
|                                                                 |
|   One day when I was just lying around board, I called myself   |
| with a GE 900 Mhz Cordless phone by dialing 570-xxx-xxxx        |
| replacing the x's with my own number. After hearing the sound,  |
| and then hanging the phone up, and then picking it up to hear   |
| the long tone it makes, I once again hung up. About 2 seconds   |
| later I was not surprised to hear my phone ring. So I picked up |
| and heard the same long tone, that it makes, and then hung up.  |           
|                                                                 |
| Well what I noticed when I did this, was my computer which had  |
| been in sleep mode, was now awake! I thaught perhaps sometihng  |
| on my shelf had fallen off and hit my mouse or keyboard making  |
| my computer wake up, so I just shrugged it off. Later that day  |
| I was bored and made some prank calls, after that, I called my- |
| self again (yes I have no life), and once again, my computer    |
| awoke from sleep mode. I didn't know what to think and I knew   |
| for sure that nothing had physically came in contact with my    |
| keyboard or mouse. So I put my computer back into sleep mode,   |
| and once again, called myself to see what I thaught was up with |
| the awakening of my computer from calling my house. I was right |
| My phone did wake my computer up from sleep mode. I then called |
| one of my friends and told him what I had discovered. He was    |
| quite confused about what I was explaining to him and baffled   |
| at the fact that my computer was doing this. So I continued to  |
| play around and try differnt things out. I used my cell phone   |
| and then called my house and that woke my computer up too when  |
| my phone rang. So I knew that it wasn't just that fact that I   |
| was calling myself, but it was the fact that anyone calling was |
| able to wake my computer up from sleep mode. Which started to   |
| make me think, what if I made a program that was able to send   |
| and recieve data through my modem when I called my house and    |
| woke my computer up, and then launched the application to set   |
| my modem for input and output. But first I wanted to find out   |
| why it was doing this. So I looked around and examined how I    |
| had the phone and computer set up. I had my phone reciever      |
| plugged into the open line in the back of my modem, beside the  |
| modem line. Which then made me and my frined think, what if it  |
| was the 40vltz going through the phone line, into the modem,    |
| into the phone reciever, which was enough electricity to wake   |
| tell my computer on it, that some hardware device was being     |
| used, causing it to wake up. So I tested my hypothesis, and     |
| unplugged my line in cord from the modem and then called my     |
| house with the cell phone. Nothing at all happend. So I tried   |
| one more time to see if it was the same thing over again. And   |
| once again, my computer did not wake up from sleep mode. So I   |
| plugged the cord back in and phoned my house, which then woke   |
| my computer up. So that had proved my hypothesis that it was    |
| voltage going though the modem, and not some kind of frequency  |
| going through my phone lines or something!                      |
|                                                                 |
|   So anyways all of this which I had discovered was basically   |
| useless, but was a 'great' adventure, and it made me thikn for  |
| a peroid of time, what if the hardware companies had been doing |
| something to the modems which they had produced, which allowed  |
| you to some way control a computer with a specific phone... But |
| so far, that has turned out to be another one of my theorys...  |
| Maybe in some way this has made you think about the different   |
| things you can do with phones and computers. Or maybe it was    |
| just a waste of your time. But either way, you've read this and |
| now I have brain washed you into my evil plan to take over the  |
| world, using all of the readers as a human sheild from the evil |
| microshaft's ray guns that shoot fast like *blam blam* *boom*.  |
|                                                                 |
|  I would like to thank Swift and Chr0n|c for listening to me on |
| the phone while all of this was happening, and stopping me from |
| thinking this was something it is not.                          |
|                                                                 |
|                  |-+-+-+-+-[|nFeRn0]-+-+-+-+-|                  |
|_/////////////////    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\_|
| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  ///////////////// |

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