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TUCoPS :: Phreaking General Information :: ph02.txt

Calling Card Hacking

 Electrical Alliance  604/273-5394 

{ Filename } Calling Cards
{ Uploader } High Voltage (#1)
{ Uploaded } 11/06/88 00:03:42 ET

-                  CALLING CARD HACKING                  -
-            WRITTEN BY: UNORTHODOX PRIEST FOR:          -
-     THE HEART OF GOLD..... (604) 658-1581 24HRS        -

This file was written for the beginner to calling card
hacking in mind.

A calling card is a service by B.C. Tel, which is a plastic
card with a 14 digit number on it. When a person who
applied for it gets it, they can charge long distance
calls to the number on their card. Until recently,
calling card hacking was impossible, because the holder
had to tell the operator the number. But now, B.C. Tel
is encouraging hackers (I use that term loosely) to
hack other peoples card numbers.


Anyone with a touch tone phone (a must), and an IQ of
more than thirty can hack calling cards.

How To Do It:
--- -- -- ---

O.K., this is the format of calling card numbers:
area code+phone number+a four digit random number.

Say you order a calling card, and your home phone
number is 444-5555, your calling card would be:

604 444 5555 XXX where X is a random number.
So, the first thing you need to start hacking, is the phone
number of someone who owns a calling card. This
shouldn't be too much of a problem, because many people
have calling cards these days, and a little snooping
around (your dad's friends,etc.) will usually reward
you with one.A little advise: look in the phone book
for the phone number to some big company: Times Colonist,
etc., note the phone number, and use that, they
probably have many cards for their reporters, who
have to call in from thier assignments.

Once you have one, instead of going thru the
operator, you use what's known as a diverter.

For calls within B.C.:
--- ----- ------ -----

Dial 0+number you want to call+ (after tone) the
calling card number.

For calls outside B.C.:
--- ----- ------- -----

Dial 0+area code+number you want to call+(after
tone) the calling card number.

** Touch tone phones only**

If you make an error, hit #,wait for the tone, and then
enter your card number again.

I suggest you start from 0000 and go to 9999. I know
it might take a while, but it's worth it,
considering you can rack up a >$1000 phone bill, and it
can't be traced back to you.

I also suggest that when you get a valid number, that
you don't charge $50 and then leave it alone, because
when the next phone bill comes, and the company says
they didn't do it, tel will know it's been hacked,
and change the number, so it's better to have the number
changed after you've done some major phreakin, than if
you've only done a bit, so go all out.

How to get the most out of your hacked card:
--- -- --- --- ---- --- -- ---- ------ -----

1: Wait until your phone bill comes, and then start
using it, so you'll have a whole month to phreak.

2: Once your number goes dead, start hacking with
the same phonee number, because they changed the
random number, not the phone number. And this saves you
the trouble of looking for another one.

Check your phone bills from past and future for info
on using a calling card, because Tel will probably
advertise it, if you don't understand this file.

---------- Unorthodox Priest---------

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